Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 136

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 136

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Park Jong-soo gave power to his eyes at least with this decision to take.

The damage in the dungeon is mostly caused by the boss-class battle.

As a means to minimize the damage of the raid, Park Jong-soo has given a rainfall to entrust Jin-woo to the treatment of the boss-level captain.

‘If the strength of the Sungjin Hunter, which I showed at the ants, then I can handle the boss-class marself alone.’

Park Jong-su kept his mouth shut and waited for Jin-woo’s reply because he was so excited that he would be rejected.

Contrary to the face of Park Jong Soo getting harder as the static gets longer.

‘Breathe …’

Jinwoo repeatedly raised his hand under his chin to the bottom of his chest to hide his smile on his mouth and covered his mouth and frowned.

It was because I wanted to seem as worried as possible.

The operation was successful.

Park Jong Soo did not even know how to go about his time and kept sweat in his hand and concentrated on Jin Woo’s decision.

In the end, Jin-woo seems to sigh as if he can not.


It was a horse.

“Let’s do it.”

Park grasped the two fists under the desk.


As soon as Jinwoo approves of his approval, all his worries and anxieties seemed to wash away.

Why have you been so worried about this problem?

I should have done this from the beginning.

From the moment I left Busan, the first smile of a bright smile popped over the face of Park Jong Soo.

All that was left was to contact the association and get permission to take action.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter was decided to join the raid, so there was no more stubbornness.

“It’s been a while since the gate was found, and I have to start the raid tomorrow at the latest.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Park Jong-soo, who had taken the baggage he had brought, said hurriedly.

“I would not, but let’s go down with our car.”

If I had to meet again tomorrow anyway, would not it be better to act together than to make a messy promise?

In that sense, Park Jong Soo encouraged me to accompany him.

“We will take the hotel to a top class hotel and we will pay for it.”

But Jinwoo had no reason to go a long way in the car for a long time. I put one shadow soldier on the shadow of Park Jong Soo and it was over.

There is no time to wander or time to go.

Jinwoo looked down at a circular shadow moving through the floor and gently wrapped it around.

“It’s hard to get down there with me tonight,” he said.


“But I will not be able to keep up with the time.”

Unless the guild master is not perceived by himself.


Jeong Yoon-tae, the vice president of the Knights Templar who had passed through the meeting room, said he was looking at the room.

“Do it, sir!”

Park Jong-su, who was surprised, jumped up and looked around.

“Why? Why?”

“The shadow just moved! Just from one side to the other. ”

Park Jong-soo paused for a moment and immediately stood up and stared at Jung Yoon-tae.

“Yoon Tae … Did you drink? ”

“…”Jung Yoon-tae, who sensed the ambushed atmosphere, lost his word and smeared his nose with his index finger.

“Did you drink?”

“I had two cans of beer in the rest area.”

“Did I tell you to be careful when I do business?”

“Sorry, sir.”

Jeong Yoon-tae, who bowed to Park Jong-soo, bowed his head to Jin-woo.

“Sorry, Hunter.”

Park Jongsu pressed his back on his back and bowed his head.

“He ‘s such a nice guy. If you are surprised, I will apologize. ”

“No, thanks. Sometimes the shadows move, too. ”

The story was about to end in such a warm atmosphere.

Jin-woo’s cell phone was on the table.


‘Who is it?’

I checked the sender and it was the number I had never seen before.

“I’ll get a phone call for a while.”

“Yes, yes.”

Jin-woo, who asked for his understanding, came out of the conference room. Jung Yoon-tae and Park Jong-soo, both of whom caused a sudden disturbance, shed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Jung Yoon-tae then muttered with his head.

“Oh, the real shadow moved …”

“Do not shit!”

Park Jong-soo would have eyes, and Jung Yoon-tae had just finished his mouth.

After a moment of static. Chung Yoon-tae, who was curious about the outcome of the negotiations, opened his mouth first.

“Good morning, what are you doing?”

“What’s going to happen? I decided to do it together. ”

“Great, yes!”

The face of Jung Yoon-tae, who was nervous, was also brightened.

He asked again, singing.

“But did you ever try to tell us to come in?”

“Do not say. I was going to make a guild and this was a perfect fit. ”

Park Jong – su, like Jin – woo, listened to the file case of [Guild Founder].

Chung Yoon-tae laughed giggly.

“Now that the guilds are settled, how big is it? If we come to the guild, we might be treated as a king. Yes, I have a hard time buying a comfortable place. ”

“I mean so.”

Park Jong-su, who was reluctant to put the file back in place, came out of the application.

His face was stiff when he picked up his application quickly.


There was a picture of a familiar woman, seen many times, attached to the application.

“Shut up!”

The face of Jung Yoon-tae was also stiff.

“Actually, is this woman …?”

Park Jong-soo nods his head to Jung Yoon-tae, who does not believe in reporting.

“Uh, right. Hunters vice president. ”

Jung Yoon-tae, who was looking at the photo of the car Haein without words, looked at Park Jong-soo’s eyes.

“Good morning. What do we do with merger and acquisition? ”

In the moment Park Jong – soo ‘s hair was wrinkled.

“This child is real …”

* * * Jin-woo from the office pressed the call button.

Then the voice of a familiar woman flowed over the receiver.


After confirming his voice, Jinwu felt a little sad on the one hand, and on the other hand, his mind was on the other.

“Did you buy a cell phone?” -Huh. As soon as I had a cell phone, I wanted to hear my son ‘s voice. I mean, she’s busy, is not she interrupting?

Jinwoo looked at the office where the two of the knight guilds would be waiting for a moment and laughed.

“Not at all.” -thank God. But I do not know if she bought well. I was not used to this.

“Did you go to the agency alone? Why do not you go with Jin-a? ”

Sometimes you should think about yourself rather than your children.

Jinwoo ended his conversation with her mother and sighed herself.

By the way.

Why was she disappointed to know that the person who called was a mother?

‘What did you expect?’

Jinwoo laughed and put his mobile phone in his pocket.

I was lively in my eyes.

Today, thanks to the Gomaku Shinmun Guildmen who came to visit, we can enjoy the air of the dungeon tomorrow.

‘A grade G near grade S.’

I felt like I was too old to loose my body.

Have you been back from Jeju Island Reid for about a week now?

There has been no activity to do so, only once to the B class Red Gate without any distinction.

Pounding, pounding.

Feeling the heartbreaking heart beat, Jinwoo expected tomorrow’s raid.

* * * The elite Hunters of the Knights gathered together.

They were excited by strange anticipation and excitement.

He has to.

Maybe it was a raid that might have had to take a life threat.

Especially if it turned into Red Gate, it would not have been able to avoid the annihilation. However, Sung Jin Hun Hunter told me to do such a raid.


Jung Jae-rim, who brought out the idea, listened to Sung Jin-woo’s joining and screamed of joy.

The other hunters were delighted to know that there was a strong safeguard, not only in the way they were expressed, but also in their degrees.

Only one person is irritated here.

It was a guild master Park Jong-soo who was waiting for Jin-woo to come and roll his foot.

‘Oh, I’m just bringing you yesterday.’

Park confirmed the clock.

11 am 5 am ago. If it is scheduled, the raid should start after 5 minutes.

However, the person who arrives soon will not be able to see the pussy yet.

I could not even start a raid without him.

As soon as Sung Jin Hun Hunter informed him that he had joined the raid, the association gave it permission as if it had waited.

The name of Sung Jin-woo must have worked.

But now you come and start the raid without it?

‘That’s the second …’

Park Jong-soo looked around the faces of the attackers.

Look at those eyes with anticipation.

It may not be able to start because of the opposition of the guild members, not the association.

‘Now the remaining time is three minutes.’

Park Jong-soo, who had taken out his cell phone again in anxiety, put it back with his super-patience.

It is also unfortunate that you call the person who has been contacted to arrive ten minutes earlier.

However, there is no approaching person with a strong energy, and Jinwoo’s arrival did not come.

Park asked for a cigarette while looking for something to burn instead.

‘Where on earth are you, Sungjin Hunter Nim …!’

That time.

Jinwoo was leaving the apartment.

Sneakers in a light attire easy to move the body.

I looked at the clock at 11: 1. I lifted my head and looked down at the stark sky.

Jinna, I’m going to take my umbrella.

But think about it for a while.

‘Let’s go.’

She smiled at the mouth of Jin-woo, wearing a hoodie over her head.



‘Shadow exchange.’

He immediately reversed his position with the shadow soldier.

* * * Jinja is a high school.

The faces of the three boys who took on the errand of the art teacher were full of complaints.

“Is not this a complete labor exploitation?”


“Why do you let us do what you have to do?”

The boys opened the lock on the second art room, which is grunting but now used as a warehouse.

“Oh, dust.”


Dust that piled up like a warehouse for a long time greeted the boys.

There were old art tools, abandoned paintings and plaster sculptures used in sketches all around.

“How many plaster pieces did you bring?”

“It’s six or six.”

“Ah… One by one, you have to come one more time. ”

“Then you carry your dog.”

The boys walked the sleeves to move the plaster cast.

However, one male student who wanted to pick up the plaster in the corner found something inside.


Two other men came to the side in the voice of an unimpressed male student.

“Oh, this?”

A large black hole on the wall.

It was a man ‘s only gate.

The big boy, the biggest of them, looked at the gate and laughed.

“What am I again?”

The boy said to touch the gate surface.

“This closed gate is safe. I can not go inside, except the hunters.

It was then.


The surface of the gate was cracked, and at the same time, the protruding hand grasped the boy ‘s head.


The boy was struggling, but the hands holding his head did not budge.


Quiz -!

The bark of the hard fruit burst, and the boughs sprang all over the place.

“Uh, uh ah!”

“Cheong Seok Ah!”

With the scream of the boys who turned the blood over.

The black curtain that was blocking the gate was scattered like a window, and the palms inside were pouring out.

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