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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 268

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 268

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Hoon Dam 6. good bye [Brother Sangdang’s chaebol who made the whole country tumultuous, Brother Hwang Soo-soo being arrested today]

Beep – Jinwoo woke up after turning off the TV at the homicide office where the news flowed.

Se-hwan, who was handling the paperwork, asked.

“uh? Brother, will you go? ”

“I have a lot of things today, so I’ll go in first.”


Jinwoo, who gave a smile to a partner who had funnyly saluting, got out of the office with his coat hanging on the chair.

Sehwan who watched the backwardness laughed with his arms around.

“It’s weird. Brother, every day on this day, the work will be faster. ”


Suddenly some conclusions were passed on to the brain of Sehwan who was watching the calendar hanging on the wall.

“Well, today is …”

* * * The face was covered with soot and white yoonho sighed.

“After-” just about. It blocked a large wildfire that tried to spread to a neighboring residential area.

Over 50 fire trucks, fire helicopters, and 800 firefighters were mobilized.

Baek Yoon-ho looked around.

The exhausted colleagues were lying down or sitting down.

However, no one had a dark face.

Some people smile or raise their thumbs when they meet.

At that time, Baek Yoon-ho also looked up his thumb.

No one was killed or hurt and they caught fire.

It’s a miracle in this big fire scene. In the midst of all the wrath of the night, they encouraged each other with facial expressions and celebrated victory.

“Oh, the chariot.”

I looked around at the chill of the neck, and the chief of the castle stood holding a bottle of cold water.

“Thank you.”

Baek Yoon-ho accepted the bottled water.

Sung Il-hwan sat next to him and shook his neck with other bottled water.

A warlord.

Or a master.

The captain of the castle, who is no stranger to be called, showed a unique presence in the field today as well.

I am proud that Baek Yoon-ho has always been a team like Seong Il Hwan.

Even the soot buried in his face felt like a medal.

‘I will someday ……’

Baek Yoon-ho, who was squinting at the face of his esteemed senior, poured the remaining bottled water over his head.


I guess I’ll buy some now.

It was the feeling that the fullness of the heat was washed away from the head.



Suddenly a scene of the past passed through my head.

The side face I saw then!


Sung Ilhwan looked back at Baek Yoon-ho, whose eyes are round.


Baek Yoon-ho said.

“Why are you there, a big fire in Daesung Building three years ago? Remember? Our team was stuck and nearly killed. ”

“I remember.”

At that time, Sung Il-hwan and his team members who were losing consciousness could survive with the help of someone who appeared to be a lie.

Some of the people who questioned the isolated firefighters hid their footsteps as if they were seeing firefighters as hallucinations.

“Actually, I saw his face next to him for a while before I fainted.”


“Yes, but that is exactly …”

But Baek Yoon – ho could not say more.

It was because Sang Ilhwan grabbed the bag of bread he brought with water and gave it to Baek Yoon-ho’s mouth.

“Oops, Oops.”

Baek Yoon-ho glued his bread to his head.


Sung Ilhwan smiled and grinned the other bread without any response.

It seems to cool the head of exhausted firefighters. Somewhere a cool breeze blows a string and shakes their hair lightly.

* * * Inside of a meeting room located on the top floor of a skyscraper. “Boss?”

“……””Dear sir, are you okay?”

Yoo Jin-ho kept pushing his mouth to the sky.

“Yes, it is okay. then……”

Yoo Jin-ho, who is behind the documents in front of him, looks up and sees the faces of the employees filling the conference room.

Yoo Jin-ho smiled and asked, smiling.

“Where were we?”

“……”Although the staff members who have learned that Yu Jin-ho did not hear anything during the 30 minutes of the meeting were hardened for a while …

The meeting was resumed again in a calm atmosphere.

“We have told you that we have to set a title for the virtual reality game that will be released by our company.”

“Oh, I did.”

Yoo Jin-ho nodded and stood up and yelled at the employees.

“Our wife has a child! It’s already six weeks! ”

The face was full of joy that could not be controlled.

There was a static in the meeting room.

But that also for a while.

As soon as the documents were flying, the cheers of the employees burst out.

“Congratulations, President!”


“Finally our father is my father!”

Yoo Jin-ho went inside the conference room with his high-five staff members who were as excited as his work.

A lovely wife, a child who will soon be born.

How is the world beautiful?


Yoo Jin-ho, who had a powerful inspiration during the ceremony, climbed onto his desk and confidently said.

“Beautiful World!”


All of the employees’ gaze gathered at Yu Jin-ho.


To the employees who doubted their ears, Yujin kindly proved that their hearing was not wrong.

“Our new game title! We will be ‘Beautiful World’! ”

In the room where the joy was overflowing, the stillness became again.

“……Are you serious? ”

Yoo Jin-ho answered without hesitation.

“Sure. ‘Beautiful World’ is the perfect match for our game to create a virtual reality close to perfect … Oh, what are you doing? Wait, wait! I’m falling! ”

Yu Jin-ho, who struggled with the employees who desperately pulled him down from his desk, looked at the window suddenly.

‘Hey, it looks like something’s gone.’

However, the feeling of seeing something soon after suffering from the sanctification of the employees surrounding him was whitewashed.

“Dear sir, once again think …….”

“This game has a good reputation for our company!”

“It’s not really ‘Beautiful World’, is it?”

“You do too!”


Yoo Jin-ho was just as happy even though his own sense of naming was denied by employees and subjected to all kinds of disgrace.


Yeah, if you can not name it, how about it?

The world is so beautiful.

Yoo Jin-ho muttered into the window looking at the sunny window.

‘Then the name of the children to ask Jin Woo brother?’

* * * [Ajin Soft Yu Jinho representative, a miracle-like success myth of a young entrepreneur who rejected the succession of a conglomerate!]

Swing, swing.

In the toilet of Eugene E & C, scissors clippers clipped to newspapers.

The famous chairman who finished the scrap operation heard his head.

“Are there any other articles?”

Kim secretary holding a newspaper with one hand shook his head.

“……I know. ”

The face of the famous chairman covering the scrapbook was full of unpleasant colors.

“It’s a game company that slaps the place you’ve made and sets it up. “ø¤“ø¤. ”

Kim looked at the corner of the desk.

There were a lot of newspapers piled up to find only the articles of Yoo Jin-ho.

All of them are newspapers that the president himself handwritten.

‘……’Kim secretly paused a little to endure laughter coming from the bottom of his chest.


The head of the president went back to the window.

“……?”Kim secretary walked to the window and looked out and asked.

“Why are you doing, sir?”

“no…… No. ”

This is the top of the skyscraper.

Something could not have passed by.

No, even if I passed, I would have a little bird or something similar.

I handed this famous scrapbook to the Kim secretary who was raising his head.

Kim ‘s secretary received it and put it in the bookcase of the presidential office.

Already four.

The secret secret collection of the famous chairman who no one knows except the person and Kim secretary has increased a lot.

* * * Peaceful.

Suho was in an important battle to decide who would go backpack with the same half –

“Scissors, rock ……”

The serious face of the girl adds weight to the game.

Soon the time for the signing comes.


The girl left the room, and when she lowered the ball, Suho changed her behavior and made a crucible.

It was a combination of unusual fuselage vision and motor nerves.

“Oh yea!”

The girl, who was pleased with the victory, extended her backpack with a proud expression.

Suho laughed and laid her back on another shoulder.

“You can not see a real scissors rock.”


“Where can you put a man because he can not make rocks with scissors?”

“I’ll learn to you.”

The patron walked with a backpack, smiling on both shoulders.

The girl also walked along the guard.

The two walked side by side in a quiet alleyway, sharing an ordinary chat.

Then suddenly.

The guard, who stopped walking, lifted his head toward the sky.

‘……?’The girl even lifted her head, but there was nothing in the sky.

Only clouds go silently like two people watching.

“Why? What’s up there? ”

Suh, who stared at the sky for a long time, grinned as she looked at the girl.

“No, nothing.”

* * * [Tiara -!]

Haine asked, on a chisel, crossing the sky, with a roar.

“Honey, is this really okay?”


Jin-woo explains that magic has erased the position of Caesar so that no one can hear or see.

“Hold tight.”

In Jinwoo’s smile, the power of Haine’s arms around her waist is getting stronger.

Jinwoo speeded up.


A much faster wing of the wing, the chisel pushed up and broke through the clouds.

A broad, blue world spread out at the foot.

‘A little more!’


Caesells’ wings are getting stronger.

Height, height.

The two men, protected by magic, have now climbed up to space closer to the universe than to the sky.

The spectacular sun rising above the outline of the earth.

On a quiet sky, a smile surfaced on Haines ‘face watching the Minister leaning against her husband’ s shoulder.

I took out the present which Jinwoo had prepared for the opportunity.

Hain’s eyes grew bigger.


A special necklace made with careful beard dwarves.

Jinwoo quietly walks his beautiful necklace to his wife’s neck, receiving the sunlight.

Wow ah -!

In the shadow, the shouting soldiers cheering for the perfect wedding anniversary event of the Lord’s army burst out.

But just before reaching the lips of Jin-woo and Haine who were getting close.

Jinwoo told Hain.

“Honey, I’m going back. I’ll follow right away. ”

Haine knew the situation when he said this.

“Will you come soon?”

Jin – woo nodded his head to Caesar.

Kaiser, who turned to the ground, quickly disappeared.

Jinwoo, who watched his wife’s back, turned around.

just as expected.

In the twisted and warped outer space, a sulfur mist was leaking out.

The blue mist, which was forced to break down the walls of the space, slowly gathered from one point and gained a huge shape.

Jin-woo recalled what he heard from the rulers of the rulers.

‘Being with mighty powers could bring in terrible things in this world.’

I did not have to ask who the blue fog monster came from.

A blue mist began to cry out and expose the enemy.

“Fu -” Jinwoo closed his eyes as he always did and took a deep breath.

Could someday be a patron?


Father and son are against the same enemy ……

Jinwoo laughed and opened her eyes.

Thousands of shadow soldiers who have already been prepared for battle have shouted at gunpoint behind Jinwoo.

The exhilarating sensation of just before the battle rises up the toe.


When the outer space is fully open and the blue mist has the shape of a giant giant. Said Jinwoo.

“come.” – I complete my leveling up after myself alone.

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 267

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 267

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Hoon Dam 5th Episode. Conclusion The distance from him is about 30 meters.


As Suho concentrated his mind, the time around him suddenly slowed down and everything that had not been seen before came into sight.

A black knight wielding sword. And lightning of blueness that flickers straight from the tip of the sword.

‘That was it!’

It is now possible to see a strong attack that has dropped the battle before you can do anything.

Agility and sensibility that were pulled up to level up were played to the limit.

Move forward one step away from flashing in front.


With just one leap, the distance of 15 meters disappears in a flash, and the distance from him is reduced by half.


The second lightning crosses over the head.

While admiring the power of the black knight who made a second attack by changing his posture immediately after trying the blow.

Suh took the next step.

fault. The distance between them is gone.

Quad gain.

Suho grabbed his fist with the gauntlet.

‘Now is my street.’

To my surprise, the black knight seemed to be nervous.

Thanking you for the level up that raised your abilities to such extreme.

The Suho regained power.

Shh profit -!

The fist, now leveled over the bullet level, hit the front of the black knight.


The black knight, who was trying to stop the gauntlet in a hurry, was pushed hard with two legs.


The slabs on the bottom of the toes of the black knight were broken and made two long rows of grooves.

When the black knight pushed for a while, barely stopped. ‘……!’

He realized that there was a pillar behind his back.


The embarrassed black knight turned his head back to the front.

Suddenly the guard was blocking the front.

‘surely…… The previous attack was to get me into this place? ”

The black knight was greatly surprised at the base of his opponent and moved sword in a reflex.

The light of the guardian ‘s eyes sparkled the light.

The guard, who stops breathing for a moment, strikes the sword of the knight falling down by the oblique with the back of the hand protecting the gauntlet.

And patience to step out.

Suh, who made the gap between the two zero, pushed his fist again.

This blow hit the chest of a black knight.


Originally, there was a quack on the surface of the column that received the black knight that had to fall off.

Awesome destructive power.


It is even more surprising that such an attack with destructive power does not end with a single shot.

Soon, the attack of Suho was poured into the fire.

Two doo doo doo doo doo!

The black knight, Ani Grit, thundered to the inside as he watched and attacked Suwo’s attack as if he were looking at the skill of the lord.

‘Is this the power of the Lord, who has not yet become 100 percent?’

A father with a divine being and a mother with a past who once was a S class awakening.

The potential of the patron born between the two was more than this grit imagined.


A strong armor begins to crumble a little at a brisk blow.

I raised the speed limit, but it was not enough to stop the attack.

Then eventually.

Cheng Gang!

The sword that stood firmly to the guardian ‘s stronghold broke down loudly.


Looking at the bones of falling shattering, this grit sensed that the game was over.

However, this defeat, like when we first met Jin Woo here, also made this grit’s heart beating.

Suho put all the magic power in his fist for the final blow.


The surrounding mana was swirling like a wave and spreading around.



The fist, shot like a cannon, left a hole in the abdomen of a black knight.

The black knight hit the pole slipped.

Then he did not move anymore.

‘……’Carefully touching the black knight, Sukho sighed a great deal of breath.


I won.

He won against a strong enemy who seemed unable to win.

From the depths of my heart, joy flocked like a tide.


Unexpectedly, there were no major changes in the situation.

‘The end is …… Is not it? ”

Slowly looking around, Suho found a new gate beneath the stairway where the throne was installed.

The eyes of the patron enlarged.


It was a smile on the face of Suh, who was able to finish this bizarre adventure anyway.

The guard, running with joy, threw himself into the gate.

As it came in, I opened my eyes after a long darkness.

“Kie e ee eek!”

“I’m tall!”

“……”This time, humanoid ants of the size of a man were giving out the tumult.

* * * “Huck, huck, what are all these ignorant ants?”

Suh poked his tongue at the body of the ants he had treated.

Strangely, when I found an ant that was lined with ants because I was a child, I was resentful of myself who had been careful not to step on my mistakes.

To that extent, these ants mean terrible and strong.

Armor monsters were not comparable to.

‘But if you find a point of comfort …’

The stagnant level hunted the ants and began to climb back up again.

Shaash, shaash.

Somewhere I hear the ants’ footsteps.

Suh, who succeeded in breathing for a while, grabbed his fist tightly.

Quad gain.



Suho focused on raising the level by tapping every corner of the cave, based on lessons learned when dealing with black knights.

The screams of the ant monsters resonated in the cave, which was intricately intertwined like a maze.

How much do you push in the cave?


When the level was no longer raised even after hitting the ant, Suho entered the last room of the cave.

Empty room huge. public.

There was no light in the boss room, but it did not hurt to see the guard, who has already surpassed the human senses.

‘How big is the owner here?’

When I started to worry about it.

Suh looked at one of the humanoid ants turning around at the end of the room.

Unlike other ants were winged ants.

‘Is he in this room?’

The common atmosphere was similar to the room where the black knight was.

But that ant man could not feel the force he had at all other than the story.

Strong or weak.

Suh killed his footsteps and looked at the ants carefully.

When I got close enough to be considered close enough. The ant turned out to be a patron without any remorse.


Suho shuddered and stepped back.

I was not afraid.

I was just surprised by the unexpected situation.

He can not help it.

The turning ant was crying.

Even though he was crying so badly that he knew that the conversation was a monster that could not communicate, Suho could not take the lead first.


If a human-sized insect is standing on two feet and dripping tears, it would be normal to feel bizarre.

I wanted to soothe the ants without knowing why.

I felt that way.

However, I have a sincere heart for a while.

The guard, sensing a strong aura, stepped back.

‘……?’The ants were stealing tears from their hands, just as if they were holding their weak minds.

Oh My God……

Surprised by the mighty power felt by the ant, he looked down at the fur on his arms.

That ant.

Along with the ants that have fought so far, the black knight is also different in dimension.

I was thrilled with my whole body.


Suddenly the guard came to his shadows, and an ant came up in front of him.

The ant that was twice as big as the big one finally made a terrible roar.

[To the key to the on to the on!]

* * * thank God.

Thank you.

Suffering and dismembered, Suho repeated the idea many times.

The winged ant was a terrifying enemy.

But each time a dangerous moment came, the ant did not know why, and he stopped pounding.

Thanks to.

It was difficult, but I was able to knock down ants in a breathtaking way.

“Uh …”

The defendant twisted the throbbing throat, and the guard raises his body.

A new gate was created at the expense of knocking down the strong.

Suho checked the level.

[Level: 99] The level stopped at 99.

If it is a level of 99, it is all dealt with in the game of a lot of people.

‘So you can go back to the real house now.’

The heart of the swollen patriot swooped in expectation.

Suho gladly jumped into the next gate.

And when I opened my eyes. “Well? Sound? ”

“Creuror ……”

I was able to find the giants and dragons that filled the view.

“Ha ……”

* * * Mountains beyond the mountains. Suho made a mountain of giants and dragons and followed the long path in the field.

The level is still 99.

Although his stats have not risen, he has been able to deal with his powers more skillfully during many fights.

The strong power and the skill to deal with it gave Suu great confidence.

After a while. Guardian found another black knight waiting at the end of the road.

‘……’Unlike a black knight with a red feather on his helmet, his big size was huge and there was a trail of broken wings on his back.


Maybe it is stronger than the ant that you fought some time ago.


‘……He’s a fake. ”

Suh was convinced.

Because there was a real thing that I could not think of was floating above my head.

I felt my enormous presence, and my head hung up.


[Cicadas-] The dying dragon flying in the sky cried out loudly.

It was just after that something fell off the dyke.

When the infinitely fallen Inyoung landed lightly, the ground was dented and the dirt was blown.


Suh swallowed his saliva.

‘That’s real …’

Someone who was wearing the hood so that he could not recognize his face felt a sense of pressure to breathe.

As he came down, the knight in the back who had been trying to pull the sword stopped acting and stepped back a few steps.

As if he would no longer be involved in this fight.

‘It was really this way too.’

The guard gave strength to the trembling legs in a breathtaking sense of pressure.

It is the first time people have appeared, not monsters.

“excuse me!”

I tried to put a word on him, but the lips that were exposed under the hood smiled but did not return the answer.

“Oh really……”

The patron, who gave up trying to put a horse, found something and opened his eyes round.

‘That …?’

For the first time.

The gate was created before the enemy could be knocked down.

The position was that the hooded tee was behind the inside of the house.

‘That’s true …’

Maybe this is the last time.

If you knock that man down, you can go home.

At the conclusion of such a conclusion.

The body moved.

Ability to combat strenghts and abilities that have soared to the limit.

Pounding, pounding!

Feeling the beating as if to explode.

fault! fault! fault!

Suh, who has surpassed the speed of sound, quickly rushed forward.

A little nose.

On the streets that were never inevitable, a fist that could not stand even if it stopped, was shot toward the face of the man.


The man pushed the attack so easily that he had to pull his face back.


In a slow time, Suh saw the face of the man who was slightly exposed under the hood.


The man laughed and laughed.

“Not yet.”

In the eyes of the big guard, I saw the palm of the man approaching faster than the light.

Suho closed his eyes.

Soon the light covered the field of vision.

* * * “Ugh!”

The guard, who rose from the chair, looked around.


It was in the classroom where the after-school quiet air permeated.

Suho wiped his forehead wet with sweat.

‘I have a strange dream.’

Did you play too much?

The final boss who barely met after wandering in a strange dungeon is his father.

It is an embarrassing dream that can not be said anywhere.

I was really lucky because it was a dream.

A sigh of relief, turning around, I saw a schoolgirl stuck in front of Suho’s eyes.

It was a surprise that the patron who was asleep suddenly rose.

In order to shake the awkward atmosphere, the guard first spoke.

“Do not go home?”

Looking at the details, she was the girl who had been poking her back from behind.

“I am the Lord … I have to go to the barracks … ”

The guardian said to the female student, who is distracted, not to mention a small amount.

“Can I help you?”


The girl who was embarrassed by the offer that she did not think nodded shyly.


* * * Same time.

On the rooftop of the same school, Jinwo and Berr, Lee Grit stood.

Said the grit.

[Lord … Can you give me your strength back now?

This was the first time that a small lieutenant had reached the lord, although he had tested it several times before.

This grit wanted to give a passing score to the excellently tested Suho.

But Jinwoo answered with a smile on his mouth.

“If I believed in my strength and tried to work with Solace from the beginning, could we have won?”

This grit shook his head.

That was what Jin-woo wanted to teach Suho.

The fact that no matter how strong you have, you should be able to run away in situations where victory is not guaranteed.

It is not courage to run wildly against a strong enemy without any calculation.

‘It’s silly.’

While feeling the fact that he can not win, Suho has challenged himself.

The courage is virtual, but it was the result of worrying about the father.

Not yet.

Yes, it is early.

But Guardian will know soon after clever childhood.

How to use force according to circumstances.

[Soviet Lord ……]

BERR began to blush as he watched his old drawing paper.


Jeu, who patted the shoulder of a grassy bell, approached the ledge and looked down at the school.

I saw the back of my son who was going out with the same class student.

Jinwoo, who looked at the chin and looked at the guard, said with a smile.

“Do you want to eat out in the family today?”

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266

You are reading Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266 in English / Read Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 266 manga stream online on

Fourth. Advance! Advance!

Suh looked around after long darkness like a tunnel.

It was in the corridor of an old-looking building.

The light that shines around is just one torch on one wall.

‘What the hell …?’

I looked around with dark eyes because of the tinted eyes.

The exit … It was blocked.

Looking at the hard wall behind him, Suho shook his head.

No space was felt to the back of the wall.

‘There is no way but to go forward.’

The torch is a lull.

Suh took off the torch on the wall and said.


“Wow -” We saw the weapons properly displayed on both walls.

Long sword, dagger, bow, window, mace and so on.

There were endlessly as many different weapons as they were waiting for their master in the still darkness.

As he looked around at the weapons, Sung swallowed his dry spit.

Why are these weapons here?

It was obvious.


The eyes of the patron have become more cautious than ever.

I do not know why you were moved here, but if you have an exit at the end of this road, the weapon you pick here will be a solid companion.

But it was strange.

What is this uplifting feeling?

When I played with my friends or when I played a game they recommended, my heart that did not even start to bang.

The eyes of the patriot who watched the weapons shined with excitement.


The guard, who had looked all the way through the display of the weapons, looked back one more time as he turned in the opposite direction.

There were a few candidates, but there was nothing better than ‘it’ either.

I watched it with a torch on the back wall and carefully wore it on both hands.

Rick, rick.

A steel gauntlet that fits in your hand like it was made for you from scratch.

Unlike other weapons that require proficiency, both hands have always been the most familiar and powerful weapon to Suh.

‘This is it.’

Suh tried to fold his fingers one by one as he liked the gauntlet.



The flames came in at once on the torches of the front.

Long and long corridor.

It was as if the secret passage of the old castle was endlessly extended inward.

Soon something is about to begin.

Suh tried to calm the beating heart and went out to look forward to the daggers placed beside the gauntlet.

But that also for a while.

‘……Who is the weapon that looks so weak? ”

A pair of daggers left behind the guard who slowly moved his steps seemed somewhat sad.

* * * Suho carefully walked out the hallway.

“Is not there somebody?”

I shouted to someone, but there was no answer.

No, I did not have the popularity itself.

How long did he walk?

Despite being exhausted, the guard still stifled his senses and did not slow down his surroundings.

Torches, fireworks, old-fashioned buildings, and armor decorations that fill the walls closely.

‘What kind of underground place is it?’

As Suh became more and more aware of where this place was and why he was brought to this place.

By the way.


The guard, feeling something creepy, stood in front of the armor decorations on the way back.

Strangely, this armor decor seemed a bit different from when it just passed.

‘this…… Have you been putting up a sword like this before? ”

Surely the end of the sword was toward the bottom.

At the moment when Suho stared at her head and took a step, the sword of armor fell off in a straight line.


If he did not hit the sword quickly, the sword would have split his head into two pieces.


The guard did not give a break, and the armor decoration which dropped the sword this time tried to squeeze the neck of the guard.

bang! bang! bang!

The guard ‘s gauntlet rushed several times and all of a sudden.

The armor decoration that the armor was destroyed stopped the movement.

“Huck, huck, huck.”

Pushing the fallen armor decoration to the tip of his foot, Suh took a breath away.

Fortunately, there was no damage at all, but the heart burst into flames.


What if this is not just a moving armor decoration?

And if they all have enemies to me?

The armor decorations that I had so far inadvertently crossed my mind.

They are not the end.

It is right in front of me, and the front road is full of decorations.

just as expected.

It is.

With the sound of armor joints creaking.

One and two, armor decorations began to fall down from the decorative table.

The weapons in their hands gleamed brightly.


I should have picked the mace too.

Suh swallowed a bit of regret and pinched two fists.

It was immediately after the armor decorations ran toward the guardian.

* * * Boom!

When I knocked down the last armor decoration, the sound was heard again.

[Level up!] [Current level: 19.]

“Huh-” The guard, who was leaning on his body, spit out his breath and raised his upper body.

After the message is heard, it feels strangely tired.

Not only that.

The patriarch, who kept breathing, put out the regime.

“_ä -!

The fist protruded like a bullet.

Mysterious power overflows throughout the body.

“I know.”


When you knock down these animated armor monsters, the level goes up, and as you raise the level, you become stronger.

Of course, you can easily knock out monsters more easily.

Simple and powerful virtuous circle.

Suho looked back at the corridor he had walked so far.

There was a lot of armor piled up everywhere in the armor that was so broken that I could not see my form.

Suho had an appetite.

‘too bad…..’

I wish I could raise my level a little more.

I want to be a little stronger.


Every road has an end.

Suh looked at the giant door in front of his eyes.

As the level rose, the senses matured were sensing a powerful presence inside.

That’s why growth is even worse.

As I learned from my father, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath for a while.

Sloppy profit – massive door moved.

The inside was like a huge room in the palace.

As I went along the pillars lined up to the left and right, I reached the deepest place, the place where the high throne was installed.

Suh was stiffened for a moment.

There was a monster armor on the throne.

By the way, I felt stronger than the monsters that I have been dealing with.

‘That’s it …’

A frightening presence that could be felt outside the door.

The monster slowly got up and came down the stairs under the throne one step at a time.

Black Knight.

A black knight with a red feather in his helmet came down completely to the floor.

At first glance, my aura is shaking.


Why did Suho laugh.

The whole body was wrapped in a feeling of exhilaration as if the hair of the whole body was bristling.


Knight began to draw a sword.

Before that sword comes out, I hit a player.

The moment the guard tried to run.

The black knight was already approaching his nose.

The sword he wielded flashed and gleamed.


A dazzling light filled the field of vision.

* * * “Ugh!”

Suho raised his body.

I looked around all the way tense, but there were no black knights.

No, it was not the room where he was.

I was back at the point where I started moving.


The patience of the patriarch was abandoned.

‘I thought I was going to die.’

When the knight recalled the moment he pulled the sword, he was still appalled.

I thought I was really dead.

“Do you have to go that way anyway?”

With the complaints, the guardian, who has been up in his seat, realizes the difference from the first.

The torch at the starting point.


I noticed that one of the three blue torches was turned off.

Is this a coincidence?


The weapons that were before the starting point, the level that goes up holding the monster, the body that is stronger than the level number.

There was no accident either.

A small enlightenment passed through the head of the guard.

‘I did not know you were dying …’

In this odd place there is no concept of suffering or death, but a blue flame takes the place of opportunity.

When all three flames are turned off …… It was hard to anticipate what would happen now.

‘if so.’

Be more careful.

The eyes of the guard were much more worn than when they first started.

One more time, this time I will not miss the opportunity.


Suh promised himself by blowing off the monster armor that he was giving him.

* * * “Ahhh ah! Oh ah! ”

After returning to the starting point, Suho rolled over the floor.

Of course not.

It was dismissal that another opportunity was blown away.

The tears of the bastard on the floor of the patrolling patron of the floor were torn up.

I was so sick of it.

After swallowing a few minutes, I swung my head.

There was one more blue flame.

Now the last one is left.

‘That black knight, it’s too big!’

There was such a big gap that I could only say foul, overbalance.

I can never beat him.

“Ahh ah!”

Suho rolled over the floor again.

For a long time, the elderly guard, leaning against the wall, looked toward the pathway.

Where they are so gathered, the armor appears again and keeps its place.

“Are you tired, too?”

This is the third time I see it, and now armor monsters have been patronized.

“Ha -” Suh said the ground was gone, and I was just sighing.


I sparked in my head.

Suho’s head turned to armor monsters again.

‘When did they come back?’

At first I thought it was just because I came back to the starting point.

But what if it was regenerated after a certain period of time?


Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

A light began to be seen.

‘Let’s do it.’

Suh knocked the armor monsters on the entrance side and broke them and waited for the start point again.

I leaned back against the wall and observed the changes of the monsters.

Some time is passing.

Percussive, percussive.

The dead armor monsters turned into sand and absorbed into the ground.


The eyes of the patron enlarged.

‘……!’The sand was gathered on the decorative stand where they stood, and a new armor decoration was formed.


Suho grabbed two fists.

This was the right answer.

These unique beings that can help level up are thankfully respawned after a certain period of time.

Is not it then that you just have to sneak up on these guys until you can reach the movement of that horrible black knight?

Suho rose from his seat with a smile.

In the eyes of Su-sho, where the sparks are splashing, the monster armor trembled.

* * * Level 70.

No matter how much they hunt, the level did not rise.

But that was enough.

On the shoulders of Suho, a black man came up slowly.

Suho did not know the identity of the black haze yet, but I could see this one.

The fact that there is a lot of energy overflowing all over the body.

Suh opened the door of the room where the black knight awaited.

Unlike the previous two battles, this time a black knight came to the door.

The patron laughed.

“Have you been waiting long?”

The black knight took the sword instead of the answer.


The black knight seemed to be smiling.

The guard, who raised the level to 70, emptied the magic power gathered in the body in every moment.

The earth was shaken and the rocks sprang up on the ground.

“It’s my turn now.”

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 265

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 265

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Hoon Sam Three. Approach round and round.

Lee Eun-cheol’s radar, who has just become a high school student, is back.

New school, new classroom, new classmates.

Lee Eun-chul’s eyes are stingy as he looks at the atmosphere of the class sitting behind the classroom. Who will be putting himself down, who will be his friend.

A single glance quickly makes a decision.

This is a world of junk food.

Most of the children in the group seemed prey to Lee Eun-chul.

Most of the kids who were in the snow avoided their eyes.

‘……There is nothing. ”


Rather, he was smiling and approaching.

‘Cho Sho Ho.’

It is a friend who flew away from the neighborhood.

I sometimes met when I was drinking with my friends.

“Are you here too?”


A short quarrel came and went, but it was only a while.

Cho, who had been familiar with Lee ‘s notoriety, leaned in first.

“Let’s stay well.”

Lee Eun-chul smiled and grabbed his hand.

There is a precedence of sequence, but this guy is ‘friend’. So while sorting out the semblance relationship.

Strangely, there was a guy who caught Lee Eun Chul’s eye.

It is not the schoolboy sitting at the front, nor is it the person who takes a seat at the back and brags.

Classroom A strange guy who sits in the middle of nowhere but does not avoid his gaze. There is.

About one in half.

They do not know their fountains, so what should happen is they are dull to see the top and bottom.

Looking back, he sighed as if he was pathetic and looked ahead, Lee Eun-chul stood up and could not bear it.

I will.

The noise of the chair was loudly ringing in the classroom.

Of course, all the eyes in the classroom turned to Lee Euncheol.

Lee Eun-cheol enjoyed those gaze and approached the guy who did not know the fountain with a feeling of fuss.


I want to grab his shoulder and turn him over.

A tackle came where I could not think of.

“Wait a minute.”

Lee Eun-cheol opened his mouth to report on his own wrist grip.


The nervous planting of the vigorously dissolved voices of the nervous Gongho sucked a dry spit.

“It was the same school. Do not touch him. ”

“……The same school? ”

Is it just like this school because of the school?

If so, either.

There are hard reasons to say, there is no reason not to touch.

Or is this Lee Euncheol making fun of it.

Lee Eun-chul, whose face was hardened, tugged at the chair of ‘the guy’ who did not look back even in this upheaval.

“Hey, hey, what are you? You’re talking. Do not you have a mouth? ”

Then Shogun, who was speculative, stepped forward and wanted to go away.

Lee Eun-cheol, who is different from the limit of patience, struck his hand with his hand and opened his eyes.

“You follow me.”

Behind Lee Eun-cheol, who is going out of the classroom, two Iljin who came out of the same junior high school were caught up.

On the threshold of the classroom, Lee Eun-cheol looked back and saw Gongho, who is sweating in the cold weather, and ‘the guy,’ who does not even show interest yet.


In Lee Eun-cheol’s eyes, Hye-yeon was living.

* * * “Great!”

His face was ruined by a mess, and he stumbled.

Still, Lee Eun-chul’s eyes were still bloody, even though he was still unresolved.

Lee Eun-cheol, who pushed Shon-Ho to the wall, asked.

“What is the cub? What is it that you are cheap? ”

Cho, who was throwing a rough breath toward the floor, spat a spit with blood.

His face with his head was tired.

“We’re the best in junior high school.”

“……?”Lee’s head tilted.

This guy.

Is that a bit out of his mind?

It was a publicly known fact that the group was holding their schools tightly.

However, Cho emphasized his head.

“We can not touch our hands. I thought I’d be out of here too.

At first, I made a bullshit, and I was serious about being such a thing.

‘This cub … Seriously? ”


If there is such a person, there is no rumor.

Seongsoo Ho.

Lee Euncheol’s ear, which has lived in this neighborhood all the time since elementary school, has never heard such a name.

What can a child like that guy do to me in the first place?

Lee Eun-cheol was angry to the end of his head because he was afraid of him.


Lee Eun-cheol swung in the full swing and his head went back to his side.

Soon the right cheek was swollen red.

I learned boxing since I was a kid.

However, there was another thing which was really afraid of.

At that time, Jeongho, who stood up to the ruthless violence of Lee Euncheol, discovered something.

‘……!’Lee Seon-cheol’s head went back to report that his eyes were getting bigger.

From a distance.

The man was approaching this way.

Cho said that he did not want to face his opponent.

“just…… Apologize. It is a sincere advice. ”

“This kid is real!”

Lee Eun-cheol grabbed the back of his back, but Shogun had just shut his mouth.

Just before the ridiculous word comes out from Lee ‘s mouth.

Suh, the beginning of all this, stood before them.

Is it because of the story I just heard from Cho?

If it is usual, Lee Eun-chul, who once flew from his fist, withdrew from Cho-ho and watched the guard.

Although it is not small, it does not seem big compared to the person who is out of the high 1st level or the person who is in charge of the. The usual big.

Though the neck or wrist that appears between uniforms seems a little exhausted, it is not a body that specializes in exercise.

Lee Euncheol could not believe his words.

Sure, Suho stood in front of Cho Sung-ho and looked into his face injured by a mess.


I was saddened to hear the sound of tongue clapping.

“Sung ho.”


“Let’s do it again this time. That’s just self-defense. ”

Shogun, without hesitation, nodded his head.


What do you think you did?

Lee Eun-chul, who was listening with a strange face, waved his face.


The moment he put his guard down on his shoulder to turn the guard, the light flashed in front of his eyes.


Lee, who lost consciousness, fell on the floor.

Nearly at the same time, two of them, standing behind Lee Eun Cheol, lost consciousness.

Boom, Boom!

‘Scary bastard ……’

Choo had tongue overtaken.

Movement that would not have seen properly if it was not the sight of the fuselage pulled into motion.

It was a single room on the face of Lee Eun Cheol, a room on the back of each of his backyard boys, and a precise and brutal blow like a machine.

At first, when I was mistaken for the mistake, I was thinking that it was really human power.

After that, unlike the expectation, school life got easier.

Looking at the fallen Lee Eun-cheol, Seongho was scratching his back.

‘……’Lee Euncheol ‘s nose, broken knees with broken bone.

The rumor will soon pass.

It is said that Lee Eun-cheol of XX in the world fell to Cho.

It is better than rumors that I am hit by a normal student without a name, and Lee Eun – chul will shut up.


So again, the victory was added to his monarchy.

It is a feeling of disappointment that somebody gives victory.

While I was thinking about this kind of thing, the guard came up to me.

“This is how it happened … I would also like to ask you here. ”

Shojo, who scratches his cheek, grabbed his hand without speaking.

What…… It was a bad deal.

* * * “And” Cho Sung-ho “?

“From the first time I saw the real force is not joking.”

“He was famous in the town because he was educated since he was a kid.”

“Should I learn Judo?”

The atmosphere of the classroom got louder than the sound of Lee Eun-cheol’s all-out power.

In particular, he was treated as a hero because of the fighting that came from protecting the same school.

While it was awkward because it was the start of a new school year, in the noisy subject, Suh looked alone out of the window alone.

After a while, the sky was turning yellow.

I kept pushing for the reason why the yawning was going to flow continuously.

‘……Bored. ‘


Nowadays, there are many moments when yawning and boredom come out without English.


It feels like something a little more heartbreaking and I know a lot of amazing things.

Whenever I felt like that, Suho could not bear the boredom.

Drake – The classroom door opened.

The children’s gaze converged all the way to the back of the classroom.

Cho Sung-ho sat in the seat without a response.

Oh – the eyes of the envy were young in the eyes of the children who gazed at Chojo, whose face was full of wounds.

Now the owner of the classroom has changed from Lee Euncheol to Choong Ho.

“Hey, hey.”

Someone pinched the back of Suho who still had no interest except the window.

I turned around and a neatly dressed girl came to me.

“Your friend helped me, but I will not say hello?”

“……I did it.”

“Oh, yes.”

When the guard cuts off, the girl who is embarrassed hurriedly opened a textbook.

Suh looked back at the window.


The sun was going down.

* * * Time to go home.

As everyone was busy trying to get out, Suh alone stood at the window and looked at the playground.

The students were lined up in the doorway.

I do not like crowded.

My mom always laughed and told me that she looked like her father.

I looked up at a book borrowed from the library, and I heard my head go up, but there was no one in the classroom.

Suh took the bag slowly and put it on his shoulder.

You can afford it, but if you wait longer than this, you’ll be late at night, and you should face your mother’s anger.

I’m glad it’s over.

If the news of my mother’s anger goes into his ears ……

‘Uh, I imagined it.’

Suddenly, the patroness of the creeping shakes shook his head.

Will you be less scared when your father turns age?

Even if my father became an elderly man, he never seemed to be able to win.

The moment the patron tries to open the back door of the classroom.

‘The door is …… Not open? ‘

If the door is simply locked, I can not help but wake up even if I am not the other person and I am giving myself this strength.

The door was not like the wall that was there from the beginning.


Sung, who opened his eyes, ran to the front door of the classroom and grabbed the handle.

The same goes for the front door.

Nolan ran to the window and looked out.

Then an unbelievable sight unfolded in front of me.

Students out of the gate, students doing exercise, cars passing the driveway, people crossing the road next to them, and even balls floating in the air.

Everything stopped.

‘How does this happen …?’

Su-chan, with his fist clenched, struck the window with all his strength.


However, rather than the window being broken, the hand that had been pulled hard was thrown back again as if the rubber had hit.

‘……!’It was then.

When the guard who retreated from the window backs up and somehow tries to arrange the situation in my head. It appeared.

Suh suddenly saw a round hole in the back of the classroom.

At first, the hole, which was about the size of a volleyball ball, was getting wider and it soon became a size that people could enter.

A dark dark door that seems to be sucked in. If a normal child is scared enough to be left alone …….

The guard put his hand on his chest instead of crying or screaming.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

The excited heart was beating harshly.


Maybe he was expecting something like this a long time ago.

‘Mom always said I was like my dad.’

If it was my father …….

How did this move?

The answer was out.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Because my heart was carrying my feet.

Line guard protruded his hand to the surface before the gate.

Knitting, Knitting.

Light electricity sprang up and down, but there was no pain.

No, I was standing in front of the gate, so I felt like I was back home from a long time ago.

It is strange to feel like I have been to such places before.

Suho took a deep breath.

The crazy heart is looking for stability and cleanses my head.


A short smile swept over Suho’s face.


Suho jumped in without hesitation.

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 264

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 264

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2. “Come on, motherfucker.”

“Ah yes.”

Haine crossed the threshold of the preschool presbytery with a strained face.

I was worried about the patronage, which had never been exchanged with my children at the age of five, and it was only a week since I was sent to a nearby kindergarten. I received a phone call to visit Kindergarten.

Whether the guard is wrong or whether the guard made a mistake.

The face of Haine, sitting on the sofa opposite the teacher ‘s guide, was as dark as the dark clouds of the rainy season.

The middle – aged woman, the director, understood the mind of the.

So she struggled to make as soft a voice as possible so that her opponent would not be surprised.

“You do not have to worry so much. but…… We have a few things to ask. ”

“Yes Yes.”

To Hain who nods his elongated head with a firm face, the chief teacher put out a sketchbook.

“here…… Could you look at these pictures? ”

When Haine accepted the sketch book, the chief teacher was speaking.

“Painted by the patron.”

On the white paper, there was a cute ant painted with the child’s drawing skill.

Why does it show this?

I did not find meaning in the wonder of the eye asked by wonder.

“Why is this picture …?”

The director who hesitated for a moment opened the door with a small sigh.

“It was my friend who asked me to draw a sketchbook.”


And then the ant stands with two legs.

Haine realized that what was drawn there was not an ordinary ant, but a bishop.

“There are more pictures behind. It is the paintings of the guardian that the teacher says that there are no other friends. ”

Haine gave a page of the sketchbook.

It was a figure with a red feather on his head, a black figure holding a sword-like object.

‘This grit ……’

At a glance, Haine grasped her forehead with one hand.

It seems to be a respectable article to a person who knows the identity, but how do you see it in the eyes of others?

I think that my head is a little sore.

Behind that, there was a picture of Mellini, a magical show with Belion with an elongated knife.

Of course, Haine’s head, which looked at the picture, got a bit more painful.

‘……’The director who misunderstood the expression of Haine who had no words in the other direction was speaking with an anxious expression.

“Then the picture depicts Suh’s family.”


The sketchbook has passed.

A lot of black shapes drawn behind people who think themselves and their husbands.

He had been with Shadow soldiers since he was a child.

‘In the eyes of Suho, we were seen like this.’

I think that the warm gaze of Suho is dissolved.

To the extent that I can not understand, the confused teachers have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with Suh.

Of course, the director who called Hain into kindergarten was the same idea.

She said with a serious face.

“The last chapter is ‘My House’ drawn by Suh. I pray that I have my guardian mother. ”

What else is drawn this time?

Haine unfolded the last page with nervous eyes.

One small house.

A small, ordinary house was painted on the ground.

The problem was that the ground underneath the house was completely blackened.

More than 70 percent of the sketchbooks were filled with black.

“We’ve been looking after a lot of children, but we have not seen pictures of friends or family in this way.”

The director pointed to the black part of the picture.

“My teacher asked me why I painted my house like this, and Suh said,” There is a friend, a family, and a big father here. ”

‘A big dad ……?’

It was an explanation that the head was pouting for a while, but Hain could roughly guess why this picture came out.


“Do you know why the guard paints these pictures?”

You can not tell others what you know.

Hain shook his head.

“……That’s also true. ”

The chief teacher nodded as if he understood.

At first, I was suspicious that Suho was being abused at home, but I could not find any trace of Su-ho, who was always bright.

Sometimes it is not common.

It is the children who draw the world with their own eyes.

“perhaps…… Suho may have extraordinary talents in art. ”

The chief teacher convinced himself and smiled.

Haine, who knew the cause of all this, smiled awkwardly from the dark face.

“Oh yes, yes.”

I’m glad it’s not a big deal.

I was barely settled.

By the way.

The director’s job was not a painting.

I have to say this, but I hesitated, and she hesitated and she seemed to conclude that it was difficult.

Her eyes were much more serious than when she handed the picture.

“Protector mother …… Actually there is one more thing I want to say. ”

* * * Central police station Homicide.

After the promotion announcement announcement, excited voices rang in the office.

“Senior, congratulations on your promotion!”


“Would you like to shoot a little bit, sir?”

Jinwoo, who was surrounded by his team members for a while, was able to barely be released until his partner Lee Se-hwan came.

“Brother, let’s go.”


With the words of congratulations coming off everywhere, Jinwoo went out of the office with a smile.

I now have a great honor for Jin-woo Lee, a veteran detective.

“Brother, congratulations.”

Jinwu replied with a silent smile.

Sehwan, who was walking alongside Jinwoo with a smile, looked around and stood close to him.

“By the way, brother … What are you promoting now? I was promoted from the top.

Jinwoo, who was squinting at the sight of his eyes as if it was important, laughed and replied.

“There is no excuse to refuse any more.”

Sehwon also laughed at the frustrating answer.

“That’s great, bro.”

Sounds like a joke, but Jinu’s words are not a joke.

I knew about Sehwan.

Like any field, criminals are getting more and more away from field work when their positions are higher.

Jinwoo wanted to stay as long as possible, and the chief, especially Woo Jin-cheol, respected Jinwoo’s will.

But it also a day or two.

As soon as the reasons for stopping the promotion of the detective, which is showing spectacular results, were exhausted, Jinwoo eventually had to accept the result of the examination.

“Is not your brother greedy? Promotion or money making, something like that. ”


Can you believe that there was a time when I was alone in the business of importing a large law firm with a much younger age than Sehwan?

Jinwoo and Yoo Jin-ho with the guilty of running the guilty, remembering the words swallowed.

‘It’s really a memory now.’

But it is time to wander the sea of memory for a while.

Jinwoo, who was about to get into the car with Se-hwan, picked up a ringing cellphone.


It was Hin’s phone.

* * * After receiving a phone call and returning home earlier than usual, Jinwoo saw the pictures of Suho and laughed.

“I did not know that my son was so good at painting again.”

Among them is the picture of Ber.

There is not a five year old who can draw ants so well in the world.

Jinwoo looked at the painting with a hearty grin and soon smiled at Haine’s stare.


Haine also had a smile on his face when he saw his husband changing his attitude.

Hin talked to Jinwoo like he said to himself.

“It’s not laughing. Look at the end. ”


At the end, there was a work called ‘My House’ which was completed at the fingertips of Suho.

“Guardian says that there is a big dad in the black ground. Why are you laughing?”

“Oh, no. I just think it’s funny. ”

Jinwoo recalled the “sacred army” standing in the middle of the resting area, but she could not stand laughing, but steal tears from the eyes and covered the sketchbook.

Can not we just laugh and go over this?

Such a glance came to the face of Jinwoo.

Then Haine, who sighs lightly, tells the story of what he had told him.

“Children are afraid of patronage.”

“……?”A little smile disappeared from Jinwoo’s face.

“the kids are?”

Haines nodded worriedly, continuing the explanation.

“Just because the guard is close, the complexion changes. I have never bothered or screamed anyone. ”

“……”The words could not hear the light.

Jin-woo’s expression settled.

The smile has long been erased from the face.

What I was worried about actually happened.

‘Children …’

Children are far more pure than adults.

It is not just about the idea of thinking.

Pure of sensation.

Thus, the fear of death is much more vivid than the adults who can control the animal instincts given to them through reason and learning.

It was because the children felt the shadow of death.

‘The Power of Shadow Monarchs ……’

It was not a disaster because it passed to Jinwoo. In fact, it is a terrible weapon originally concealed in a servant who was the most faithful to destroy all that he created.

If the powers of this Shadow Monarch, inherited from the Supreme Guardian unintentionally, grow more and more in the guardian.

‘……Normal life is impossible. ‘

At least.

At least until the age when Suho was able to fully control his power, he needed to restrain it.

Jin looked at the photos hanging on the wall of the living room.

There were lots of pictures of patronage on both sides of the marriage photograph of Jin-woo and Haine in the largest frame.

And most of those pictures were with shadow soldiers.

The sunny smile of Suho pulling hard on two of the whiskers, climbing over Ber’s neck.

As a tutor, he eschews this grit, and runs away with a guard and a toy knife, where he is able to play a sword fight.

Many other pictures.

Jinwoo began to send them to the warehouse one by one.


“Until the guard can stay with the other people …… I want to temporarily seal the power of guard and the shadow soldiers. ”

Suho should learn.

Not the shadow soldiers, but how to get along with them in the ordinary people.

Until then …

When I went into the space storehouse to see all the remaining pictures. Berga, who learned about Jinwoo’s decision, came up from the ground.

[King …]

The mind of the shadow soldier who cherished the guardian like his child comes to Jinwu.

However, Jinwoo was determined.

Soon he realized that there was no way to turn his mind.

There was a picture in front of Beres, which is facing the floor with no power.

It was the sketchbook of the guardian that Jinwoo went out to Ver.

[this is……?]

‘You are the guardian.’

Above the drawing paper, there was a more wonderful work than any other painting that Berga had ever seen.

Berre’s big eyes were filled with tears.

[Lord … Can I give you a goodbye?


Beru, who received the permission of Jin-woo, carefully entered the guard’s room.


The sound of the sucking singer of the suk, who was asleep, came to him as sweet and soft music.

Bert quietly bowed to one side of the guard beside his guard to prevent the guard from breaking.

[Lord Soviet Lord … I will say hello on behalf of all shadow soldiers.]

A voice that resonates low as it sounds in my dreams.

Suh turned into a voice in his sleep, and mumbled.

“Colon ants …… Colonel ant … ”

I gaze more at the patience that ‘ant’ pronunciation is more accurate than when I followed my own back.

Berga greeted me.

[It was an honor to be able to hold the Lord of the Soviets. Goodbye until you see me again …]

Berga raised his body lightly in the back of the guard, stretching towards the end of the bed.

Under the shadows of Berr, the soldiers sent a farewell message at once.

[Lieutenant, even if I do not have enough time to study …] [Healthy, sir.] [Huh huh, huh, huh, huh huh, huh huh huh.]

I turned around and saw Berga behind me.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Unconsciously, Suwoo approached Suho and lifted the down comforter to the chest of Suho.

Then I put my hand on Sui’s forehead. A powerful magical power left the fingertips for a moment.

Now when the guard opens his eyes, the unusual strength and memory of the child will disappear.

‘Good dream …’

Jin-woo closed his visit by kissing the guard’s forehead, which is like an angel.

that day.

In the dream of the guardian, ants, knights and orcs danced all night.

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 263

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 263

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I only level up after you. In the memory of Ber’s memory.

Before being born, Beres, surrounded by thick shells, listened to the queen’s voice.

[For the kingdom.]

‘For the kingdom.’

[Prevent us from making enemies afraid.]

‘Stop our enemies from fearing them.’

It must be strong.

It must be strong.

It was the first mission to Vere who fell asleep in embryo.

And the queen’s commitment to thrive in the kingdom finally created a terrible monster.

[Kie ee eek!]

The young battle ants that broke the eggs and spit out the roar was unmatched by any ants from the fierce life of their eyes.


The Queen was thrilled with the masterpiece she had created.

‘If this child is a human being,

Just before the queen, who shined her eyes, gave her first command to the strongest soldier who just broke her eggs.

Feeling hunger, Bere did what he wanted.


A worker who had been helping hatching was caught by BER.

‘……?’Before he realized what the worker had done, he chewed him from the head.

Waga, Waga.

[……!]Even the queen even flirted with unexpected behavior of Beres, but he was overwhelmed by Berth’s power and could not think of drying it.

In an instant, he stood in front of the Queen of Bergha, who had erased one trace of the other from the world.

His body fluids dripping from his mouth were trembling.

‘Fear of the enemy ……’

However, the object of a powerful fear gives fear to the friend.

The queen, who realized it later, looked around.

The soldiers of the brave kingdom were trembling in fear.

The emotions they feel have been handed down to the queen, who can command them all.

It was accepted.

The strongest soldier he produced was a masterpiece.

[Get stronger.]

The Queen gave the following instructions to Bere to break the land of the humans.

[No one can stop you.]

* * * Berr went out to eat everything on the island.

When it was not enough to eat, I did not hesitate to eat my family.

From small creatures such as earthworms and caterpillars to huge fish and mammals in the sea.

There was a fact that I realized one thing by eating all the life before my eyes.

Creatures with deadly poisons, and creatures with massive masses, were all terrified when they saw themselves.

Survival is the minimum and maximum goal that all life has.

In front of the absolute being able to shake the root of the goal, the eyes of life were all similar.

‘……’BER came to the conclusion after countless reaffirming himself at the apex of the food chain.


I was made as a top predator from the beginning.

if so.

Berga, who was locked in the seawater, extended his face out of the water.

The land is visible at the far end of the sea.

There is another wide world unlike the sea.

‘How strong is the strength of the strong human beings that your mother is guarding?’

I’m curious.

I wonder if there are enemies that are so strong as to be the top predator I have to live in.

How powerful my strength will be for them.

I have looked at the land a few times.

[It is early yet.]

The queen’s resolute voice, which allows him to look into Ber’s mind, keeps curiosity.

I have no choice.

The gaze of Beres, who was just gazing at the land, was sinking under the seawater.

Yes, you will know when the time comes.

‘……’According to the queen ‘s command, he waited for a moment to breathe.

And finally.

They set foot on this land.

For the first time, Berr had the opportunity to test his true strength.

that is…..

“What are you, you?”

“Ah, ah!”

It was not a fight.

It was just a one-sided hunt.

Familiar everyday.

BERR could not hide his disappointment when he found ‘fear’ in the eyes of the dying Hunters.

‘Only to fight these things ……’

Was I waiting for such a long time?

The smell of extreme fear from the whole body of the fishermen.

Berth once again confirmed that he was at the top of his food chain through the Hunters.

It’s crazy.

The moment when the creatures at the top of the ecosystem tried to establish justice for humans in their own minds.


For the first time, I saw a man who was not afraid even when he was in front of himself.

In a situation that has never been experienced before, the heart that started to bump up.

‘human…… Are you not afraid of me? ‘

Because it was somehow uncomfortable to take off his neck at once, he berthed.

“Are you the king of humans?”

Then he answered.

“The worm is talking.”

* * * Maybe it’s the first time since then.

A living creature is looking at itself with eyes other than fear.


‘……’Bere sweated as he watched the young lord, the Lord, who was sending a hot eye toward himself.

Even if you want to move away from the burdensome atmosphere.

“Gyami! Gyemi! ”

I can not stand it even if I fly to the sky.

“Gyami! Gyemi! ”

Looking back, the Lord of the Sovets stands there.

‘……’Of course, if you run out of mind, you may be the one to drop a baby. The problem is, is not the baby a child of the lieutenant?

If you try to get away from the Lord, you will run away.


In the end, naturally protecting the patron saint and helping the patron became one of the three armies.

“……”Berga confirmed that the guard slept quietly and returned to the ‘area of rest.’

The world of unlimited darkness unfolded as it slipped into the shadow.

Some say it is scary, but Berth was comfortable in the power of the Lieutenant.

While heading for the Ant Corps residence, Berr fell in thought.

‘Why is the Lord always looking for me?’ ……I do not know.

I have always been a subject of fear, and the fact is that I feel like nothing else.

When the question that came to mind suddenly was not easily solved, Bern turned.

Is there anything as helpful as human advice to know the human mind?

Your master did not like to write a man as a shadow soldier, so there are few soldiers from the human race …

Fortunately, there was one man, a man from Berg, who knew.

The commander was a grit.

I explained this to Grit, and the answer came soon.

“I can not hate it.”

[……?]He nodded and added quickly.

“An ant bigger than a man can walk and even say that he can fly. What kid can hate it?”

[……]It was a fresh perspective that I had never thought of before.

Bert went back to the territory of the Ant Corps and chewed his answer to this grit.

Because I am bigger than a man, can fly, and speaks, he loves me.

If you can love something for such a simple reason, why not simply hate it for simple reasons?

I heard that there are very few humans who love bugs until they become adults.

I felt my mind soaked when I got there.

It is a bit bitter when I think that the eyes of disconcerting are already familiar, but that the Lord of the Soviets changes to such an eye.

‘……’Berga, who was flying without words, changed his direction again.

The place that arrived this time was construction site.

According to the plan of BERR, the bearded dwarves and ants, who were making a gigantic statue of the Lieutenant in the area of “rest,” bowed their heads at the same time.

An elder who was on-site supervisor ran out and hit him.

“Commander, are you here?”

Nod nod.

I asked Elder Berga, who was watching the progress of the work.

[I want to change my plan.]


The elders were frightened and suddenly withdrawn, though it was not enough to do the hard work until now.

“This ‘Sacred Day Lord’s Army’ has been planned for a few months before the Commandant to commemorate his 32nd birthday.”

[No, I do not intend to withdraw the plan,

The elder who listened to the explanation was right and nodded his head.

“Of course it’s possible. I think you’ll get a lot better results, Commander. ”

[Kekek, good.]

The atmosphere that seemed to be frozen for a while changed into a cheerful atmosphere.

“So right now …”

When the dear Elder was about to speak with a loud voice, Berga put his index finger on his mouth.

[Let’s handle it for a while.]

* * * “Brother, are you really doing that?”

“This cub … Are you scared now? ”

“Oh, no, brother.”

The man who was looking at the man behind the passenger seat was looking back at the house.

It is a two-story private residence built in a remote place, just as it was intended to avoid people.

That’s the house of Detective Sung Jin-woo.

It must be the way I’ve come to check it several times.

“Seong Jin-woo, the young one, caused our organization to be air-resolved. If we had enough of that, we’d have to leave a footstool to the kitten.

“Right, brother.”

The answer came from the three men ‘s mouth.


“We are a four-member burglary, and the detective’s wife and the bitch were killed by a robber who had shattered the house in broad daylight. Everybody know? ”

“Yes, brother.”

There was a mean smile in the mouth of a man called his brother.

There is no crime prevention system in that wide house, and at this point, it was nothing but throwing a throat at me.

What has not been touched until now is useless.

“Do not be shaken and make mistakes.”

When the men looked back at the men, the men nodded.


Tak, Tak, Tak, Tak. Carefully closing the car door, your man walking down the street looked around, approached the house, and rushed up the wall.

After several rehearsals, I was able to overcome the fence.

By the way.


There were four legs on the floor.

‘……The other two? ‘

The man faced the loader next to him.

The load shook his head.

There were four who climbed the wall.

This ghost is a song.

When a man looking back and forth and looking at his side looked back, his load was gone.

‘These cubs are real ……!’

Just before an angry man forgets his position and yells.

Suddenly the hand that came up closed the man ‘s mouth.


Now the Lord of the Soviet Union is napping.

I could not be disturbed by the uninvited.

Luckily, the sound of the lord ‘s submerged breath was heard in my ears.

Beres looked down at the side with a satisfying eye.

The man holding him was trembling like a sapling.

“town…… Eup, Eup! ”

Familiar eyes.

Familiar feelings.

The trust of the Lord’s Army and the favor of the Lord of the Soviet Union are also good …… This is not bad either.

The expression of the prey in front of the predator is always such a law.


Bergha, who enjoyed the horror of the man’s eyes, disappeared with a man.

The scream just faded away.

* * * “How are you?”

The Elder proudly presented the “Sacred Lord Military”.

The stone statue of the main army was huge enough to see the top.

All beard dwarves as well as ant soldiers were mobilized to complete the deadline.

[Key kick.]

I was able to confirm the changes I had made to Berga, who was looking at the main castle with his satisfied eyes.

“On your left shoulder, as the captain said …”

As explained by the elders, the Lord of the Soviets with a clear face rested on his left shoulder.

Father and son.

You must be glad to see this magnificent and beautiful statue.


If the Lord of the Soviets can come to this place in the distant future, it will surely be a meaningful gift.

That conviction, Berga, laughed a big smile.

[Kieheheheheet ~!]

Along with the bearded dwarves and ant soldiers laughed.

Come on!

“What a shame!”

When the baby ‘s cheer mixed in with the laughter. [……?]

Looking back, Berle found a baby in his back.



Did he call his father his son?

Watching the patron who was able to access the area of ‘rest,’ the head of the child care unit Berr grabbed his head.

[Chi Hak!]

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262

You are reading Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262 in English / Read Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 262 manga stream online on

Abduction 21 finalization. Twelve years later (Wan) that evening.

Jinwoo headed to Yoo Jin-ho and Gyo-cheon.

-brother! I have something to tell my brother.

Unlike usual, I feel confident in the voice of Yu Jin-ho to meet Jinwoo also decided to meet.

Let’s go inside the Kikuti.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was waiting with an irritated face, shook his hand at the place where the entrance was well visible.


After graduating from college, Yu Jin-ho, who is studying management class at his father’s famous president, did not know about his new life.


He was still a younger sister to Jinwoo.


Jinwoo who laughed and answered, sat on the opposite side of Yoo Jin-ho.

“What happened suddenly without saying so?”

Jin-woo’s gaze, saying so, swiped through the cup of Suzu-jan and half-empty Suzu-ji in the hands of Yu Jin-ho for a moment.

‘I can not drink …’

I did not know what I had in mind, but it seemed like Jinho needed a great deal of preparation.

Yu Jin – ho, hesitant, pulled out a small box in his arms and opened it.

There was a luxurious ring inside.



“I’m going to propose to you this time!”


‘That was the story.’

Also, Jin-a is confused because he is confused, and he will laid out a lot of complaints.

Yoo Jin-ho, who misunderstood the intention of the smile, gave strength to the eyes that had become dizzy.

“brother! I’m really serious. I will confess today. by the way… Do you think this ring, Jin-ah, would you like? ”

If you think that Jinah is going to confess when she thinks that she was grunting alone at home, she would surely be happy.

For the exhilaration after confession, Jinwoo purposely answered ambiguously.

“Well… I’m a little out of the way. ”


Yoo Jin-ho tilted his head as if it was painful and then lifted his face again.

“It’s okay, though. brother. In fact, I do not know what to do, so I have a lot of gifts. ”

I mean, is not it that you take out a big envelope of paper?

What came out of the envelope was the bird’s eye view of the building.

“Actually, I’m building a building on our premises. When Jin-ah finishes the course of specialization, I have a hospital here …”


Jinwoo cut the words of Yoo Jin-ho on the bird’s eye view that I saw many times.

“Have you ever … The estimated price is 30 billion? ”

Yoo Jin-ho, surprised at the beauty, circled his eyes.

“No, how did you …”

Of course, it was the same.

It is a bird’s eye view of the building that Yoo Jin-ho proposed in exchange for making himself a guild master in the disappearing time zone.

Jin-woo pushed aside the laughing effort.

Yoo Jin-ho, who had seen her face and made a quick excuse.

“Brother, I’m still in the position to learn about my father, so I can only do this to Mr. Jin …”

“No, it is not. Jin Ho. ”


Jinwoo said seriously that Yujin no longer misunderstood.

“You do not have to struggle to have so many. You’re a good guy, you just have to show him what he is. ”

“…..”Yoo Jin-ho, who had become a dumb-nosed dick in a word of Jin-woo, began to cry.


One beat late.

Jinwoo, who remembered Yu Jin-ho’s drinking habits, felt ominous.

just as expected.

“Could I have a hug, brother?”

“Can not be done.”

I knew it.

Yu Jin-ho, who was reddened to the tip of his nose, was tearfully touched.


However, Yoo Jin – ho, who could not reach Jin – woo because of his skillful defenses reaching out with one hand, calmed down the barely – armed feelings and returned to his place.

“It’s awful.”

Watching Yu Jin-ho smile, Jin-woo laughed.

He is a little bit of a brother, but he still knew.

Yu Jin-ho’s shows at the moment his life depended on the stance.

When you were forced to make a choice in a Class C dungeon with a scammer, even when you were tortured by a S-class Hunter who was blinded by revenge.

Yoo Jin-ho always chose righteousness rather than his comfort.

nice guy.

That was the evaluation of Jinwoo who watched Yu Jin for a long time.

Jinu followed his drink to his empty cup.

“Would you like to pray for success?”


Yoo Jin-ho looked up and came out with a cup.

“If the proposal succeeds, we become a real family. How about a toast and a wish for success? ”

“Brother and real family …”

Yoo Jin-ho, who had a wet face for a while, lifted the cup and gazed at Jin-woo’s left hand.

Yujin knows well what is in the black glove that covers his left hand.

“that… brother.”


“If you do not mind, can I ask you one?”

“However much.”

Yu Jin-ho, who was tearing Jinwoo’s left hand, gave courage.

“The wound in his hand … What have you done to such a bad wound? ”

A terrible wound that reminds me of severe pain at a glance.

It is not usually an accident that caused such a burn.

So the question that I could not easily ask in the meantime, Yoo Jin-ho took a hard time to borrow the technique.


Jinwoo looked at his left hand for a while and laughed.

“Save the world.”

Jinwoo’s gaze has already been toward Yu Jin-ho.

Jin-woo laughed lightly in the answer of Jin-woo, who was saying nothing.

“My brother is true, I am also joking …”

Jinwoo also laughed without further explanation.

Yoo Jin-ho, who soon realized that Jin-woo’s hand held the cup for a long time, lifted his cup high.

“For a successful proposal!”

Jinwoo brought his cup to him and gave him good luck.

“For a successful proposal.”

Clan. The two who struck the cup emptied their cups.

Unlike Yu Jin-ho, who is frowning in the bitter taste of Suzhou, Jin-woo smiles bitterly and puts an empty cup on the table.

‘I want to take some good days …’

Absolute power was not just good.


‘Oh yeah.”

Yoo Jin-ho made a speech about whether Jin-woo’s family reminded him of the word “family.”

“Your brother is well?”

“Yes, I do.”

“What is the guardian? I have to go to see the guard. Are you just walking around? ”

Jinwoo smiled and shook his head.

“no. I’m still crawling for six months. ”

“It’s strange. My brother and my sister-in-law seemed to be able to run as soon as I was born. ”

“What did you think of our married couple?”


Yoo Jin-ho laughed and laughed as he laughed at the back of his head.

Then, when the child was young, it was very hard to tell where the child heard the story.

“So you’re going to have to go soon?”

“Well… Would that be? ”

Jin-woo also wanted to see Haein and his son Suho waiting for him in the words “family”.

* * * Houses located outside the city.

Jinwoo arrived at home and parked his car near by.

Sake. It was a big house that could not be saved by the salary of the detective.

Because the person living in the house was a sports idol who never once knew in the Republic of Korea, he could not have any doubt.

In fact, the fact that those who built the house were not people was the secret of Jinwoo and Hainin.

As Jinwoo entered the house, I could see the two army chiefs firing from the entrance.

Belion and Eritt did not leave each other face to face without making concessions.

Soon Hain came out holding his son ‘s guard.


Jinwoo laughed, shook the guard from the Hainan and shook it.


“Bar -!”

Suho laughed and laughed at him.

Jinwoo, who embraced his patience with one shoulder, pointed to the officers.

“Why are they?”


Jin was hesitant to answer with a laugh trying to escape, but Jinwoo could understand the situation immediately.

Belion shot this grit and said.

[You should not teach a sword man how to write a sword. Do you think that’s a word, Grit?]

However, this grit’s opponent against Vellion was also tremendous.

[In this world, sexuality is a skill, Belleon.]

I was listening to a study book for infants when I ordered one of these grit hands.

The fighting of two tight soldiers has been overwhelming.

Jin-woo, who watched the two with his face, said one step closer.


When the officers learned that Jinwoo was approaching his nose, he suddenly turned to Jinwoo and knelt down.

[Lord!] [Lord!]

“I like swordsmanship and study, so why do not you worry after you have a chance to walk a little?”

Bellion and Lee Grit looked at each other for a moment and immediately bowed to Jun-woo.

[Good luck.] [That’s right, lord.]


As he held up his guard, he laughed, and his patron laughed.


I did not know who was rich, I smiled like a pigeon laughing at a smile like a picture taken from a factory.

This was a quiet day for the Jinwoo family.

* * * Lee Sohwahn, who came in as his successor, also began to get used to the criminal offense. Jinwoo was called to the chief.

Looking at the senior detective who walked from the chief room and sent an unbelievable eye, it seemed that it was never a good idea.

Jin-woo went completely out of the room and closed the door to the chief.

“Did you call?”

The chief who looked out the window did not look back and said Najik.

“There are still rumors going around that other criminal cases …”

I knew it.

Somehow I smelled the smell from your eyes.

Jinwoo swallowed her cock into her.

Soon the chief turned to Jinwoo and sent a grinning smile.

“Only on the line that does not buy the cause of other detectives properly, Sir Hunter.”

It was Woo Jin-cheol who was the youngest ever.


There was a lot of Jin-woo’s efforts that helped Woo Jin-chul in many cases.

Jinwoo laughed and corrected Woo Jin Chul’s words.

“It’s not Hunter anymore, Chief.”

“Still, I am still comfortable calling Hunter as Hunter.”

Woo Jin-cheol, who was looking at the documents on the desk, said that.

“Do you know that a few days ago, the father who was the protector of the suicidal woman suddenly disappeared?”

“…Is that so.”

“And coincidentally, all the CCTV around the house where he lives caused all the errors.”

“Such a coincidence.”

Jin-woo burst into laughter and Woojin-chul throws the documents into the trash.

“No matter what St. Hunter does, I believe in Hunter.”

Jinwoo showed his gratitude to him for a moment of gratitude for the trust that Woo Jin-cheol sends.


“Actually, I did not call Hunter because of this …”

Woo Jinchul put out a note that I had put on one side of my desk.

There was a hospital name and a lake in the room.

“…I think you want to know. ”

“What is this?”

When Jin-woo asked, he said as if Woo-chul waited.

“It is the president of Kun-hee association, not Mr. Kun-hee who is critical.”

This is the second time that Jinwoo visited Kanghee’s ward.

About ten years ago. Jinwoo saved the life of Kun-hee, who was lying in bed with the ‘new life of life’ she used to save her mother’s life.

Again, facing face to face with death, I was confronted.

As a second visit, Kogane was not surprised at this time.

He touched the oxygen respirator blocking his mouth.

Jin-hee carefully took off his respiratory system and Kun-hee breathed a sigh of relief and carried on the words with difficulty.

“Again, I was given a young man … In fact, I’ve been looking for you for a long, long time. ”

I asked Jinwoo, who was gazing at the image.

“If the President wants treatment of the disease.”

Before I could say that I was going to treat the illness once more, Koge Hee shook his head.

“I… I lived a long time. I’ve done everything I have to do for the past ten years you’ve given me. That’s enough. ”

Goh Kun-hee, who became a president of the Hunter Society after organizing his own business in a time zone that disappeared, has been working as an exemplary entrepreneur in the current philanthropic business.

And now he did not want his life any longer.

What he wanted was totally different from what people thought.

“To you … There is one favor. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Then Kanghee looked at Jinwoo with earnest eyes and said.

“Did you say there was a world I fought with you?”

Jinwoo once again silently nodded “Can you show me that time? I want to know. What I was like, and what you were like … ”

“It may be that you do not want to be reminded.”

“It’s all right. I just want to regain lost memory. ”

Jin Woo, who confirmed his enthusiasm in the face of Ko Kun-hee, caught his hand.


The memories of the disappearing time zone flowed into the mind of Kun-hee like a tsunami.


Tears flowed from the eyes of the president of Koguryo.

I slowly pulled out the hood I was using to press Jinwoo and showed a face to the president of Kun-hee.

Jin-hee’s president, who was firmly in the hands of Jin-woo, shed tears when he saw his face.

“Hunter and I … I’ll meet again. ”

Jinwoo gently wrapped the hand of the president of Kun-hee, panting his breath hard.

Phenomena – Katsu – kou – kun ‘s head turned back to the ceiling of the room.

“really… I am with young heroes like you … ”

Satisfactory voice.

He was delighted with the emotions rising from the bottom of his chest, and Kanghee was quietly breathing with tears.

A little tears came from Jinwoo and Kanghee’s eyelids were wrapped around him.

Soon the machine announced the patient’s dying.

Pirate – When surprised doctors came into the room, it was after a suspicious visitor had disappeared.

While Jinwu was walking down the street, the bulletin board of the street was followed by breaking news of President Ko Kun-hee’s obituary.

The light of mourning passed on the face of many who saw the breaking news.

Previously, still now.

Ko Kun-hee was loved by many, and his death was remembered by many.

Jinwoo said good-bye to the image of Chairman Kang Hee.

‘Bye… You were also a hero who was dedicated to many. ‘

After a crowded streets, Jinwoo walked in a rare direction.

Every time the wind passed, the fallen leaves fell off the water.

Winter is coming soon.

‘And spring will come again.’

Looking at the scattering leaves, the thoughtful Jin-wook lifted the phone ringing hard.

It was Hin’s phone.


There was a horribly urgent voice calling her.

– Wow, honey! Guardian! Our patron!

What happened to the house the two captains guarded?

In an unbelievable situation, the voice of Jin-woo also grew.

“Why the guard?”


Hain also cried out as unbelievable.

– I’m flying now!

“What?” – Suho is flying home now!


A few days ago, the words I heard from Yu Jin – ho passed me through my head.

– It’s strange. My brother and my sister seemed to be able to run as soon as I was born.

Jinwoo, who came up with a word, stopped talking and stopped.

– Uh, what do we do?

I heard the voice of my wife, who was upset, so it seemed strange that laughter would burst.

Jinwoo once tried to calm down from the sea.

“OK. Do not worry. “- Yeah?

“I’ll teach the guard from the beginning to fly.” -you…… Could it be me?

Ah. Did not you say that yet?

When I was traveling with Hain in the disappearing time zone, I was not accustomed to flying as much as I used to, so I was usually riding in a dyke ‘Kai-shell’.

After all, the back of the crowd laughed.

Autumnal leaves, shaken by the wind, once again fell on the floodgates.

When autumn comes, winter comes, and spring comes.

Everything has a beginning and an end, and there is another beginning at the end.


– Su, Suh, that’s not it!


The winter of Jinwoo House was still far away.

[I alone level up, abduction]

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 261

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Abroad 20. Twelve years after the finalization, (2) a shadows of a woman who has not yet taken off her daughter ‘s tea from a crowded puddle have risen sharply.

The shadow of a woman dropping a drop of blood from the end of a long hair is a painful moan about the situation as it is confused.

[Ah… Ah…!]

It will be painful for me to remember my memory when I die.

Jinwoo once calmed the shadows with the authority of the Shadow Monarch.

“Do not be afraid.”

You are now away from the bridges of life and pain.

In the warm voice of the king, women gradually came to rest.

For the shadow of a woman who died when she died, Jinwu made clothes to cover with darkness and wrapped her around.


She carefully grabbed the clothes on her shoulders.

Her name is Seo Jin.

Jin-woo, who resurrected her original name to the shadows, started asking questions.

“you are… Have you cut off your life? ”

No shadow, no nodding, nodded his head.

Jin-woo, who was putting one knee on the floor in line with her eye level, looked at her face and nagged.

“The reason is?”


Her lips, which were firmly closed like a freeze, opened.

[I am….]

* * * Ding Dong.

At the sound of a doorbell ringing late at night, the middle – aged man returned the tabletop frame with a picture of her daughter in place.

‘Who is this time …?’

He stood in front of the interphone.

On the screen shining outside the door was a man dressed up neatly dressed.

If you are looking for a strange thing, are you wearing black gloves on your left hand?

Middle-aged men pressed the call button without any doubt.

Beep. Then the man took out his ID and showed it.

– It is Sung Jin-woo of the Chungbuk Dojo. I have to ask you about your daughter. Can you give me some time now?

The photo of the ID card and the face on the screen matched.

In the words of the detective, the middle – aged man opened the door hastily, forgetting that it was too late for the guest to arrive.

“Did you get the results? How did your daughter die? ”

Seo Jin, the father of Seo Jin, looked down at Seo Gyu-nam’s face and shook his head.

“There is nothing yet to be revealed. I just want to ask you some questions about your daughter. ”

To the father of the deceased who became a little disappointed expression to say that nothing was revealed.

Jinwu asked quietly.

“Will you come with me?”

Seo Gyu-nam, who seemed to be having trouble for a while.

“It should. If I can help her to reveal her daughter’s death, that should be true. ”

He went out and locked the door and turned to Jinwoo.

“let’s go.”

A short nod, Jin-woo turned.


* * * Unlike the expectation of Seo Gyu-soo, who thought he was going to the police station, the two went into a nearby cafe.

When asked why it was a cafe, the detective had only an ambiguous answer: “I need a place to talk quietly.”

like that.

Jinwoo and Seokgyu sat in the middle of the table.

He asked a heavy expression of Seung-nam.

“What kind of student was Seo Jin Lee usually?”


“Is there anyone who might have a grudge against your daughter …?”

Seo Gyu-nam, who grasped the purpose of the question late, greatly out of hand.

“No, it is not. It is not a child who would never do something that would be a shame to someone else. How nice and pure a child … ”

Seo Gyu, who answered all the questions there, began to feel his nose bowing.

How long has it been?

Seo Gyu Nam, whose shoulder trembling stopped, slowly looked up.

“I’m sorry, Detective. I still can not believe that my daughter had gone that way … ”

“Jean saved a lot of sheep.”

“of course. You may know, but Jin is not my own. So, like his own daughter, he is a daughter who loved and loved more than his own daughter. ”

He dropped his gaze and squeezed his sadness and swallowed him.

“If it hurts, it hurts.

Unlike Seo Gyu-nam, who showed a strong emotional expression, Jinwoo, who was staring at him from the beginning to the end, took out his cellphone in his arms.

“I discovered one voice file while I was investigating your daughter’s remains.”


“Let’s hear it.”

Jinwoo gave me the voice of the shadow I had recorded by pressing the play button.

-I am…

It was evidence of terrible abuse she had received from her stepfather since she was a child.

Throughout the testimony.

Seo – kyun ‘s pupil, who had been acting like a sad father who had lost his daughter just before, was constantly shaken.

She was deliberately involved in a university in a distant area and believed she had escaped her father’s harassment.

Whenever I started to fly again saying ‘I want to see you’ I finally decided to die because I contacted my stepfather.

She took her own life.

There was a man who drove her into such a position.

Tick. When the playback of the voice file was finished, the rest of the voice heard the hardened face.

“This … Why are you telling me? ”

It was a person who was more conspicuous than others.


If it was the purpose of arresting yourself, it would be enough if you had handcuffed some more police officers. But the detective came into the cafe, saying that instead of taking each other, I needed a place to talk quietly.

Obviously, the detective in front of me had a purpose for something else.

And finally, the detective who was expressionless as if he was answering his intuition finally smiled.

“You have two choices.”

There is an option!

In the crisis of desperation, he grabbed his fist with a word like “Dongjaeul” that heaven gave.


The detective was speaking.

“One is acknowledging all the sins and embroidering with each other.”

“then… The other one? ”

“Instead of acknowledging sin, you have to pay a reasonable price.”

Seo-gyu had to endure the laughter that was going to burst out intensely from the deepest part of his heart.

Oh my gosh.

Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole to rise.

The detective who unleashed his ugly crime was so grateful that he was the sort of human being!

He was a doctor who had never lived a life of his own.

There was an economical margin to pay the police enough, no matter how much they wanted.

Seo Gyu stayed up trying to hide his tongue climbing up and down.

“How much will it be?”

“That’s enough.”

Jinwoo laughed and laughed his cell phone in his cell phone.

For Jin-woo, who knows how many people have just regretted this choice, it was only a man who had a laugh in front of him now.

Jinwoo’s expression changed in an instant.


Jinwoo’s smile disappeared from the face of Jinwoo, and a huge amount of exhaustion arose.

“In fact, this is not the world you live in. I am a different world that I decorated like the outside world for a while. ”

The land of the dead who can not lift their feet without the permission of their masters. The area of rest.

From now on, it is the name of a prison that will imprison you, Jinwoo added a calmly explained explanation.

Suddenly, Jeong ‘s attitude and unexplainable explanation made him look embarrassed.

“No, Detective, what the …?”

“Think carefully.”

In the bloody eyes of Jin-woo, Seo-gyu’s breath began to close.

“Can you remember how I got here?”

Come to think of it.

Along with the creeping spine, he noticed the disturbance.


Why do not you see any people in this cafe where the fire is on, except for yourself and the detective who does not know this identity?

If the guest is so, and the owner, or the owner, may not exist, should not there be a traveler in the street?

However, there was no trace of man anywhere beyond the glass wall of the building.


When he noticed the slightest thing that happened to him. All is gone and the darkness is left.

What remains in the dark darkness is two tables and chairs. And just yourself and the criminal sitting on the chair.

“Uh, uh ah!”

Seo Gyu-gyu, who woke up from his chair, fell back with his tired face.

“Da, what are you! Is this a dream? Is it a dream? ”

Seo Gyu, the rest of Jin-woo, shivered and wrote evil.

However, his backward stance did not last long.

Took. He hit something hard on the wall and turned his head, feeling a horrible creep.

Then the wall moved.

No, the huge ant that stood firm like a wall moved.

The ant was putting his face on Seo Gyunnam and quietly put his index finger in front of his mouth.

[Shh -] That moment.

“town! Wow …! ”

The dozens of ant arms stretched out in the dark grabbed him and dragged him somewhere.

He would probably have suffered horribly enough to die, but he could not close his eyes easily.

The shadow of his punishment is both the best soldier and the best healer.


Berga bowed loosely to his lord and returned to the darkness.

‘…’Seo Gyu, who was gazing at the disappearance of the disappearance of the character, slowly got up.

This time from the back, not the front.

Another person hiding in the dark and watching everything walked out.

It was Jin.

She knew about the fact that the victim ‘s suffering did not disappear even if she gave any pain to the perpetrator.

But if this can be a comfort to your heart a little …

As she approached her, Jin put her fingers on her head and erased her memory of her stepfather.

[Thank you. Thank you, Lord.]

The shadow shook his head several times.

She was reborn as a shadow, and instinctively knew what Jinwu was, but Jinwoo had no intention of writing her as a new shadow soldier.

So now it is time to send her back to the world of radish.

Before the moment of farewell, Jinwu asked affectionately.

“Do not you want to say more?”

Oh, the shadow that stood across the top of my head.

[Perhaps… Can I ask you a favor if it does not work?]

* * * next day. Jin-woo called Jin-yi’s friend who came to the office from the morning to the corridor outside the office.

“In terms of circumstance, there is little chance of being hit. The investigation will end soon. ”

The friend who looked at Jinwoo with the expression that it is hard to believe asked again with the feeling that it is grabbed even if it is straw.

“Really… Is not there another 1 percent chance? ”

Jinwoo moved his head up and down silently instead of the answer.

My friend’s head fell off.

She had a lot of stories to say, but swallowed her face with a gloomy face as if she did not come out of her mouth.

“Then Jin is …”

Jinwoo looked at her for a moment and put out a gift wrapped in cute wrapping paper.


“That’s your friend’s name, right?”


A gift that the victim carefully prepared for his birthday. A gift that would not have been able to enter the owner ‘s hand came to his place.

“This is Jane …?”

“Yes, I think it would be nice to have a gift to transfer to the owner.”

“Ah… Thank you.”

My friend was tearful and thankful to Jinwoo.

An hour before Jin draws his wrist. If her father ‘s black – and – white characters did not arrive at her cell phone, could they enjoy her birthday party as planned?

With a lot of thoughts in mind, Jin-woo turned his gaze to a distant place and felt the vibration of his pocket.

“for a bit.”

As soon as Jinwu turns around and answers the call to his friend.


I heard a nice voice over the receiver.

– Yes, Yu Jin Ho!

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 260

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 260

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Abduction 19 finalization. Twelve years later (1) There is a detective called ‘ghost’ in the Central police station homicide.

Lee Se-hwan, a new detective Lee Se-hwan, who applied to the criminal department through the public subscription this year, has always heard such rumors since he worked as a police officer.

The arrest rate is 200 percent.

In front of the ‘ghosts’ of catching the criminals of the past events that had been left as well as the events of his own, no tyrannical or gangsters would become innocent sheep.

For the cops in the vicinity, he was a subject of longing and a legend.

Even if you can get promoted, are you going to rumor that you refused promotion to concentrate on your work?

‘Of course, no one really refuses to be promoted.’

But even if half of the rumors are truthful, it must be a great detective. In the envy of the copycat motives, Lee Se-hwan, who came to the Central Jilin Homicide, swallowed his dry spit as he looked around his office, who would be the detective of the rumor.

Men with intense impressions, such as powerful criminals and criminal detectives living together as an army, have sent a keen eye toward unfamiliar visitors.

Some of them will not be awkward to be called ‘ghosts’.

‘Everyone’s eyes …’

I was troubled by the veterans’ gaze, but I was worried that they would be able to stay here well.

“uh… You’re new to coming here? ”

Lee Sawhwan, who jumped into the voice heard from behind without a warning, rushed and saluted.


“Ah, you do not have to be so nervous. Now everyone is a family. ”

A middle – aged man holding two cups of coffee with coffee served one of them to Lee.

“It’s a service.”

“Thank you!”

Lee has bowed his head and accepted coffee.

The warmth seemed to come from the phone call of the family who lived alone in an isolated place and wanted to see.

Is it because I feel a little easier with a cup of warm coffee?

Lee Sawhwan, who had noticed the coffee while sipping it, asked the senior who had just given out the coffee.

“that… I greeted the boss and told me that I will be moving with you later … ”

“Ah, the ‘ghost’?”


Lee was able to barely cope with the coffee that was pouring out into his mouth and nose.

“It was a nickname we attached to it because it was a new escape, and we knew it from another day. Have you heard that? ”

“Yes, yes.”

I saw Lee Sawhwan nodding his head repeatedly and laughed.

“Actually, the coffee I gave him was for him.”

The elderly man who was poking out of the corridor laughed as he laughed in the far direction.

“The tiger came to me, too. Here comes. ”

Lee, who did not win curiosity, rushed to the corridor in an urgent way and turned his head toward the senior.

Then, at the end of the corridor, I saw a man slowly approaching this way.

‘That man …’

His opponent was not in a hurry, but when he was in his mind, he was already standing before his eyes.


Lee Se-hwan looked up at one of the bigger detectives and felt a strange sense of pressure as if his breath was blocked.

‘The ghost of the central government …’

The nickname is not because he is outdated.

Lee was convinced that he met the man of the rumor.


“Oh, yes. Work out? ”

“Work. Is this the new guy? ”

“Yes, it is. This is Lee.

Jin-woo bowed briefly to his elder sister, Lee Se-hwan, and turned the frozen Lee Sae-hwan and raised his hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll come and teach you this guy.”

The man who looks good, nodded his head with a single single smile.

“Oh. Go, go. ”

It was horrible that the seniors’ greetings dropped, and Jinwoo went outside with a new chick who was entrusted to him.

‘Do not you mean I’m not angry that you drank your coffee?’

When such an idea slipped into my head, Lee asked me everything urgently.

“Stand up, you! Where are you going now? ”

But the question came back instead.

“Why are you a cop?”

“Ah… I am…”

Lee hesitated and remembers his dream that he had forgotten about wrestling with the audience in the earth for several years.

“I want to grab bad guys …”


While exchanging conversation with the newcomer, Jin-woo, who led him somewhere, finally stopped.

“I’m going to do it now.”

When Lee raised his head, Jinwu made a distinctive smile.

Each. A smile that puts your heart just by looking.

Jinwoo looked at the new enthusiast and laughed.

“So I became a police officer.”

The heart of Lee So – hwan swung to a word.


It was the first time I heard that it was not too much for me to live near the end of the year.

The ‘ghost’ learns to catch criminals.

How can a proper cop fail to breed?

“Are you going?”

Lee answered with an excited face.

“Of course, sir!”

* * * Lee Se-hwan, who was in a state of exhaustion as he was going to catch all the day-long prisoners, fell asleep on his desk.

Originally, he was going to leave the records of the criminals he took.


Jin stopped his hand writing down the letter and looked at Lee Sahwan, who was sleeping hard.

‘I had a burglar with my bare hands, and I have a taste to teach.’

After a long time a pretty usable guy came in and smiled naturally.

“That’s right.”

Jinwoo smiled as he saw the smile on his face and misunderstood that he was getting better.

Then Jin-wook’s face hardened.

“…Why are you laughing? ”

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

“Then the next …”

The moment Jinwoo’s finger goes back to the keyboard.

[Lord, that shit is to be given to our soldiers …]

I heard the voice of this grit in the shadow.

It is easy to write soldiers.

If you teach criminals to unleash criminals by unleashing thousands of soldiers, you can clean all of Korea at once.

But what about confusion and fear to follow?

Everything must be balanced.

So Jinwoo was using his power as much as possible so that he would not be shocked by society.

By the time the arrangement of the officers is almost finished.

However, the newcomer is still out of the dream room.

She listened to the voices coming from one side of the office.

“Detective, Jin is not a child who will never commit suicide.”

“No, I know your heart, but I explained it to you! All the evidence … ”

“Look, this character here! Do you see this as a character you can send someone to commit suicide in three hours? ”

“Ha …”

Was the name of the deceased similar to his brother’s name?

Jinwoo was concerned about the reason why the conversation of two people which did not lead at all before.

The detective, tired of overwork, reacted nervously.

“Hey, buddy! Originally, suicide is improvisational rather than planned … ”

“Can I see it?”

The detective was amazed at Jinwoo, who came from behind, without any hesitation.

It is the criminals who are able to see whether or not the person has committed a crime, even if they meet with their eyes only once.

Even such detectives can not recognize access at all, so ghosts are bound to get a nickname.

“Sex detective …”

The detective moved his eyes again rather than turn around with an embarrassed face, and saw the hope that appeared on the face of his deceased friend.


The detective who instinctively felt that his position would become difficult quietly summoned Jin-woo.

He handed Jinwoo a related file and pulled out a cigarette.

“Sex detective … Do not make me difficult. ”

“……”However, Jinwoo ‘s gaze on turning the file around without asking for his favor was gradually getting worn out.

The detective tried to ignite the cigarette and stood astonishingly at the energy that felt from Jinwoo.

‘When you concentrate on this, you seem like a completely different person …’

Seeking to calm the trembling chest, the detective sucked the smoke of a red – lighted cigarette.

A woman found in a bathtub died of bleeding from a large wound on her wrist.

The knife that was used to draw the wrist was found in the bathroom and, of course, if it was natural, there was only the fingerprint of the person without the fingerprint of the other person.

The deceased, who was usually seen as a bright person, was actually depressed.

It is not uncommon for criminals to look at these results and to think of other results without suicide.

Jinwu handed the file to the landlord.

“There is no strange thing.”

“Is not that right?”

Somehow the detective accepted the file with pleasure.



I was serious about the face of the senior who is questioned by the feeling of not understanding.

“I’ll check it out once.”


The ghost smelled.

Looking at the back of Jinwoo who is walking toward a friend of the deceased who is anxiously waiting.

The detective scratched the back of his head and grunted.

‘Is not he really tired?’

A friend of the deceased who was dropping his gaze to the floor listened to his voice.

“This is Detective Sung Jin Woo. Would you like to see me for a moment? ”

A friend nodded with a spooky face where hope and sorrow seemed to intersect.


In a quiet house empty without a master.

One black shadow rose.

It was Jinwoo.

The apartment looks a little big for a woman to live alone.

There was still warmth throughout her apartment when she was still alive.

Late at night.

The surroundings were dark as black, but there was no need to turn on the lights.

There was no difference in Jinwoo from daylight.

Jinwoo went to the bathroom where she had come to the last.

The unpleasant dark smell of blood stuck his nose.

Standing in front of the place where the deceased was ready to die, Jin watched the bathtub quietly.

The blood was full of blood around him, so he felt the pain of death.


I can only imagine the pain, I can not feel the pain. How the death of the dead chose death, and how painful the moment of death was.

The remnant does not know.

Usually …

She looked down at the blood and looked at the blood, and she remembered the last letter she sent to her friend.

The letter was filled with anticipation of a meeting with a friend soon.

I did not see it as a message from a person who would soon die like a friend.

Maybe a friend wanted to believe. She would not have chosen death without a word of goodbye.


The remnant does not know what the dead person wanted to say.

Mostly, usually.


Jinwoo had a way to hear the voice of the dead.

‘I used to need a body before …’

Let Jinwoo give instructions.

The blood that was black and solid turned into sword-red liquid and began to flow around.

The bloodstains that were just traces were gathered and gathered and became a boiling deep blood pool.

As if it were alive, the blood moved itself and multiplied the proliferation.

Towards the trail of the dead, the King of the Dead, the Shadow Monarch, gave an absolute command that could not be rebelled.

“Get up.”

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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 259

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 259

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I had forgotten Jinwoo because he was not the one who shared his memory.

There were a few more who were connected with the upper beings.


One of them was very lucky to be able to make direct contact with Jinwoo, the uppermost person.

Early moning.

“Son, what is it?”

Sung Il-hwan, who saw his son woke up from his room and laughed, laid his hands on his son’s shoulders, saw another past unfurled.

It was only physically the same time, but it contained a long years like eternity.

– I missed you, always. – I wanted to talk to you a little more.

I’m sorry I can not be a good father.


The last thing that made my heart down went past my eyes.


The time has been reversed and the memories from the present to the present have been reproduced like a panorama image reproduced upside down.

The only divine tool that makes it possible, ‘The Cup of Revolution’.

Sung Il-hwan, who knew that there was a cup of reincarnation through the memories of the rulers, saw the expression of his son and realized that a contract had been established between the son and the rulers.

Regardless of how harsh the price of the contract is, Jinwoo has decided to carry the burden.

Sung Ilhwan had to lick his lips in order to endure the emotions that were going to be poured out.

That effort was successful.

Jin wiped out the tears he had cried and laughed.

“…I guess I had a bad dream. ”

Then Seongilhwan saw a strong determination that was on his face for a while.

But even then.

No, he could not even imagine what his son had promised to his rulers until Jinwu was suddenly disappeared leaving a piece of note.

* * *”…That promise alone was to beat the whole army. ”

Sung Ilhwan recounted the time and laughed.


If the son knew the content of the promise before leaving for a niche in the dimension, did he dry his son, or did he leave his son for the world?

“You did a great job, though, did not you?”

The agents of the rulers who were listening in the right place laughed.

Seong Ilhwan nodded his head.

Because of the sacrifice of Jinwoo, the terrible wars that this world had to go through have completely disappeared.

However, when she recalled the pain that her son had endured, Seong Ilhwan could not laugh at all.

One year after that.

It has been about a year since Jinwoo came back from a gap in the dimension.

“The son …”

The hesitant voice disappeared after being buried in the soft music sound flowing in the cafe.

The agent was still drinking half the cup of coffee in the straw and waited slowly for the next words of Sung Ilhwan.

“What decision did the son make?”

“The Shadow Monarch.”

The agent smiled lightly when he saw the tension that struck at the face of Sung Il Hwan.

“You decided to stay here. He told me that the first few minutes are important here. ”

Sung Ilhwan sighs a long relief.

The agent, who had left the cup, gently put the cup on the table.

Waiting for Jinwoo ‘s decision, his role in this world was completely ended yesterday.

Now is the time to leave. Seong Ilhwan was the last guest he met before he left here.

Is that so?

Although he does not like to talk, he wants to talk a bit more.

“Shadow Lord … No, would you keep hiding from your son? ”

“I do not want anyone to remember that kid.”

If Jinwoo wants a normal family life everyday, he was willing to postpone for his son.

“His son is his father.”

An agent nodded and laughed and listened to his face.

“Once I leave, the rulers will not be intervening anymore.”

“I know.”

“Then this is really the end. With this world … ”

The agent looked at the inside of the cafe and said with a wet voice.

“It was fun. I was waiting for the shadow lord to come back, and I had a heartbeat about what the results would be. ”

In fact, even the rulers did not say that Jinwoo did not expect him to succeed.

I do not need to put cold water in the warm moment of separation.

Just before you stand up.

The agent said before he said goodbye.

“The rulers feel thankful not only to the Shadow Monarch but also to Seongilhwan.”

Without his help, he might not have produced this result.

He fought on behalf of the rulers and suggested that the rulers should join forces with the Shadow Monarch.

His help was great.

The rulers, who concluded so, prepared a small present for Sung Il Hwan.

“Do you have any help for us?”

When we think of the mighty power of the rulers and the ‘tools of God’, it meant that we would listen to any wishes.

But Sung Ilhwan shook his head.


Do it.

The agent could understand the mind of Sung Il Hwan.

Is there a need to talk to others about the existence of a person with the same power as God in the name of the family in the immediate vicinity?


The moment the agent tried to get up from his seat, he bowed his head briefly.

Sung Ilhwan said late.

“for a bit.”

The agent, who stopped, put his butt back on the seat.

“Do you want more …?”

Sung Ilhwan, who was worried for a moment, made it difficult.

“My memory … Can you erase the memory of the previous time? ”

“Of course it is possible, but why do you choose …?”

“It’s hard not to pretend not to know anything in front of a noticeable son.”

Sung ilhwan laughed and said so.

Is it a son and father?

The smiling face was exactly like Jinwoo.


He was slow in gazing down and thoughtful.

“I also want to be an ordinary father worried about his son.”

I want to go back to my father who can usually worry about my son. I am worried about where my son will be hurt.

“For me, Jin-woo is not a shadow monarch, but a precious son.”

It was a small wish of Sung Il Hwan.


If it means that.

The agent smiled and accepted the favor of Sung Il Hwan.

“After leaving this cafe, the work of the disappearing time zone will be completely erased from my head.”

The agent who gave the magic spell to Seong Il-hwan, said good-bye with a small voice that he could not hear.

“You will not remember, but you’ll be fine.”

Time flows, flows.

One winter morning.

Sung Ilhwan, who woke up to the alarm sound that was set at 6 o’clock, rose from his seat.

At the same time, the wife was facing her husband.



I was relieved to see that the couple who checked the time in haste confirmed that it was only 6 o’clock in the morning.

“Honey, what should I do? Will you wake up? ”

“I still have some time left. Let me sleep a little more, even though it is the day of the test. ”

“Yes. I’ll have to drive it to the test center. ”

“7 o’clock… I’ll wake you up at seven. ”

Sung Ilhwan nodded at the wife’s end.

The couple, who had been checking the needle unnecessarily, rushed out of the room as soon as 7 o’clock and opened a visit to Jinwoo.

“Son, you know that today is the day of the SAT?”

“Son, do you want me to take you?”

The son, who seemed to have just happened, answered with a smile.

“I’ll go now.”

Watching Jinwoo coming out of the room, Sung Il-hwan taking his clothes and taking the keys of his car quickly, he lost his gaze to the key ring for a while.

It was the key ring that I received from Jinwoo.

The face of Sung Il Hwan who saw a white castle key chain with a black flag hanging at the top, which seemed to be handmade, smiled.

In clear weather.

It was a refreshing morning that morning sun began to permeate from early morning.

* * * December 24 evening.

Jinwu walked the street full of Christmas atmosphere.

I could easily find the faces of popular entertainers and sports stars in commercials hanging around the streets.

‘The distance has changed a lot.’

When he recalled the time that the Hunters’ faces were decorating the streets instead of the stars, Jinwu was still feeling awkward.

Then I found a poster of some sports drinks and laughed.

There was a familiar face there.

How many people went to work to make this natural look.

‘Idol of the land system …’

Certainly the smile of Car Haen on the poster was called Idol.

She was attracted attention by the dazzling sexuality, and eventually it was in the eyes of the media.

‘Even in the S-class Hunter, the guy who was not in front of the camera is a popular sports player …’

In the future that would not have happened if he did not fix the injuries of Jin, Jin made a satisfactory look.

I still think that the camera is awkward, but it will be better.

Jinwoo laughed and moved to the place of promise again.

Suddenly I looked around and saw the colorful clothes of the lovers filling the streets.

‘Who did not go to the examinations, so I put on too much?’

Jin-woo, who was tongue-tipped in his usual attire, found a clothing store nearby.

Of course, the shop was closed for the time, but I did not want to buy clothes from the beginning.

Jinwoo stopped in front of a guy wearing the cleanest clothes among the mannequins seen in the show window.

Shaaqaq – The smoke of the black which wore the body of Jinwu for a moment changed like the clothes which the mannequin of the opposite side wore.

Jinwoo, who was looking at the clothes in the shop window, asked for the shadow soldiers.

“What do you think?”

From a certain moment, I had an urgent need to ask who would answer the first molars that had a great interest in fashion.

[Best, Master.]


The lighter footsteps let me get to the appointed place in an instant.

Near the large Christmas tree in the middle of the square, many people were standing around waiting for the other party.

Is it because today is Eve that even the faces that look nervously at the clock feel happy?

Unlike them, Jinwoo, who was looking up at the sky, could afford it.

Even among the many noises of the people moving in and out of the street, Jinwoo was able to distinguish the footsteps of his opponents accurately.

‘…3, 2, 1. ‘

When the child arrived just behind his back, Jinwu turned around.

“I’m here?”

Haine, who was trying to scare Jinwoo down, lowered his hand.

“I think he has eyes behind his back.”

I was laughing because I was so sad.

Haine was using the hood as if he had been before to avoid people’s eyes.

“Would you like to go for a walk?”

In the proposal of Jinwoo, the nines laughed and nodded.

Whenever the two fell out, people walked to the lesser side.

When I heard Jinwoo’s performance, Haine circled her eyes.

“Why do you go there with such good grades?”

“It’s a bonus to study for a full scholarship, and there are people who want to meet there.”

The hin ‘s ears were tense.

“Is not he a woman?”

The tinted Haines eyes are funny.


The ball swells rapidly. It was a different pleasure for Jin-woo to see the various aspects of Haine that were not seen when both were adults.


Talk. Something that fell from the sky sat down on the nose tip.

Coolness melts on the skin.

It was a snowflake.

I lifted my head and the white spots were falling from the black sky.

White Christmas.

Jinwoo looked at the falling snow, treated the solvent, and recalled the gray ashes that had fallen.

White ashes, like as snow, and light as snow, were falling down silently.

“Brother, what do you think?”

Jinwoo laughed and gave a rough answer.


Looking at the snow falling from the night sky on the eve of Christmas, I can not say that I was reminded of one of the enemies that was most threatening in my life.

Hearing the answer of Jinwoo, Haine, who showed a single single smile about what he was thinking, said to him.

“Brother, remember the promise?”

“What promise?”

“I promise to answer whatever I win in running.”

“I remember.”

Then Haine pointed to the roadside tree a little away.

“Shall I bet then? Who knows where to get there. ”

Jun-woo, who laughed at the sudden challenge of the Hinans, asked.

“What do you want to ask?”



“What do you sometimes think about your brother, who you want to meet in college is a woman or a man, and …”


“It was not that day in the tournament, but when we had met again.”


Jin-woo, who accepted it with ease, took off his hand in his pocket.

Whether or not putting his hand in his pocket will not affect the outcome, but he has shown his determination to take this fight seriously.

But then.

One step away, Hainin approached me and asked me with a shawl around which he had been hanging over his neck.

“Brother, do not move here if I like it.”


Jinwoo is embarrassed.

Hain, who started walking while gazing at Jinwoo, slowly moved toward the avenue.

Jinwoo was laughing as he watched the game with the defeat confirmed.

“Ha …”

Eventually, Haine, who succeeded in putting his boulevard in his hand, jumped lightly and declared victory.

Shadow soldiers, who were watching the two men’s game excitingly, were thrilled.

[I am, our lord!] [There is a time when the lieutenant is in a game where a bet is taken!] [The Lieutenant was wrong!] [ChiEeEe -! King, come on now!

Jin-woo, smiling at the devastated room and scratching his side head, looked around and walked toward the tree-lined street.


Because I was looking for a road without people, I did not see a passerby on the road.

“I won?”

Jin, standing in front of Hain who is waiting for an answer with his cheerful face, issued a grand order to Shadow Soldiers.

‘Shadows, close your eyes.’

[……][……]In the desperation of the shadow soldiers.

Slowly touching the face of Haine, the lips of Jinu were overlaid with her lips.

In the sky, still white snow was falling quietly.

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