Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 130

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 130

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Matsumoto fell to his knees.

Chapter of a group. A man sitting in a position representing all Hunters in the country of Japan knelt down.

‘…’At this moment, a lot of thoughts went into Matsumoto’s mind. But.

No matter how much you roll your head, there is no better way than this.

It was not time to think about pride or face.

When this happens, the aftermath does not stop just by flying its seat.

“… Please forgive me. ”

However, the eyes of the president of Koganeh Tea were cold.

When the evidence was not revealed, it made a loud noise, and as soon as the evidence was revealed, the tail was lowered immediately.

How can I see fine?

“Get up.”

The president of the Koguryo Association chose to quit the pointless apology with a cold voice, but Matsumoto stuck his forehead on the floor.

“Our Japan lost more than half of the power of superhero Hunter, and the help of the international community is desperate in the future.”

Even if the Japanese Hunter system is excellent, the class S class has disappeared, and the hole has to be created at any time.

Even the hunters who are now up to the A-level gate will not have a problem, but …

At the moment when an S-class gate is created, Japan can not be vigilant.

Maybe what happened in Jeju Island might happen in Japan.

“When the file becomes known, we are completely ignored. Please. The President Please forgive me once even if you think about the Japanese people who are innocent. ”

“Think of it as a punishment.”

Ko Kun-hee cut off Matsumoto’s words on the fence.

“Please think that you and your hunters are the punishment of the crime they tried to commit.”

Wait for the time of punishment by carrying a bomb when you can not break it.

That was the meaning of Kun-hee.

But Matsumoto did not lift his forehead on the floor.

“… I will not rise until your anger is released. Please, please consider once again. ”

“Then I can not help it.”

Koge had a disgusted look and took out his cell phone.

“I’ll give you five minutes.”

What are you trying to do?

Matsumoto, unable to overcome his anxiety, looked up at Kun-hee with his head.

Ko Kun-hee shook his phone.

“If you do not leave in five minutes, you will get a message to all the reporters on this phone. The president of Japan’s Hunter Association is kneeling in front of me. ”

If you are afraid of bombs that will not break, and you hold on to your ankles and stretch out, I will blow you off now.

It was a threat, not a threat.


Matsumoto blew his lower lip.

He is weak enough to appeal to warmth and is not a person who lacks determination.

Matsumoto realized late.

It was the moment when the last attempt to throw away pride was in vain.

Without power, Matsumoto got up.

Watching him like that, Koganehi put down his phone.

Ko Kun-hee said to Matsumoto, who is nervous and is picking up his luggage.

“Thank you, Sung Jin-woo.”

Ahn Kwang started to blossom in the eyes like the beasts of Kosei.

“If you hurt our Hunter because of your work, you would not have survived this room now.”

Matsumoto, who took all his luggage with his trembling hands, walked away from the association building as he ran away without looking back.

I could not find his dignity when he visited Korea before.


Ko Kun-hee leaned back on the sofa.

I was in a bad mood.

But I did not want to end it like this.

It was no exaggeration to say that the life of the Japanese Hunter Association came into your hands.

‘If you have sinned, you must be punished.’

Ko Kun-hee had been a trustworthy person since the old days.


The phone that I put on the desk ran loudly.


When Kun-hee pressed the call button, urgent voices flowed out.

I was listening quietly, and Kun-hee’s eyes grew bigger.

“What? You have a gate in the middle of the driveway? ”

It is not a level that ordinary raiders can try, but a B-class gate.

“Somewhere out there?”

It was a good idea to contact the large guild as soon as possible to start the raid.

By the way.

‘Wait a minute.’

When I heard the report from the staff, the expression of Kun-hee was exquisite.

‘Did not you say that Sung Jin Hunter caught the guild office near there?’

*** Road suddenly started to stagnate.

Jinwoo was thoughtful in a car that could not make it.

‘I saw something about that lady.’


The woman who had encountered the forgotten hunters many times felt a fear that the eyes could not meet well.

What did you see?

Traces of the system?

Sometimes the system is not so scary even if it makes a difficult request.

‘no. I’m the best supporter, not scary. ”

But how does it look in the eyes of others?

The deputy chief said.

Would you mind if I contact you next time?


When I brought that up, I felt terrible swaying from my wife in the back.

Even if I want to meet you, I’m afraid that your wife will avoid it.

Jinwoo was intuitive at that time.

Maybe it’s because her ability does not work for herself.

‘You do not have to waste any more time.’

So I did not want to contact the deputy director again. The face of the deputy chief who has hardened is exceptionally memorable.

‘But why is the car so pushed?’

He looked at the road blocked by cars and frowned.

‘This is why the subway is convenient.’

I was thinking about something in front of me, when I thought about it.

Dodd – The phone that I put on the charger shook his body.

Jinwoo confirmed the caller.

‘The president of the association?’

What did the person who saw in the funeral ceremony a few hours ago even called for what?

Jin pushes the call button.

– Hunter, it’s Kun-hee.

The chairman explained his situation calmly in the middle of Seoul city center.

“Yes? There’s a gate in the middle of the road? ”

no wonder.

I wondered if this was going too seriously for ordinary traffic jams.

Jin turned his gaze back to turn the car.

However, the cars were backward, forward, and hard to move.

Jin-woo jerked his head and looked straight at it.

But right then.

It was a pleasant sound to wash away the unpleasantness of being pushed by extreme weight, and it was heard from the other side of the receiver.

– Our staff have called it a grade B gate. Will you handle it?

Hut. Jin – woo barely managed to get a smile out of the good news.

Still, so many citizens should not be pleased with the inconvenience, cancer. The voice that caught up with Jinu carefully asked.

“May I just go in without permission?”

“Huh, Hunter. Where do I get permission to launch? ”

“It comes from the association.”

“So who am I?”

“You are the President of the Hunter Association.”

“Do not worry, go in.”

“Thank goodness … Thank you.”

Jinwoo grabbed his fist.

Jin-woo, who came down from the car, walked forward, following the traces of magic flowing from the gate.

I did not have to park my car separately because the car was full of cars all around.

“Yes, the black hole you are seeing right now appears in the city today …”

“Now, according to the news, the grade of this gate is B, a senior gate requiring guild intervention.”

There are reporters around the gate when it came out, and the staff of the association and the police are in control.


Jin-woo crossed the walls of the reporters and walked over to the gate, and a female worker looked ahead.

“Wait! What are you? ”

The woman pushed Jinwoo ‘s breast by hand and gave strength to her neck.

“Come in here and do not do it!”


No matter how much dragon she used with her little hand, Jinwoo did not budge.

Then she realized that the person in front of her was Hunter, and that was also a senior Hunter.


Jinwoo showed his ID.

The woman ‘s eyes grew bigger.

‘S, S grade? Sung Jin Woo? ‘

If so, this person was active in the Jeju Island …

A late female worker who knew the identity of Jinwoo heard his head late.

I did not recognize the S-class Hunter even though I was an association employee on a much different look than I saw on TV.

But there are a lot of people who are aware of it.


“Is he …?”

“Sung Jin-woo!”

“Seung Jin-woo himself to handle the gate look.”

The people who were annoyed by the identity recognized one and two Jin-u and the face grew bright.

Some of the people who promised were very acclaimed.

However, regardless of the response of the citizens, the female employee did not stifle the stubborn attitude.

She hesitated and asked.

“female… How did you get here? ”

How come.

If Hunter is standing in front of the gate, there is one more thing.

I do not think I need to explain it. Jin-woo lifted her finger and pointed to the gate over her shoulder.

The woman, who looked back a moment, made a look of determination.

Many Hunters believed only in their own strength and lost their lives after failing to follow procedures and regulations.

‘S-class Hunter, too …’

To prevent such accidents, I learned that there is an association.

The association’s top priority is Hunter’s safety.

In particular, she said to her that she thought that her superior Hunter, who was S-class, could not even be injured.

“No S grade Hunter can tolerate actions that ignore procedures.”

“…”Jinwoo loses his words and looks down at the face of the lady.

I did not know this would happen.

A woman who started to believe that she succeeded in convincing S-class Hunter, poured out questions.

“Have you got permission to take over?”

Jinwoo put his head on.

“No, even if you have permission, you can not enter if you do not fill the minimum number of people.”

The woman was tough.

I do not seem to come out with a bad impression when I look at my eyes, but it seemed to be an employee who insisted on the principle of excess.

Jinwoo kicked his tongue inward.

Well, this can not be helped.


Jinwoo made a phone call right away. And when the call was connected, the pawn went out.


When the woman wondered, Jinwoo shook her head.

“Take it. It’s your call. ”

The woman asked with strange eyes.

“fistula… Who is it? ”

“Another person you would not be able to tolerate.”

When she received the phone, she checked the name of the recipient on the LCD and opened her eyes.

‘Is that right?’

I do not think anyone who is really on the phone …

“that… I changed my phone. ”

When the woman received a telephone call with a tense voice, a heavy voice came out from the opposite side.

– The president of the association.

I knew it.

The female worker who was shaking the eyes a few times nodded her head.

“Yes, yes, no. Yes. Yes. Then I will do what you say. ”


The woman returned her phone with a loose face.

Jinwoo shrugged her shoulder once after receiving the phone and went past her.

A woman who is tightly packed is curled up on the back of Jinwoo.I wished a curse rather than.

‘God! That guy, fall down in the dungeon, please let ankle! ”


Sung Jin Hun Hunter was a man who had escaped safely in Cheju Island, where S classmans were full.

‘What would that be like in a B-class dungeon?’

But at that moment the screams burst out here and there.

“uh? What is that? ”

“Why is it red?”

After Jin-woo went in, the black screen of the gate slowly began to stain with blood.

Red Gate!

It was a scary name.


The woman saw the Red Gate and was devastated.

‘Cause I just wanted to be hurt?’

Of course not.

However, the idea that she was in her head was not erased.

I was well aware of how dangerous the Red Gate connected with the two dimensions was.

I even heard that even the higher hunters are unlikely to recover.


Suddenly the worst imagination came to her face.

‘If that hunter really hurt you.’

How many minutes have passed?

When I heard her gazing toward the floor, she felt guilt, and there was a ghost in front of her.


She was surprised to find a ghost, but Jinwoo shrugged her shoulder for a moment.

‘…’The face of the female employee became redder after receiving the call from the president.

Around the circumference, Jinwoo approached a trucker carrying a potato in his baggage.

“Mister. Just buy one of those bags. ”

“Yes? Potatoes? ”

Jinwu shook his head.

“no. It’s a bag. ”

*** Yoo Jin-ho, who is a vice president, recruitment officer, lawyer and accountant of the tentatively named ‘Soleil’ guild, came in nice to see Jinwoo entering the office.

“Are you here, brother?”

“Is not it great?”

“Yes, brother. But one of the applicants of the founding member. ”

“okay. Give me a list. I’ll check it out once. ”

I have been telling you from the morning that I have been touched up until now, Yu Jin-ho also wanted to make a guild soon, his body was like a moon.

Fortunately, Jinwoo was the same idea.

The other person to be a founding member.

At least three hunters were able to meet the guild establishment conditions.

‘Even if the purpose is to fill only the head number, it is better to have a sincere person. I do not see it for a while. ”

Jin himself nodded his head.

However, Yu Jin-ho’s face looked a little dark.

“What’s going on?”

“that… brother.”


“As you know, there is a lot of money in establishing a guild. The high grade gate is different from the auction price, and the new hunters have to pay a down payment, especially this time as a founding member.

Jinwoo cut the horse.

“Is this money enough?”


Jinwoo put the potatoes on the floor.


Yoo Jin-ho looked into his sack with his wondering eyes. It contained a lot of expensive marine rocks.

“Tongue, brother …? What is all this? ”

Jinwu talked about it in a small way.

“There is a gate on the way.”

“…”On the way, you see a high-end dungeon with expensive marble stones, and you shaved it and brought out the melee stones?

“It’s great, too!”

Yujin no longer stopped thinking.

The act of pushing the standard of common sense to your brother was no longer worthless.

Jinwoo looked at Yu Jin-ho, who was happy to secure funds, turned his head toward the meeting room.

“But why is he here?”

“Yes? Oh, I was just about to say … There is one applicant now. ”

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.


“Yes, brother.”


“He’s in the meeting room, brother.”

“Is that you?”

“Yes, brother.”

What are you talking about now …

Jinwoo walked to the meeting room after the end of Yu Jin-ho’s words.


Then, because the office supplies were not equipped, Yoo Jin-ho rushes to the nearby convenience store, and a woman who is sipping her canned coffee turns her head.

“Hey, you.”

Jin-woo’s voice got bigger.

“What are you thinking?”

Then Cha Hae, who was looking up at Jinwoo, said.

“Guild… I’m going to sign up. “

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