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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 123

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125 Huacaiel sat down in front of the Hunter Association.

KIAAQ – The big crowds of people suddenly came out in Seoul when they appeared in the Hunter Association’s front yard, the center of the Hunters.

The surveillance and hunters who perceived the approach of an energetic being also ran with a weapon.

However, everyone was stunned when he saw Jinwoo come down from there.

‘go back.’

According to Jinwoo ‘s command, Chisel soon disappeared as a shadow of Jinwoo.

People recognized Jinwoo.

‘Is it a pet of Sungjin Hunter?’

‘Is that a monster?’

They confirmed Jinwoo’s ability through TV. It was not strange to deal with monsters.

Jinwoo approached one of the familiar employees and asked. It was the supervisor and the hunter who usually performed the association president.

“I would like to meet the president of the association.”

The president is not someone who can meet anyone who wants to meet. Even if the ministerial level is requested, it is the president who has to wait a week.

But who can say that it is not for the man in front of you.

Hunter, who is not included in the raid member, suddenly appeared and suddenly subdued the monsters who were raping S-class hunters.

So who would want to meet him than anyone else?

The staff said.

“The president is now in the hospital.”

“Are you sick?”

Jin-woo asked when the president’s health condition was bad.

Maybe it would be a crowd to see the raid relay.

“No, he went to see the progress of Hunter.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Is it hard to meet today?

When I tried to turn around, the staff said.

“I will contact you. Please wait for a moment in the drawing room. ”


I thought Jinwoo was glad. I had a fact to tell you as soon as possible.

*** Cha Haen was admitted to a large hospital designated by the Association.

His doctor was approaching the president of the association waiting for the results.

The association president asked.

“What happened?”

“I did not do a precise check … Once seemingly perfectly normal. It is asleep at ease. ”


So the president of the association nodded his head back to the inside.

My doctor also saw the raid broadcast by the president of the association. The state of Cha Haein was also a mystery to him.

“How do you think Hunter, who was in such a bad condition that his complexion was pale because of excessive bleeding, improved?”

“…”The president of the association had a detailed report to the Korean team members, but they were all out.

‘Can you believe it?’

The fact that Sungjin Hunter borrowed the power of the dead Bong Hun Hunter and cured Hunter, the fallen downfall?

Sung Jin Hun Hunter asked me to turn off the camera means I do not want to reveal my ability. The president was not foolish enough to spread it to others. Of course other Hunters seemed to think alike.

“The A-level healers I put on him cured her.”

“It looked pretty dangerous … I’m glad it’s not late. ”

Fortunately, it seemed to be over.


My doctor came up with a story as if it had come up with something.

“That’s Sung Jin Hunter.”

In the name of Sung Jin-woo, the president of the association cut off his ear.

“Why is Sung Jin Hunter?”

When the eyes of the president changed, the doctor talked quickly.

“Was not that Mr. Hunter’s mother in our hospital?”

“I said it was a wipe.”


The president of the association read about Jinwoo and read about his family relations.

Suddenly, the president of the association, who came up with the worst imagination, asked his face firmly.

“surely… Are you dead? ”

My doctor shook his head.

“The opposite.”

“What if it’s the opposite?”

“I was awakened from the last sleep and was discharged home.”

“Is that really true?”

“It was not because of the story, though. I did not officially announce it, but it seems to have happened in our hospital. ”

Hospital officials also saw Reid broadcasting today.

Naturally, the name of Sung Jin-woo came to his mouth without hesitation, and he was able to reach the doctor’s ears.

“Do you have cured my face? Is that possible? ”

“I know this case for the first time.”

“When was your mother awake?”


The chief physician who had calculated the date in his head said.

“About five days ago.”

“…”Now it seemed like I knew.

The time when he asked Jinwoo to join the Reid member and the time when Jinwu’s mother woke up almost matched.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s father said he was missing at the gate.”

The wife who lost her husband to Reid.

It would have been hard for Sung Jin Hunter with such a mother to participate in the raid of Jeju island alone with her mother.

This is also the last time you have failed three times.

The president refused to recognize his circumstances.

‘So I did not participate in this raid.’

The situation of Jin-woo and the activity of today combined, and the misunderstanding that almost occurred was washed down and my heart leaped.

It was also a young man who was rarely liked these days.

The staff of the association came up at that time.

“President of the association.”

“What’s going on?”

“Min-bong Hunter’s family will not be contacted.”

“Is that a mother?”


I will.

The news of his son’s death was announced on TV. And she has called the association in a trembling voice.

The association had no choice but to inform the truth.

“I will go directly.”

“Do you mean that the president of the association goes directly?”

“Parents who lost their son have to pay a funeral without a body, do you have a spirit to be called?”

“He, it is.”

“I will go and report on this matter and express my condolences.”


The staff tried to turn to a firm face. His phone rang, however.

From the association, he received a phone call from the president of the association.

“Huh? Someone wants to meet you, Mr. President? What!? He? ”

Kanghee shook his head.

“I do not want to meet anyone today.”

The employee blocked his voice by blocking his cell phone by hand, he said.

“Well, the one who wants to meet the president … It is Sung Jin Hunter. ”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

The president’s eyes grew bigger. He immediately withdrew his remarks.

“Tell him to go right away.”

*** Jinwoo moved to the president’s office with guidance from the staff.

We arrived at the seat and asked the staff very kindly.

“Would you like something to drink?”

I was going to spec, I felt a thirst. I saw that after a fierce fight, I did not drink a sip of water.

“It’s all water.”

“Thank you!”

“…?”What do you mean thank you?

The employee, who was nervous, left his face blushing and put a small bottle of water in front of him and bowed his head.

“Please call me anytime you have any.”


I felt a much more cautious and cautious attitude than when I visited the office of the president before.

‘Maybe it’s a raid broadcast.’

Jinwoo guessed that many people’s attitudes and attitudes could change because of the work in the future.

Soon the president came in.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

Jinwoo tried to stand up, but the Hunter Association president, Koge Hee, was gone.

It is Jinwoo who just returned from Jeju Island. Among the ants that fought were some monsters that nearly killed S-class hunters.

Now Jin Wu is one of the VIP’s.

The S-class Hunters who had saved the lives of those who neglected to think that there was no gukhui was.

Ko Kun-hee sat down facing Jin-woo, not the superior.

“I heard about work at the ants.”

“Ah yes.”

Then the conversation will be faster. ”

I thought Jinwoo was glad.

Kwon Hee was speaking.

“And how did you come here?”

Many association people saw Caesells. I could not get into the president’s ears.

“Have you ever been on Jeju Island?”

I went through a shadow exchange, but do I need to reveal my own card?

Jinwoo devoted horses.

“That’s it.”

It was a mistake that Masuo’s criminal who appeared in Seoul over the past few days confessed himself.

“i See.”


The president of the association nodded.

Jinwoo can take advantage of the power of a dead witch.

It was not unusual for me to fly in the marsh if I had killed the marsh where I could fly anywhere.

I was curious.

Now it was time to share.

“You want to see me …?”


“What are you doing?”

“Jeju Island ants, we have all done.”


The president of the association stood up.

“Did you kill all those ants?”


Jinwu made sure.

“Now you can go to Jeju Island at will.”


No, it was like knowing how.

Chews that were caught on the screen, the hundreds of them.

If they beat Jeju Island just like this, it would not be a problem to annihilate ants in this short time.

It is possible to enter Jeju Island. It meant that the body of Min Bong Hunter, who fell asleep at the deepest point of the ants, could be recovered.

Min-bok Hunter’s body was destroyed until he disappeared.

Ko Kun-hee sincerely said.

“Thank you, Sungjin Hunter.”

*** South Korea’s premier hotel suites.

Recently, Jeju Island was buried in large-scale issues such as Reid, but now it is home to one of the world’s strongest hunters.

Thomas turned off the raid feature.

He had already turned the recorded video three times.

Laura asked as she followed her attendant.

“How about this?”

“What… As you see. ”

He leaned back against the sofa and stretched his leg straight to the table.

Blonde in high nose. There was a single single smile on his face with sunglasses indoors.

“Is Hunter the one Mr. Huang investigated?”


“You asked me what happens if I kill a person in Korea?”


Thomas, who had been reported to Laura, sneaked into the relationship between Hwang Soo-su and Sung Jin-woo.

There is one contact.

Brass mold, chalcopyrite.

In the dungeon where Sang Jin Woo and Sang Jin Woo entered together, Sung Jin Woo came out alive and Sang Woo Suk is out of the news.

No matter what happens in the dungeon, it is not strange. It was a common sense in the world.


“I think so.”

“I thought I did not have a family, but I did not even have a word.”

“Mr. Hwang’s brother said that he had thoroughly hidden what was associated with his brother.”

“That would be the back burning.”

If what you do is revealed, it will damage your brother.

Laura affirmed the question silently.

And the Jeju Island Reid broke out.

“It’s going to be hard for me to meet Sung Jin-woo.”

“I guess so.”

Laura said quietly.

The reason why Thomas, the master of the world-class hunter and one of the leading guilds kevin, went to such a small country for a special vacation was due to Sung Jin-woo.

To be precise, Mr.

Guild officers to seek the recruitment of South Korea’s S-class Hunter.

“I missed you, but I’m sorry.”

In the tone of the murmuring Thomas, the sadness buried deeply.

Laura asked carefully.

“I also want to avoid seeing Mr Huang and Sung Jin Hunter, right?”


Thomas rubbed his chin and said with a smile.

“Korea saved Mr. Huang.”

South Korea rejected the entry of Sang Chul Suk, who had left his homeland after leaving S Korea, to the United States.

It was obviously a matter of diplomatic friction, but at that time, Thomas came to Korea.

However, Mr Huang was not the one to stop what he was trying to deny.

Even if the purpose is revenge.

In fact, Thomas is not that tight. Mr. Hwang ‘s willingness to take revenge on his family did not intend to dissolve him until he bought his antipathy.

But he was an important power of the scavenger. So I thought I would know the skill of the S-class Sungjin Hunter in advance.

It is difficult if Mr.

By the way.

It was a good thing that I saw Sung Jin-woo.

“You should never let Mr. Hwang put your foot in Korea.

“Okay. I will also withdraw the lawsuit. ”

“I’ll tell Mr. Huang. I’m going to have to look around because my personality is a fiery friend. ”

Laura carefully took notes of the Master’s words without fail. Then suddenly I had a question.

“If the… If you are so careful, but what happens when the two fight? ”

“Laura. Still do not know me? ”

Thomas laughed.

“Mr. Huang is the property of the Scavenger Guild. The Scavenger Guild is mine. ”

She was laughing, but she was not smiling at all in the sunglasses. He always wears sunglasses to cover his sharp eyes.

He leaned back on the sofa, and Thomas lowered his voice.

“I do not forgive anyone who touches my property. Even if it is the US government. ”

One person’s power is equal to one country.

Thomas Andre.

One of five hunters. It was self-confidence that only the national power class Hunter could have.

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