Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 108

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 108

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Just before it was completely swallowed by the shadow, a system message was heard.

[Because the boss was killed, the dungeon was restored to its original shape …]

The feeling of falling down did not last long.

Suddenly, the direction of gravity has reversed, and the speed at which it began to soar has begun to rise.

The vision that fell into the darkness instantly came back to the original.

‘here is…?’

Jinu looked around.

Tick, tick. Street lamps where the light was blinking, Rear cars that were installed at an angle on the wall, Pole with an advertisement attached.

It was a rare alley where people often get to go home.

‘It’s our neighborhood?’

Coincidentally, it was the very place where five Shadow soldiers were instructed to patrol their first neighborhood.

‘We really changed our position.’

While Jinwoo was surprised, on the other hand calmly confirmed his foot.

As he summoned Shadow Soldiers himself, he also rose from this shadow.

I carefully stepped on the shadow with my toes.

‘…’At the time the skill was activated, I felt like I stepped on the surface of the water, and now I have returned to a normal shadow.

Jinwoo admires and confirmed the skill information.

As stated in the skill description, exactly 3 hours of cooldown was being applied.

[Skill: Shadow Exchange Lv.1] Job only … …You can use the skill after 2 hours 59 minutes and 57 seconds.


Jinwoo’s heart, which confirmed the power of the skill directly with two eyes, jumped quickly.

‘In a moment like this …’

I was in a state of concentration since I was sucked into the shadows.

Given the fact that the flow of time seems slow in the concentrated state, it is really moving at the time of the moment.

My throat fell over my neck.

Shadow exchange.

It was a skill with infinite possibilities depending on how it was written.

‘Yes, this is not the time.’

Jinwoo calmed the excitement and reaped the horsepower.

I just got a medicine to cure my mother, and I could not delay it here.

Jin-woo, who was in a hurry, confirmed the time to turn on the Hunter phone.

‘It’s already time …’

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

The number of liquid crystals pointed to 10 pm.

It was not time for the visit, but there was no hesitation in the action of Jin-woo, who invited the shadow of the dragon.


Caiel, who received the call of Kiee Eek-master, wept and glimpsed his head over the ground.

A lizard with a big wing, instead of an arm, was exposed.

When Caiel widened his wings, it felt like the narrow alley was completely full.

I’m glad that there is no love in the neighborhood.

As Jinwoo approached, he slipped and took care of him easily. Jinwoo got on it lightly.

Even though I was riding for the first time, I felt accustomed as I used to ride for a long time. It seemed that there would be no problem of flying in the sky.

‘It does not matter who blocks.’

Even if the police or the army were not in front of the hospital, they had the power to break through.

And at this moment I did not want to be disturbed by anyone.


When Jinwu gave his command with a spirited face, Caesar began to move his big wing.

Kiee Eeek – Quickly flying up in the air, Cassel flew in the direction Jinwoo wanted.

*** The Hunter Association was in full swing until late.

The time when the raid of the Korea-Japan coalition team approached.

In order to successfully combat the ant athletes of Jeju Island, the association was also paying attention.

“It is a material sent from Japan.”

The employee pressed the remote control button.

On the large screen, an image of the anime masters who shot the Japanese satellite using the horsepower detection camera came out.

It was the record in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tortoise operations.

The eyes of Kun-hee are tapered.

‘Except for queen ants and queen escorts, all the ants escape.’


The ants were literally moving as Japan did.

The presence of escort ants is offensive, but there are a few masters who keep bosses anywhere in a higher dungeon.

But I could not say that all of the dangers have disappeared.

Ko Kun-hee, the head of the Korean government, thought of one possibility in the bay.

“When the ants learn that the queen is in danger, are they likely to turn faster than planned?”

Japan also prepared measures for this.

“I’m going to use a jammer.”


“Ant anthropologists say they share a doctor with their own unique wavelengths, unlike ordinary ants.”

If you want to move thousands of corps, you must have enough instructions.

Kanghee nodded his head.

“Can you disturb it in your room by radio?”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

“We should only care about the queen and escort …”

The repatriation operation was simple.

It was simple, but more likely to be successful than any subjugation.

But why is the mind so uneasy?

Ko Kun-hee broke his chin.

‘Maybe I’m insecure …’


Kun-hee swung his eyes wide out of the window.

All the employees in the conference room jumped at the sudden action of the president.

Woo Jin-cheol, the head of the association, came quickly.

“What are you doing?”

“just now…”

Ko Kun-hee looked at Woo Jin-cheol. Woo Jin-cheol’s expression was the same as usual.

“Did not you feel it?”

“Yes? I know what I’m saying … ”

“…”There has been a tremendous horsepower wave just outside the window.

The short wave of horsepower hid the trail but I could feel it clearly.

‘…’The staff member who was holding the meeting to the association president who was unable to take his eyes off the window asked carefully.

“The President …?”

Soon, Kanghee looked up at me with his head.

I am also concerned about the sudden appearance of a strong horsepower wave, but now it was time to concentrate on the meeting.

I was thinking about something intensely, and asked Kunihi.

“Is Sung Jin Hunter still in touch?”

*** Baek Yoon-ho asked his head without turning his head.

“Did you feel it?”

Min Bung answered.

“I’m retired, I’m down to grade.”

There was a heavy silence between the two people sharing the cup in the stall.

Baek Yoon-ho went straight to his head.

“What was it?”

“I think the last man and the car hunters have taken the neck because of the Hunters share.”

Minbungu, who had been stopped while holding a glass of wine, giggled and shook the shochu.

Baek Yoon-ho made no expression.

“Is that what you were trying to make fun of?”

“Do not you laugh, brother?”

“…no. done.”

Do it.

Including the gag sense, Min Bong was a strange guy somewhere.

‘The world’s first S-class Hunter Raj, retired from a stable, probably.’

It was the world’s first and still the only one in the world.

How much of a man can get rid of the money that the S-class Hunter can earn?

Originally, I did not have much money at home.

Bong Yoon asked whether he felt Baek Yoon-ho’s gaze.

“Brother, are you really going?”


“You saw how Eun Seok died.”

“So I better go.”

I looked around as if it was unexpected.

Baek Yoon-ho replied, empty the cup.

“If the ants were left alone, the whole of Korea would be like that.”

“Since when did you become a patriot …”

“Anyway, even if you have to do is to put on a nice.”

Guilds could not refuse to call the association.

As the association has looked at the convenience of the guild, the guild had to respond to the call of the association.

If you do not want to leave, there is a way to leave the country.

Unfortunately, none of the advanced nations have been greeted by a hunter who has escaped from the ridiculous raid.

I do not know when I’m going to run away and hit the back of my head?

‘I hate to run away.’

Baek Yoon-ho laughed and laughed.

Min Bung said, just cut it off.

“I will not go. I never go. If you’re going to take me there, you’re wrong. ”


Baek Yoon-ho raised his drink price and rose from his seat.

It was all empty of the bottle.

“Because I do not know, I came to say hi. I do not know when I can see it again. ”


Min Bong-gwu has already given up to persuade Baek Yoon-ho to shake his hand.

Baek Yoon – ho also knows enough about the hypocrisy of this subjugation.

‘And yet you go.’

It was not a facial expression that forced me to shiver with fear.

Rather, this is the face that I will tread all the ants. To some extent it was an expectation.

Minbung, who was chewing on the left side of the face with a frowning face, stopped the chopsticks.

‘wait… And then, among the hunters, there are not many people who hate fighting Masu?

There are occasional healers, but they liked it terribly to treat others.

Bong Bong, who was staring at the broth, scratched the side of his head.

‘Is the person who enjoys fighting a condition to be aroused?’

Oh, that’s right.

Min Bogun laughed alone about what was funny and laughed and drank the remaining soup.

*** Jinwu arrived at the hospital immediately.

‘For sure… Room 305. ‘

Jinwoo, who had no intention of going into the main entrance from the beginning, searched the mother-in-law’s window with his cell.

‘The hand of the ruler.’

The curtain covering the window moved around.

She was quietly asleep on the bed.

When you stop by at the last minute.

Jinwoo once again used the ruler’s hand to open the window and quietly entered the room.

Caesell was already a shadow of Jinwoo and disappeared.

Jinwoo stood beside the bed.

The moment I can see the result, my biceps began to bite the two bats.

‘If I go wrong, I can not go back.’

She had been unconscious for a long time.

It may not be possible to hand over the new life of life at all, and there was no guarantee that even if it was passed, it would remain unchanged.


Jinwoo has seen many miracles that have been caused by the system.

Stories that you would not have believed if heard from others.

Is not there the most obvious proof here, no matter how far away?

‘I was here at E class.’

It was all the power of the system.

Jin-woo, who looked down at his hands without speaking, lifted his head.

My mother, who seemed to be awake from sleep at once, was in front of me.

Jinwoo has brought up the item of ‘life’s life’ in the warehouse.


A wooden bottle was placed on the hand.

I read the item’s information again and again a few times to see if there was something I missed.

After repeating so many times, the item information was completely obsolete until I finally got the courage to pull out the wooden water bottle cap.

‘_. When I fought my life with the devil king, my hand shook.

Jin took a long breath to catch his heart.

‘If I make a mistake, my mother gets hurt.’

The moment I vowed that I should never make mistakes, I regained my usual eye like a lie.

The trembling of his hand stopped.


Jinwoo calmly supported her mother, Park Kyung-hye, with her left arm. Then he put the bottle ‘s mouth on his lips.

Among the lips of the ‘life of life’ jorreuk flowed.

Jinwoo did not rush and carefully poured only a small amount.

‘This wound …’

Suddenly, burn marks remained on both sides of the mother’s neck. The burn marks continued to the back.

Although she is not visible at this angle, she knew that her mother’s neck and her back were partially burned.

‘Because it is a wound that caused me.’

I just wanted to wrap my mother’s hair.

As the mother was doing in the head of young Jin – a.

But young Jinwoo, who had not even visited the bathhouse a few times, had no ability to distinguish the water temperature.

Quail Gurgling.


The bathroom was filled with hot water, which would not be strange if it boiled.

As soon as possible, Jinwoo went back to his mother ‘s back so that she would not shed hot water.



The water that was in the spill was poured.

The mother, who wavered for a moment, did not move a little while holding the Jin – a to hold her in mind that the water would be splashed on her face.

Without any sound.

After a while, the screams popped out of the mouths of other aunties who were not near her mother.

“Oh my God, what should I do!”

“Jinu Mom!”

Jinwoo then realized that something was wrong.

I just wanted to help her.

She grabbed Jinwoo ‘s shoulder, trying to drop her cock and cry.

And asked.

“Jinou, are you okay? Are not you hurt? ”

Jin-woo, who thought that he would have a great soul in his young mind, could not forget the memories of that day and the words of his mother.

‘I never thought I owed it to anyone.’

After her father disappeared, she was the mother of Jinwoo and Jinah, both of whom she took over.

I do not want to pay debts or debt, I do not want to pay my life debt.

Only her mother owed a debt she could not afford.


The last drop fell to her mother’s mouth.

Talk. Jinwoo set a bottle and lay her mother down.

I waited quietly and prayed for the result.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

My heart swung so badly that my heart was sore.

The spit ran across the neck.

‘…’But there was no change.

When the drop of blood drops off Jinwoo’s grabbing fist.

“Huhuck -!”

Like a man who barely lived after falling into the water, his mother closed his eyes and drank a great deal of breath.

‘…!’Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

My mother’s face, which was slightly pale, was coming back.

My mother was getting a healthy look as if color was spreading on a black and white screen.

I felt like a second for an hour.

How long has it been?

My mother slowly opened her eyes. The gaze around him for a moment stopped immediately.

“who… Have you ever wondered? ”

Jinwoo nodded his heart for a moment.

It is natural to notice.

It has already passed four years, and my body is much larger than then.

Jinwoo did not hurry and waited calmly.

As the water slowly grew in the empty bowl, memories beyond four years gap gradually filled the head of Jinwoo ‘s mother, Park Kyung – hye.

It did not take much time to realize why he was lying in the hospital.

“How long was your mother lying?”

“4 years.”

I could say four years and a few more days, but I did not.

I was in a situation where I needed to be as stable as possible for my mother.

My mother, who seemed surprised to hear 4 years, asked.

“What about Jin? Is Jinna okay? ”

Jinwoo felt something rising from the deep inside his heart.

I wandered the boundaries of life and death for four years. I just came back and asked my brother ‘s best regards.

If I did not bite my lips tightly, my tears seemed to flow.

‘It’s not the time to worry about your brother.’

I wanted to say that.

But he kept his emotions as far as possible and smiled a pale smile.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

My mother sighed with a sincere expression of relief.

Jinwoo, who wanted to think about himself, was also relieved to see his mother’s image constantly.

‘Now everything is back to normal.’

I realized that my mother’s illness had improved, and my heart began to flutter.

Then I was surprised.

Her mother was holding her left hand.


“Thanks, son. I kept my promise. ”


Oh, I forgot.

It may be because it is so natural that we have not even given the promise.

A bottle that falls into a deep sleep and can not be broken again. ‘Waxing’.

My mother, who was uncomfortable with the everyday approaching day, asked Jinwoo one day.

– Mom, if you do not get up like this, will you take good care of your brother?

With a slight smile like a simple errand.

So I had endured it.

I did not blame.

I just took over the weight of my mother’s burden.

However, she held her hand as if she knew.

“son… It was a lot harder? ”

As if Jin-woo had no trouble, I also wanted to reassure her mother again.

But I could not.

The tears that I had tolerated flowed down on my cheeks, and my lips opened on their own.


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