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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 137

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139 Orcs are innate hunters.

Although intelligence is inferior to humans, it has far surpassed humans in their ability to track and hunt down weaker objects than themselves.

Broken door. The hunters poured out at the gate where the wall that blocked the world and the dungeon disappeared.



The Orcs pushed their burdensome bodies over their feet and looked around.



It is a hunter who was breathing in the darkness of the dungeon for a week. It is natural to get excited about the smell of blood and flesh around you. But.

They are scouts.

I could not move myself because the blood was boiling.

There were still dozens of people waiting to see the scouts after the round door.

Many doors and many windows on angled walls.

Orc, the leader of the scout, soon realized that the place where they were standing was a building complex like a citadel.


He gnawed his nostrils.

There were two choices.

One is to go out of this castle and kill the prey at random. And the other is to kill all the humans in this castle, to fortify the castle and then to start hunting. I did not even have to think which was stable.

The guy told the guy.

“Call your brethren.”

Then he lifted his head and looked up at the ceiling.

His auricle fluttered and grasped the sounds coming from above.

Above and above Above Above. The buildings were full of prey.

In my head, the sound of killing the prey was still ringing.


The mouth of the man was opened and the yellow teeth were revealed.

“It’s clean from the inside.”

* * * Gwangalli Many people came to the beach.

One of the concerns of people gathered without regard to cloudy weather.

It was a huge gate built on a sandy beach.

The police and Hunter Association Busan Branch staff, who were asked to cooperate, took the barricades and thoroughly discussed citizens’ approach.

But I knew that there was no way I could take any steps.


In front of the crowd, a new female staff member came to the scene and asked the shooter.

“Do we have to repeat this every time we have a gate?”

The shooter was also embarrassed this time. It was the first time the gate was so complicated.

“I can not help it because it is the best size among the gates in Busan.”

Then I looked back.

A huge hole in the air.

I was just trying to ignore the feeling that I was going to be sucked in.


‘I know it will not hurt people unless the dungeon breaks, but …’

Still, I did not like the gate.

Just as there are people who fear the universe or the deep sea for no other reason.

So when I was on the scene, I just hoped the hunters would go through the ominous hole.

In that sense, this raid has a corner in mind.

Finally, the new entrant also made it clear that the story had come up.

“Ah! Senior, did you hear that? ”


“S-class Hunter is coming down from Seoul today, too?”

Does anyone know that?

Probably half of those gathered here came to see the Gate, and the other half to the S-Class Hunter.

“Sungjin Hunter?”

‘Yes! That man! ”

“Do you know anyone? What do you like? ”

“Oh, no.”

The new entrepreneur hurriedly smacked his hands and twisted his body with a slightly reminiscence.

“Actually, it’s the first time I actually saw a S-class Hunter today …”

The shooter had a pathetic face.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter is also new, you are new, but why two people like this?”


“If you have the energy to do so, why do not you go over there and help me?”

“I have been standing since then, and I have been on foot for a while!”

The shooter dragged his tongue out.

I can not help but notice that I have not been able to see it because I have not seen it in my eyes.


It was not that I did not understand very much the new enthusiasm.

“I’m a little curious, too. I’m a lot of people nowadays. ”

“Are you also a senior?”

“It’s Hunter who took the boss of the S-class gate alone.”

The boss of the S-class gate on Jeju Island was the queen ant.

However, many people who watched the broadcast because of its intense impact thought the monster ant was the boss.

To catch a boss’ s pitcher is to catch the gate soon. A hunter who can close the S-class gate alone.

There was no sound coming out that Sung Jin Hunter was close to the “state power class.”

It was natural for him to focus attention on him.

“Class S Hunter! How does it feel in practice? ”

The mind of the shooter watching the successor who shines eyes complicated.

‘This guy, not the athleticism of the association, is not it because he admired the Hunters?’

Whatever the look of your seniority, the newcomer was still speaking with a hilarious voice.

“Senior, senior.”

“Why else?”

“The real strong hunters say it’s hard to look straight into the eyes, but you’ve seen S-class Hunters, right?”

The shooter reminded me of going to Gwangju last year.

“…Yes. ”

“Wow -” When I saw his admirable successor, he shrugged the shoulder of the annoying shoulder.

“How was it, senior? Are you really scared? ”

“Hey. Do not say. Last year, I had a chance to see Ma Dong-Hunter of the famous guild as an association day. ”

“Let’s go for a second.”

“Ah yes.”

Two members of the association walked quickly out of the way to a man who was about to pass between them.

By the way.


The shooter looked back at the man who had just walked by the hood.

“Why, senior?”

“no. I think that guy is kind of familiar. ”

“uh? How amazing? I was like that. ”

“Is it an association staff?”

“Hmm …”

“Wait, where was I?”

“That… My name is Myeong-wook Hunter! ”

“Oh yeah. I had a chance to see Mdong Hunter directly, but how big is the shoulder width is just that much. ”

“Wow -” It was two successors who succeeded well even though it was good.

* * * “Sung Jin Hun Hunter!”

Park expressed his admiration for Jin-woo with a voice crying out in the late thirties.

There were many that were caught in this raid that much.

Even in the harsh reaction of Park Jong-soo, Jinwoo calmly confirmed the time.

The numbers floating in the mobile phone have just changed from 10:59 to 11:00.


Jinwoo laughed.

In order to avoid confusion, I arrived back just after I had been away from the hiding place for a while and came back again.

I felt good before I started raiding.

Let’s open your head so.

‘…Actually, it’s bigger. ”

There was a gate in front of me which seemed much bigger than what I had seen in the video.

As the association noticed to the Knights, the amount of magic that leaks outside the gate was not unusual.

“What kind of masters are there?”

Jinwu came to smile with me.

Other than that …

It was plainly ordinary, except for ignorantly large gates.

As with any raid, there were two lower hunters, divided into two parts.

‘This is the collection team, and the opposition is the mining team.’

Did you say you look like you know?

It was easy to distinguish roles from dress or equipment.

It was thanks to the experience of participating in Hunters’ Reid.

‘Now and then, the guild officials are still busy running around.’

I do not know what it is. Unlike when I was inexperienced, I had some time now.

The experience is also a good teacher.


“You are really coming!”

“Sung Jin-woo?”

The elite hunters who started gathering in the call of Park Jong – su recognized Jinwoo and made a bright expression.

Jinwoo spoke briefly and looked at their faces.

Up to 30 senior hunters.

As Park Jong – su did, it was not too bad compared to the Hunters as far as the numbers and qualities of Class A and Class B hunters were concerned.


A guild that can represent an area.

In addition, all of them are armed with armor and magical effects, so the name ‘Knights Templar’ was not awkward at all.

This guild is underestimated because there is no S grade.

It was a pity.

Park Jong-soo, who was suggesting that he would not come to the guild, would understand.

Suddenly, the hunters surrounded their surroundings.



As they watched each other, they immediately poured out horses.

“Hunter, Jeju Island Reid was really great!”

“How are those black soldiers summoned? No, is it a pet? ”

“Today, Mr. Sung Jin-woo is leading the raid?”

It is about the time when Jinwoo is hurting to the words which are poured without mind.

“Oh, come on! A little!”

Hillary Jung Yilim, who first brought out the idea to bring Jinwoo, came out pushing Hunters.

“Sung Hunter, why are you embarrassed? It’s not dorkies. ”

Her eyes stared at her eyes as they watched their colleagues.

A senior healer is a mother who is responsible for the life of the team.

The members of the raid swallowed their complaints as if they were being scolded by their mothers.


Jung Yilim smiled.

Turning round, she reached out to Jinwoo.

“The main healer of the Knights Templar,” he says.

Then he gently grunted and talked.

“I do not know other people, but the lead and the team’s main healers should agree with each other, right?”

She looked at Park Jong – su, trying to hide her eyes, which seemed to be full of self – reliance.

“Have not you explained yet?”

“Oh, well …”

Park jongsu touched the back of the embarrassed.

“The schedule is too tight. I was so busy that I had to go through the procedure and call the kids. ”

He looked at the Hunters as he laughed softly.

The members of the raid gathered in one place, so I did not need to say it many times.

“This is the leader of the raid that Park Jong-soo.”

At the end of Park Jong-soo, the leader was his own teammates.

“And the boss again?”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter …”

“Is that so?”

It was not strange for Park Jong-soo, the top-ranked tanker in the A class, to take the team’s lead.

Most of the raids were led by Park Jong-soo, except when he was not in good physical condition.


Is there a S-class Hunter on the raid now?

A strong hunter takes the lead.

It was one of the most basic common sense of Reid.

Park was quick to explain to the confused team members.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter will take the crown in this raid and keep us safe.”

Watch the raids behind you and be responsible for the safety of your team members.

This was the request of Park Jong Soo.

It was for the safety of the team and for the guild reputation.

Highly combatant hunters are predominantly front.

In the back, these are magic, healing, or secondary hunters that are vulnerable to surprise.

At the present time, the survival of the Knights, which was difficult to collect new entrants, was the problem of the guild’s resignation.

What if there is a Sungjin Hunter in there?

The whole raid will quickly get into the dungeon, but there is no need to worry about attacking the rear end.


It would be rather welcome if enemies appear from behind.

Who is there?

It is Sung Jin-woo, who did not blink in the face of thousands of S-class marshals in Jeju-do.

If the enemies continue to show only to the rear, the raid could have stood up early.

That was the first reason.

And the second reason it is more important than …

It’s black.

Park Jong – soo looked at reporters over the police line and swallowed the dried spit.

It was evidence that many people were interested in the raid.

It is easy to be seen as a guild that is placed in front of the Sungjin Hunter in front of so many eyes.

‘What… It’s true, though. ‘

Anyway, it could not be seen in the eyes of others.

In the Knights Guild, the real purpose of this raid was to inform the guild’s steadfastness.

So, Park Jong – su asked Jin – woo very much.

As a result.

“Since I have decided to consult with Sung Hunter, I will hear the complaint after the raid is over.”

I was able to notify my team of the results.

But then.

“Wait. I do not really understand. ”

A class Hunter came forward.

It was a new hunter who had just arrived in the Knights Guild.

“Are we hunters so weak that we have to be protected by someone?”

In a word, the face of the senior hunters changed to a new one.

‘Cock …!’

‘Do not be the youngest!’

The young man Hunter, who seems to be about the same age as Jinwoo, was overflowing with confidence.

“Is not that right? Brother, sisters? ”

He would.

This is because he was the rookie of the rookies who had received much attention after ‘Kim Chul’ among the new hunters of the year.

There was a reason for his confidence.

It’s a problem because the opponent is opponent.

“Seong Jin-woo, even when you look at members of our Knights Guild members seem so weak?”

‘…’Jinwoo tries to lean on the smile that is about to leak, and silently listens to the words of the class A rookie.


It was the other Hunters who had the tension to dry.

‘No, what with her confidence …’

‘Do not tell me that … Is it the first time you saw a S-class Hunter?

‘Somebody let her dry!’

‘I will not let bullshit go to the poetry and the time …’

In the appearance of the seniors who have lost words to say nothing and the silence that keeps silence, the rookie becomes more and more powerful.

“The boss too!”


This time again?

Park Jongsu pointed at himself and was amazed.

“Even if the name of the S-class Hunter is high, even if the individual is willing to take the share of the guild, what if you do not agree with the most?”

“…”Park Jong – su, who started to get hurt when he was around this time, squinted at Jin – woo.

‘Sung Hunter … Let me ask you a little favor.

Jin nods a short nod.

“Anyway I really can not understand this nonsense contract …”


This grit was summoned to the nose of the new enthusiast.


A classy rookie with a black knight’s strong horsepower screamed and stepped back.

However, he could not move two steps, and hit something hard on his back.

When he turned around, he was looking down on the top of a knight a few times higher than the one he had just seen.

It was an iron.


The groan that I was trying to swallow came out without my knowledge.

This time next. I turned my face filled with cold sweat on my shoulders, and there was something written on the black robes.

“Uh, oh!”

The new man, who was free from the legs and squeezed from the molar, was squeezed.

‘I’m sorry I can not even go to Berg.

When Jinwoo gestures, three knight class soldiers surrounding the new man returned to the shadows again soon.

Jinwoo approached the new face of the pale face and reached out his hand.

“Do not you understand it?”

The A-class rookie, who stumbled on Jinwoo’s hand, shook his head faster than the light.

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