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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 115

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116 Fagot broke the communication. His expression was dark.

‘Did we miss anything?’

I considered all the possibilities that could happen to get what I wanted to be successful.


Choi Jeong-hyeon Hunter One of the five teams who were killed at one time was far beyond the scope of anticipation.


Remember that moment.

There was a strange thing even four months ago.

Suddenly, the magic power of the queen ants, who had been watching for 24 hours on the satellite, suddenly fell sharply.

Less than half of usual!

The researchers saw it as a result of the life of the queen’s ants and came up with several optimistic views.

Until the queen ant slowly regains power.

‘Was it only a month?’

Not long after, the Queen regained her original power.

The officials who brought up the story of life span were forced to close all the consequences after a big change in their expectations.

“Mr. Goto.”

Goto was awakened in the voice of the team member.


3 Goto, who was on one side of the knee while looking at the carcass of the team hunters, slowly raised his body.

It was not the time to do something different now.

‘I came too far inland …’

It is.

Hundreds of ants, who had been chasing after him, were pounding their heads one by one.

*** Meanwhile.

The Korean team has entered the boss room, the so-called ‘Queen’s bedroom’.

15 minutes to here.

‘If it takes a similar amount of time to go back …’

There is still 30 minutes left.

It was a time-consuming one, assuming that it was a once-passing route and that it could shorten the turn-around time.


Ma Dong – wook nodded his head while checking the wristwatch.

It is a smooth flow.

What is important now is how to finish.

Baek Yoon-ho used ‘Masu’s eyes’ to grasp the number of enemies beyond the darkness.

“The queen is at the back. There are eight escorts in front of it. ”

The queen’s escort is stronger than an ordinary ant. It is not enough to attack both the Queen and the escort alone. From here on, I needed someone to act as an auxiliary tanker.

Myeong-wook looked around.

“Tea Hunter.”


“Can I take over the escorts while I see the Queen?”

“Leave it to me.”

Car Haen replied briefly.

She is the main tanker when raiding in the Hunters. It was a sub tanker.

Ma Dong-wook looked at the team members.

Everyone here is a specialist in hunting.

A trivial explanation was a waste of time.

“let’s go.”

As soon as Ma Dongwook turned toward the ants, the finalist made a huge block and floated on top of the boss room.

Then the whole room of the boss became bright.


The cameraman quietly moaned when he saw the size of the huge block.

He ran quickly into a small microphone next to his lips.

“I’ve been involved in many raids as a class A hunter, but that’s the first big light magic I’ve had. It’s the best magical hunter in Korea. ”

His voice got on Mike and spread to viewers across the country.

He just told me that the audience rating of the broadcast he was filming was over 80 percent.

When he was greedy, he tried to get ahead in order to get a better picture, and Min Bogu at the back pulled his shoulder.

“Shut up!”

The cameraman turned to Ming Bong without any hesitation. My shoulder was so sore.

‘What healer power is like …’

Without a surprise.

The cameraman had to face Min Byung-gu, who is making a totally different look when he jokes with each other in Hal.

“This is where the boss of class S dungeon is located. No one is responsible for your life. ”

In the anger of Min Bung-koo, the cameraman in the young voice could not answer properly and only the elongation head nodded.

“If you understand, you are standing behind me. It’s a real beginning now. ”

S-class Hunter’s power.

Even the healer, who has the weakest attack power among all series, pushed out of the A-class Hunter.

That’s the gap between class S and class A.

What can they do in places where such monsters battle together?

The cameraman was hunting for the first time after he became helpless and hurried to the back of Min Bung-koo.

just as expected.


A giant ant found the hunters and moved six legs and crawled slowly.

“That queen …”

Baek Yoon-ho swallowed his saliva.

In the face of other hunters, a taut face was strong.

Queen’s overwhelming stomach!

They were hunters who witnessed the first queen beyond the barriers of hundreds and thousands of ants.

‘Today, I cut off the line of the damn ants.’

Baek Yoon-ho trembled with the thought of knocking down that huge mass.

To do that, first.

Baek Yoon-ho’s gaze, which was fixed to the queen for a while, went down.

‘From those guys …’

Eight ants walking in front of the queen ‘s step.

It was first to remove the escort.


The team’s main tanker, Ma Dong-wook, ran to the forefront as if they had read their minds.

A thick tendon formed in the neck of Myeong-wook.

“Ants, come on!”

Crying shouting!

Instead of degenerating the eyes, the sound-conscious escorts ran to Ma Dong-wuk with their teeth and claws on.

Ma Dong-wook looked back.

“Tea Hunter, now!”

The car Ha, who ran away from the street with Ma Dongwook, pulled a long sword from the waist dance. Then he grabbed it with both hands and pushed it down to the ground as hard as he could.

Skill ‘Vibration of provocation’.


Circular waves of magic spread out from the sword placed on the floor.

The escorts, who were aiming for Myeong-wook, acted as if they were hung up on something.


She passed by herself and watched the escorts rushing toward Hae – in, and she grabbed her fist inside.

The Car Haans successfully took the escort ants.

Next is his turn.

She stood in front of the queen moving her huge body toward the side of the car.

“You are this way.”

The enemy who obstructed her was uncomfortable, and the queen gave a roar.

It was a terrible roar that kept the ears out of control, but it was an unfamiliar masterpiece to the best tanker in Korea, Ma Dongwook.


Skill ‘provocation of provocation’.

Unlike Cha Hae who played a wide provocation, Ma Dong-wook used one-on-one provocative skills toward the Queen.

The queen who roared roar was staring at her.

The provocation was successfully eaten.


The goal is to endure the boss’s attacks until colleagues at the rear of the escort kills them. It was also the most confident thing in the world.

The eyes of Ma Dong-wook, who lifted a massive shield to the bottom of his chin, were sprinkled. As he always did, he prayed in his heart again.

‘Give me strength to defend myself and my companions.’

Kwaw and Gwang!

With the sudden bursting out of the back, the queen ant raid began to fate many people.

*** “Inspiration, do you see that the hunters come out today?”

“No work.”

“Do not … I said on TV before, but today I can really beat it, so let’s go together. ”

“Oh, they do it every time. I can not work. ”

Grandfather sat down and turned the newspaper over.

I heard the sound of pulling my tongue out of the corner and back.

““ø¤“ø¤“ø¤. There are no newspapers in the world.

The grandmother carefully listened to her husband’s voice and closed the door.

“Huh -” Only two years ago, my husband was someone who cheered the Hunters with an interest in Jeju Island news.

I lost only one child to Jeju island ants.

Deep despair, which seems to have crumbled, has soon turned into a strong resentment toward the masseurs.

He encouraged the Hunters to donate to the Hunter Association every time they had an operation.

On the day of the operation, I was nervous and had a bad night’s sleep.

However, the bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment. When he returned to the blast with great damage to the third repatriation operation that used all the power, his husband could not get upset for a few days with blunt eyes.

Since then, my husband did not talk about Hunter at all. There is no expectation nor hope.

“Huh-” She sighed again and sat in the living room and turned on the remote control.

As soon as I turned on the TV, I was thrilled at the mouth of the moderator who is conducting the reed broadcast.

– Just now, our proud Korean hunters have taken the first steps of the Queen Ant Raid!

The Hunters’ fight was about to begin.

My grandmother held her hands together in front of my chest and watched TV with a sad mind.

When the hunters were hurt, they turned their eyes to regret and applauded happily when the hunters attacked.

“Gosh! Oh! “- Oh, ah! finally! The first runner has fallen!

That was the beginning.

One of the monster monsters that seemed horrible in the Hunters’ struggle went down.

Every time, the entire apartment shook because of the shout and cheering that people made.

“Oh my, oh my!” -four! Now there are four left! You’ve already killed a half!

At that point, my grandmother suddenly pinged my tears.

First, thanks to the hunters who gave their lives and fought to protect the people, they were grateful and thankful.

Secondly, I remembered the face of my son, who was glad that he passed the big company in Jeju Island.

– Two escorts! You can hit the queen if you take two more escorts! It’s not much time for Reid to succeed!

It was then.


My grandfather, whose face was blinking, came out from the door.


Without even responding to her grandmother’s call, her grandfather stared at the TV screen silently with red eyes.

The firmly held fist was trembling.

The moderator also breathes and watches the situation.

– We’ve killed all powerful escort ants! Now the only remaining ant is the queen! If you take the Queen, you can destroy the ants! Hunters start attacking without giving any gaps!

When the five hunters rushed all the way to the TV on the back of Ma Dong – wook, who kept up with the queen ants. His grandfather, without knowing himself, shed thick tears and vigorously raised both hands.


*** Broadcast stations.

The chief screamed pleasantly on the phone calls that rushed through the country.

“Chief. I just got over 85% of viewership! ”


The director grabbed both fists.

85% audience rating.

It was a record that the Republic of Korea will not break even if it goes to the World Cup finals.

And if you think about the benefits that come in and come from abroad …


He sat down on the chair and stole his face with both hands.

Other staff members in the situation room also took a sigh of relief when they saw the face of the director who could not hide his joy.

On the transmission screen, there was a scene where Korean team hunters beat the queen ant coolly.

– America, China, Russia, France! It is just before Korea is added to the list of countries that cleared the S grade gate!

The director pulled out his handkerchief and rubbed his forehead, which had been washed away by the cold sweat.

‘Good good!’

The queen was almost impoverished, and now the Hunters had left the queen dead and escaped safely.

By the way.

Kiaaaaaaaaaaaa – “It’s a surprise!”

As the head of the department surprised me, the voice promptly reduced the volume.

The director moved his head with his head.

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh, this is … It is an original video coming from Jeju Island, it sounds like a queen ant. ”

“The Queen?”

There was a slight time gap between the current broadcast screen and the original video.

You can not live in real time because you can not know what will happen during the raid.

The director who watched the video smiled and instructed.

“In this moment of historic victory, Masu’s grotesque resonates loudly. Do you want to edit the part or reduce the sound? ”


Naped nodded, and the director thrust his hand on the right shoulder of the Phillies as an encouragement.


One of the staff rushes with a firm face.

“Chief, Pidy!”

The director turned his head.

Experience has never been good news of an employee’s face in such a situation.

Before hearing the report, a vague omen passed by.

He prayed earnestly that his feelings were wrong today, and the director cautioned his staff carefully.

“…What’s going on? ”

However, the unlucky feeling is never right. The employee said in an embarrassed voice.

“Now, the Japanese hunters are all leaving Jeju Island!”


*** Myeong-wook encouraged his team members.

“little bit more! Let’s put a little more here! ”

Just as he said that he should push a little more, the queen was on the verge of collapse.

In the head of the queen ant, hundreds of arrows shot by Lim Tae-gyu were closely packed and reminded of a hedgehog.

Fired -!


Another arrow flew into the head of the queen, and the queen shook her head like a painful man.


Soon the queen poured acid poisonous liquid into the room.

Shoot aaak – The widespread attack of the hunters who could not escape from the skin of the black began to burn, but soon was treated heavily in the treatment skills of Min Bung.

Key eek!

When the poisonous attack did not work, the angry queen asked Ma Dong-wook, who was standing at the forefront with huge teeth like saw teeth.


However, defending the whole body with ‘advanced reinforcement’ skill, Ma Dong Wook was able to withstand the terrible attack of the Queen.

One side of the tooth was blocked by the shield and the other side by the left hand.

While Ma Dong-wook was making time, a huge fire flashed in the queen’s side.

Kwagga is the light -!

It was the magic of the last man.


The queen stumbled and fell into a gap where she could not cling to her body, and Baek Yoon-ho, who had turned into a beast, quickly ran up and tore off one of the queen’s teeth with her bare hands.


Baek Yoon-ho landed lightly on the floor and was convinced that he had a rough breath.

‘The queen is over.’

I have been able to find it through my long experience.

It was a moment when the land could be turned down by the captains of the masters who had dyed the land with the blood of many victims.

Now a little more. When I thought about it, I was so excited from deep inside my heart.

But then.

Suddenly, the queen struck her head with his head against the sky.


Kiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – the eardrum seems to be torn in the ears of the castle spread throughout.

Baek Yun-ho’s eyes shook.

‘What? Roar? flurry?’

No, I feel a little different from those.

That treble sounded like a cry for someone who was far away.

‘Call someone?’

The moment the thought went crazy, the conversation about what happened became cool.

“I have to stop!”

Just before Baek Yoon – ho was running, he jumped gracefully with his hands.


The car hailed down to the ground and before the prayer the Queen ‘s head first fell to the floor.


The cameraman who watched the S class struggle in a breath and kissed his hands in tears.

It was the moment of the terrible fight that lasted for four years.

“Huck, huck.”

Ma Dong-wook lifted his breath and showed his thumbs to his teammates.

Cha Hae made a sigh of relief, and the last man laughed and rewritten glasses, and Im Tae Kyu grasped both fists.

Everyone expressed the joy of winning in their own way.

Only one of them, Baek Yoon – ho, was struggling with the unflattering reason for being in a corner of his heart.

“Brother, we are the seventh team in the world that cleared the S-level gate, and that’s what it looks like …”


It was then.

Ma Dong-wook’s face, which was in contact with the control center, got harder.

I do not have time for this.

He shouted to the team members who were resting around.

“The Japanese hunters are retreating and now the ants are coming here. I have to get out of here! ”


“You still have a lot of time left?”

“Two S-class people do not last an hour, not 30 minutes?”

Mang said in a confused voice to the confused team members.

“I also learn more … The association is now aware of the situation, but the Japanese side has been unilaterally disconnected. ”

“These cubs …”

The last man spoke out of disgust.

If it was not the Korean Hunter but the Japanese hunters, would it be so easy to give up and retreat?

But being angry is something that can be alive.

To prevent the agitation of the team members, Ma Dong-wook suppressed his emotions as much as possible and rushed to escape with his calm face.


All of the Korean team ran toward the entrance to the Queen ‘s bedroom.

By the way.

First, Baek Yoon – ho stopped his pace.



The militia that followed was stopped, and everyone stopped as a chain reaction.

Stopping silently, Baek Yoon-ho began to shake off his gaze with one point fixed.

“Do not be ridiculous …”

What can not be done. No, it should not be. He looked at the coming shadow and recalled one human figure that he saw in the spawning room.

‘this… This is the power of one witch … ‘

Baek Yoon-ho’s complexion was pale.

The puzzling hunters soon realized this and stepped back from the entrance.


“Are the ants already back?”

While the Hunters are confused.

Beyond the darkened ants, a single winged ant was walking slowly toward the hunters.

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