Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 117

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 117

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118 It was about a year before the Korean-Japanese team visited the island.

The Queen thought.

– We must abandon the island.

The creatures that are supposed to be fed have hidden their tracks, and now the children have been able to eat each other.

There was no food on this land to support the inhabitants of the thousands of the kingdoms.

– You can not do this. Abandon the existing kingdom and find a place full of life to build a new kingdom.

If the first task was to take over the island, this was the second task for the kingdom.


The queen remembers.

Powerful intruders who have stepped on the island several times.

They barely defeated them, but the kingdom was also greatly damaged. Numerous children were sacrificed in battle.

Will they be able to defeat them in other lands?

– Stronger soldiers.

We need the strongest soldier to lead the people of the kingdom.

So the Queen decided the direction of evolution.

Since then, half a year.

It has conceived one life by collecting both the horsepower that it possessed and the nutrients that had been fully consumed.

Only the strongest combat weapon was born to deal with strong humans.

A horrible monster has been born that combines the queen’s desire to make a strong soldier and the command of the beginning to wipe out all human beings, beyond common sense.

The monster’s natural skill is ‘predation’.

Monsters were able to make some of their own magical powers and knowledge just by ingesting objects.

– I want to be stronger.

The monster, who realized his abilities, even began to devour his own brethren, but the queen abstained.

The monster wanted it, and the queen wanted it.

The queen was delighted to see him being stronger day by day.

The new soldiers who will be led by ‘He’ who has transcended himself far were preparing well.

– Now just a little more …

In the meantime. Again, many invaders came to this land. The number of invaders is small, but much stronger than before.

But the queen laughed.

It was a chance to check his power before he could fight against humans in other lands.

The queen sent ‘him’ with all the soldiers who guarded the king.

He fulfilled his first mission to himself, as the queen had said.

But when he returned, the queen was already dead.

He was angry.

And fortunately, there were still many strong men on this island that would be the subject of anger.

From the king of humans once.

And he handled those who were beside the king.

At that time, one of the cries cried before dying.

What the hell are you.

Skills ‘predation’ by eating humans and equipped with the ability to think ‘he’ thought.

‘What am I?’

She was a soldier of the queen until then.

But losing the queen to humans, what should we say now?

The only thing that can lead the soldiers of the kingdom.

He only knew one word that referred to such being.


I have already defeated the king of the enemies, so I am qualified to be king.


The king of ants asked the last human head.

But then.

Suddenly, the head of the ant king swiftly turned in the direction of the king.

The enormous aura that comes out like a storm from where the queen was.

It was not the power that one of the sicknesses could see.


The ant king, who realized intuitively that an enemy threatened him, showed himself slowly toward his heart.

*** What the hell is this?

The broadcasting station station room which was the atmosphere of a banquet until now became the atmosphere of a portrait shop.

After the outbreak of the winged ant suddenly broke down suddenly, the protests of the viewers and the phone call of the inquiry sprang up.



The staff who approached the director carefully reported.

“Chief, now the viewers’ phone is paralyzed by the telephone.”

The director took his head.

“So what? Now, do you want to live on the streets of a hunter tearing an ant? ”

“Oh, no.”

The hunters were hit by ants, and the broadcast was cut off. The audience’s curiosity is bound to surge.

However, it was not possible to export the scenes where Ma Dong Wook Hunter was tortured and Min Bong Hunter was eaten.

The director buried his face in both hands and groaned.

“done… It’s over. ”

The gambling of a lifetime which had been based on the fate of the broadcaster has fallen down without a trace by the ant.

“it’s over…”

There was heavy silence in the room.

No one was able to open his mouth.

But the only one.


The monitor that was watching the original image silently with a blackened face opened his mouth.

“Woo, chief!”


“Someone has appeared on the scene now.”

The director said without lifting the face buried in both hands.

“I do not need to report on Jesus, or if I have ever seen Jesus.”


“It’s over.”

I did not want to talk about it, but I wondered if the volume had been reduced.

Kie ee ee – kie ee ee!

The whole room was full of screams of ants.

The director caught his head openly.

Where is the director only?

All the staff in the control room came to the monitoring screen.

Oh, oh, the sound burst out here and there.

“…”The director who was sitting with a blank face barely got his ass in his chair. When he approached, the staff gave way.

The monitoring screen was reflected in the eyes of the director.

“Oh, God … Oh My God.”

The director looked for an unbelieving God, and then he cried out to the staff.

“Not ready to resume broadcasting, what are you doing here? If viewers miss this, will you be responsible? ”

The director, who could not hide his excitement, quickly rushed to the station.

“Chief! If you start broadcasting again from now on, it will be completely live. Real-time broadcasting is possible without delay. Even if an emergency condition occurs, I can not take it! ”

The 10 minute broadcast delay time was over.

Now it is only real time or broadcast interruption.

“…It’s a swap board. ”


“Anyway, I’ve already stopped broadcasting once and I’m not getting any worse here.”

“That… I do. ”

Hunter caught in the camera suddenly.

There was once again an opportunity to gamble, which he thought was over, even though he was Korean, Japanese, or even Hunter.

The director ordered with a spirited face.

“Go play, unconditionally.”

He took one chair out and sat down beside the chair.

“Now the fate of our station is going with him.”

*** “Uh huh!”

The cameraman did not regret the situation even when it was crowded.

Has anyone ever dreamed of being a child?

I want to be a hero.

If that was not possible, at least I wanted to be the helper of the hero.

I did not think that it would be a chance for me to get a career when I was doing chores at the station.

Then I became an A-class hunter and built a career worthy of a grade and finally came here.

Thanks to that, the hunters of the Republic of Korea hunting the S-class gate bosses were able to capture the camera vividly.

‘I took it.’

Many people will know that this video has sacrificed S-class hunters to the eradication of ants.

That was enough.

It was a feeling that all the efforts that I had studied camera and acted as a hunter were rewarded.

However, one thing I miss is.


My father who took care of my mother by cancer. My heart hurts that I can not see my father again.


I bit my shoulder on the ant but I did not feel it. My arms have long been out of motion.

It was a tanker, so we managed to keep it, but now it was really a limit.


I knelt down.

In the meantime, my mind was all my father’s thoughts.

‘Did your last conversation with your father eat? ranee.’

If I knew this, I’d say a lot more.

That day, when your father comes to Seoul, he’ll just cancel his appointment.

But always time is fast and regret is late.

The cameraman lifted his head.

The terrible teeth of an ant beast came to my head.

I have not been able to keep up with the attacks of the masters at the moment when I am bottoming up to the horsepower to use ‘strengthening’ skill.

There was tears in his eyes.

‘Dad, I’m sorry.’



With the sound of crusting, the body fluid of the ants jumped on the cameraman’s face.


A cold silver blade penetrated the head of the ant.

As I lifted my head along the sword, there was an ant with a long red feather on its head.

‘Why do ants have ants?’

No, it was not an ant.

I was mistaken for the same mischief.

An unidentified soldier armed with a black armor pulled out a sword.


The pierced ants were stretched without force.

“What the hell …?”

The black soldier was standing next to him, and a man with a face like he saw many times came up and shouted.

“Open your mouth.”


The man did not have time to understand the point of the conversation, but forced himself to hold his chin and then poured liquid of unknown identity.

“Come on!”

The cameraman, who swallowed all the liquid while culling, hung his mouth and asked.

“Well, what are you?”

But the man turned to the ants without answering.

“What, what?”

The cameraman was upset while standing up.


My legs were moving.

Where is it?

I learned late, but after taking the liquid, my arms became fine.

‘What happened to this?’

What did the man just do to himself?

There was no way to explain it except that.

That moment.

Suddenly the cameraman remembered where he saw the man’s face.

‘Do not tell me.

*** Jin looked calmly around.

‘…’I was fortunate to have hidden the soldiers in the shadow of Baek Yoon-ho when I met the Korean team members at the Hunter Association’s gym the other day.

The situation, which was not a live broadcast, was worse than it was on TV.

I got the weakest cameraman first, but the S-class hunters were still surrounded by ants.

‘What shall I do?’

It was the quickest way to call out the molars and wipe away the ants in a pillar of fire.

But that did not guarantee the safety of S-class hunters.

So I needed another way.

Jin made a quick conclusion and turned his head to the iron.


Iron kicked his chest as if to give it to him.

The guy who walks forward, shaking his massive body, unfolds his chest wide and gives a crying shout.



[Iron uses ‘Skill: Shout of provocation’]

The effect was awesome.

All of the ants attacking the hunters have turned their heads toward the iron.

Soon they ran.

“Good job.”

Jinwoo touched the back of the iron, killing the Demon King and calling out two daggers.

‘The Dagger’s Dagger.’

The bluest dagger flashed with the light of the light magic.

ChiEeEe -!

Key eek!

Hundreds of ants came running into it all at once, with all the horizons in sight.


Jinwoo’s hand holding the dagger came in.

The new form of Jinwoo disappeared.

Kie eek!

Soon the ants and the soldiers began to clash with each other.

The other hunters, who were not quite right, moved to the corner. Fortunately, everyone was breathing.

The cameraman who joined also helped Baek Yunho.

Jinwoo was able to finish safely thanks to the fact that Jinwoo’s pet was able to attract all the ants.

“Wow, wow, wow.”

He leaned back against the wall, took a rough breath, and grabbed Baek Yoon – ho ‘s arm, which he had moved to here.

“No, what happened? Who is fighting now? ”

The focus was not on the eyes of such a mother. His eyes were hurt and his front was invisible.

Baek Yoon-ho put his hand in the hands of Ma Dong-wook.

“Master, it’s okay now. It’ll be okay. ”

“…”Then he looked at Jinwoo.

I do not know anyone else but Baek Yoon-ho had guessed to some extent.

How much power does Sungjinwoo have?

Suddenly, when the soldier of the black armor disappeared and he appeared in front of him, he was greatly embarrassed, but he soon shouted himself out loud.

Please, help me.

And as he watched the move toward the ants with his black soldiers, he was relieved by the relief.

just as expected.

Sung Jin-woo scrambled the ants, who had been so crazy about them, at a terrific speed like toy dolls.

KE on e -!

The screams of ants bursting here and there were dizzy.

Baek Yoon-ho gave a sigh of relief.

‘It’s okay now.’

It was not a sound to Ma Dong-wook. It was a sound to myself.

The hope of renewal revived.

More than 20 S-class hunters in Japan, Sung Jin-woo helped me more than I felt.

‘…I do not have a place to go. ”

Baek Yoon-ho smiled and sat beside Ma-dong.

What I can do now is to sit down and watch the hunting of Sungjin Hunter.

Then I pointed the cameraman to Jin-woo.

“Please follow him properly. Soon you’ll see something interesting. ”

What happened at Red Gate, Hunters Raid case.

It was a chance to directly check with the two eyes that it was all heard only in the story.


The cameramen tried to keep the distance, but not to miss Jinwu, so that it would not interfere with the fighting.

The work of the raid hunters is over, but their work is not over yet.

It’s black.

He swallowed hard.


The ants were cleanly cut up and down in the hands of Jin-woo.

Jin looked around.

The number of ants has decreased a lot, now a little over half.

Though the century had torn down the hard ants, the breath of Jinwoo was not disturbed at all.

In fact, this place was comfortable compared to the top floor of the demon.

‘Let’s try to speed up a bit more here?’

It is gentle.

Jinwoo, who had been looking down on the floor for a while, ordered the corpses of ants that were smoking black smoke.

“Get up!”

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