Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 135

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 135

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The answer was the same as before, but the nuances were very different.

If it was a joke before this time, it was surely serious.

“Why? Strange?”

“…Why do you build your guild name like that? ”

“I like to move alone.”

“Your brother, but is not it strange to attach to your brother’s guild?”


“Your ability was not to call the black soldiers?”


“That’s not strictly a fighting alone.”

I heard it.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

‘Even if it’s just a kind of skill to me, it’s not like that in other people’s eyes.’

It was a saying.

Maybe it’s a guild that might be together for the rest of my life from now on, so I wanted to put a meaning in the guild name that can express myself well.

That ‘s why I chose’ Sole ‘.

‘It does not work if the meaning does not reach well.’

A word that can express me.

Jin asked again.

“How about the guild?”

“Are you dead?”

Jinha, who was looking at the game again, laughed.

“I think I’m upside down. But what do you mean? ”

“I am I, and I shall go forth.”

Only I can do it. And the name I want to put on the guild to grow with me.

“It’s Ajin, which means” I’m coming “together.”

“Oh -” Jinah told me the best praise she could.

“That’s all right?”

*** next day. I guess the name of the guild, Jinwoo found the office.

“The name of the guild …”

Yoo Jin-ho, who was out in the morning, listened and laughed.

“Really good, bro!”

Did the graceful swan say that he was hitting the shoemaker under the water?

Yu Jin-ho was so desperate.

‘Whatever it is, it’s not just sulphure.’

I have imagined it many times.

I introduce myself to someone called ‘Yoo Jin-ho is the vice president of the Soul Guild.’

It was painful.

I do not know exactly why, but one side of my chest would get sick.

But how can he be able to give a name to the name he made at the end of his troubles?

It is a chance to come to accept and accept.

“Brother, the name of the guild, you do it!”

This time, even Jinwoo, who got the agreement of the real partner, made the decision of mind.

“Then the guild name is fixed.”

In a word, Yu Jin-ho called in delight.

Said Jinwoo, touching his chin.

“The remaining one is a founding member.”

“Yes, brother.”


“What happened to the hunter, Mr. Hunter, yesterday?”

“The car hunter is not going to be. I’m not the one I wanted. ”


Yujin swallowed the moan.

I had expected that your eyes would not be normal, but you could not be satisfied with the hunter, which is about the size of a car.

Hunter, a minor offshoot, is S-class, young, performing well, and even beautiful.

There was no place to drop it.

For ordinary people.

But where did the word “plain” come to you?

‘You’re the brother who almost swept all the S-class athletes in the first raid that officially joined the S class.’

A S-class Hunter is a natural story if it’s not natural to be in a castle.

if so.

What Hunter can do to satisfy you?

It was a feeling that hundreds of application books that had just been named “Sung Jin-woo” in the guilds whose names had not yet been determined were all gone.

‘I do not think any of the volunteers will be better than the chartered Hunter …’

Yoo Jin-ho carefully asked, worried that he would not be able to open the guild door forever.

“Hey, brother. Then what kind of person do you seek? ”

“Hunter is a holder of a license, no interest in guild activity, but still trustworthy person?”


Yoo Jin-ho came up with a person who was perfect for that condition.

‘This is perfect …’



Someone knocked on the office door.

“who are you?”

Yoo Jin – ho rose and opened the door.

Then the two men who could not see stood awkward.

Park Jong Soo, the president of the Knights Guild, who came to Seoul to find Jinwoo, and Jung Yoon Tae, vice president.

Park Jong – su first recognized Jinwoo and smiled brightly.

“uh! It’s a revelation. ”

Jinwoo stood up and asked.

“Who are you?”

“Ah, the greetings are late.”

Park Jong – su, who came quickly, reached out his hand politely.

“The master of the Knights Guild is called Park Jong Soo.”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

Somewhere I’ve seen a lot of faces.

If you are a master of the five guilds, even if you do not care about the face was about.

I have to come out on the news or TV.


If it is a knight, it is a large guild based in Busan.

Jin-woo, who heard the introduction, looked up and asked.

“But how did the Knights come to here?”

“Oh, that is …”

Park Jong-soo, who had exchanged his eyes with Jung Yoon-tae, hesitated for a while.

“This time we got a bigger guy out of class A gates …”

But soon the hesitation disappeared from his eyes.

“Sungjin Hunter is a story that you will not regret. Could you just give us a minute? ”

*** [Citizens who are afraid of seeing the giant gate at the outskirts of Gwangalli …] [Hunter Association, concerned about permission.] [Knights Guild, give up Gwanganri Gate?] [Is the nightmare of Jeju Island repeated?]

Park opened one of many articles and showed a video.

– Look at that, that. Are you shooting?

– Uh, uh. – Wow, that makes sense? What’s up with the gate?

The images, which were supposedly taken by ordinary people, were full of terrified voices.

That too, the size of the gate was too big.

Height beyond the 10-story building.

Even the citizens who are now accustomed to the gates that are created without attempting were inevitably scared.

“The gate size and grade do not necessarily match.”

Park ended the video and added explanations.

“It’s like an ignorant size, and magical power is coming out of it.”

In an exciting news, Jin asked in earnest eyes.

“You came out S grade?”

“It’s not just impossible to measure, but it’s just one step below. It is the largest gate ever seen in Busan. ”

It was A grade but it was close to S grade.

‘Can you look forward to that experience?’

Unlike Jin-woo’s heart starts to beat quietly, Park jumped in a bitter voice.

“You may have seen it earlier, but the association is trying to give us no permission.”

“Is it too dangerous?”

“As you know, there is no S-Class in our Knights Guild. It’s hard to trust and trust us in the Hunter Association. ”

Park Jong-soo looked at Jin-Woo’s eyes rather than talking.

“If you are still looking for a guild to join us and.”

Jinwoo showed a file cover placed on the conference room desk before Park Jong – su made a speech.

I got a head on the top of the cover.

[List of candidates for the founding members of the guild] Park Jong-soo put his hand on the back of the head and nodded his head.


Park Jong-soo’s attempt to bring Jun-woo to the knighthood was in vain.

Then it was time to take out the real thing.

“The Knights’ elite hunters do not kneel down against the Hunters. I do not have an S class to lead A class. ”

I have been good so far but I do not know what ‘s going to happen in this raid.

And when the “what happened” that I was worried about was a superhuman Hunter who was absolutely necessary.

One S class presence can reverse the situation.

You do not have to look far.

Right in front.

The Korean team hunters are suddenly on the verge of annihilation, and they are sitting down.

Moreover, Seongjin Hunter seen directly from close … The same Hunter was a true faith title itself.

‘sign… Do you want me to do it? ”

When I was rejected, I understood the feelings of Healing Jung Yilim who had received a sign.

“Did you put anything on my face?”

“Oh, no.”

Park Jong-soo, who laughed and fingered, continued.

“So if Hunter would join us in the raid, we would be able to take on this raid.”

Jinwu put his arms around his back and leaned back on his chair.

Before Jin-woo’s worries deepened, Park Jong-soo said hurriedly.

“Of course, I will not let you be sorry.”

Then he pulled out the contract he had laughed.

“I’ll give you 20 percent of the revenue you get from this dungeon.”

A large guild dedicates 20% of the revenue to the dungeon to one individual.

Hunter was a treat who could not even dream.

When an ordinary large guild attacks a dungeon, the income that a S-class hunter takes as his share is usually around 10 percent.

The Knights offered the double amount to Jinwoo.

Like Park Jong Soo, I was really unhappy.

But Jin-woo’s idea was different.

“50 to 50.”

Park Jong – suu ‘s hand shook as he pulled out the pen that Jin – woo made for easy signing.


“If you treat me as a guild, not as an individual, I’ll cooperate.”

Jinwu said cut it off.

An earthquake struck Park Jong-soo’s pupil in his remarks to divide his income by half.

‘Catch …!’

But he could not get strong like Jinwoo.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the fate of the Knights Guild depends on this raid.

Jinwoo dragged his tongue out into the inside.

‘But it’s not 20 percent.’

It was not a sign that the Knights Guild would take advantage of the difficult circumstances of the Knights.

The most reasonable allocation in many ways.

It was 50 to 50.

‘If you think of the elite of the Knights Guild, will they compare to the shadow soldiers?’

There is no comparison either numerically or qualitatively. In addition, this includes one S-class Hunter.

If you receive only 20 percent of your income in return, you are close to free service.

Is it necessary to hand over his share to the opponent in a fair deal for mutual benefit?

Jinwoo did not want to lower his value.

“Then it would be 40 to 60 …”

“I’m not trying to bargain with the Knights Guild.”

“So you do not have anything to think about except 50s 50?”

Jinwoo replied by nodding his head.

Come on.

Park Jong – soo was thoughtful.

‘I was young and I was impressed so I thought it would be easy to get things done.

Do it.

He was a man who could not win even if he collected all the S class Hunters in Korea.

That’s what makes Hunter join the raid.

I thought maybe his request might not be too much.


Park shook his head.

It is an unreasonable demand.

If the opponent had a strong heart, he might have called himself to eat 80% instead of 50 to 50.

Anyway, I am sorry that I am not Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

If you give up this raid, the Knights’ loss is incalculable.

On the contrary, what does he lose?

there’s nothing.

There was nothing like sitting at the negotiating table with his neck held in the first place.

Is not it a very gentlemanly request if I still take half?

‘Where is it?’

If this contract was successful, it would have the most solid insurance in Korea, called Sung Jin Woo.

Suddenly I heard what I heard from Jung Yoon – tae yesterday.

– Actually, if this RedGate pops up, we’re all dead.

But if there is a Sung Jin Hunter next to him?

Sung Jin Hun Hunter is a man who has not blinked with his eyes while dealing with thousands of S classmates.

Did not you see Jeju island ants directly?

‘Yes, it was.’

I realized that the man who killed all of the ants is now a man in front of me.

It’s black.

The dry saliva ran through the throat and it was hard.

It is the two-to-eight saying that the ants come into the scene where they were slaughtered and come to the man.

‘I was the one who was rude.’

Park Jong – su acknowledged his mistake.

I was deeply grateful for Jinwoo’s generous condition.

But thank you for your gratitude.

As far as the demand there is one step back, so you have to take one of these things to be seen as fair. What should I do.

Park Jong-soo carefully opened his mouth after long trouble.

“Okay, instead …”


“Can a boss-level soldier get hold of Sung Jin Hunter?”

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