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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 133

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135 Hwa Berga moved first.

The command of the master is one.

‘Do not let the enemy hurt you.’

Once at the apex of the species, Beres knew how to accomplish his command.

That’s right.

– It overwhelms the overwhelming gap and loses the former.


At the same time as the move, Vera, who had disappeared from the view of the car hunter, stood in front of her nose.

“…!”Cha Haen was astonished at the speed of Berr, but in an animal sense, he flew a sword towards Berr at that moment.

And then dozens of exams.


BERR avoided all attacks without moving one foot in place.

It was a precise movement that excluded unnecessary motion. It was so fast that the after-image occurred.

It is an overwhelming gap.


Whenever the attack broke out, the eyes of the car Haen were shaken.

‘You can get rid of all my attacks without using your feet at all on this street?’

Once again. The opponent shed his sword aimed at his neck lightly just by flipping his upper body lightly.

No matter how you change in any direction, your opponent has avoided the attack without difficulty.


Is not it possible that a pet that only borrowed the power of a dead witch, not a real witch?


‘Sung Jin-woo, who treats such a pet freely, is an alternative …’

In a vague panic, the car got a little dull in the movement of the Hae, and Berr hit his sword with his hand. Then she pushed her agar on her face.

The smell of the blowing death was a hint.

‘It’s over.’

The moment the giant chin filled her vision, she had no choice but to speak out.


However, instead of breaking his chin and breaking his head, the pet made a terrible roar in front of his nose.

“To the key to the ee!”

I was thrown by the roar of horsepower, and I went out.


Jinwu frowned his eyes.

Watching someone struggling unilaterally is not a good hobby either.


She stood up again as if she did not intend to give up easily and fixed the sword.

Jinwoo had a headache.

‘What are you thinking?’

The car hain he knew was not so low as not to be convinced even though he could see the gap with his opponent.

‘Even if you know the gap, you do not look much like a reckless person.’

if so.

Do you think there is something that you are looking for now?

‘It should not be a bad judgment.’

Jinwoo, who was connected with Berr, could feel how much he was suppressing his flesh.

On the other hand, Cha Hae-in was absolutely unfavorable position, but his will was not broken.

I heard an ominous feeling.

The gaze of Jinwoo, who watches the two, has become intense.

‘…?’Berr could not understand the judgment of Cha Haein.

I have shown the difference of overwhelming skill several times.

Why do not you stop having little challenges?

The king of the ants, who ruled over the top of the food chain, began to feel uncomfortable with the abundance of human females, which are just a prey.

Memory as a ruler was the source of that rage.


As soon as Berre had a heart, he reached the Chaehaein in an instant.

Then I stood face to face with my face.

If you have a breath, you can find out whether you are a predator or a prey, even if you face your eyes.

A warning of instinct.

It was Bern’s plan to destroy the enemy’s instincts, but it was not as effective as he thought.

As Jinwoo had predicted, the last card still remained for Cha Hae-in.

Skill ‘Swordsmith’.

The skill that Cha Haein can use most confidently.

Her movement accelerated as if she was dancing, and the sword began to draw a gorgeous curve.

Pot! Pot! Pot!


Berga, who was able to block all of the attacks that led to the nerves without the clogging of the moment, was all over his nails.

‘Stop playing.’

Beres grabbed the flying blade with his bare hands and crushed it.


Half – streak. But at the moment when I had to be discouraged, the car ‘s eyes shone coldly.

‘Only once!’

She poured all the magic she had on her sword.

Skill ‘Sword of Light’.

She was the first to reveal a technique that consumes a lot of horsepower so she can only use one spine.

A glowing sword. After he broke the sword, he jumped into the werewolf’s bosom and pinched the sword.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.


Of course, he was not worried about Berg.

However, in spite of Jinwoo ‘s concern, he penetrated the abdomen of the golden shining black belt.

“Key to the ex -!”

In a moment of time, Berth’s accident quickly returned.

‘This woman is the enemy.’

I do not mind dying.

But when I fall, I go to this woman ‘s black lord.


Shadow soldiers awakened when their instincts were triggered by a crisis in the subconscious.

– Defend your lord!

At that moment, the head was reset to white, and Jinwoo ‘s command, “Do not let the enemy get hurt,” was cleared away.

Berr turned into a demon to protect Jinwoo.

A huge bloated body, a jaw that opened wide like a chunk, and a long nail like a blade!


Bergan, who had prepared to tear up his master’s enemies, moved ten fingernail lines.


Just before the ten blades hit the car’s body.


It was not too late.

“…I told him to stop. ”

Jinwoo grabbed his fingernails with both hands and banged his eyes.

I was trembling when I saw Berga face to face.

He pushed back and fell on the floor of Bergha who did not pull the sword stuck in the abdomen and prayed for forgiveness.

“King, King. Mercy … ”

Jinwoo knew what he was doing with his thoughts. The thought that I had to keep the lord was heard in my head.

‘…’Jinwoo, who was staring at Vera for a moment, turned his head.


It was a while, but the car Hae, who faced death, sat down on the floor to see if he could stand.

“It’s okay?”

When Jinwoo approached, he tried to get up alone, and the car Hae, who gave up, nodded his head down.


What’s okay.

She helped her up and raised her up.

“Why is it so difficult? You do not have to come to our guild to do that. ”

“…”It was just a test.

It was also a nominal guild joining test, in fact it was a means to reject her.

In such confrontation, you are obsessed with victory by using this dangerous skill.

I could never explain it all by just trying to win.



Jinwoo asked carefully not to hurt her feelings.

“Are you interested in me?”


Jinhui looked up at him with a blank expression as if the car had been pinched by a bewilder.

‘Is not this also?’


Cha Ha Hyeon, who was trying to summarize his thoughts, corrected his answer.

“…Yes. I think so.”

*** The headquarters of the US Hunter Bureau.

It was uncomfortable to plant the director who had been informed that he failed to recruit Sungjin Hunter.

Instead of receiving the report, he called the deputy director directly to the conference room.

Deputy Director came with Mrs.

“What happened to you?”

The director asked before sitting down.

It was the first time that the recruitment offer with Mrs. Selner was refused since the Hunter Administration was founded.

The Deputy Chief stood up with a dark face and bowed his head.

“I have no face.”

“I’m not calling you to get an apology.”

When the director pressed the button, a partition was struck on the wall that was made of glass and the entrance was locked.

The inside was completely soundproof.

To prevent information from being leaked, Mrs. Selner does not use the phone or e-mail to talk about the story.

So the director still had no idea what had happened in Korea.

“Come and tell me what happened.”

The Deputy Secretary briefly checked Mrs.

She nodded slowly.

Then the Deputy Director opened his mouth.

“Mrs. Selner” observed “Sung Jin Hunter.”

“So what happened?”

For the director who knows her abilities, the result of her observation was as important as the success of the recruitment.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter …”

The deputy chief, who was soaked with tightly torn lips at his tongue, was speaking.

“I am one of the kings.”


The director got up.

The hunters that Mrs. Sner described as “king” are only three of the myriad strongest men she ‘s ever met.

And there were only those who hold and shake the world.

It’s the pinnacle of Hunter!

There is a man named Sung Jin-woo.

The director looked around at his wife and asked.

“Then does Sung Jin Hunter have the power of the national power class hunter?”

But she shook her head.


There was wrinkle in the head of the director.

The deputy director was able to understand the director’s mind. I heard the same answer and I had the same reaction.

She sighed.

“Description … I guess I’ll need a little. ”

So she was lucky.

“First of all, I think you know well what skills I have.”

The director and deputy chief nodded, no matter who was first.

The director opened his mouth first.

“Awakens are all connected to the power of the other side.”

She could feel the path connecting the awakening and the other side by looking into the eyes of the awakening person.

Sometimes, however, there are awakeners who seem to be so strong that the light coming from the other side is pouring down.

They were the ‘kings’ she was talking about.

“Then what is different for Sungjin Hunter?”

“He did not have a runway.”

She again shook her body.

“As soon as I looked into his eyes, the darkness in him saw me. Oh, my God. He was the darkness itself. ”

The deputy director refuted.

“But he works as a hunter and helps many people. I did not see him as such an evil person … ”

If Sung Jin Hun Hunter was a bad guy, the two men who shot him should have died on the spot.

However, Sung Jin Hun Hunter passed away.

She shook her head.

“I am not discussing the good and evil of Sungjin Hunter, deputy director.”

His eyes were firm.

“I’m telling you where his strength comes from.”

The director who listened with his hand under his chin opened his mouth.

“He must be a strong Hunter, right?”

She nodded.

“Sung Jin Hunter, he does not borrow strength from somewhere. I do not come from the aisle, I do not have the restriction on the aisle because I use the strength inside me. That means … ”

“There is no power limit …”

The deputy chief, who muttered without knowing himself, shuddered and shuddered suddenly. I could not even imagine how strong the power would be without limit.

The director who heard the words of both of them was deeply troubled. Then he soon nodded as if he had decided something.

“Madam, thank you.”

The director, who turned off his wife, took the deputy director down to the underground of the Hunter Administration.

“Chief, where are you going?”

“Underground 9th floor.”

“Is not that an archive?”

“There is something in the archive that I keep.”

Looking down the numbers gradually falling in the elevator, the director was a horse.

“If you can not use the power of Mrs. Selner, you’ll have to take it with other methods.”

Young age.

Mighty power. As Mrs. Sner said, if the Sungjin Hunter had a mighty force, it was irrelevant whether it was light or dark.

If you look at other people’s eyes to protect yourself, it is nothing more than a normal weapon.

The director wanted to have a sword called Sung Jin-woo.

The director who arrived on the 9th floor moved inside more and more as he unlocked the door.

Some staff members passed by and greeted, but the director did not even notice.

“Remember the first S grade gate?”

“Of course it is.”

How could we forget the worst dungeon brakes that blew up the western part of the United States?

The United States, with huge rewards, recruited the best hunters in the world, and succeeded in catching a boss-class marshall from the S-class gate.

But five survivors.

Only one hitter killed dozens of top hunters.

Without their sacrifice, the existence of the United States might have been dangerous.


The United States granted equal qualifications to the five who saved their fate, and it became the beginning of the word of state power.

The director took out the name of Masu who caused the worst disasters in history.

“Dragon camis …”

The magic hunters said, “Camishe” means a flame that does not turn out?

When I entered the last room and opened the safe, one stone was being watched in complete security.

The deputy director was surprised.

“So this is …?”

“That’s right.”

The director puts his hand on a hardened glass box covering the burnt stones and smiles.

“It’s runestone from the corpse of that camishee.”

After the Kashishaid, two state-class hunters took their place in the United States.

For example, they are the gifts that Kamish brought.

Since then, the United States has done its utmost to establish the “Hunter Bureau” and to increase the power of the Hunters to avoid repeating the disaster.

About eight years after that.

Because of the lack of a magic system among the surviving nation-class power hunters, Kunmi’s Runeshi was waiting for his master for a long time in the underground of this cold Hunter Bureau.

The director looked into the glass and made a meaningful smile.

“Kamish will once again bring a valuable gift to this beautiful country.”

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