Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 132

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 132

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134 When his feet were turned off and sucked into the shadows, Jinwoo saw a car hail falling at almost the same time.

‘I knew it…’

The forecast was right.

I’ve been wondering if this is the way to go with “Shadow Exchange” skills a few times.

The “shadow exchange” skill is the gate.

It has just been proven that the hunter, Car Haen, has passed the shadow.

‘The entrance to the floor is the entrance, and the entrance to the entrance is the exit.’

Of course, the standard of coordinates is the position of the shadow soldier.

Even though it takes 3 hours, it is possible to make a gate with skill.

Jinwoo swallowed his spit without knowing himself.

Surprise for a while.

Suddenly, the vision that had fallen into the darkness came back to its original state.

Suddenly the two were inside the association’s gym.

I had planted a shadow in case I had to visit the association in a hurry before I came here.

Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!

The automatic lighting system, which senses the power of two people, turned on in turn, and the inside of the gym was brightened.

The glare of the car, which was glazed, shook its eyes.


I was surprised to see my eyes open.

Familiar space.

It did not seem to have flowed for just a second because of the feeling, but when I opened my eyes, the scene was completely different.

‘How is this possible?’

I have never heard of such a skill.

Looking at the surroundings with a surprised eye, the gaze of Cha Hae moved to Jinwoo.


It was full of wanting to ask, but she could not take her lips off.

The first reason was that it was hard to get a sense of how to ask, and then because the distance was too close to talk.

“It’s safe now.”

Jinwoo grabbed her wrist lightly and loosened her arms around her waist.

“You do not have to hold.”

Turn off.

Cha Hyeon moved his head without sound, rubbing Jinwoo’s wrist.

“Let’s get started.”

Jin-woo moved away from the high-oak shadow soldier’s corner and moved to the center of the gym.


I realized that I had walked to the place where Jinwoo is located and left my sword in the car.

If you are a necessity in your job, can not you visit your office and carry a sword?

Cha Haein said.

“We left the weapon in the car.”

“Oh, that pickle?”


“Why were you holding it in a dungeon where the high orcs came out before?”

The car Haine, whose memory he had wanted to forget, flashed his face.

“No, my weapon.”

Cha Hae-in, seeing the quirky Jin-woo, noticed that he was just teasing him.

“…”Jin turned down his hand on the face of the red car Haein.

“It’s a joke, a joke.”

I’m just playing here.

‘But what is the real thing?’

The soldier to call it this time was no level to deal with bare hands even if it was a car.

Of course, the soldier wanted to win, but she did not want to get hurt.

“It’s okay.”

Car Hae’s gaze headed toward the warehouse inside the gym.

“There will be weapons in the warehouse to borrow.”


Jinwoo, who learned a new fact, glared his eyes.

The car Hae went to the warehouse and grabbed the lock on the side of the door and painted it vertically.



The automatic door of the warehouse was opened.

Inside, there were lined up spare weapons that could be used.

Jinwoo, who stood at a distance and looked inside, admired the readiness of the Hunter Association.

‘There was this facility in the association.’

There was a lot of money that the Hunters gave me, wherever they went.

Car Hae looked around and came out with a sword of the same length as the one he used.

“I’m ready.”

“Will that be? Not a used sword, but it would not fit in your hand. ”

Car Haen shook his head.

“It does not matter what weapon it is. It’s not that they’re fighting Hunter’s weapons. ”

A right word.

Jin-woo, who had the same idea, did not raise any objection. One thing that broke down was the woman I liked.

‘Now is the turn to call a soldier.’

Jin looked around the car Haen.

Just as she tried to prove that she was ready to say it was not an accident, her aroused.

I was torn out by a sword that I had called a half-soldier against such a woman.


Jinwoo pulled out the best card he could take out.

‘Come out.’

A black shadow that fell from the shadow of Jinwoo stopped moving a few times and a black knight came up over it.

Black armor and helmet like a black.

A red feather that rises to the waist at the end of the pitch. The shadow soldier, the most sword-friendly shadow soldier, ‘Lee Grit’ was.

‘I told the car hunter to call the strongest guy …’

But I thought it was too much to call Ber.

Berr was a terrible terrorist in the Korean team before he became a shadow soldier.

Even Car Haen was attacked by him and wandered around the city.

When confronted with BERR, considering the psychological impact she would have, I could not summon the king of the ants at once.

Excuse me because I think they’ll burn the gym.

So Jin-woo chose this grit.

‘I am only you too.’

When I was looking at the dignified shoulders of this grit, I was convinced that my choice was not wrong.


“Mr. Sung Jin-woo.”

Jin looked around the car Haen.

“What are the conditions for victory and defeat?”

As soon as she heard her voice, the conviction began to shake as she would freeze the heart of the hearer.

Jinwu said he was worried.

“I’ll do it until my pet is destroyed or Cha Hunter surrenders.”

Turn it off.

Car Hae moved his head.

And I pulled out the sword that I pulled out of the warehouse.

Despite all the usual horsepower swords that can be found everywhere, the force was great.

‘Definitely strong.’

Jinwoo could feel it.

Cha Haein’s momentum, determined to fulfill her sincerity, was one of the most talented women of S class hunters.

This grit also took out the sword.

This grit has two long swords in hand, one in each hand.

At this point, the feeling that this grit might fall on her has passed through Jin-woo’s head.

But then.

‘wait… You said you do not care about any weapons? ”

Jinwoo recalled what he had just said and smiled and asked.

“Could you turn around for a second?”

“…..?”Cha Hae looked up at his head and turned around as soon as Jinwoo did.

Get in the gap. Jinwoo pulled out the “Sword of the Demon King” from the warehouse and gave it to the grit.

‘Do this.’

The fact that you do not care what your weapon is is that if you interpret it in reverse, you do not care what the enemy weapon is. The grit, who received the sword directly from the lord, was thrilled and tried to kneel down, but Jinwoo rushed out.

‘I do not need to be formal in that way.’

If the iron guy resembles half of this grit.


After the preparations, Jinwu set up the car Haein again.

“That’s Okay.”

The car Haen could see this grit with a flashing sword with a blue current that he had not seen before.

“…””Can I start?”

Jinwoo took off Shichimi and announced his intention to start the test.


India agreed to settle down.


With the signal of Jinwoo, this grit wielded a “long-sword of the devil king” and gave it a passive effect.


A single stem flash flew to the car Haen on the date.

The car, which was a little wobbly, hurried out of the lightning, flexing its upper body like a swift cat.


The wall of the gym was blackened by lightning.


The harsh gaze of the car Ha, who built his body right, turned to Jinwoo, but Jinwoo stared at the far side with his eyes out of sight.

‘…’Cha Haein silently restored the sword with both hands.

Right then.

The grit, commanded to bring her down in front, came in at a terrifying pace.

However, she did not blink, and fired at this grit.

*** The top floor of the main building, the president’s office.

When I sat here, I looked down at the association buildings as well as the surrounding landscape.


He read down the reports he had uploaded and went to the window with his gaze.

The fire just grew at the gym where nobody was there.

Kanghee looked up at the receiver and picked up the receiver.

– Yes, sir.

The attendant’s quick reply came back.

“Who booked the gym today?” – After checking, there was no reservation.


I stopped the phone for a while, looked at the gym, and arranged my thoughts.

“Could you connect the CCTV in the gym to my room?” – Yes, sir.

Soon after the screen was connected, a large TV, which occupied the entire wall of the conference room, showed Sung Jin-woo Hunter and Cha-hoon Hunter holding each other.


Surprised, Kun-hee broke his throat.

A few times again, Sung Jin Hun Hunter and Cha Cha Hun were hit.

Kanghee had a headache.

‘Is that the relationship between the two of you?’

Do it.

The first person who looked for Hunter, who was in the snow in the helicopter, was Sung Jin Hunter.

‘I did not notice this.’

Ko Kun-hee watched the two people on the screen and smiled generously.

Hunters who do not want to be noticed by people who have asked for information protection as soon as both of them are in grade S.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter has become like no other people.

If you want to spend your time there, there will be only a place like the association’s gymnasium.

Do you go out in the gym, not like young people these days?

What a healthy meeting?

Ko Kun-hee shook his head with a smile and a smile.

‘Youth is a good thing.’

Kanghee listened to the receiver once more.

“I’m sorry, but could you turn off all the gym CCTV?” -Yes? But…

“Let me record that there was a check today.” – Yes, sir.

As soon as Ko Kun-hee left the phone, the large screen of the association’s office, which was connected to CCTV, was turned off.

Looking at the gym for a second, Kun-hee laughed and resumed the pending document review.

But then.

“Kugu palace.”

The surface of the water in the cup was shaken and a slight vibration was felt on the side of the gym.


Kanghee did not even look at the gym at all, so she smiled a warm smile.

‘I also like youthful.’

*** ‘Well …’

Jinwu sits on his side.

It was like he was underestimating the skills of Cha Haein.

He gave me strength as a “demon king’s long sword”, but this grit could not afford her skills.

As soon as the left arm of this grit was cut off, Jinwoo stopped the fight.


Even if it was possible to regenerate, it was not enough to watch soldiers destroyed.

“Huh -” Car Hae greatly breathed out to calm the rough breath.

However, the body of the car Haen was soaked with sweat that it was not an opportune opponent.

Long white fingers stole the sweat from the forehead.

Jinwoo, who had a sad face, neatly acknowledged defeat and harvested this grit.

“It was lost.”


This grit turned into a shadow.

But Cha Haein still said without placing a sword in his hand.

“No, please make it invalid.”

“…?”What is this noise?

The car Haen was the horse.

“You said you would designate the strongest pet?”

The car Haein, who had narrowed the streets with Jinwoo, stopped at a step away.

“Are you really the strongest black knight who is just the strongest pet?”

I was not asking this.

It means that you will be asked to confirm what you know.

Jinwu shook his head.

Car Haen replied as if he had waited.

“Please call the strongest pet. I decided to do it from the beginning. ”

“May be hurt.”

“It’s okay. I just wanted to fight again. ”

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

“Did you know?”

Turn off.

“I saw the video.”

Cha Hae – in looked at the raid video of Jin – woo several times.

A huge monster that comes out there.

I have seen the monster that puffs out the pillar in my mouth a while ago.

“He was the High Orc Shaman, the boss of the A-level dungeon, and the pet?”

So, surely this time, the monster ant killed by him will be his soldier.

Cha Haein’s prediction was right.

From the beginning, she thought about monster ants and went to the test.

‘I do not like it in the middle of nowhere.’

I wanted to win the pet that used the power of the monster ant and to appreciate his value to Jinwoo.

Jin woo nodded at the end of a moment.


Then, at the back of Jinwoo, a shadow soldier surrounded by black steam appeared.

When I saw Berr appeared in front of me, Cha Haein instinctively backed off.

Yes, it was a terrible energy now.

Jin looked at her face, and she was worried about her.

“Is that really all right?”

Even though it is weaker than ever, Berth was originally a murder weapon for the Hunters.

Cha Hae – in tightly closed his mouth and drew his head silently.

I bowed to Berga and asked him.

‘King, please. How can I make interest? ”

She could not hear Beres’ voice from Car Haen.

Jinwoo also talked to me.

‘Let the woman fall on the line that does not hurt.’

‘I will do that.’

Shadow soldiers, once the king of the ants, turned toward a warrior who was nervous.

It’s black.

The car hired a dry saliva.

A terrible magical power was passed from the opponent who faced him, so that he could go on a rampage.

‘Sung Jin-woo had to deal with this guy?’

With this grit, her eyes were unsettled when her eyes were not blinking.

Berge, who was ready to follow the command of his army.

At the fingertips of Kia Aac-Berr, a fingernail-like fingernail began to sprout, but at the back of the line, Jinwu glared at his eyes.

‘Hey, put your fingernails in.’

Berth, who was grueling, immediately put his fingernails in. Jinwoo gave him one more command.

‘If she gets hurt, you do not get enough.’

‘I will follow you.’

After receiving a confirmation from Berr, Jinwu finally announced the beginning of the showdown.


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