Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 134

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 134

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Episode 136 “Actually, I did not get permission from our gate yesterday.”

Park Jong-soo, the president of the Knights Guild, stood face to face as soon as he got to work.


Jung Yoon-tae, a vice president, added hurriedly.

“The results from the association have come up a little higher.”

“Is it a S grade gate?”

“No, yes, I am a grade A student, and he said he went up to the maximum reading.”

“I got hit, this one.”

If the S class has come out, I can give up neatly.

It does not make sense that one knight with no S class Hunter clears the S class gate.

Maybe you can barely clear the S-class hunters across the country like in the case of Jeju Island Reid.


If the result of horsepower measurement is A grade, the story changes.

One of the five guilds, Knight Templar, can not properly handle the A-level gates.

It may not have been possible to find a reduced position at all.

“Good morning, are you crazy?”

“I do not know.”

“We’ll get rid of it.”

Honam’s reputation guild.

Park Jong – soo set the bar for the word ‘fame’.

“Let’s put the gate in our front yard into the mouth of her mouth.”

“It is said that the horse is,” said the chaplain.

“It will not be so if the soil gets into my eyes.”

“Grayson, why do not you take it?”

Park Jong-soo, who was so excited, asked what he was wearing.

It was natural.

The death and death of the attacking members as well as myself can be determined in a word of their own words.

I could not say anything excited.

Park Jong – su has a headache.

‘Our Guild A class hunters are not at the level of competing with other large guilds.’

No, in terms of the number and qualities of A class, it was comparable to Hunters, which is called the best guild in Korea.

Only S grade one.

It was the Knights Templar who was at risk of being forced out of the five guilds because they did not have one.

For the same reason, only the elite of the Knights were enough for an ordinary grade A gate.

However, among the A class, if the gates with the highest magic value are at the gate, the Knights Guild without S class had to take the risk of the team members.

Even if it is classified as A class, the clearance difficulty of the dungeon itself is close to S grade.

The Hunter Association also said that it was hesitating to give permission because it knew the danger.

‘…’When Park Jong-su’s worries deepened, Jung Yoon-tae cautiously said.

“Actually, if this RedGate pops up, we’re all dead.”


The top-tier A-grade gig is too much, and suddenly it turns into a Red Gate?

It was a terrible thing to think about.

Half if you’re lucky.

If the luck does not follow, all of the raids, including yourself, could be killed.

‘If you think coolly, this thing is right.’

However, when the rumor of a guild abandoning the A-level gate spread, I had to see that the destiny of the Knights was also over.

What kind of newcomer will come to the guild that does not have a S-class Hunter or a Class A gate?

“Gracie, let’s join in with this other guild.”

Park shook his head.

“I do not think I’m going to be alone.

To handle the A-level gates that can eat allots when the Knights Templar is lost.

If I had to hold my hand, it was still a problem.

‘It’s the same as advertising a lack of competence.’

There were dozens of people on their faces.


“If you do not get attracted to the guild, how about an individual?”

Two people ‘s head went back to the woman’ s voice coming from the side.

It was a healing class A class Hunter and Jeong Jalim who are in charge of Hill in the Knights’ elite raid.

The healer’s voice is great.

It is not necessary to say that the healer has a variety of skills to hold a Class A rank.


Park Jong-soo did not hide his embarrassed expression as the fate of the Knights Guild was hanging on this day.

“I am going to enter the top-level A-level gate.

Park Jong-soo’s words were cut off.


It is because the person who came suddenly came up to say the word.

The man who wiped out the A-class, S-class marshals alone!

Park Jong – su, who could not stand the excitement, got up.

‘If Sung Jin-woo comes!’

He was the one who knocked out all of the S-class hunters in Korea who had not been able to come in before.

If he did, the security of the attackers would be 100 percent guaranteed.

Where is it?

I was able to avoid the mistakenness that I had to deal with class A gates by borrowing the power of another guild.

‘Rather, when the knighthood’s name goes up, it goes up.’

Who would be in the guild to have the best Hunter in hand and raid?

The lives of team members and the honor of the Knights.

It was a great way to catch both rabbits at once.

My god asked me, Park Jong-soo, excitedly.

“What are you doing now, Sung Jin Hun Hunter?”

Jung Jilim, who had made his first speech, also shook his head.

“It’s quiet except for the news that I’ve handled one of the gates on the road recently.”

Jung Yoon-tae, who recalled Sung Jin-woo from the recent news, pulled out his cell phone.

“I’ll contact you, Sung Jin Hun Hunter Yes, sir?”

“Yes, it is. Put the phone in. ”


“Should we try to solve this important thing with a phone call? I’ll find you and give you your word. ”


When Jung Yoon – tae agreed, Park Jong – su said with a smile.

“Let’s go up once.”

*** That night. Hain, who lay on the bed, struggled with bitterness while wearing his quilt over his head.

‘I think so, I think so!’

That’s why I confessed it!

Her movements stopped when she was kicking her bed.

There was an unexpected thought.


How do you interpret your answer?

– Is not there a better way to come into the guild then?

Once I got up in a hurry to think about trying to save my seat, but when I remembered the moment, I was distressed and the accident stopped.


I remember when I came back again, my face was hot again.

When faced with the mad eyes of the petrified pet, I had foresaw death that I could never avoid.

Absolute horror.

The fate of the fisherman.

I looked at the 10 fingernails on both sides of the car, and I saw that the car had closed his eyes.

But then.

I felt a warm warmth behind my back. At the same time, a familiar scent enveloped her warmly.


Cha Haein glanced openly and looked back.

Jinwoo, holding the pet’s nails, was staring at the pet.

It is true that at that moment my heart was running wild.

By the way.

-Perhaps… Are you interested in me?

Is not it folly to ask in that situation?


Cha Hae – soon shook his head as if trying to shout.

Even if I asked so, I should not have answered honestly.

‘Maybe you think you’re a strange woman.’

By the way.

I thought that I could not, but my mouth moved by itself.

If you are with Sungjin Hunter, you will be able to express your unhappiness.

It’s not like yourself.

‘Like you are not yourself?’

Those words that are strangely familiar.

Where was it?

There was a memory somewhere that I heard a similar expression.


The memories that had been erased in my mind swept past my brain.

-……send it.


Cha Hae – in caused his upper body.

‘……!’Obviously it was not an old thing, but as I dreamed and woke up, the voices that had disappeared on the other side of the memory came to mind.

-…Please tell me.


Cha Haein tried to remember the contents of the voice and the owner.

The form of memory, which was blurred as it was covered in dense fog, gradually came to my appearance.

-……Please tell me you need to be careful.

‘I met Min Bong Hunter.’

When he lost consciousness and was dragged into an unknown darkness, it was Min Bung Hunter who snatched his wrist.

I was feeling uncomfortable for a moment.

I remember seeing the black armor surrounding the whole body of Min Bong Hunter, I thought it was the wonder.

Only the face is exposed.

Even his face seemed sadly somewhat unlike usual.

As the memory of the time slowly began to emerge, Cha Haen suddenly felt the back of the throne cool.

Min – bong Hunter spoke with a face that seemed to bear the crying.

– To Sung Jin Hunter.

‘To Sung Jin Hunter …?’ – Tell them that you must be careful of your strength.

*** Jin-woo, who finished the shower, stood in front of the bathroom mirror.


I’m sure it looks good here.

By the way.

I really liked the beauty of the girl like Cha Seo, so I tried to move the guild.

‘Am I that much?’

Jin looked into the mirror.

There was a figurine and laughter.

I had no intention of falling in love with others even if I did not tell them.

Only one part is confident.

It was all the muscles that became harder and harder in daily quests that did not fall a day and repeated every day.

It is the sound of the body in the end.

The face is …… Well, except for a little strong eye, is not it a common sight on the street?

But then.


Looking at the mirror, Jinwoo ‘s eyes turned sincerely.

I tilted my head slightly forward and looked in more detail.

The enlightenment in the mirror and the enlightenment in reality have faced each other for a long time.


I was young in the eyes of Jinwoo.

The gaze swept across the face.

I knew it.

The change was right.

Even though it did not grow big, the small scars, dots, and dirt that were found when I looked closely, some of them were disappearing neatly.

‘Is it due to the effect of rehabilitation will buff?’

Among the buff effects I received in exchange for the player, I was told to ‘restore all parts of the damaged body’.

It was enough to reproduce even the leg which was cut by stone statue.

It may not be strange that minor skin damage is cured.

But what a strange thing.

‘…I think it’s a little bit difficult. ”

The age of mid-20s.

But in the mirror, he was seen in his early twenties, about two or three years younger.

It was a surprise.

It is said that magic can prevent a certain degree of aging of an awakening, is it similar to that?

‘Eli …’

Jin-woo came out of the bathroom when the man thought that it was funny to look at the mirror by himself.

My sister was out of the room, too, so her brother and sister reunited in the living room.

Jinwoo laughed and called Jinna.



“How about you?”


“Like charm as a man.”


Jina frowned.

“Where did you come from? My eyes are just my brother’s brother? ”

“Come on, thank you.”

Jinwoo laughed and smiled at Jin-A’s ball, and Jin-ah also responded with a sharp bottom kick.

Of course, it was Jinnah who jumped sore.

“Have you forgotten what your brother is? Can you study properly with that head? ”

“What did you say?”

Jin-a who popped out of his mouth pointed his eyes.

“In this test, I am the first in the whole school?”

Jinwoo swallowed the laughter, his brother’s reaction was fun.

The good thing about my family is that even though I am different, they always give me the same attitude in the same place.

Jinwoo rubbed his wet head with a towel and passed by Jinnah.


“My brother too.”

Jinwoo, who was about to enter the room, recalled something and looked back.

“True, I want to make a guild this time.”


The shining red eyes shined their eyes.

“Are you listening to the boss now?”

“If it is good.”

“What is the name of the guild?”

“I do not want to ask that once.”

“Five! What is it? ”

The younger brother who sends the expectation eyes gently asked the truth.

“How about the Soleil Guild?”

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