Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 121

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 121

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“Yes? Camera? ”


The cameraman looked at Jinwoo with a sense of embarrassment.

The look of Jinwoo was serious.

“Why is the camera suddenly …?”

Jinho did not answer the question of the cameraman.

“…”The cameraman could not make a decision easily.

Sungjin Hunter is a life saver.

There is no reason to listen to his request, which still holds the lives of many people.

‘But the thing is to turn off the camera …’

It was not an exaggeration to say that the whole nation is watching right now. For former broadcasters, it was hard to press the camera.

He hesitated and hesitated, and Jinwu said without delay.

“If you do not turn it off,” he said.

In the cold voice of Jin-woo, the cameraman shivered.

If Sung Jin Hunter decided to commit the camera, would he be able to stop it if all the hunters gathered here would agree?

No matter what the reason, there was no choice.

“Oh, I see.”

The cameraman took off his camera from his head and turned it off.

Jinwoo confirmed that the lights of the power supply were turned off, and handed over the car Hae who had been held by Baek Yoon-ho.

‘I did not want to scare photographers, but …’

It was a helpless job to help the car Haenin.

She looked around and hugged her. Jinwoo gently took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

‘What are you trying to do?’

All of the Hunters’ attention was focused on Jinwoo.

Soon Jin woke his eyes.

After finding out where he needed to be, Jinwu suddenly began to walk inside the ants.

It was a quick step, but I was not worried about the state of the car Haen.

People looked up and looked at Jin-woo.

Then Jinwoo stopped and laid him carefully.

Then I removed the ants that were piled up nearby.


A cameraman who discovered something spit out a groan.


Other hunters swallowed the sting.

There was a carcass of Ming Bong that had cooled down.

It was a gruesome figure without an upper neck.

Now I can just guess why Sung Jin Hun Hunter asked me to turn off the camera.

Nobody wants to see this scene.


Byeong-koo and friend Baek Yoon-ho, who was more friendly than anyone else, turned his head to the other side.

But then.


I had an idea in my head.

‘Sungjin Hunter finds out how many pilgrims there are in the bodies of many Masu?’

The answer came soon.

Unless it was a special skill, there was only one way.

Humans and marshals have a slightly different magic wavelength, and Jinwoo has identified the body of Min Bok which has not lost its wavelength.

If it was true, I could only say that it was a wonderful feat.

It was a task that was not possible even with the specialized eyes of ‘Masu’s eyes’.

Back to his mind, Baek Yoon-ho turned his head to the side of Jin-woo.

It was because I wanted to keep a close eye on what was going to happen, even if there was one that had a heartbreak in the shape of the paddle.

‘Sungjin Hunter … What the hell are you doing? ‘

Jeonwoo, Min Bong-gu, and Cha Hae-in watching the eyes of Baek Yoon-ho went to the cold sweat.

Jin-woo confirmed the status of Min-gun.

Black smoke was rising from the body. Shadow extraction skills were possible.

just as expected.


[Shadow extraction is possible.]

I was kindly reminded that the system messages that came up with the familiar machine sounds can be done.

Of course, Jinwoo was aware that Min-bong Hunter could turn him into a shadow soldier from the moment he heard that he had been beaten.

I just did not want to. I made an innocent person undead, and sold him as a soldier. It was the specification even if it was the body of S class Hunter.

It was not a man to do.


Jin-woo looked down at the face of the car Haein, who was getting more and more pale.

‘…This is the best. ‘

What if you can leave the wounded to the best healers in Korea in an imminent situation?

What worries do you need more?

Even if you can make a choice for yourself, you will make a hundred judgment. Jinwoo gave a command to the shadow with his spirited face.

“Get up.”

However, the results were different from the expectations.


[Shadow extraction failed.]

Jinwoo’s expression was wondered and nervous.

Is the skill level of the shadow extraction lower than the opponent’s ability?

Or is it because yongnam people do this extraction is unwilling the spirit?

Jinwoo was wondering.

And put a strong willingness on the voice said.

“Get up.”

The change began then.

To Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah-I should say, scream shout should know that heavy bass rings in the desolate wind blew.

The hunters circled their eyes to the creepy feeling of crossing the ridge.

“Oh My God!”

“That one!”

In the shadow of Min – bok, one black hand rose.

The black hand grabbed the ground firmly as if he did not want to go back into the shadow.


Then he pulled himself out of the shadows.


Baek Yoon-ho, who watched, seemed to have a heart attack.

I did not know anyone else, but I was clearly in my eyes.

The power of Min Bong-gug, who was pulled out of the shadow, was slowly becoming a form of man.

Exactly as a soldier in black armor.

Soon the pet turned out to be perfect.

“…”The Hunters all lost their words and looked at the new pet that Jinwu had summoned as if he were soulful.

I felt strong magical powers on my pet that was equal to the best Hunter.

‘No, you do not …?’

I was surprised by the last person who was noticed.

As everyone watched and watched, Jin watched the shadow of Min-bok with his calm eyes.

The shadow facing the eye nodded his head.

As soon as the shadow is made into a soldier, it becomes connected to the Jinwoo. They could see what the owner wanted.

I do not have to give any instructions.

The shadows of Min Bung-gu who bowed his body cast a healing magic to the Cha Hae-in.

Uwoo-woong-shi As the light of the soldier’s hands glowed, the Cha-hain began to regain his complexion.

It was the highest level of Hill.

‘I knew it!’

The last man was thrilled.

I was convinced that I had to look at the hand to heal the car.

The black soldier ‘s identity was no different than.

So now the other hunters have noticed a glimpse of what is happening now.

Myeong-wook, who had been unable to close his mouth since his hand was raised from the shadow of Min-bong, was amazed.

“You are not an ordinary summoner.”

Jinwoo was neither positive nor negative.

But who are they?

Hunters are so good that one person represents a large guild.

Even if I did not hear the answer, I knew enough.

“surely… Can Sungjin Hunter use the power of the dead? ”

The final man asked with nervous eyes.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

There was no reason to come here to conceal their abilities, nor did I want to speak to them.

‘Well, it’s not even the people who can fool you around.’

I was cool when I talked about my ability.

Other people might seem a bit scary, but it was the ability to thank Jinwoo for bringing him here.

I was proud of my power as a shadow monarch.

The Hunters, facing confident Jin-wook’s eyes, felt fear of the power of Jin-woo’s strength.

‘Using the power of a dead man to summon a pet?’

‘As the battlefield gets tougher, the stronger it gets, the stronger it gets … What a dreadful ability? ‘

‘It really does not make sense.’

Today, Jinwoo ‘s ability to see the vividly seen in front of the hunters came to a different meaning.

In addition, Baek Yoon – ho knew one more secret.

‘If your strength continues to grow and you can be a pet to your enemy,

I can not imagine the limit still hard to guess the power that Sung Jin Hunter will have in the future I shook the body shook.

The photographer seemed to think of something.

“Oh, then why did you ask me to turn off the camera …”

One of the best hunters in the country is also a force to scare.

The fact that I did not want to disclose such power in front of the whole people could be easily deduced.


The shadow of Min – bok rose.

As soon as the healing process was over, a red light appeared on the face of the chaser, Hunter.

‘Wow -‘ Jinwoo confirmed her condition and sighed a sigh of relief.

The consciousness has not returned yet, but the respiration and the pulse return to normal. The wound was completely cured.

Jinwoo put his hand on the shadow shoulder of Min Bong-gu.

It was meant to work.

‘…’In the warm glance of the shadow looking at himself, Jinwoo could roughly guess what Minbugu was in his lifetime.

Jin pulled his hand from his shoulder.



I sent him back with a smile.

No matter how I think about it, there was no such thing as the right to call him a soldier who fought with Masu and his life.

I decided that it was not about a warrior.

‘…Let’s go. ‘

With a bit of regret behind, Jinwu hugged the car hunter, who lay down.

The queen, the king, and the ants, who lost both heads, were scattered all over the island to escape the shadow soldiers.

The cave where the ant was buzzing was empty.

A few steps ahead, Jin-woo looked back.

“Let’s go.”

Thanks to the potions, the physical fatigue almost recovered, but the expression of Hunter, who was mentally close to knocking down, brightened instantly.

It is finally over.

The faces filled with smiles were representing emotions.

The helicopter arrived at a good time as it escaped through the grotto safely.

“There are Hunters out there!”


When the helicopter found the Hunters carefully landed on the ground, the hunters boarded one or two inside.

The last two standing.

Jinwoo and Baek Yunho.

Jinwoo, who was ahead, handed the car Haein gently to Baek Yunho instead of riding in a helicopter.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

“I still have some work to do here.”

Baek Yoon – ho, who heard the words, laughed.

There were still many ant athletes in Jeju Island that were not treated.

I would have asked if another person would be left alone in such a place, but it was not for the man in front of me.

The monster is a monster.

Baek Yoon-ho felt like Jin-woo would not be surprised what he did here.


Just before leaving the island, Baek Yoon – ho finally asked.

“So the ball … No, what about the pet that came out of the kit? Are you going to be a soldier and fight forever? ”

Jinwu shook his head.

“I have canceled the summon so I can not see it again anymore.”

Baek Yoon – ho, who nodded his head, gave a satisfactory smile.

“That’s fortunate.”


“That guy. I did not like to fight anyway. Maybe you’ll be thanking Sungjin Hunter. ”

So six brave warriors and a photographer left Jeju Island.

Their fight is over.

But for Jinwoo, now is the real beginning.

‘Up one level up to 100 levels.’

It was enough to think of the remaining talents. In addition, there were still a lot of shadows to be extracted in the ants.

Would you like to start?

‘Once the ants ran away …’

Jinwoo smiled and chiseled her out.

*** Japan Hunter Association.

The president of Matsumoto shrugged off the big screen with a sore expression.

Only one Korean hunter handled the monster that took ten Japanese top class hunters at once.

‘Why, why …’

Matsumoto tore off his side head with a few fingers left by his trembling fingertips.

What a ridiculous thing has happened.

Thanks to this, the power of the Japanese hunters has been reduced to less than half, and this position has made even the place of the president himself dangerous.

If Korea had failed, I would have been able to get help from world society.

South Korea escaped safely against monster ants and thousands of ants.

Sung Jin Woo.

One Hunter smashed everything.

‘Sung Jin Woo … Sung Jin Woo … ‘

I suddenly heard the conversation I had with Goto in Korea.

-In Korea… There is a great Hunter in Korea.

– More than you?

– Maybe it is.

-…- I think I need to make a little different plan.


Then I had to listen to what Goto had to say.

He was a man who knew more about the difference in power between the Hunters than anyone else.

There was a Korean hunter who evaluated him as “great” for the first time. Why not.

Rather, if we had a complete analysis of Sung Jin-woo, we could work with Korea and solve the problem without any problems.

No, even if I left it alone, Korea might have solved it by coming out on its own.

I had to dig my grave to do what I had done.

“Tongue, President?”

The employee, who saw his face shattered, called anxiously.

However, Matsumoto did not even listen to his face and bit his staff with only a hand gesture.

The employee leaned forward and flew away.

Matsumoto’s face was wrinkled.

‘I have only one way to survive.’

Again the Japanese Hunter Association to build up strong. I needed just one.

‘Sung Jin Woo …’

We must bring him somehow.

Now that Goto has lost his life, it was the only way to revive the Japanese Hunter Association.

It has never been easy for the Korean people to observe the activities of Sungjin Hunter, but there has been a precedent in South Korea that has already leaked its own Hunter once.

‘How can we bring Sungjin Hunter to us?’

Matsumoto’s brain, which had been pausing for a moment, began to return.

*** East of the United States.

Followers – Followers – Followers – Endless ringtones.

David Brennan, who could not stand it, eventually caught the receiver.

‘Which freak is the phone at this time?’

He is the head of the Hunter Bureau, the most powerful authority in the United States.

If this was a prank call, I would have picked up the phone with the intention of putting it in my cell without any means.


“Hello?” – Chief, look.

“Deputy Director …?”

David, awake in a familiar voice, raised his upper body.

“What happened at this time?” – There is a video you have to see.


I checked my cell phone and there was a video file with seven missing calls.

The sound was off and I missed the call.

“I see. I’ll check and call you soon. “- You do not have to.

“…What does that mean? “- I am in front of you now.


David, who got up to the punch, checked his desk clock.

It was exactly 4:12 in the morning.

I took the phone and threw it down and ran to the window. I was really waiting for the assistant driver to stand in front of the house.

The deputy chief who met his eyes greeted him.

David looked at him like a hell of a head and turned his head.

‘What’s going on?’

He felt that something unusual had happened and he held a cell phone waiting for the video.

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