Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 100

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 100

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The power of the molar teeth that received the 100th item “beads of greed” buff was great.
Hoo Wook.
The molar around you was breathing hard enough for the air to cool down for a moment.
KUUOUUUU – It started to melt enemies by pouring huge fireside to the left and right.

[We have defeated the best demon.]
[Earn 1,700 experience points.]
[We have dealt with the high demon.]
[Gain 2,200 experience points]. .

[We have defeated the best demon.]

The message that you have killed the enemy and the message that you have gained experience has gone up without end.
The stringing and stringing sounds have not stopped for a long time.
Jin made a smile.


Mana was depleted and his molars stopped the attack.
The vast majority of the demons who had just flocked in one attack had evaporated, but fortunately there were those who survived the flames.
Those guys were arranged by the shadow soldiers.
Doo Doo Doo – I watched from behind the figure of over 100 shadow soldiers running out in a row, and now I feel like being a real ‘Shadow Monarch’.

[We have defeated the best demon.]
[We have defeated the best demon.]

A pleasant message followed again.
Jinwoo did not pick up his fingers but destroyed monsters using only shadow soldiers.
The greatest of them was molars, no matter who they are.

‘The molar guy …’

Jinwoo’s head turned backward, more precisely toward the rear.
The magic bottle from the magician of the high orc shaman who grew like a giant, and the beads of greed which grew big to fit the size of the guy came into the eye.
An item that doubles the magical damage that a caster uses, even if it has only the greed ball.
It seemed to be enough to compensate for the strength of the molar that would have been nudged as a shadow soldier.

‘I will leave the beads of greed to the molar for the time being.’

Even if it is a magic series, there is not a wide range of choice for Jin-woo who has no skill to see the amplification effect.
Jinwoo opened the skill information.

[Number of extractable shadows: 127/820] [Number of storable shadows: 127/155] ‘Extract shadows, save shadows, area of sovereigns.’

All of these skills were not affected by ‘beads of greed’.
The only way to increase the number of shadows that can be extracted or saved is by raising the intelligence stats at this time.
Jinu closed the skill information.
Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. The soldiers who had finished the battle gathered back to Jinwoo one and two again.
Jin-woo’s mouthpiece, which looked at the carcass of the demons that had accumulated in the north, climbed up.

‘Devils are the head of the head, so the items are very big.’

String, tie, string.
This time the item acquisition message went up without end.

‘I’ve got everything I need.’

Jinwoo, who smiled and gained the items, got on the ‘tank’ of the icebreaker after finishing the collection work.
There is no entry permit, which makes it possible to move to the next floor.
That means we should take more monsters.
Jinwoo ordered the move.

“Come on!”

As the tank started to walk forward, the Shadow soldiers followed Jinwu in unison.

*** ‘It is inefficient to move the entire army together.’

I thought it was not efficient to bundle up to 120 Shadow soldiers together.
Existing soldiers who do not know if they are weak and well-leveled up against the devil was able to manage the cracks.
In addition, it is now joined by Shadow soldiers to the A class dungeons.
Of course, the quality of the soldiers was greatly improved.

“Excuse me!”

[Kill the Supreme Devil …]
[Kill the Supreme Devil …]

Soldiers’ level of power is so high that it takes more time to find the monster than the time to catch the monster.
By the way.
The problem was that one layer of demonicness was comparable to a sizeable city.

‘It will not end there.’

Jinwoo divided the soldiers into six groups of 20 people each.
And scattered all over the place to hunt monsters.
There are two kinds of commands.

‘One, kill all visible enemies.’

‘Two, I’ll let you know when you get an entry permit.’

It is not possible to communicate correctly with soldiers, but it was possible to send and receive simple signals.
Soldiers can not pick up items, so you have to go directly to get a permit.
All other items should be discarded except for the ‘interstate entry permit’, but the urgent need now is to go to the top floor as soon as possible.


According to the instructions, the six groups were scattered on their way.
And a while later. [I have 1,500 experience points.]
[I have 1,500 experience points.]
[900 experience points have been acquired.]
[You have acquired 1,100 experience points.]

Experiences began to pour in every direction.

‘The shadows have begun to hunt.’

Jinwoo had a pleasant smile as he watched the experience going up.
But soon I found one wonderful fact.

‘You have fewer experience points?’

After coming upstairs, I could not meet the lower, middle, and higher demons I saw from the lower floor.
The most common monsters are superlative evil, sometimes with high-level demons in superstars.
The highest demon experience is 1,700.
For the higher demon, which is a higher monster than that, it received a fixed 2,200 experience.
However, the experience that came in now was far less than that.

‘Do you think the more distance you get, the less experience you get?’

Jinwoo watched the message of the lifetime experience without hesitation. The volume of acquisitions is a little bit smaller but steadily declining.
It seemed obvious that the distance from the soldiers affected the amount of experience gained.

‘I found something good.’

It was difficult to realize without the unique system of a demonic dungeon that gives information on experience.
I also thought that it was good that I did not send out the soldiers separately so as not to miss the “demon soul” which was the item for the quest and to fight the monsters directly and learn the battle sense from the lower layer.
Nevertheless, experience has not been greatly reduced.

‘Experience gained but the amount of experience …’

Efficient monster hunting in a wide hunting ground, the overall acquisition amount has increased much more.
Even now, the experience message was raging.
This was the situation, and the level up that had stagnated since the first battle was back on fire.

[Level up!]
[Level up!]

Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

‘That was great.’

Though the items that should be discarded are a little miserable.

‘Level up and capture speed, catch two rabbits at the same time.’

Jinwoo was pleased to see two levels or skipped levels in a flash.

*** The plan was a hit.
I was able to climb to the 80th floor much faster than I thought.
As soon as Jinwoo arrived on the 80th floor, he called out the soldiers again.
199 soldiers summoned at once.
Each of them scattered apart, grabbing monsters and eating experience points, the level of soldiers went up sharply.

‘what? I did not get to see the tank, but I did 10 ups? ”

Jinwoo flashed his eyes.
The owner’s interest in the gaze has improved, and the tank, which just got to level 28 yesterday, stood up on two feet and made a sound “wow” toward the sky.
Jinwoo was not the only one who benefited from efficient hunting.
Jinwoo laughed.

“Good, go!”

As I did, I divided the soldiers into six groups, and I left the road alone.
I was used to moving alone, and I did not need the help of the soldiers.
If you exclude the molar teeth that have received the “Beads of Greed” item buff, you were able to win even if you fought all the Shadow soldiers.
By the way.

‘What about molasses?’

I think it would definitely be fun if you put your molars on.
It was impossible to imagine anyway.

‘Was it a week ago?’

For fun, or as an experiment, I had ordered a shadow soldier to attack himself.
Shadow soldiers refused their orders for the first time.

‘I do not know if it is loyalty or other force, but …’

Finally the shadow did not move.
Well, it was not unpleasant for the position that we are putting them as a load.
By the way.

‘Why do not the devils see?’

Jinwoo threw up the ‘dagger of baruka’ that he had brought from the warehouse, and found the monster’s presence.

‘I think it’s near …’

Jinu looked around.
Apparently I feel near, but I did not see the monster.
When was it?
I have never had this experience before.
At that time, I wondered how many times the earth was going to shake, and the dirt was rising.

“Kihihi -” At the same time, three high-ranking devils protruding from the floor laughed around Jinwoo and laughed.
Jinwoo frowned.
The demons who judged that they were afraid of the prey by seeing it pushed the agar into the head of the prey, who did not do it first.
It was to preoccupy the human head which is the most delicious.
But let the food jump and make a turn in the air.
Before Jinwoo’s feet hit the ground, the demon’s head fell off the floor first.

[We killed the high-ranking demon.]
[Kill the High Demon …]


Jinwu encountered his hand.
When I did it, it was in the C grade dungeon that Yujin and last turned.

‘Then the stone man was hiding in the ground like this,’ he said.

I could not remember and the expression of Jinwoo which had been dark for a while brightened.
I was in a bad mood.
Jinwoo has a bright face and grabs all the items from the monster’s body and moves again.
But I did not go a few steps and stopped.

“…”The gaze of Jinwoo was nailed down.
Jinu looked at his feet and said.

“But why do not you come out?”

At that time, no one could tell whether it was a trembling thing or a pupil of a demon.

*** Jinwoo could not easily get off the 80th floor.

‘Are there strong guys somewhere?’

Another Joe turned into a shadow and returned to Jinwoo.
Jinu repeatedly destroyed and regenerated enough that mana would not be able to take it out of the soldiers.
This was the first time this was the case.
From the 76th floor to the 80th floor.
The way to scatter and hunt while climbing the four floors showed the best efficiency.

‘Are you a senior demon?

Certainly, from the 80th floor, a high-ranking demon has become a master instead of a top-rated demon.
The high-ranking devil even wrote a remnant of hiding on the ground.
Still, it did not seem to have the power to drive the soldiers to the high-ranking demon.


There was another strange point.
It is a fact that all the soldiers attacked are tight without colon.
The group with molars, teeth, irons, and tanks was fine, but only two of them were attacked without the large bowel.

‘Do not try to attack the weak side deliberately?’

It means that there is a monster with a level of intelligence that can detect the opponent’s weakness.
Strong and intelligent.
No matter what kind of people they are, they must have been annoying.
The remaining four are. If you dare to include yourself five. ‘If you understand the movement of soldiers, the next goal is obvious.’

The moment I thought so, Jinwoo’s new model disappeared.

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