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Does it bring Jeju Island?

The officials of the Japan Hunter Association were generally calm in the sense that there was a talk from the president in advance.

However, Japanese government officials did not.

“What the hell is that?”

“Are you going to make a war against Korea now?”

“War has been prepared for more than 60 years.”

“You must be the voice of the Word!”

The voice of the dignitaries grew.

Now the case of ants has been moved to the ankle by fire from the foot.

If you can not give a clear answer to the prime minister and the press soon, some people may be thirsty in the future.

So when I called the president of the Hunter’s Association to ask me for a solution, what?

What about Jeju Island?

How can I not get angry because I’m talking like that in front of busy people?

If it were not for the hunters who guarded both sides of the president of Shigoe Matsumoto, he would have poured out a lot of swearing in the past.

‘How did you do this?’

Matsumoto made a smile in his critics.

Even their reactions were all in his calculations.


Matsumoto, who touched lightly inside, opened his mouth, which had been shut for a while.

“I’m not going to war with Korea. It is not a story about forcibly taking the land. ”


“Then what are you going to do?”

“Let’s talk a little quick.”

Matsumoto raised one side of his mouth.

“Korea should make land for itself.”

Matsumoto’s cynical attitude led to the heat of the crowded conference hall cooling down.

When I saw the intensity of the speech and the attitude of myself, Matsumoto president seemed to be sincere.

‘…’The deputy prime minister, who is said to be chilly, spoke for the first time today.

“President Matsumoto.”

He is the closest neighbor and spokesman of the current prime minister.

At his meeting on behalf of the prime minister, his remarks had power comparable to that of the prime minister.

“I just said … How would you do that? ”

He is interested in the plan of Matsumoto president, who can be said to be the winner of the Japan Cabinet.

Is there a person to listen to?

Matsumoto began explaining carefully.

“Korea does not have the power to handle S-class gates. That was when the first ants popped out four years ago, and it still is. ”

Deputy Prime Minister nodded.

Jeju Island is a large island with 2% of the total area of Korea.

The land is taken away by the masters, and I can not use my hands. Do I need any further explanation?

After three repatriation failures, South Korea gave up on Jeju Island unofficially.

This was orthodoxy.

“What would they do if our Japanese S-class hunters propose to help with ants in this situation?”

The news that some variant ants were able to fly was reported to Korea.

It is now a matter of time before the Korean mainland is attacked.

Can not Koreans’ decision-makers be helped unless they are crazy?


“Do you think Korea will devote Jejudo to help us?”

As the deputy prime minister said, there were many leaps in the logic of the president.

The bureaucrats flew around here and there.

However, the deputy prime minister did not laugh or speak angrily.

“As the president of the association said, if we help Korea, we might be able to handle Jeju island ants.”

Matsumoto’s president, who knows the best of Hunter’s power in both countries, was confident of fighting ants.

There was no disagreement.

“But what can we get for that?”

Even if the Japanese people are harmed, the Jeju island ants are a problem that Korea should deal with.

I could not sacrifice my own hunters to help Korea.

‘It is a sound that does not even begin.’

The vice prime minister, who was on the brink of the war, turned nervously.

If you give one, you get one.

Basic of politics.

If you give out your hunters, you have to get something corresponding to it.

‘At least Jeju Island should be paid to get the right balance.’

In that part, I was interested because I agreed with the president of the association.

But the answer is a floating cloud.

Of course, the interest of the deputy prime minister has cooled down faster than anyone else.

At that time, the president smiled.

“Who told you to help Korea?”

The Deputy Prime Minister frowned.

‘Are you talking to me now?’

It is time for me to be grateful to the Association President to stop wasting time.


The eyes of the deputy prime minister grew.

The president of the association said that he offered a helping hand.

“You, I do not …”

“It is as you think.”

The president of the association acknowledged the truth.

Upon discovering the expression of the Deputy Prime Minister filled with shock, the president of the association could feel the fact that he had reached the same conclusion as himself.

“The Korean hunters … Do you intend to put it in an ant rock? ”

I knew it.

‘There is a lot of talk about the smart guy.’

The president of the association sent a satisfactory smile to the deputy prime minister.

“If Korean superhuman hunters believe in our support and go to get a queen, we will withdraw the hunters.”

Korea has already suffered three failures.

Who would doubt the Japanese hunters’ betrayal even if it becomes the fourth?

No, I doubt it.

Then it will be all over already.

The voice of the deputy prime minister trembled.

“South Korea… Do you intend to annihilate the best hunters of Korea? ”

“When Jeju Island opened its inaccessible gate, their destiny was so determined.”

The President once again stressed his fate.

“Rather, I’ve been living a long life until now.”


“Once all of the top-level hunters have disappeared, Korea will not be able to afford it anymore.”

If the S class starts to fly one and two variants of flying ants in Korea,

I wonder if South Korea can be consistent as it is now.

If there are only one or two ants, the guilds might be able to stop it.

However, as the statistics show, over time, the number of variant ants will increase steadily as time goes by, and eventually the whole of Korea will be shaken.

‘Maybe we should cry and ask for help from other hunters.’

But who can help Korea?

There are many hunters, but the land that they have to keep is huge, China or Russia?

When the first S-level gate was opened, the US refused to help?

North Korea may lead S-class hunters and conquer Seoul?

‘No, we are only Japan.’

It is the same thing in Japan that it becomes difficult when there are many variant ants.

Inevitably, Korea has to hang on to Japan, and Japan can demand anything from Korea.

‘When it comes to that time, Korea might take care of Jeju Island …’

It was literally the president of the association.

The moment went horribly.

I will drive all of the superhuman hunters of one country to death in order to execute their plans.

Is it not possible for a nation to fall because of it?

‘It’s really scary. President of Shigoe Matsumoto. ”

The deputy prime minister scrambled to the president ‘s terrible plan.

But that was not the end.

The president of the association said.

“Jeju Island is just the beginning.”

one by one.

Every time Korea needs the power of S – class hunters, Korea should crawl under Japan.

It was feasible to pick up Korea without swiping a bullet.

“…I think it is. ”

After the president’s long explanation, the ministers were able to barely breathe the breath they were referring to.

Those who treated him half-mad were now listening to the sweat.

The president asked quietly.

“What are you going to do, sir?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the deputy prime minister from the president.

“…”The Deputy Prime Minister swallowed his saliva.

His remarks now represent the prime minister’s will.

Of course, the prime minister, who trusts himself, would not overturn the conclusions made here.

Carefully, carefully.

‘…’The Deputy Prime Minister repeatedly worried that he had been bowing his head.

“How can the government help you?”

*** [I have killed a demon article.] [3,000 experience has been achieved.] [We have destroyed the Devil Knight.] [3,000 experience has been achieved.] [We have defeated the demonic nobility.] [4500 experience was obtained.]

Each time the Shadow soldiers defeat the demons in the castle, the message of acquiring experience was poured out without interruption.

Jinwoo steadily raised the level in preparation for the battle on the top floor.

The bigger the reward, the greater the risk.

‘New life of life, bonus stat, best runestone, etc …’

Considering the reward you can get by capturing the Demon King, you could not neglect the level-up of the one-hour view.

[Level up!]

Almost all the demons around would have been cleaned up. Jinwoo called the status window and confirmed the level.

[Level: 87] Until entering the demons of the 80 level was just up to 87 levels.

As I watched the increased stats, a smile came out.


Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

[We have defeated the demonic nobility.] [We have defeated the demonic nobility.]

The Shadow soldiers caught the remaining demons.

It was a neat victory.

When the battle was over, the soldiers flocked to Jinwoo as usual. Among them, irons were the fastest.

chuck. The iron kept his stance as if he were expecting a praise, straightening his chest.

Jinwoo laughed at the sight of a distracting bulge, blocking his sight.

“Are you done?”

The iron nodded.

“Are you sure?”

The iron vigorously shook his head again.

Jin-woo laughed and enlarged his passion.

Then he turned to the back and threw the ‘Barca’s dagger’ at the same time.

“Throwing daggers!”

The dagger rushed to the wall in the blink of an eye.



The dagger was stuck on the wall, not the wall, but stood by the demon waiting for the moment when Jinu was falling from the soldiers.

“Uh huh.”

The devil was astonished when he saw a dagger hung on the left chest.

‘How did know?’

If there was a human, there would be a heart.

It means that he was fully penetrating the enchantment used by his superior nobility.

‘Human beings.’

When the devil who looked at the wound lifted his surprised gaze, Jinwu was already standing in front of his nose.

An earthquake struck the pupil of the devil.


Jinwoo pulled out ‘Baruka’s Dagger’ and used the only melee attack skill.

“Quick thrust!”


The demon who managed to survive the dagger thrust damage was barely deflected in a room where the skill level reached the limit, a “stabbing”.

[We have defeated the demonic nobility.]

Jinwoo returned the barca’s dagger to the warehouse and stood before the iron again.

“How would you describe this?”

‘…’Iron scratched the back of his head as he laid his eyes down.

It is the back of the pitcher to be called back.

Soon the Grit returned to the depths of the castle and caught the hidden demons.

By the way.


I felt a different kind of energy from this grit.

‘What’s going on?’

Jinu looked up at the grit.

just as expected.

The grit, who was approaching quickly, fell down on his knees in front of Jinwoo and bowed his head.

Until now, it was not so familiar.

But unlike other times, ‘tingling’ sounded the machine.

‘System message?’

She swallowed her spit.

Episode 105 [Article ‘IGrit’ requests permission to upgrade.] [Do you want to upgrade?]

‘Upgrade permission?’

In the first type of system message, the surprised Jinu hastily confirmed the information of this grit.

[Lee Grit Lv.Max] Article Rating.

You can upgrade to meet the required level. Once you have permission from the monarchy, you will be promoted to the next level.

‘Is the level of this grit …?’

In the late thirties, the level was changed to Max.

When the level reached the limit, it could not be raised any more, but it could be upgraded to the next level.

‘Is the upgrade point between late thirties and forties?’

When I think about the level that can be put into a single battle, I thought that maybe the level required.

It was pretty demanding considering that the average level of the soldiers was still in the early 20s.

‘And I need my consent.’

Somehow, I thought I was eager to see something in the eyes of this grit who was running here.

‘…’This grit still has not lifted his head.

I felt a sense of empathy in the posture of the guy waiting for the master’s decision without any hesitation.

I have been wanting to beat my shoulders even though I have been good.


Jinwoo’s gaze shifted back to the system message.

[Do you want to upgrade?]

The message was blinking slowly as if to answer.

It is this grit that has been the first soldier and fought hardest.

Is there any reason not to allow the upgrade?

Jinwoo answered the system without any hesitation.


[Specify the command.]

‘Do you need a command like this?’

Jinwoo frowned for a moment but soon changed his mind.

‘Do it.’

There are quite a few soldiers who became shadow soldiers at one time.

Now this is one grit, but if the soldiers ask for permission to upgrade at a time, it may be difficult to answer them one by one.

Even if it is in battle.

When that happens, commands can be useful.

After a little trouble, Jinwoo said.


Simple is best.

As soon as the command was decided, the change began. The change took place from the foot of this grit.


The black hands caught the body of this grit.


Jinwoo watched the upgrade process interestingly.

At first, the black hands seemed to drag this grit down the shadows, but the opposite.

The hands that held the grit turned into black smoke, furiously circling around, and then they penetrated into the grit.

As if this grit absorbed all the black smoke.

Shu Aaak – After the smoke has been lifted, a different aura has emerged from this grit.


The system message showed the result of the change.

[Article ‘IGrit’ has been upgraded from ‘Knight’ to ‘Elite Knight’.]


Jinwoo tries to calm his trembling heart and confirms the information window of this grit again.

[The Grit Lv.1] Elite Knight Rating ‘level has been initialized, but the grade is equal to molar.’

Moles that recently joined Shadow soldiers were originally the boss of A-class dungeons.

The same rating as that of a gruesome guy means that the grit’s stats have increased.


Jinwoo ran his heart.

It was right what I thought when I first became a Shadow Monarch.

‘I’m not the only one growing up.’

Jinu ‘s gaze glanced through the shadow soldiers one by one.

‘These guys are all growing together with me.’

I realized that soldiers are growing by reporting this grit, which has been changed by this upgrade.

Other soldiers grew up and wanted to upgrade it.

‘One more thing to do.’

So when you look at the soldiers and are proud of them. I saw a tank asking for the body of the devil who had run away from the distance.


However, the eyes of the tank that ran agonizingly did not seem to be in sight.

That eye, this aura.

Jinwoo, who watched him quietly, said with a sad face.

“How about you?”

The tank that stopped at the nose of Jinwoo threw the carcass which had been preloaded to the side and gathered two paws and fell down.


This time, too, the message came out.


[Elite ‘Shadowmother’ requests permission to upgrade.] [Do you want to upgrade?]

Oh My God.

Jinwu puts his forehead.

When I checked the information on the tank, the level of the guy had reached the limit.

[Shadow Bounty Bottle Lv.Max] Elite rating.

You can upgrade to meet the required level. Once you have permission from the monarchy, you will be promoted to the next level.


Jinwoo thought it was strange.

Unlike the Grit, which had been at the top level since the beginning of the Shadow Enhancement, the tanks have remained at the level of the upgrade points yet.

By the way, this grit and tank are upgraded at about the same time.

The level gap between the two guys was not at the level to overcome with one battle.

‘surely… Are there different levels of requirement for each grade? ‘

That makes sense.

Tanks in the elite grade have a lower requirement level, so the upgrades are faster, and in the case of the article grade Grit, the upgrade is delayed.

It is also possible to accidentally overlap the timing of the two upgrades.

Suddenly there was a possibility that the idea had passed through the brain.

‘Do you think there is something like a promotion point to me?’

If the demand level is too high to reach yet.

Oh, no way.

Jinwoo laughed and smiled.

At the same time, the upgrade was allowed.


As soon as the order was dropped, the tank had the same change as this grit.

The hands, or hands, protruding from the shadow, turned into black smoke, and the smoke was absorbed by the tank.

Shu-Aaj-tanks have become stronger as well as the grit.

[Elite ‘Shadow Mask Bottle’ has been upgraded from ‘Elite Rank’ to ‘Knight Rank’.]

But there was also a difference.

String, tie, string. The sound of the machine sounds continuously, and the system message is consecutive.

[Name can be given to soldiers above knight level.] [The name you give will continue to be retained until the shadow disappears.] [Please specify the soldier’s name.]

Tanks are temporary names.

The name of the tanks is not yet officially named because they can not be given names below the knight’s rank.

There was no way to distinguish the tank unless it was twice as big as the other bearers.

But now I can name him too.

Jinwoo laughed.


[Do you want ‘Tank’?]


When Jin-woo answers, the information on ‘shadow marshall’ has changed.

[Tank Lv.1] Article rating.

The tank raises the body, knowing that the upgrading process is over.

He held his forefeet and supported himself with his hind legs.

Jinwu said with a great view.

“Finally you have a real name, Tank.”

The tank, feeling better, stood up and cried and cried.

“Everyone worked hard.”

Now, rest up to the next floor.

Jinwoo brought the soldiers into the shadows.

The only one of the old members, the dangling shoulders of the irons pushed out of the promotion came into the eyes.

After all the soldiers were shadowy and gone, Jin-woo escaped the castle.

Outside, Emil was waiting with a frowning face.

“Hey, Jin-woo.”

“I do not like you can do it.”


Emil, hesitating about Jinwoo’s point, opened his mouth again.

“Hey, Jinwoo … sir.”

The Devil seemed too sensitive to the sequence.


“Do you know how many crusades have disappeared so far?”

This is the 89th floor now.

The 80th floor where there was an emulsion was shed, so about nine?

Every single floor of the temple was destroyed by a family, so it was worrying about the silk.

“From the 90th floor, senior family members are in charge. It is different from the higher nobles. ”

Jinu did not slow down and asked.


“Can not you talk about it now? If you say good words, I will give you a permit as in our family … ”

Jinwoo cut the horse.

“If I was weaker than you, then did you try to talk?”

Then, in fact, I asked my mouth.

A trivial man dares to come to the castle where the devil lives without an invitation and demands something in the castle?

It was something I could not go back to.

“It is.”

Jinwoo laughed.

Whether you are a mariner or a monster, you have a relationship with a person.

‘The weak side is eaten.’

Jinwoo agreed with that.

And both the permission and the level up, urgent Jinwoo had no idea to yield either side.

‘…’Jinwoo looked at Eisil side by side.

I wondered how I was indicted without a word from before.

“Is not it good for other families to shrink?”


“Demon clans are always fiercely competitive.”

“Ah… I do. But.”

From this, it was the domain of powerful noble families.

If Han Ji-woo fails to attack, the noble rage of the nobility will be directed to himself and his family.

I was worried about it.

Said Jinwoo.

“I will make the Rathis clan ranked number one.”

‘…Our family is Ladir. ‘

I watched in my mind timidly.

Soon it goes upstairs.

Could it be that only one person, and all the senior clans, can be destroyed?

‘…Oh, I do not know. ‘

I have been guided by the road. I gave up on the idea.

‘Oh yeah…’

But there is still one more thing I want to ask.

“There’s no … sir.”


Jinwoo looked around.

Somehow he feared that he would face the eye since he witnessed demolishing the demons in turn, and Eisha asked his gaze to his feet.

“Why did you take care of our family?”

Apparently Radile could not be the opponent of this man.

I knew more about the power of the family than anyone else, and I was convinced that I saw the power of Jinwoo.

Nevertheless, the Ladir family from this merciless man was safe.


It was curious.

Jin-woo climbed on the floor-moving magic circle and looked at Eisil.

“I like you.”

I know how to surrender to the theme of a monster, know how to deal with it, and provided more information than anything else.


I was flabbergasted to the nape. Then he licked his fingers in his place.

As time passed while he was unable to move, he asked.


I looked at the system message gently to see where I was going.

“If you do not go to the 80th floor is coming again?”

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

I rushed to the magic circle quickly with a red-faced face.

‘…’However, the clattering head climbed to the next floor.

*** Incheon International Airport.

Officials of the Japan Hunter Association visited Korea to discuss Jeju Island Ant.

We already had a meeting with major Korean people.

Shigeru Matsumoto, president of the Japan Hunter Association, and S class Hunter Goto Ryuji, the first in Japan, entered the airport.

Matsumoto looked around in the somewhat untidy atmosphere of the airport.

“What’s going on?”

“…There is one strong person around. ”

“Are you more than you?”

Goto laughed.

Matsumoto did not ask anymore when he saw Goto’s face full of confidence.

‘There is no such character in Korea.’

An employee of the Korea Hunter Association, who decided to come out soon, ran.

“Sorry. It was a bit late because I was so crowded. ”

The employee bowed his head.

Matsumoto smiled and disgusted the unpleasant feelings.

“Fine. But what’s going on at the airport? ”

“Ah… It’s not a bad day, but a hunter came from America. ”

“What’s going on with the American Hunter in Korea?”

“It’s a personal day. You do not have to worry. ”

The staff tried to reassure him that Matsumoto president was worried about dungeon breaks.

But Matsumoto’s expression was still dark.

‘American Hunter la … This is not related to this work, right?

Goto’s gaze was heading towards the crowded people from the beginning.

Perhaps there is that American Hunter.

Matsumoto confirmed the time.

If you want to attend the meeting late, it would be too tight to start now.

Matsumoto said.


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