Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 118

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 118

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119 The cameraman felt the chills cool.


What is going to happen?

In the deep grove where the wind could not pass, cold air ran through the ridge.

‘Come to think of it…’

When I wonder if the surroundings are too calm. Kie ee eek – heavy screams echoed and black hands rose up from the floor at once.

chin. chin. The hands grabbing the floor lifted up their bodies.


The cameraman groaned without knowing himself.

His breathing sounded rough with his eyes rounded.

It’s hard to believe that A-class hunters are themselves, but what about the feelings of viewers watching this?

While the cameraman was in awe, the masters of the black hand had come up completely from the floor.


At first glance, they seemed to be in the form of ants, but they were constantly black smoke.

It was a monster with solid or gas.

If you make a statue of black antler looking at the shape of an antler, will not it come out that form?

Such things rose from hundreds or hundreds of floors.

The cameraman was so hearty he could not breathe.

Seeing that scene, Baek Yoon-ho also passed away. I was calm rather than a cameraman, but I could not keep my mouth shut.

‘That’s … That’s a pet? ”

Unlike the two men who lost their say, Jinwoo was happy to see the newly added shadow soldiers.


Now shadow soldiers were overwhelmingly overwhelming ants.

‘If this is so, I do not have to go out.’

Jinwoo sent the Devil King’s daggers to the warehouse. After that, he gave his first order to the new soldiers.

‘go. Do not leave a man! ”

KE to EE -!

Like the first time the ants came in here, this time the new bottles of Jinwu were flooded.

The procession of the ant anthropomorphs that had become endless seemed to be swept into the black wave.

*** Wow ah -!

There was a great jolt in the station room.

The chief stood up and applauded.

“done! done!”

When the disgusting ants were washed away, it seemed like a very puffy poo. A decade old congestion seemed to descend.

If I did not have eyes to see, I wanted to tell Phidi to shoot this scene separately.

I can relieve stress by watching this scene for months or years.

Min Bong Hunter’s B-boy was a pity.

When I saw the team’s only healer being hit by a marsh, the sky seemed to be twitching.

However, if the Korean team hunters can escape from the Antarctic cave safely with the help of Hunter who does not know the identity?

‘There is no better!’

The Korean team has already achieved the original goal by killing the queen.

It is not surprising that the ants who lost their way to breed soon disappear from the island.

There is a Japanese team.

What about the Japanese team?

I do not know what important operations are. It ‘s natural that I do not need to pay the price I promised because I ran away and run away.

Of course, it was a bonus that the raid video was selling like a wing.

The director ‘s face has turned bright.

‘Where did the trunk fall from?’

His eyes were not so bright as he gazed at the screen.


One employee came running again.


The director was surprised and rose from his seat.

“What else?”

The face of the director hardened.

I was dreaming of a wet dream for a while.

My heart has already burst.

This is about this time, and now it seems to hate the reporting staff.

It was like that if it could become thing that there was no bad thing by putting the staff’s mouth on and blocking it.

‘I’m getting more and more crazy …’

The staff spoke with the face reminiscent of whether you know the feeling of such a boss.

“That man, I found out!”

The director flipped his eyes.


*** Hunter Association President’s Office.


Ko Kun-hee rushes his hand in the sofa armrest. My primary doctor who was by the side looked at Kun-hee.

“President of the association.”

“…Excited for a moment. ”

I gave my hands unintentionally, and it became this shape.

But how can I not be excited to see that scene?

I was watching the action of Jin-woo on the big screen, and my heart became hot without even knowing it.

I would like to be with you if you let me alone.

“Excitement is not good for your body.”

Kun-hee nodded.

There is only one reason that he did not go to the operational command room.

Whether the subpoenas were successful or unsuccessful, his heart was weakened.

I can not be relieved to watch even on the broadcast, so I was keeping my doctor.

‘Was it right to stop you from seeing it at all?’

His doctor was worried about his judgment for a moment, but he looked at the president’s face and shook his head.

After the appearance of Hunter named Sung Jin-woo, the face of the president did not know that the smile was leaving.

“That’s my friend, Sung Jin-woo!”

When the moment of crisis, despair turned to cheer, the sound of the president seemed to still hit his ear.

He laughed.

‘I can not believe it.’

Then he grabbed the couch ‘s armrest carefully. If you do not hold anything, your body will be hard to bear.

‘How can Sung Jin Hunter be there?’

At first I was curious about it.

How could the ants be able to show up in secret all over the island?

But now it was not that important.

The important thing is that Sung Jin Hunter is right there. Thanks to him, there was hope for the Hunters. There were only two of these.


Jin-hee’s eyes grew as he saw a scene of Jin-woo pulling shadows from the corpses of ants and making soldiers.

‘That friend, I lied to you.’

Where is that one hundred pet? Even if you take a look at it, it looks over three hundred.

However, Ko Kun-hee’s expression was not the face of a person who was deceived.

I had a pleasant smile.

‘I wanted to fight with the masters.’

I could see why I said that now.

What kind of force is afraid of such power?

The appearance of Jinwu who is sure to fight with the masques was exciting. Enough to make the heart of the person who watches.

By the way.

Why did Sung Jin Hunter who wanted to fight such athletes refuse to propose to join the Korean team?

‘It must have been something as important as that.’

Kun-hee nodded.

A man who can face like that in front of a raid does not leave the raid team.

I was wondering why Jin-woo was missing when I thought that he was there.

*** Hot tang.

Jina, who was studying in the room, heard the noise and went out into the living room.


“I’m sorry. Was it too loud? ”

Jina shook her head.

I did not want to put more strain on my mother who lowered the TV volume so that she could hardly hear the volume of her daughter studying.

“No, it’s okay. What’s wrong? Is the TV broken? ”

“I do not suddenly come out.”

“brother is?”

“My brother is here.”

The mother who turned around was surprised.

“Oh, where is he? I was here until just now. ”

Jia opened her visit with her head.


Not in the bathroom.

Jin-a, who ran through every corner of the house, turned to her mother and asked.

“What were you looking at?”

“Jeju Island Reid.”

“…”Suddenly, an uneasy feeling of English passed.

Then, it seemed strangely that the entire apartment complex seemed loud.


Jina hurried into the room and turned on his cell phone.


Wowaaa – The violent chaos of the upper and lower floors burst out and Jin’a’s eyes, checking the phone’s liquid crystal, shook.


*** Jin-woo, who arranged all the ant athletes who entered the queen’s bedroom, put the soldiers back into the shadow.

Many ants still scattered throughout the island were returning to the Antarctic.

Before meeting them, I thought it was urgent to send the Hunters here to a safe place.

‘There are some injured.’

Jinwoo approached the Hunters.

Everyone except Baek Yoon-ho and the cameraman was in bad shape.

Cha Hae – in still has not returned, and the rest of the others seemed to be seriously injured.

Jin asked.

“Min Bong Hunter?”

Baek Yoon-ho shook his head with a firm face.

“…”Jin took out the potion and healed the Hunters in turn.

Potion feeds one person directly because it becomes useless when leaving his / her hand.

“Uh …”

The hunters that put on the potion started to set the spirit one by one.


Lim Tae-gyu, who raised his upper body, listened to his body and spoke out.


The final man, too, got his original body.



The final man did not know what was happening and saw his eyes round.

“How is Mr. Sungjin?”

“I’ll go out and talk.”


The final man nodded as he looked around.

This is the deepest part of the Antarctic cave. It was not a place to chat.

“Sexual master!”

Myeong-wook recovered his sight and grabbed his hand.

“You fought those ants? Thank you, thank you very much! ”

Jinwoo also gave the same answer to her.

“Go out and talk.”

“I know.”


Jinwoo’s face was wrinkled in front of the Chaehaein.

‘Weird … It’s too weak. ”

Feeling an ominous aura, Jinwu carefully poured the potion into her mouth.

just as expected.

I got a message right away.


[When the remaining health is less than 10%, healing potions can not be restored.]

Jinwoo’s hair was wrinkled.

When I pulled out the hand that supported her head, blood came out briskly.

‘…’That ant. Among the Korean hunters, the car Haein, who was outstanding, suffered a single fatal injury.

The survival of the other hunters here was not because they were strong. He was playing with these for a while.

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

‘But before that …’

The injuries of the car were hurried.

If the wound can not be cured by potions, I had to leave the island of Hanshi Bagi and meet the healing Hunter.

“Hurry up.”

Jinwoo grabbed her and raised her body.

The hunters also stood up.

Everyone rushed to get out of the queen ‘s bedroom, and Jin – woo, who was walking from the front, sighed.

‘…’Baek Yoon – ho could guess the reason.

Jinwoo left Cha Haein to Baek Yoon-ho. Instead of Jin Woo, Baek Yoon-ho hugged her with embarrassed expression.

“I will help.”

Jinwoo looked at the Hunters including Baek Yoon-ho and nailed it firmly.

“Never let me go in the future. That’s fast. ”

“Mr. Sung-jin, I mean that.”

When the last man, who does not know the situation yet, tried to say a word, Ma Dong – wook shook his head.

I did not see it in my eyes, but with grief I sensed how Jinwu made the ants from beginning to end.

Jinwoo was right.

But Baek Yoon-ho intervened.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

Jinwoo looked around.

“I know you are strong. Probably no one knows as much as I am. But.”

Baek Yoon-ho made a serious look.

“Did not you already have too many petals?”

What’s the problem with that?

When Jinwoo wondered, Baek Yoon-ho, surprised, added the explanation.

“You have already consumed a lot of horsepower, but what if you have a horsepower?”

Oh, that was the word.

I guess he said that the other hunters who used the summoning magic seemed to have a lot of magical power to summon.

‘Shadow soldiers do not have the magic power, you do not need to reveal, do not you?

I do not think it will be seen as an ordinary recall in the eyes of others.

So Jin-woo changed his expression slightly.

“My servants do not eat much horsepower. So do not worry. ”


Baek Yoon-ho and the cameraman answered at the same time.

Is there a small amount of horsepower consumed to make such a pet? So the alternative weakness is Moore?

‘…’Jinwoo seems to be getting longer and turned just toward the cave.

Timely ants were coming in.

‘There are many.’

There are patients here.

There was no time to spare.

For the best efficiency, Jinwoo has cast the skill ‘Monarch’ s domain ‘.

The water under the feet went black.

By the time they were ready to call out the soldiers, a wind blew beneath the cave.

‘…?’Jin turned his head toward the direction of the dripping aura.

One of them.

The ants looked like they were in the cracks, but they had a whole different kind of mix.

‘It’s him.’

Jinwoo recognized the king of ants at a glance.

The ant king saw the Jinwu.

The king of ants walked slowly to Jinwoo without haste.

“human… It’s kind of sharp. ”

Imitating Goto’s tone.

The hunters who saw the nightmare and just remembered the nightmare they had just stumbled back.

On the other hand, Jinwoo quietly stared at him without any hesitation.

The ant king stood in front of Jinwoo.

“Are you the king of humans?”

“…The worm is speaking. ”

When Jin-woo talked with a gentle face, the face of the ant king was distorted.

The power inherited from the queen. The power that we gathered through predation. As soon as all the magical powers had been released, the king of the ant rose up huge. The same height as Jinwoo was about 1.5 times.

The king of ants roared as hard as he could in front of Jinwoo.

Jin – woo, who was not surprised at his eyes, laughed.

“Now I’m a little insect.”

And he liberated his horsepower.

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