Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 126

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 126

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128 black key.

The black key from the cursed random box was glowing as if he wanted to tell me where he was.

Jinwoo, who was stunned by the miraculous sight, carefully dropped down the weapons that Jinwu had been holding and reached for the inventory and grabbed the key.

‘…’And let’s open our hands.

[Item: The key to the Cartesian Neo-Nation] Difficulty obtaining: ??

Type: Key ‘Requirements met.’

It is the key to enter the shrine of Carnon. Can be used at the specified gate. The location of the specified gate will be released after a certain period of time.

Remaining time: 417 hours 06 minutes 52 seconds Information of item that was not seen before came to mind.

“The Temple of Carnen?”


The name I had never heard was somewhat familiar.

‘No, I’ve heard of it.’

As I pondered, Jinwoo shook his eyes.

‘Double Dungeon!’

And the old temple at the end of it. A stone statue, a stone statue, a stone slab which a stone statue held.

My memories came to my mind.

‘For sure…’

It seemed that the voice of the uncle Song Chichyol who read the first sentence written on the slab was heard.

– The discipline of the Kartenon shrine.

The slate told the name of the shrine, which was lined with horrible statues, as a shrine of the Karteren.

Then this.

‘And the key to get back to it?’

As the memories that seemed to be able to recognize only the dimly visible outline seemed to be obscured by the fog gradually became clear and the form became clear, the Jinwoo had a horror on the back and forearm.


No, not at all.

The system was calling again.

To where everything started.

The shiny items, and the places listed in the information, it was a call to the system to interpret it.

But why is it now?

Jinu remembered that he had won the “Curse Random Box” as his first unknown reward.

So I confirmed the second unknown reward from the devil.


Tingling, and with the sound of the machine came up with information.

[Title: Devil Hunter] ‘The requirement is not met.’

It has not changed yet.

‘This is not it.’

Next, I checked the accessory of the devil monarch who collected the full set.

[Item: Demon Lord’s Ring] Difficulty: S Type: Accessory Sensation +20, Intelligence +20 When worn with the Devil Lord’s Earring and the Demon Lord’s Necklace, the set effect is opened.

Set effect 1. All stats + 5 sets effect 2. All Stat + 10 Demon Lord’s Series Ring of the last trinket of the demon king among the ornaments.

I checked if another set effect was open, but it was not.

‘if so…’

There is one possibility left.

Jinwoo turned to the information on the title.

[Level: 100] ‘This is what the item says.’

This was the most influential.

Items that you put once in the warehouse can be recalled or put into your mind only in your mind. In most cases, it is rare to directly check in the warehouse.

So a few days after I became 100 rep, I found a change in the key. If you have not decided that you need to organize a warehouse once you have removed the weapons of the devil king today, you may not have found the keys for a while today, of course.

I was glad of unhappiness.

‘I still have more than 2 weeks left.’

The system has never lied.

The gate says that the key is open, so the gate will open at the appointed time and place.

‘You should at least prepare …’

When the thought that I was passing through my head. Jinwoo was surprised.

‘wait… Am I going to go back into it now? ”

Although the association’s lower-class hunters were dead, a majority of the raids that went in there were dead, and I almost even died a few times.

‘I was cut from there to the bridge.’

I recall a terrible memory.

When I saw the small space below the knee I saw then, it was still creepy.


‘I am different from that of me then.’

There was such conviction.

Moreover, as always, if the system did not respond to the call, there would be no penalty.

The hand holding the key was sweating extensively.

It’s black.

The saliva ran roughly through the esophagus.

‘Do not be excited.’

Stay calm as always.

Jinwoo ‘s heart beats himself slowly and slowly. Jinwoo, who waited for his breath to calm down, opened his eyes.


If the system is intended for me, it may be another opportunity.

Cursed random box.

Did you tell me what you need?

‘But there must be some contrast.’

Minimal contrast.

From the making of guilds that I put off for a while back.

It is easy to get into the gate so that it is easier to raise the level of yourself and the Shadow Legion.

‘How far is it going?’

Jinwoo called Yu Jin-ho and confirmed the time and put down the phone.

‘It’s too late.’

It is too late now, and tomorrow there are other things.

‘Tomorrow I have to stop by the office.’

*** Yoo Jin-ho’s eyes were worn out.

His eye gazing at the monitor like a hawkish eye aiming at a prey-like look was sharp.


A spark from the snow bounced.

‘The things that block your brother are not forgiven!’

After quickly capturing posts and comments, Yoo Jin-ho made a complaint against the form.

Another thing today. “Huh-” Yu Jin-ho waved his breath with a proud eye and wiped a sweat on his forehead with his hand.

You are the face of the guild and the lamp.

Those who blaspheme your brother or spread out testimonies were the ones who could not be forgiven by themselves, but they could not let go of the guild’s future.

Soon to be a vice president of the guild.

This was not a personal feeling but a form of public service for the guild to be made in the future.

But still.

‘I have not asked my brother the name of our guild yet?’

Yu Jin-ho was troubled.

What about the name of the guild?

Then I shook my head.

‘Purpose is good but I have a little …’

If you look for your words, you change the order and the meteor is better, but it was hard to accept the fact that the vice president ‘s castle was the boss and you should come before your brother’ s castle.

‘Once you get there, I’ll have to talk to you.’

The second day I moved into the office. It was Yoo Jin-ho who had a lot of time to keep an empty office alone instead of his brother who was attracted to the attention because of Jeju Island raid.

‘Rather than your brother’s name and the two letters ending in my name, you call it a friendly guild.’


“What are you so serious about?”


Yoo Jin-ho rushed out.

Yoo Jin-ho, who was amazed, looked back and looked at Jin-woo.

“Tongue, brother!”

When did you come?

‘If you do not make a real commitment, I do not even know you’re close …’

I was not really concentrating, but I could not hear anything. He was still a long-suffering brother.

Yu Jin-ho, who was overwhelmed with surprise, scratched the back of his head and asked.

“When did you come, brother?”

“just now.”

Jin-woo, who answered simply, looked into the monitor Yoo Jin-ho was watching. But soon Yoo Jin – ho blocked the front and said.

“You do not have to care. I’ll take care of these guys. ”

“…Was it you? ”

There is a person who rushes to ask for the deletion when the article of the illusion or the falsity about oneself is opened these days.

Yoo Jin-ho flashed his face.

“I have a child, my brother … That’s what I have to do. What.”

I was looking at Yu Jin-ho, whose eyes are shining, looking forward to praise.

“Yeah, well done.”

Yoo Jin-ho, who accepted the smile as an expression of satisfaction, firmly pledged to continue the more active activities in the future.


“uh? Where are you going today? ”

It was Yu Jin-ho’s question that I realized that Jin-woo’s attire was different from usual.

Jinwu said without a word.

“I have something to do today.”


Yoo Jin-ho had a heartbreaking admiration.

The appearance of Jinwoo in a black suit from head to toe to Yoo Jin-ho, who had only seen Jin Woo wearing a dress that was easy to move, was strange but surprising.

But Jin-woo, who had no time to explain in detail, looked down at the watch on his wrist.

‘It’s already time …’

Jin-woo lifted his head and asked.

“Guild Master’s license when you have to take your daughter apart?”

“Yeah! If you go to the association, your license will be issued immediately after a brief test, Brother. ”


Were you going to the association?

Yoo Jin-ho stuck his head for a while and immediately understood.

‘Now that you have become a celebrity, you should always care about the costume.’

Famous is good, but it is tired.

Yoo Jin-ho, who had a lot of people around him who could speak only the name of the people around him, sigh a little of mourning for them.

Jinwu pointed to the far away desk.

“I’ll take my car.”

The fingertip was toward the chokie.

“Write it yourself, bro!”

Yu Jin-ho trying to pick up the choki.

But as his outstretched hand was sucked in, he glanced up at his choki as he entered the palm of Jinwoo.

“Brother, just replace …?”


“…”Yoo Jin-ho lost a word to say.

Now I feel like I will not be strange even if you can just fly through the sky with your skill.

‘What can not you replace?’

Like an onion that has been laid to rest, the more you know, the more surprising you were.

‘Yes, it is not the time to do this.’

Yoo Jin-ho set a spirit.

I had to ask my brother some things. It was an opportunity now that you came to the office.

Jinwoo saw Yu Jin-ho’s eyes and noticed that there was something to say.


“Brother, a day after posting the job posting, members of the guild founder volunteers gathered like a bee to pull the list.”

“Oh, it’s gone.”

Time is still vague now.

When Jinwoo showed a sense of urgency, Yu Jin-ho’s heart was hasty.

“Oh, brother! So, did you name the guild? ”

Again this was an important issue with Gel.

Yoo Jin-ho’s heart, which is waiting for the answer of Kon-dong, Kon-dak and Jinwoo, ran.

If it was difficult to make a decision, I was going to suggest a name I was worried about.

‘Sung Yu, Jin Jin, friendship … Do you like what you like? ”

When Yu Jin-ho was expecting it, Jin-woo, who had been worried for a while, smiled and replied.

“How about the Soleil Guild?”


Yoo Jin-ho rattled his eyes.

Should we laugh here?

However, the expression of Jin-woo did not seem like a joke.

I did not expect a reaction, Jinwoo turned toward the door.

“See you later.”

Looking at the back of the office, Jun-woo thought.

‘brother…There is something you can not do. ”

I also have one brother.

I was really afraid that the name of the guild would be ‘Soleple’, but it was Yoo Jin-ho that puts a little heart on his human side.

*** Min Bung-Hun Hunter’s funeral scene.

Originally, it was planned to be held privately in a place where only the family was present, but there were many people who wanted to make a memorial.

Many people visited Binso to honor the sacrifice of Min Bung Hun Hunter.


Not everyone was gathered only for Min Bong Hunter.

Those looking for someone with careful eyes also seemed impatient.

And after a while, their eyes were flourishing.

‘Oh, is that …?’

‘Finally came.’

“Yes, really.”

Male breeding.

The people who found Jinwoo started to nudge with excited eyes.

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