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“…”The raid record video that just happened in a small country on the eastern end gave a shock to David Brennan Hunter, the director of the Bureau.

“What do you think?”

The Deputy Director carefully asked.

The director immediately responded.

“What do you think?” He asked.

It was true.

It is strange that the director and deputy director of the Hunter Bureau meet at 4:00 am, and that place is the home kitchen of the director.

There was a moment of silence between the two people sitting at the table.

I’m so happy.

The director turned around and smoked again.

The wife of the director who came down the stairs to the second floor found her nickname by looking at the light on the first floor.

“Dave, are you okay?”

The director took his hand and the director ‘s wife turned to anxious eyes and climbed to the second floor again.

And when I had burned out exactly three cigarettes, the director opened his mouth.

“It’s a terrific talent for being in a small country like Korea.”

“I agree.”

“Do you know anything about him?”

The deputy director put out a file containing information of Sung Jin-woo.

The director looked over the document and smiled a satisfactory smile.


In less than an hour after the raid was over in the Far East, Jeju Island, relevant information came to his hands.

It was an enormous amount, from the Hunter’s lineage to human relations.

This is the power of the American power of Hunter.

The deputy director smiled inward.

‘I was lucky.’

The intelligence of the United States is intelligence, but this time it followed the luck.

Aka “Sung Il Hwan” case.

A person who did not know whether he was from a dungeon or a human being was a Korean hunter, and the information he collected was still in the bureau.

Now that other countries, except Korea, do not even know Hunter ‘s name, Sung Jin – woo, the US has already gone two steps ahead.

Freshly made. What is this really not the help of heaven?

But it is not a job to be excited by a little luck. It is up to the ability of the party to make fortune an opportunity. The deputy chief had some serious eyes.

“He did not get the right compensation, even though his father Hunter was missing at the gate.”

“Hmm …”

“In addition, until recently re-awakening, I had to go across the line several times to cover my mother’s medical expenses.”

“…It can not be done. ”

Are the wives and sons of the heroes who have lost their lives fighting with the masters for their country?

It was something I could not imagine here in the United States.

“And this is not yet confirmed information long …”

The director who checked the document lifted his head. The deputy chief of the office said.

“He has not entered any guild yet.”

“…!”It was news that ears were flashing.

The director covered the file.

“This is different from the brass.”

When the familiar name came out from the mouth of the director, the deputy director ‘s eyes changed.

“I bring two S-class hunters from a country … This is like saying that I will turn my back completely to that country. ”

Korea is a long – time ally of the United States.

This meant that this would bring about a minor wave.

But the deputy chief said in full voice.

“still… Is not he worth it? ”

“…”The director could not deny it. So instead of the answer was the question.

“Can you do it?”

The deputy chief gave the same answer as in the case of Hwang Dong-soo.

“Let’s do it.”

In a word, the deputy director was promoted to promotion, and eventually he sat down.

And the second time the deputy director looked into the man.

The United States has two of the world ‘s strongest hunters, which are already known as state power, but the director wanted to make this guy an American.

The director said the fourth cigarette with his mouth.

“Whatever condition he presents, please bring him to me.”

*** Jinwoo ran in the Caesells and found each one of the ants missed by Shadow soldiers.


One of the ants who were thrown at the dagger thrown down again.

Jinwoo was able to get his dagger easily by using the hand of the ruler without getting out of the cell.

‘It’s time for the level to rise.’

Now the ants are gone.

Jinwoo wanted to level up with the remaining ants.

First, if you raise one more level, you will get 100 levels.

It was a fantastic level that I did not want to miss in the case of Jin-woo, who likes numbers falling in a multiple of 5.

There is no gate to reserve yet, so after leaving Jeju Island, there is nowhere to get experience.

Luckily, unless the key is dropped from the random box or the dungeon brakes are not nearby.

‘Is it a bit like expressing a dungeon brake as lucky?’

At least one raid must fail the raid before the dungeon breaks.

And another reason.

It was because of a painful memory when I extracted the shadow of Min Bong Hunter.

Baruka, the captain of the spirits.

After three attempts, he eventually failed to make him a shadow soldier.

I failed to make my first attempt today, but I felt my heart hurting it again.

‘How did you succeed after two attempts …’

Was surprised to see the surprised chest pot lid?

There was no guarantee that when extracting the shadow of a monster ant, it would not be like the case of Baruka.

The ability of a man is not comparable to Min-bong Hunter.

I wanted to raise the level before extracting the shadow of a guy to increase the probability of success even a little.

Even if it was only one level difference, it would certainly help.


Jinwoo, who found something, ordered Kaichael to land.


Caesells fluttered his wings and fell to the ground. Jinu, who descended from his back, looked around.

‘This is near …’

Jinwoo found the bodies and frowned.

There were Japanese hunters’ gaze around here and there.

There was a body that neatly disappeared, and some bodies that were badly damaged and hard to recognize.

Jin looked at the bodies.

‘Strong horsepower …’

They were strong men.

I did not see it as a performer in these places.

Still, lying here meant that something so strong came to the place.

‘That monster would be an ant.’

It was hard to imagine what the other guy did.

The first time I hit my head with my head, my chin was sore. If you were a different hunter, it would have been hard to stick to one.

Jinwoo, who was looking at the scene bitterly, stood at one place.

‘This feeling is …’

Jinwoo leaned over the floor.

The soil on the ground was wet with a great deal of blood.

Traces of magic that remain very faint on the ground.

It was the horsepower wavelength that I encountered once before.

‘Gotou Ryuji.’

Jin looked around.

Goto’s horsepower remains, but his body could not be found anywhere.

It seemed to have been completely eaten by the monster ants.


Jinwoo was the last of the strongest in Japan and kicked his tongue.

As soon as they were hunting all over the island, the shadow soldiers informed them that they had dealt with all the ants.

There was no anthrax that could be caught by expanding grief.

‘…Finally got caught? ‘

It is news that the people of the Republic of Korea will call a hundred thousand years old, but Jinwoo has had an appetite for regret.

I can not raise my level.

Now that there are no remaining wastes, I go back to the Antarctic cemetery to extract the shadows of monster ants and queen ants.


Jinwoo’s pace stopped.

‘Wait a minute… Do you have any leftovers? ”

There were those who were caught up in extended passion.

It’s also a huge number!

Jinwoo ‘s face, which was left with a grudge, immediately came to smile.

Jinwoo climbed over the cell with a bright expression.


*** I knew it.

The deep inside of the ants’ cave, Jinwoo’s eyes, which entered the spawning ground, gleamed.

Arms lined up from floor to wall, pillars and ceiling.

As I watched the twisting motion under the translucent shells, these were surely living beasts.

‘I do not know how much experience will come.’

However, this number seems to be enough to fill the short experience.

Jinwoo calls out Shadow soldiers specialized in ranged attacks.


In order of rank, three molars and three magic bottles stood side by side.

Jinwoo grabbed the “beads of greed” in the hands of molars and looked around the four soldiers in turn.

“Do you know what to do?”

The magic nods nodded at once.

Jinwoo pointed at the eggs.


Then a terrible flame came out of the mouth of the gigantic garland molar, and the casting magic bottles threw a huge fireball here and there.


Fuck it!


The eggs, which had no means of resistance, burned in a moment.

Key to the ex -!

Jinwoo looked closely at the ant pupae of one corner, not the egg.

When the pupa peeled down, the inside of the body of the ants, which was just before becoming an adult, was seen.

They were all winged with one exception.

‘If these adults became monsters and came across the sea with monster ants …’

Even if they succeeded in eliminating the Queen, the two countries would have suffered great damage. It was fortunate to be able to stop now.

Do not worry!


Watching his sweaty men, Jinwoo pulled out a “sword of the devil king” from the warehouse.

The beautiful long sword with a blue glow was destroyed every time it moved, and the electric power was turned on the blade.

One reason Jinwoo pulled out a sword that was not used as a main weapon instead of a dagger.


Let’s swing a long sword as hard as you can.

Supporting Paper Support -!

A flash of lightning and a blue storm ahead.


Jinwu smiled.

There was not enough destructive power or stun effect as the skill of the Demon King used, but it was enough to burn the eggs.

I was so eager to remove the eggs, and finally I heard a nice sounding ‘tickling’.

[Level up!]


Jinwoo sang the delight inside.

Jinwoo immediately returned to the warehouse of the “Demon King’s Long Sword”, leaving the clearing to the soldiers, and he headed to the queen’s bedroom.

Not surprisingly, the monster ant was lying down in its place.

Jinwu stood before him.

The heart has already started to run since I am so inclined to leave the monster ant as a soldier.


When he extracted Hunter’s shadow, Jin-woo realized how important the power of concentration was.

‘Let’s calm down.’

Jinwoo ‘s eyes cooled cold and his breath was restored.


The condition was the best.

Jinwoo’s eyes turned downward.

In the corpses of the monster ants, the thick, dreary, unpleasant smoky smoke that had not been seen by other masters was coming up smoothly.

Is it because it is so powerful that it is difficult for him to determine the comparative target?

With that in mind, he slowly reached out to the black smoke.

“Get up.”

124 That is the moment.

I quickly repeated that the ambient light became darker as the lifetime of the fluorescent lamp blinked.

Jinu lifted his head.

The light bulb that the final man floated in the air for the Queen Ant Reid was blinking.

‘Is the magic released?’

At first, I thought so.

However, the Korean team hunters have not come to the foot for less than an hour yet.

But the effect of magic already disappears?

It is also the magic that the S-class magic hunter had to cast in order to smoothly carry out the raid that took his life.

It was a story that could not be.

if so.


When the idea of the shadow extraction skill that I just used for the monster ants, the thought that I just passed through my head. Park – The surroundings are completely darkened.

If there was a leak of light, it would have been possible to see the surroundings with the power of sensation stats, and it was dark enough to be impossible.

Did it last for one second?

For a very short time, when the darkness that had been maintained went and the surroundings were bright, monster ants were facing in front of me.

‘…!’Jinwoo was surprised.

If it was not the message of ‘Shadow extraction succeeded’ that came out almost at the same time, I knew that the monster ant was revived and almost attacked.

“Huh – I’m surprised.”

Jin took a sigh of relief.

Certainly one step away from the cold when I looked at the living thing was a bit different.

The black haze was constantly rising from the body.

‘This is the shadow of the monster ant …’

I do not know how the other stats would have changed, but at least the flames seemed to be a few levels higher than before.

Jinwoo stood before the shadow of the ant.

I felt great magical power.

When I stood in front of him and felt his horsepower, I realized that the monster ant was now my soldier.


I want to stay calm, but my mouth went up.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing!

My heart ran like a child who had the gift I had hoped for.

Soon the information of the shadow came up.

The eyes of Jinu who looked at the information above the head of the shadow were tapered.

[?? Lv.1] Genre confirmed the grade rating, Jinwu grabbed his fist.

The first grade you see is out.

That meant that this guy had a different strength from the previous soldiers.

‘It’s a natural result if you think about the stats of your life.’

I was able to find out that I was not a regular soldier when I saw the grade name alone. There was a reward that I tried to get.



Jin-woo and the shadow of the eye fell on his knees.

The ‘absolute loyalty’ inherent in Shadow Soldiers was no exception to this guy.


Next is the Queen’s turn.

Jin turned around with a satisfactory smile.

By the way.

“King …”

In a voice from behind, Jinwoo stood up.

I had never thought that the wall was weak, but at this moment I felt like my heart sank. …Is it a hallucination?

Jinwoo looked back.

I could see it without looking back, but there was no one but the shadow of the ant in the back.

And the shadow was still kneeling and bowed.

‘…’Jin looked at the shadow and turned slowly.

“Are you?”

Then he opened his mouth as if he had waited.

“I do not … name…”

Apparently, the shadows of the ants were passing by.

*** The helicopter carrying the Hunters went straight to Seoul.

Tatata Tatata Tatata -!

When the helicopter arrived at the Hunter Association, it fell down to the ground, and waited anxiously and opened the door of the handicraft helicopter.

“What’s yours, Hunter?”

The hunters’ gaze pointed to the car Haein.

She had not come back yet, and she lay flat on the floor of the helicopter.

“Come on over here!”

Two A-level healers who were waiting outside the door at the direction of Kun-hee rushed hastily and looked at her condition.

“…?””…?”Then they exchanged their eyes to wonder about each other.

“what happened?”

A similar answer came out at almost the same time, regardless of who was first to ask the question.

“I do not have any injuries.”

“It is normal.”

“You do not need to treat Tea Hunter?”

The healers nodded. Then I added an explanation.

“I do not know who, but I have put a tremendous recovery spell. There is no place for us to use. ”

Kanghee was embarrassed.

When I checked the status of the car Haein by the live broadcast, her injuries seemed serious.

He said he was still in a state of seriousness to keep listening.

So after looking through all directions, I had to call two A-level healers in a hurry.

By the way.

‘There is no place to cure?’

The gaze of Kun-hee searched the car Ha.

Surely her color was not bad. It was like sleeping.

What happened while the camera was off?

Kun-hee stumbled upon his head.

‘There would not have been a healer …’

The only healer, Min Bong-gug, was so terrible.

Ko Kun-hee asked Ma Dong-wook, the leader of the team.

“How is this, Ma Hunter?”


While he was worried about how to explain this, a healer shouted.

“Hunter is awake!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to her at once.

She asked carefully, sitting on her bedside.

“Tea Hunter, do you mind?”

The car Haen slowly opened his eyes.

“Here …?”

“It’s in a helicopter. We are now landing at the Hunter Association, and we will soon be moving Hunter to the hospital. ”


The car Haen looked around for a while and drank deeply.

There was a smell of Sungjin Hunter in his body.

She looked at her with a blurred gaze.

“…Did Sung Jin Hunter come? ”

The Hunters were surprised when she came out of her mouth, which had been stunned.

Kun-hee slowly nodded instead of the answer.

Car Hae smiled a pale smile.

‘Also… It was not a dream. ‘

The car Haein, who seemed to be awake, fell back into deep sleep again.

After confirming the stable breath, Kanghee instructed the attendants to move her to the hospital so that she could relax.

Then, Sung Jin Hun Hunter was not in position.

Ko Kun-hee looked back at her.

“But where is Sungjin Hunter?”

Baek Yoon-ho, who was listening, participated in the conversation of the two.

“Sung Jin Hunter is … I will stay. ”

“Do you want to stay?”

Kanghee expressed that it was difficult to understand.

The helicopter that used the magic engine knew that it had come straight here after picking up the hunters in Jeju Island.

There was no place to go anywhere on the road.

Kanghee asked again.

“Where are you going?”

“I heard that there is still work to do in Jeju Island.”

“…Did he not even ride a helicopter? ”

Byeonhyeoseo asked Kanghee Baek Yoon-ho smiled and nodded his head.


*** “How can I say it?”

“Could… There was. ”

The shadows of the ants were completely answered without question, but unfortunately it did not help much.

Since I was able to speak before I became a shadow, I can speak even after I become a shadow.


Jinwu shook his head.

The former Hunter Kim Chul who became a loyal knight ‘Iron’ was not only able to speak but also human.

But conversation was impossible.

The same is true for Min Bong Gu.

Without saying a word, he returned to the world of radish.

In his lifetime, he was a good-natured marsh, his molars became a shadow soldier, and since then his mouth has closed forever.


But why does this guy only speak?

The only difference between these guys and those who could not speak was that.


Unlike the other soldiers who were in the rank of knights and knights, this guy had a new rating of ‘General’.

In other words, when the grade is above a certain level, it becomes possible to speak.

There is no clear evidence yet, but for now it was the most reliable hypothesis.

‘So now the guys under me may be able to speak if the level goes up …’

There seemed to be another reason to raise the level of soldiers.

The thoughtful Jin Woo always asked the ant shadows questions that he always wanted to ask the soldiers.

“It is I who killed you.”

“…””But still I want to follow me in naught?”

“I am…”

He came up with an answer he had not thought of at all.

“Not dead … With the power of Lord … It was born again. ”

He lifted his head.

He looked at each other and looked at him.

“Now in my … The joy is overflowing … There is. Only forever … I’ll follow. ”



Is it because I feel my heart?

When the shadow of the Ants swore eternal loyalty, Jinwoo leaped without knowing himself.

I raised my hand gently over my chest to calm the rough beating heart. The heart quickly stabilized as usual.

At that time, he bowed his head again and eagerly asked.

“King … I also have a name … ”

The story went back to the origin.

It was a different experience, receiving my own request instead of the system’s urge.

Name, name.

I did not really care about the name of the soldier in the first place.

‘That’s right, dog minnie, do not you think about Antn?’

Could there be hundreds of ants in the same place, because the general’s name is ‘ant’?


Jin-woo laughed as he looked at his name for a while.


At the moment, the name of a famous novelist came up with the novel ‘Ants’.

The decision was quicker than a short one.

“Your name is lame.”

When Jin-woo decides the name, he headed down the head that he was leaning toward.

“Thank you… Lord. ”

The information on the head of Berh had already been updated.

[Berl Lv.1] General’s rating is ‘Yes.’

Jinwoo was proud of the changed name and turned to the queen.

Now it really is the Queen’s turn.

The queen’s extraction is simply over because I have just made Berr a shadow soldier and I am confident.

“Get up.”

Qiaaaaaak – A scream that resembled the endless screams of a mage, resembling a queen, came up from the shadows.


Jin-woo, who expressed his joy with success, felt a strange thing, and glared at his head.


Once the shadow of the Queen was created, the connection with the shadows of ants Masu was dim.

It seemed like the string that we connected to each other was covered in fog.


Before he could even call him, he had come to his side.

chuck. If it was not more than 200 sensation stats, it was an exciting move to follow with your eyes.

Such a man is now a loyal soldier.

Jinwoo was forced into his shoulders.

“Why do you think this is?”

Jinu pointed to the queen and asked.

Berth was the best known soldier of ants.

Berger replied in a polite posture.

“The Ant Corps Control … It is the queen’s unique ability. ”


So if you have a queen, do you think that the commander of the Ant Corps is automatically transferred to her?

‘That’s a little …’

No matter how much you could submit to the queen, there was a reluctance to leave ants.

When you make an order, you say you have to do it through the queen.

Jinu, who touched his chin, asked Bere again.

“So the queen’s horsepower has decreased?”

“Most of the queen’s horsepower is … It is for breeding. Breeding without the body … Because it is impossible. ”

Jinwoo cut the horse.

“The horsepower is half-cut?”

“That’s right… Lord. ”

In the end, the words of Berr say that the queen is useless.

Jinwoo decided to summon the queen after trouble.

You do not have to be willing to give up the kind of stuff that you just want to keep rice on a topic that does not work well.

KE on e -!

The shadow of the Queen suddenly became a smoke and scattered in the air.

[Number of Shadows I Have Saved: 570/570] Soldiers are already filled up.

‘Is the rest of the process enough?’

Jin looked around.

The top-class marble rocks that can only be seen at S-class gates were covered with feet like ordinary stones.

There was no one to see him anyway, and he was the one who took care of them.

But he quit.

These marble stones were used to compensate those who were killed in Jeju Island and to restore Jeju Island to its former form.

I was not crazy enough to covet the unoccupied things.

‘But you can take one of these.’

Jinwoo pulled out the marble stone that was in the body of Vere.

It was a complete black, marble stone with jewel-like beauty.

Jin-woo, who put the marble in his pocket, called out to Caesar.

The key ah!

Kaiser flapped his wings and was ready to fly.

Jinwoo climbed lightly on the back of the queen ‘s bedroom.

The place where it was so nervous is now as if the rat died.

‘…’Jeju island expedition is over.

Looking inside, Jinwoo’s eyes turned toward the entrance.

“to home.”

Then, Caesar fled to power.

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