Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 109

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 109

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Lee Seong – joo, the director of the Seoul Ilshin Hospital, heard the remarkable news.

One of the patients with wake up was awakened from the state of ‘last sleep’.

“Is that really true?”

“Yes, Master. I checked it myself. ”

It is the patient who is in the hospital, even if it happens in the other hospital.

‘This luck will come!’

The extraordinary brain of Lee Sung-joo began to strike the abacus.

“Is not this something unprecedented in the world now?”

“Yes, Master.”

The person in charge nodded his head.

The mouth of Lee Seong – jeop could not get caught in my ear, and it was getting torn.

“Well done! Doctor Choi! ”

“Yes? Chief, I have nothing … ”

“Enough, this man!”

Lee Seong-joo gave a notice to his manager.

“Whether it’s a process or something, once the patient is better, the doctor should be praised, of course!”

Of course, the physician is in the hospital together!

“Ah yes… Thank you, Chief. ”

The manager reluctantly bowed to the director.

However, I did not know that the smile would leave the face of Lee Seong-tae, who had an unexpected response to the lukewarm response of the person in charge.

‘Hopefully, the eyes of the whole world can gather at the Ilshin Hospital!’

It is really harmless to go up and down the mouth of others with good things.

If it was good, it was good.

When this news is announced, all the reporters of the world are coming to the hospital and clamoring for a little more information. It was a great opportunity to sit down and inform the hospital name with a penny of money.

‘What reporters want is a way of healing …’

That’s the thing to keep a patient around.

There was no problem at all.

I thought so.

He said, “I do not know.

“The patient’s guardian is demanding discharge.”


No, no!

Should not the patient be in the hospital to get reporters?

No, the reporter had to keep the patient in order to find out why the disease was cured.

The eyebrows of Lee Seung-chul wriggled.

“What’s the patient’s condition?”

“It was all normal.”

“I’ve been asleep for four years, but I’m in good health?”

“Could it be because of the life support device?”

“Hmm …”

That’s why the performance of the machine is too good.

“Take a look at the progress and look forward to discharge as soon as possible.”

“I told my guardian so, but it was useless.”

‘I can not hold it forcibly without reason for the patient going out …’

Then there is only one way.

Before the patient is discharged from the hospital, the patient is informed of the news.

“When we are still in our hospital, I will report to the press soon.”

Then the officer shook his head.

“that… It’s difficult, Master. ”


“We can not reveal the identity of the patient. If this is wrong, it will be big, chief. ”

It was a puzzled look on his face.

Looking at his eyes, he did not seem to be talking.

The attitude of Lee Seong – soon has become cautious.

“Is the patient such a great person?”

“Not the patient, but the patient’s guardian … Protectors have also applied for information protection. ”

So, Dr. Choi has been writing a full name for the guardian since.

“What the hell are you doing?”

What kind of person does the family receive the protection of identity, and Dr. Choi is naturally attached to it?

“Do you know Sung Jin-woo?”

“Sung Jin Woo?”

Is he a strong politician? Or the total number of large companies?

It was a name that seemed to be heard somewhere, but there was not a face that ought to come up. Lee Seong – suk shook his head.

It seemed like it was a quick explanation.

“It’s Hunter who recently got S grade.”

“S grade!”

There was a reason Dr. Choi showed careful attitude.

The guardian of the patient is S class Hunter.

‘If you act like this, then it’s all over.’

The social influence of the S-class Hunter itself is enormous, but if the Hunter loses his temper in his anger …

When the unexpected name popped out, Lee Sung – suk swallowed the dry spit.

‘It was a big day.’

He had a hard smile and a sudden smile.

“Let’s start the discharge procedure immediately.”

“Should I?”

“Cancer, that’s it.”

Huh, a smile that looks good to people, I was caught in the mouth of Lee Seong-suk.

Of course I should.

What kind of thing do you ask for the S-class Hunter’s planting?

He spoke roughly like that with a mixture of common sense expression.

“Do not you think that a hospital can keep a healthy patient healthy?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The officer immediately rose.

Let’s go after him.

“Huh -” Lee Sung-joo sighs relieved as he looks at the closed door of the presidential office.

*** The contacted Jin-a came running to the hospital aside from everything.

Jinwoo, who was sitting in a chair by her mother ‘s bed, felt her brother’ s approaching quickly and stood up from her seat.


The door to the room opened.

“Mom? Mom?”

Before entering the prayer, Jinna’s face was already tearful.

“My daughter, you have grown a lot.”

The last thing Park Kyung-hye saw as Jin-a was junior high school student.

As she looked at her daughter, she was surprised, she soon smiled and spread her arms wide toward Jin-a.



Jin-a has been in trouble.

Jinwoo stopped.

It was an act that should not be done to the patient who regained consciousness in four years, but I could not stop it from seeing the younger brother crying in his arms.


I was pretending to be big, but Jinah was still a kid.

The usual figure of Jin-a who seemed to be overwhelmed seemed to overlap, and the tip of the nose became slim.


When Jin – ah tried to release Jin – a, Park gye – hye put his index finger on his lips and shook his head.

In the other hand, she still stroked her daughter ‘s back.

Jinwoo withdrew his breath and stepped down.

When I watched the mild expression of my mother and her brother, she smiled.

‘My effort was not wrong.’

I felt like I was rewarded at this moment.

I felt like something was blocking the chest, and it was flowing down the river.

So, shall we leave a little more?

Until my brother can feel his feelings.

He is a smart guy, and he will not know that he should not put a burden on his mother.

It just needs a little time. Jinwoo laughed and looked out the window.

It was sunny weather to celebrate family reunion.

Jindu kept looking out the window so Jin took out his cell phone.

‘…’There was such a terrible amount of contact that I could not send a reply to each one.

Jinwoo, who had been screaming for the unrecognized currency and character list, closed the window.

‘If it is urgent, I will contact you again.’

Jinwoo gave up the response and opened the Internet window.

By the way.


Jinwoo who entered into portal news unintentionally searched forehead.

[The appearance of a soldier over the city center of Seoul?] [Where is the destination of the flight?] [The Hunter Association failed to respond. What is the safety of citizens?

Internet news was spread over the pictures of Caesells.

Near the house to the hospital.

Although the distance is long, I thought it would come out in no time.

‘It took a lot in a short time.’

One thing I’m glad about is that I was rarely exposed on my own in Caesells. When I called out to Caesar yesterday, I thought that I would not care about other people ‘s eyes.

‘Do it.’

Anyone who is floating in the sky will see his heart beating.

Jin looked at the articles filled with anxiety and thought that he should be careful in the future.

‘You do not have to scare people intentionally.’

Necromancer in the first place, the reason why the job was worrisome because it was not easy to pay attention to people.

‘But if the lizard with its wings barely feels so hot, the reaction of the giant molar would be really good.’

By the time I was thinking about it.

Woo Woong – Woo Woong – The phone started shaking.

‘Who is it?’

Jinwoo went out of the room and received a phone call.

“Hello?” – Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

The voice of an old man who is bass but not dark.

Jinwoo remembered the voice of the owner in a short time.

“The president of the association?” -Yes. Hunter Association and Kun-hee.

‘Is the president calling you?’

What did the President of the Hunter in the world call all over the phone?

She saw people coming and going in the hospital corridor, and she went looking for a quiet spot and asked.

“What are you doing?” – You have heard the news already.


Jin-woo hurts his head and asked me again.

“What are you talking about …?” – Have you ever seen the news?

Well, news is fast.

Jinwoo admitted it.

“I am sorry for that. I will be careful in the future. “- Yes?

In the voices of Jin – hee, who is embarrassed, Jin – woo realized that he had made a mistake.

‘Is not it a story of Caesar?’

What you get in the paper …

Double Dungeons, Red Gates, A Class Dungeon Clear, ‘Greed Ball’ and so on.

It was too much to look at.

“…What’s going on? “- You really did not hear anything.

“I have a hard time contacting you.”

This is not a lie.

The voice of Kogehee, who was surprised and reacted, was laid down a little lower than usual.

– Hunter.

In the experience, it was the meaning of the story from now on.

– May I come and see you?

Jin Woo ‘s wonder grew bigger than when he first received the phone.

‘The president of the association does not even call you directly, so you even come to see him?’

How important is it to go out?


Jin looked at the side of the room where her mother was.

‘You can not call the president here.’

I do not know if I need to talk about my mother ‘s work.

“I will go.” – Would you mind?


It was easier on the side.

Jin made a quick appointment and said to her mother that she would go somewhere for a while.

I was only sleeping in the sunless demonic world.

Jin frowned.

‘Will you just call me Caesar?’

Jinwoo, who was worried for a moment, laughed and headed for a taxi waiting for a guest.

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