Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 124

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 124

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“We will take you home, Mr. Sung Jin Hunter.”

The president of the Koguryo Association spoke to Jinwoo, who is about to stand up.


Jinwoo had a headache.

“Wait a minute and our staff will bring the car. Why do not you go back on that ride? ”

“…”I knew that the Hunter Association and the Koganeh President were grateful to me.

But I did not want to get special treatment.

“No, thanks.”

Jinwoo carefully ordered.

However, it seemed that it was not a word to take out once, and Kanghee once again sincerely invited.

“maybe… It would be nice to ride. ”

“What is that?”

Jin-woo came to the window before he could speak.

“Would you like to see me for a moment?”

Jinwoo also approached the window.

Then I looked.

Out the window.

Even though it was only an hour ago, there were numerous crowds gathered in front of the entrance of the main hall of the association.

“They are all people who came to see Hunter after hearing that Sung Jin Hunter was here.”

How do you know … I did not have to ask.

‘I came here on the Caesar.’

Nowadays, people have at least one camera in their hands.

Jinwoo’s appearance on the KYOCEL and the Hunter Association spread quickly through SNS, and there were Internet reporters as well as those who heard about it.

Just one line. The article was not long.

‘Who is the owner of the questionnaire that comes down to the Hunter Association?’

People who want to check the authenticity of the news and people who want to meet Jinwoo are joined together, and the present society has suffered from phosphorus.

Jinwoo crossed over to see the crowded people.

He was looking down from the side, and opened his mouth slowly.

“You know enough … The people were thirsty for victory. ”

Four years ago, catastrophe.

Since the dungeon breaks in Jeju Island, Korea has become the only country in the world to have lost land to bandits.

Many nations mourned on the outside, but they scoffed at the incompetence of Korean hunters.

When all three of the subpoenas returned to failure, the assessment reached its peak.

Two years of such shame.

It is known that the fourth offensive operation is like Japan.

There was also a skeptical voice at the time of the war that Japan was not able to handle even liquor without help.

By the way.

In the grade where the powerful S-Class Hunter, who is over twenty, ran away from the back of his back, Jinwu led the black soldiers.

In a way, people’s enthusiasm was natural.

Just as thirsty people relieve thirst in the oasis, people have been feeling helpless and throwing away their helplessness.

I was not able to control my mind, so I came out to the streets.

“Of course, there is a way to fly in the marsh like when you come.”

He laughed and laughed.

“But even if you think of the association with them, why do not you go down once?”

*** Jinwoo pushes the glass door and goes out of association.

Then the disturbance disappeared at once.

All the gathered people quietly looked at Jinwu while keeping his mouth shut like a lie.

Jinwoo’s clothes remained on traces of battle.

There were spattered body parts of ants, some torn in the hands of monster ants.

But no one saw Jinwoo and laughed.

Citizens were just looking at it quietly, feeling something hot coming from deep inside.

Around the time when the heavy silence between the Jin-woo and the citizens who are facing it goes down.

“Hunter, this way.”

Woo Jin-cheol, who was in charge of Jinwoo’s escort, said.

The surveillance staff went ahead and asked for a pardon, and the citizens in front of them got off the ground.

But an accident always happens in an unexpected place. When the distance from the waiting car was short, one grandfather walked forward to Jinwoo.

“Hunter …”

The surveillance officer who stood up against his grandfather stopped at the tears that drenched the old man’s face and withdrew.

It was because Jinwoo restrained the monitoring staff.

His grandfather, who could barely stand in front of Jinwoo, sprinkled thick tears and called Jinwoo again with the sound of the neck.

“Hunter … Thanks to Hunter … My son can comfortably close his eyes. ”

Jinwoo hurriedly helped his grandfather, who was trying to overcome his leg strength.

Grandpa grabbed Jinwoo’s hands and arms and bowed his head several times.

“Thank you, Hunter. Really… Thank you…”

Woo Jinchul helped his assistant to leave his grandfather to his staff and whispered in the ear of Jinwoo.

“Hunter-sama. People are increasingly attracted. You should stop now. ”


Jinwoo nodded his head.

Woojinchul opened the back door of the car waiting.

Jin-woo looked around once again before gathering in the car.

Who started it first?

When someone who faced Jin-woo gazed at Jin-woo for a moment’s gratitude, everyone began to follow him.

Everywhere the eye of Jinwoo passes, a heartfelt greeting came back.


After listening to the voice of Woojin Chul mixed with nervousness, Jinwoo barely got on the car.

Tak, tak. The driver of Woojin Cheol was on the driver’s seat, the driver of Woojin Cheon on the passenger’s seat, and the car that was started got out of the association ground gradually.

Jin looked out of the window silently.

People were looking at this side of the car without looking at it until the car was completely out of sight.

Jinwoo put his hand on his chest, which was right on his head.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

A pleasant feeling of well-being was making the heart beating.

I was embarrassed when I first received the president’s suggestion of meeting people, but I thought it was good that I did not pass by now.



Woo Jin-cheol hurried his head backward in the voice that popped out of Jin-woo’s mouth.

“What are you doing, Hunter?”

“…it’s nothing.”

Jinwoo was shocked at the shock of her mother, so she remembered the TV and grabbed her forehead.

‘Where should I explain this?’

just as expected.

When I turned on the phone, there were 13 phone calls from my home list.

*** I was very frustrated on the internet.

He has to.

The Jejudo subpoenas were officially the first raid since Jinwoo became S class.

As for Jinu, his debut.

In such a situation, he overpowered the monster ants that made everyone amazed, and wiped out thousands of ants that had been pushed into retreat by their pet.

Just as excited people rushed into the streets to watch sports, all those who saw Reid’s broadcasts gathered online.

‘Wow… I have nothing to say…’

‘I know it’s not something I can make so much as a pet.’

‘Sung Jin-woo Hunter’s pet to see the land of attack ten years old cancer is better.’

‘But if you live on the top for ten years, is not it cancer or not?’

‘Anyone who can not figure out where to go is a problem …’

‘cool. It was the best. ‘

‘Abby who lost her son four years ago. Sung Jin Hun Hunter probably will not see this article … ‘

As the concern of the whole people was focused on the operation, many bulletin boards were flooded with stories about Reid, and Jin-woo’s name did not fall out.

Particularly, netizens who liked to share the class gave a heated debate about how much Jinwoo’s ability is.

‘If that’s the case in Korea, is not it?’

‘Oh, that’s enough. Kimchi broth is a little deinking moderately. ‘

‘why not? I almost solved the S-class dungeon alone, and I was very different from other S-class players. ‘

‘Sung Jin Hunter has not got a career yet. If you have real talent, even if you stay, people will recognize it soon. ”

‘Anyway, I do not care.’

“If it’s E grade, it’s a little bit better than the average person, can someone suddenly become so strong?”

‘Was the Sungjin Hunter a reincarnation saint?’

‘Surprisingly, there are still many people who do not know that Sung Jin-woo is awakening. I am applying for information protection right away … ‘

Of course, there were people who complained to Jinwoo.

‘But then … I do not think it would have happened if Seong Jin-woo had been on the raid for the first time.

‘Why did you come in midway when you said you were in the moment?’

‘I do not think you’ve seen the article published by the association above.’

‘What article? A little link. ‘

The contents of the article were like this.

The association said that instead of joining Junior who had no experience of senior dungeon in the S class but as a raid member, he decided to put in a situation to see if the situation was ready. It was a quick story, but it was enough to make people understand.

‘This is the best I can do for Sung Jin Hun Hunter.’

So, Kun-hee was able to stop the arrow of reproach which could be returned to Jin-woo, while hiding the personal history of Jin-woo with quick response.

Thanks to.

Even though there was a complaint about the incompetence of the association that did not recognize the skill of Sung Jin-woo, Jin-woo himself was not pointed out.

No, Jin-woo’s evaluation was rather higher.

It was said that in the worst situation where the Japanese team pulling in time withdrew and the Korean team was about to be annihilated, they plunged into the antics without a gun.

‘If it is the same as me, I will not go because I am afraid even if I pushed my back.’


‘How did you feel about going in?’

‘Sung-jin, is not it the real hunter’s idea?’

‘Sung Jin-woo alone before the members of the raid fell out of the rabbits are all head and should not reflect?’

‘‹É܋É܋ÉÜ ‹É܋ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ ‹ÉÜ.

Jinwoo, who had kept information protection early on, was embarrassed to be the most famous hunter in Korea because of this raid.

*** two days later. Army troops and hunters landed to find Min – bong Hunter ‘s body.

One of the five guilds, but S grade Hunter was unable to participate in the raid, the representative guild of Yeongnam region.

They feel a presence thanks to the dwindling spiral on a voluntary basis, and proceeded rapidly.

Hunters took the lead as they watched specially trained soldiers hesitate.

“Arata, I’m sorry.”

“I do not have any magic to feel. Oh, you were all deceived. ”

When the Hunters, who were ahead in the distance, stroked their hands.

The Hunters seemed frustrated, but they could not help it.

The public can not feel the magic, and there is no means to counter the masquerade.

Just be as careful as possible.


The master of the Knights Templar touched around him.

‘Huh …’

My mouth opened wide.

There were more and more bodies in the vicinity of the antics.

No, it was a mountain.

A good brother and a long time hunter who has been living together, the Bu Ma master shook his head.

“You … Do you see this? Yes, I did it all by myself. ”

“…”During the third repatriation operation, the Knights Guild also landed on Jeju Island. So I knew the fear of these ants more than anyone.

“I ripped the ants out completely.”

“Wow… Sungjin luck is a child who does something like this is not usually a guy. ”

It seemed as if the vice master who looked around looked tired.

“How can you save a little bit of ants on this wide island and save them?”


The elite members of the Knights Templar, who had a close relationship with Masu, touched their tongue as they watched the bodies of the tundra.

They walked around admiring it all and soon they arrived around the entrance to the antique grotto.

“Good morning, I can see you.”

“Yes, it looks.”

The hunters stopped in front of the Antarctic Caesars to go with the soldiers who followed them a little distance away.

The vice master did not have to do anything while waiting and put a cigarette in his mouth and lit it.

By the way.

Took. The master frowned when he saw a cigarette drop from his mouth without power.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Do it, sir!”

The submaster hurried at the master ‘s shoulder and pointed forward. Then the master felt something strange and turned his head forward.


The frightened master asked his eyes with a whirl.

“Everything, you … what?”

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