Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 101

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 101

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The 101st Jinu arrived near the place where the tank was located.
There were black bears with black vapors rising from their bodies far away, and half a dozen bottles of mercury bottles with high-orcs armed with black light armor.
At the front, the tank was walking steadily.

‘Perhaps the next target will be this way.’

The tank was originally the head of the ice bears, and was the mastermind of the monstrous force that overwhelmed the shadow soldiers alone when they were still alive.
Even now, with the shadow, there were not enough soldiers to be able to deal with it.
But the comparative object was not good.
Irons, eagrites, molar teeth, which are the other chiefs, were different from the grade.
No matter how high the tank is, he is just an elite soldier.
By the way, the grit and iron are knight rank, and molar was attached to elite before the knight.
You can not play games.
So if your enemies have intelligence to detect their opponent’s weaknesses, and if you understand the movements of the soldiers, here is the following.

‘Let’s wait a moment.’

Jinwoo kept the distance as much as possible and kept a certain distance and moved with the bottles.
Even bottled water bottles did not notice that Jinwoo was nearby.
How much time has passed?
After waiting for a while, I could not see the enemy, and Jinwoo had a headache.

‘Did I make a mistake?’

It was not that there were strong enemies, but at the time of the thought that the monsters were crowded in the place where the soldiers were damaged.
Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.


The enemies also realized that they were hiding until the distance was near, and that they were approaching their enemies later than usual.
Jinwoo closed his eyes and focused on the senses.
Amazingly enhanced sensory abilities began to sweep through all of the world, just like radar.

‘There are four coming, my soldiers twenty, and five demons who are hiding in the ground.’

Jinwoo woke up.
The five demons who are pretending to be dead in the ground will see it later.


Jinwoo hid his body with a stealth skill and approached the sicknesses.
Soon the naked eye could confirm the presence of the enemy.

‘Are you on horseback?’

Doo Doo Doo – ‘Is it even armed?’

They were wearing armor, of course, to the end of the ride.
When I got closer I saw the names of those guys.
Somehow, the existing demon monsters, whether it is lower or higher, everything is different from what went on the body, and there was a difference from the name.

‘Devil nobility and devil knight three.’

The first name I saw was clear in black.
I felt strong hostility from the net.

‘I think it’s true they attacked the soldiers.’

Enemy strong in strong aura.
Jin-woo decided to wait for a while while maintaining his stealth.

‘Let’s see how.’

I wanted to see things such as ability and battle style as eyes as new monsters appeared.

‘Shadow soldiers are monsters that destroy …’

I was looking forward to it.
Jinwoo stopped at a point where it would not interfere with the battle between the battlefield units and the new demons.
Do you?
The tank found demons.
The demons came up close and fell from the horse.

‘The horse is just a means of transportation.’

Jin watched the demons with exciting eyes.
Soon, the fierce battles between the two groups began, as soon as the battleships, excited by the appearance of the enemy, began to struggle.
Oh, come on.
The tank went to the forefront.
The tank, which ran out of power with all four feet, caused the big body in front of the enemies.
If you are a normal human being, you will be fainted by the pressure.
But the demons were calm.
He did not move until the tank swung his big paw around like a baseball bat.
The forelock of the tank has drawn air.
It was an agile attack that did not fit the massive body.
By the way.
The devil noble, which the tank had been aiming for, jumped over the forefoot of the tank with his smooth movements.

‘…!’Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.
The amazing sight did not stop there.
The nobles spun in the air and pinched the window they held in the chest of the tank.
Kooang -!
Magical blows created a watermelon hole in the chest of the tank.
I felt an explosion of energy from a small body.
And neat and beautiful motion.
Jinwoo was interested.

‘It’s not an ordinary monster.’

Not only the nobles but also the three knights who guarded him were remarkably strong.
The battle was unilateral.
Battleships were not the opponents of the new demons.
Unlike the high-ranking demons who were easily hunted, the noble-minded demons of humans have easily devoured the masseuses.

‘That’s why the soldiers were not able to sustain their regenerative power.’

Jinwoo’s face hardened.

“That’s great!”

The battleships were regenerated and scarred by the demons’ spear and sword.
Jinwoo got a good look.
As long as his mana did not move, he knew that the bottles were immortal.
Even if the mana fell, it would only come back as a shadow.


Still, I was not comfortable watching my soldiers beating the monsters.
Where do you think your brother ‘s feeling of seeing your brother come in?

‘That’s it.’

The lesser Jinu invited the marshallers.
The marshals returning to the shadows immediately moved to Jinwoo’s feet and joined the shadows.
As the battleships that had not survived the attack disappeared, the noble demons nodded toward each other.
It was the atmosphere that seemed to celebrate the third victory.
But then.
In the middle between them, Jinwu solved the secret.
What a joke!
The demons were amazed, but immediately after reading Jeon ‘
Jinwoo knocked down two knights that were next to him with his bare hands, grabbed a running knight and pushed it down to the ground.
There was a spider web on the floor and a message came up.

[We have destroyed the Devil Knight.]
[3,000 experience is obtained.]

The same message three times. One attack in a single attack, less than a second of the monsters set off the breath.

‘Anyway, the kids are scruffy, and that’s real.’

The gaze of Jinwoo turned to the demonic nobility.
The evil nobleman facing his eyes shook and pointed at the tip of the spear.

‘I was wondering if the monster also feared before …’

I can see for sure now.
The spear of the devil noble was shaking finely unlike when it was dealing with the marshall unit. It is part of my ability to understand enemy skill.

‘I do not think so.’

Jinwoo fired.
It was at the same time that the devil nobles pierced the spear.
Jinwoo avoided stabbing his head.
But surprisingly, he has been stubbornly attacking in the air several times.
The first is Myeong, the next is neck, then the heart.
It was a gentle move as if it was not a regular skill.
But it was blocked by Jinwoo’s dagger, “Baruka’s Dagger”.
When the last attack aimed at the heart went back to naught, ‘Barca’s Dagger’ snatched the spear of the window.

‘…!’The nobleman was stiffened for a moment when he saw the half-arched window.
That ended the game.

“If you are a class A hunter, you will not be able to afford it even if you do not have a lot of hard times …”

Jinwoo highly evaluated the power of demonic nobility.
Only the opponent was bad.
Jinwoo grabbed the enemy ‘s helmet with his left hand.


I was surprised and surprised, but I was trying to get my neck back in a hurry, but I could not stay on the grip of Jinwoo.
Jinwoo stripped his helmet and gave strength to his left hand by thinking about his neck.
As expected, the pitching fell off easily.
Jinwoo heard ‘Baruka’s Dagger’.

“surrender! Surrender! ”

Jinwoo frowned and stopped moving.


The face revealed in the helmet was perfectly female.
In fact, it does not matter to Jinwoo that the monster is man or woman.
However, as soon as he knew that the monster who had handed his hand to surrender was talking, he knocked his head on the floor.

‘…’I was hesitant to shoot down the dagger.

“Sin, I’m sorry. We were wrong. Mo, please save your life! ”

I’m not ready to switch quickly.
Is it a monster?

“Ha …?”

Jin looked at the small back of the monster who stood at his feet with a smile on his face.

*** It is not strange that intelligent monsters come out because there is an intelligent monster.
But he is obviously a strange person.

‘…’Jin-woo, who had been worried for a while about what to say, was losing his lips.

“Have you attacked my soldiers and let them go now?”
“Lord, I have sinned to death.”

The evil nobleman put his forehead on the floor and said to the horse.

“But the one who hunts the devils at random from the standpoint of our family, who must guard this place … Ugh! No, I could not stay with them. I would appreciate your forgiveness. ”

Well, I thought it might be unfair to the devil. This is where I got to go and catch the devils.
So Jin-woo changed the question.

“Can you beg my life to kill your soldier?”
“The main purpose of the articles is to protect the lord, and if I can be safe, the articles will be happy too.”

Jinwoo scratched the temple. The answer was ridiculous.

‘This is brazen. Or I’m seriously optimistic. ‘

A demon nobleman with a quick glance watched Jinwoo’s eyes.


I feel that things are getting worse and worse.
Again, her urgent voice came to her.

“I’ll give you whatever you want if you save my life.”

Jin put his hand on his side.
Devil nobles were strong monsters, but it was easier to get rid of them now that the armed forces were completely released.

‘What is this?’

Jinwoo was troubled.
I wonder if there is anything more valuable than experience and items to get hold of this guy.


There was just one.

“Interstate Entry Permit.”

Poof. The devil noble lifted his head in amazement.
It was the appearance of a human woman who had a long, pointed fang when she opened her mouth.
Jinwu asked without care.

“Can you get it?”
“…”As Jin-woo and the snow meet, the monster with the complexion gathers the forehead on the floor.

‘There is no monster to announce the item.’

The deal is over.
Jinwoo called out the ‘Barca’s Dagger’, which he returned to the warehouse.
I do not know why monsters have intelligence, and they are asking for their intelligence, but I did not want to give up my experience.

‘Devil Knight gave me 3,000 experience, so this guy is more than that?’

Maybe when I catch this guy, the authorization may drop.
By the way.

“De, I’ll give you.”
“layer… Interstate Entry Permit. ”

The monster with his head found a dagger in the hand of Jin-woo, and the coldness sweated.

“Can you give me a permit?”

Demon nobility hastily nodded.

“We keep it in our family. If you take me safely, I will hand you your license. ”

Are the devils guarding the license?
Jinwoo touched the tip of his chin.
It has been quite a while since I came to the 80th floor, and the number of demons I caught was not much.

‘At first, I thought the drop rate would have dropped or the middle boss would have gotten as the floor got higher …’

It’s enough if the monsters are hidden behind the real thing.
When Jinwu was in a silent contemplation, the devil nobleman Zeng Zuling added.

“I know where the top-level authorization is. If you can guarantee me and my family, I will show you everything. ”

Jinwoo’s eyes were slightly different.
That was a little ambiguous.
The proposal to guide the location of the license to Jinwoo, who wants to go up to the top floor in the shortest time, sounds pretty attractive.

‘The question is, can you trust this guy?’

Jinwoo stretched out his hand and raised the chin of the demonic nobleman.
She felt embarrassed, but she did not remove the force she had given her.
Jinwu faced the eyes of the devil nobleman.


[Skills: Use ‘Living’.]

Awkwardness – A horrifying aura has spread out in the eyes of Jinwoo. The devil noble trembled with trembling lips.

“Can I trust you?”
“roughness… It’s not a lie. ”

When I first got the power of the system, I made a promise.
Gib and take.
Even if your opponent is a monster, the principle has not changed.
If the monster keeps his promise, he will also keep his promise.


Jin woke up to live.

“If you give me permission only in my hand, I’ll leave quietly.”
“Are you really?”

Jinwoo nodded his head.
Including this guy’s permission to enter the interstate ‘monster’ s experience is not enough, but it was better time to look for a permit.
It was already delayed more than expected from the 80th floor.
And if this guy was doing the Hutton, that was what he wanted.
I can get to play with all of these guys.

“Thank you!”

The face of the demonic nobleman is bright enough to be seen at a glance.
Whether it’s an honest feeling or just simple.
Jin-woo asked him what he was always wondering while he was pulling his tongue in.

“Before that … What the hell are you? “

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