Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 112

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 112

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113 The episodes were hot.

– The two nations are working together to form a coalition team in order to combat the masters who made Jeju Island into a barren land!

What is the story that can stimulate people’s curiosity more than this?

On TV, I sent out related programs every day, and one side of the newspaper was always news of the Korea – Japan Union.

But only Korea is excited.

Even though Japanese Hunter participating in the operation is more than three times the Korean Hunter, no one has noticed that the Japanese media are quiet.

Even the Japanese comments on a few articles were negative.

What would you do if the gate closed?w Why do we have to remove the cheap shit from Korea? Are you giving compensation to the ants?

‰ÓÓ Ineffective Japanese Hunter Association and irresponsible Korean Hunter guys. If all of them were lost in Jeju Island, it would be the same.

In the same situation, while thinking differently, only time was running silently toward the operation.


Jinwoo was the happiest time since the day she was hospitalized.

Many things have changed.

First, I returned home with my mother who was discharged.


When I opened the door, I saw the inside of JINA, which I had made alone, while messing with Jinwoo.

“…”Jin-woo, who pulled Jin-a’s ball hard, had to laugh with her mother.

After four years of consciousness, my mother returns home and the first thing I do is clean.

Jinwoo was once again raised, but eventually she could not break her stubbornness, and all the family members rolled her arms.

As the house was cleaned, it became bright with three faces.

After the mother was hospitalized, I felt like I was finally feeling full.

After a long time, Jinwoo could reach out and gaze without any worries.

And the next morning when I came out of the living room with my eyes open. I could feel the fact that my mother was back when I saw breakfast on the table.

Park Kyung-hye, who finished the wave, looked around Jin-wook and asked.

“Did you sleep well, son?”

Jinwu laughed and replied with a less wakeful face.


*** TV specialists said.

“The pace of evolution that ants have shown is truly amazing.”

The guest next to the expert asked with exaggerated expression.

“What is evolution? Was not the ants found in Japan just a variant? ”

“Yes. And as the number of varieties increases, we gain control over the entire group, which we call evolution. ”

Then the prepared image came out.

It was the appearance of the ant athletes who were photographed in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

When they first appeared, they usually crawled on the floor like ants.

On the surface, it was no less than an enormously large ant.

But a while back. “This is the appearance of the ants taken in the third phase of the operation.”

Ant athletes were walking upright like a human being.

The huge head was much smaller, it could move a bit more smoothly, and it became able to write four legs like a hand.

It looks like ants and humans mixed in half.

In just two years, the characteristics of the species have changed.

“And this is the most recent picture of an anthillmaster who had a big victim in Japan.”

Wow – the audiences who watched the video were surprised at the same time.

Surprisingly, the ants looked more like human beings, and their wings on their backs also had large wings.

The comedian who attended as a guest was surprised and raised his voice.

“That fly in the sky?”

“That’s right. This is also a decisive moment for the Korea-Japan alliance team. ”

Korea-Japan Joint Team.

Jinwoo quietly turned off the TV when the word came out.

Jinwoo also did not want to fall into this operation.

When I was invited to participate in the President of the Kun-Hee Association, I was thrilled to be able to gain experience.


The excitement quickly subsided.

Then I could see the situation more objectively and coolly.

‘It has not been a day since my mother woke up.’

I do not even know that my son is still Hunter.

And in the old days, when I heard that my father had disappeared at the gate, I remembered the mother who had been sleeping for several months.

I could not say that I would go to Jeju Island for my mother who had such a memory.

My lips did not fall.

I want to stay with my family for at least several days.

I did not want to leave the moment I was waiting for.

“I am.”

I barely decided Jin Jun said hardly.

“…I will fall. ”

More important than experience. Jin-woo was the reason why he had developed his strength and power.

There was no regret in the choice.


‰ÓÓ Why is the Korean name on the list?

Where is nature going? E grade is E grade forever. It seems that he ran away while peeing ‹ÉÜ ‰ÓÓ Japan participated in all S class 21 people + Korea also retired Hunter … But what about Sungjin?

Do you want to do it with ‰ÓÓS class? Really sold to the side ;; I did not care about the unspecified number of fingerprints that I did not even know about.

Exactly the stress of his brother.

‘I do not care what you say, my mother does not do the internet, but it’s okay.’

Jia seems to be looking at this kind of thing.

“ø¤. Jin woke up with his tongue and put down his cell phone.

Because timing is inevitable, it is inevitable.

My mother went to bed early and my brother was still far away.

I was going to go out to get some air by the diversion, but the phone sounded awkwardly how I knew.

Jinwoo looked at the sender and laughed.

Tick. -brother! Yoo Jin – ho!

“Oh, it’s Jinho.”

So, is Jinho still in the motel?

“What about the room? Is it still a motel? “- No, brother. I just got a new room. Fortunately, my mother contacted me …

I heard him laughing and I was glad to hear it.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was explaining his current situation for a while, seemed to think that he was in a hurry.

– Yes, brother. Can you come to see me at the office?

What office are you talking about?


When Jin-woo asked with a strange voice, Yujin answered positively.

– Our guild office! You need an office to create a guild, bro.

Yoo Jin-ho is this guy … He seemed to have had the ambition to grow the guild, which would be his vice president, into a plausible large guild like Hunters or Backhoe.

Jinwu scratches his chin.

‘If you know that I belong to the members of the raid all alone I’ll be scared …’

I called him to come over here with a half-passing word, but it was the time when he had to explain the guild he had envisioned.

*** “How are you, brother?”

It seemed to know why Yu Jin-ho made a speech with confidence.

Jin looked at the inside of the office and nodded.

Good location.

“I chose the best place not far from my brother’s home.”


“I deliberately got it into my first sale office. Is not there a word to put a new drink in a new unit, brother? ”

It was decisively dirty.

‘…’”I will look forward to raising the five guilds beyond the guild, my brother!”

Yoo Jin-ho was burning with a passion.

‘I like to burn myself up, but if I should get rid of it …’

Jinwoo seriously worried.

Do you want to go back to Eugene’s guild now?

I do not think the president who blocked his son’s account would accept it.

Yoo Jin-ho made a hunch that he looked at Jin-woo, who was thoughtful.

“brother… Do not you like it? ”


“May I have a contract here, brother?”


The size of the monthly rent will get a lot, but compared to the income of the guild, the rent is about a penny.

‘For the time being, I would not mind if I let it go.’

Jin-woo could not tell you that you and I will only use this spacious office in the future.


Yujin hit the palm of his hand.

“And who will the rest of you do, brother?”

“One left?”

Was there a promise to make a seat?

When Jin-woo, who almost forgot about promising promises, sent his eyes that he was wondering, Yoo Jin-ho was pleased to explain.

“When you first create a guild, you must have at least three hunters, brother.”

President, vice president, employee.

Is this the lowest standard of founding members?

It seemed that the smallest number of members of the E rank, the lowest rank, was independent of the three.

‘Actually there will be no guild to attack E-class gates …’

A founding member.

One face of each member passed by each other about who would have left one member in the head of Jinwoo.

The condition should be Hunter. And, if necessary, there is no willingness to act, so it should be used to fill the head. ‘How do you keep your faces …’

Going back to the hunter, or the face of the healer who returned to Busan, came back for a moment and disappeared.


“Oh yeah.”

Yujin opened his mouth.

Jin asked.

“Has anyone come up with a suitable person?”

“No, my brother. There was a man who was looking for you. ”


“Yes, brother.”

Jinwoo showed interest.

It seemed to be quite investigated when I tried to contact the Yu Jin-ho through the roundabout without directly contacting him.

‘There is no public contact with Yu Jin-ho yet.’

At most, they were only between the public servants and the mechanics.

Still looking for me through Yoo Jin Ho?

Jinwoo’s eyes were slightly tapered.


“I do not know, Brother. I was a foreigner who spoke English, but for a while. ”

Yoo Jin-ho pulled a note from his wallet.

“I stayed in Korea until the 17th, so I just wanted to get in touch with you, Brother.”

There were only two mobile phone numbers and hotel room numbers in the received note.

I turned the back, but nothing was written.

’17 days, the next three days … ‘

Who is it?

Nobody came up with it.


“I have to go home.”

Jin-woo’s expression settled.

“Yes? Are you already in there, brother? ”

Yoo Jin-ho, who was excited about having dinner with Jinwoo after a long time, seemed to have lost his country.

However, Jinwoo did not count his brother ‘s heart.

“I’ll go in first.”

Yoo Jin-ho hid his disappointment and bowed his waist as usual.

“Enter, brother …sir?”

When I heard my head, Jinwoo had already disappeared.

*** The deep darkness falls between the alleys.

The heart of a female college student going back to home was banging like crazy.

‘No …’

A man coming from behind.

Obviously, it seems like the way to go, and the footsteps are continuing inevitably.

‘I saw it on the bulletin board.’

In this case, it is very difficult for men as well as women.

The gait is faster or more like a man, but when I go away, the woman gets scared and follows me to buy suspicion.

Besides, when I turn around this corner, there is a dreary alley with a broken streetlight, so I can get both.

Eun Ji-min looked backwardly.

The man, wearing a hat and bowed his head, was moving quietly.

It is not a sin to wear a hat though it is awarded.

I would rather be the first to come to this uncomfortable companion …

Eun Ji – min stopped walking while pretending to tie a sneakers string, and the man went past her as it was.

“Hugh-” When the man disappeared, Eun-jim sighed relievedly.

And as if praying, I gathered both hands and closed my eyes.

‘I’m sorry to doubt you, Uncle.’

Eun Ji-min, who was in the collar around the circumference, smiled and moved again.

There are a lot of challenges pushed!

I was running out of time to prepare for the final exam.

‘How far is the range?’

As I was studying all night, the eyes of Eun Ji Min, who turned his shoulders around the corner, grew bigger.

“If you cry, you die.”

The man who passed by before was holding his knife in front of the corner.

“How many people died here … You know? ”


Eun Ji – min did not make a sound and froze with a blue – tired face.

I laughed at the white mask I was wearing.

“Follow me.”

Tick, tick. Only one street lamp was flashing without a person around.

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