Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 141

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 141

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At that moment, Grootar felt the bristles of his whole body.


The sensation of a warrior trained to the limit in the time of being slowed down by the extreme tension warned.

‘The ghastly thing’ comes.


His heart beat beat his eardrum roughly like a thunderous sound.

If you do not get out of this place, you die.

The senses of a warrior sharpened like a blade sometimes exert a force close to predictability.

Just like right now!

‘…!’GrokTar, who abandoned the woman, quickly withdrew to the door by the animal movement.


Glass fragments were scattered all over the place, with tearful ears.

Suddenly in front of the patriarch in front of the door of the back of the orcs stood a step back.

‘…’Groktar, gazing at the front without words, was careful to breath.

Uncommon aura.

There was a man with a woman who was not there yet.

Grootar’s gaze swung sideways.

Window on opposite corner.

One side of the wall had disappeared entirely as if it had been hit by a siege weapon.

“Did you come in breaking the window?”

I could not just follow the movement with my fisheye vision.

‘…’Groktar swallowed her spit in the appearance of a hard-to-think hardship.

A drop of cold sweat flowed around the temples.

The key ah!

Grootar, who heard the grotesque, lifted his head.

Above this ceiling. Another invisible enemy was hovering over his head like a hawk for a prey.

‘It may be a difficult fight.’

In Grootar ‘s eyes, there appeared a tension that was hard to see before.

The enemy was looking at the condition of the woman, completely free from the existence of her and his men.

Grootar told the enemy.

“I’m a Grove of Red Blade Tribe!”

It was the greeting of the warrior who allowed only to the opponent who could take his own life.

GrokTar, who finished introducing himself, asked.

“Who the hell are you?”

Jinwoo grabbed his head and said quietly.

“Shut up and wait there.”

Does humans use the language of orc?

Surprise for a while.

Because of the weight of the horse on the horse, Groktar and the orcs did not dare to move.

* * * “Callok, callok.”

Jin-woo looked at the back of Jin-ae who was coughing stretched and looked closely to see if he was injured.

Fortunately, there was no place to stand out.

Except for the handprints that are clear on the neck.

Jinwu asked with a firm face.



The clown stopped crying and was tearful.

Jinwoo carefully stroked Jin-a’s head as if to comfort the surprised child.


‘If you are Jin’s brother …’


The students then realized who was in front of them.

Class S Hunter Sung Jin Woo.

I lived!

The students checked the face of Jin-woo and poured a tearful tear.

It was a tear of joy and relief, not tears of despair and fear that had been shed until then.


“OK. It’s okay now. ”

Jinwoo tried to expand his passion while comforting his younger brother.

There were 17 people in this wide school who felt like they were here.

‘…’The dark shadow of Jinwoo ‘s firm face was covered.

Jinwoo carefully separated the Jin-a who was not going to fall away from himself, and called out the same number of shadow soldiers as the students.

“Everybody follow my pet.”

The students nodded and the soldiers hugged the students.

Jin-a was especially entrusted to this grit.

“Go down first. I’m going to organize my brother here. ”

If it was the same as usual, my brother was a S-class hunter, and even if there was more than that, he was going to go together.

But this time I did not.

The expression of Jinwoo who is coloring was very scary for that.

Jina nodded.

When Jinu signaled, the soldiers who had picked up the students jumped down across the window, which was destroyed.

The orcs caught up in the way they were running away from the game.

Then Jin-e looked back to the eerie eye.

“Do not move.”

Like all lies, all orcs stopped moving. I was daring to obey.

One oak, whose pale complexion was pondering, gazed closely at Groot Tar.

“Chief …”


Grootar agreed.

Now was not the time to worry about those weaknesses.

The hunter in front of you.

From now on it was time for the hunters to start a battle between who eats and who eats.

‘But… I can not let him go. ”

As Grootar spoke out, the escort moved silently.

Jin-woo turned around, confirming that all the students were safely out of the classroom.

Jin-woo was not sent out of the classroom in case the students would be hurt.

‘Orc Orc …’

I was confident to handle it in a blink of an eye.

But I did not want to show my sister or other children what to do now.

And now all eyes are gone.

There is no restriction of action.

‘…’The head of Jinwoo suddenly turned toward the stairs outside the classroom.

Two of the orcs, who had killed as much as possible, were going down.

It looks like chasing children … Okay.

I sent this grit together, and there was a chisel on the top.

‘The only thing left is to deal with these.’

Jinwu breathed lightly.

There was heavy and heavy magic in the air.

Grootar asked again.

“Who are you? Why do you know Korean? ”

Jinu walked slowly toward the boy, ignoring Grokter ‘s words.

Grootar revealed his long molars as soon as he knew he had no intention of answering.


The orc warriors, commanded by the patriarch, rushed toward Jinwo at once.


“Kra Rock!”

Then the time stopped.

Jinwoo walked slowly among the slow moving orcs like a still image and broke them one by one.

There is no need to take out weapons.

Fingers were used.

When Jinu’s fingertips crossed, the head of the orc, the shoulder, the wrist, the side, and the abdomen burst out.

After just breaking over twenty orcs in a flash. Jinwoo stood before Groktar.

Grootar, who had just followed his eyes to the afterimage of Jinwoo, moved his trembling lips.

“No, what …?”

Without wiggling over the curves, he caught his mouth and chin in the left hand of Jinwoo, and Groottar groaned briefly.

“Shut up!”

Jinwoo walked as it was and put his head on the wall of the hallway.


There was a roar in an empty corridor.

Jinu’s gaze swept both ends of the corridor.

The corridors were filled with students’ bodies.

It is hard to look at the car.

But Jinwoo did not turn his head, but he inscribed it into his eyes one by one.

From now on it was to ask the person who committed the sin.

Jin ‘s gaze was moved back to Grootar.


The voice was cold.

“Why do not you guys kill such a man?”

Grootar, who had already broken his will to resist, replied trembling.

“Continue in my head … To kill the humans … ”

Jinwoo looked at his wonder.

‘Kill a human?’

I have heard the same sound before.

But at that time, the word ‘human’ was interpreted as ‘Hunter’.


Now when I heard this guy, the word ‘human’ seemed to literally refer to all humans.

“Then I?”

Jin asked again.

“Do you hear the voice to kill me?”

Face coming closer.

Inevitably, Grootar, who had looked into the eyes of Jinwoo, looked down at him as if he had found something.

“Yo, dragon … West Sea … please give it to me.”

What can not be done. The great orc warrior began to shed tears like a child.

Watching the terrified Masuo, Jinwoo suddenly felt a cold feeling in his head.

‘is it…’

In this guy’s head, I’m not a human being either.

‘Well, it does not matter.’

Jinwoo had little interest in how the majors think of themselves.

Because they harm human beings, they will only destroy them. Grootar continued to sobbing his shoulders with fear he could not stand.

“please… Forgiveness … ”

Jinwoo replied.

“I’ll forgive you.”

Then he called the “Dagger of the Demon King” in his right hand.

“But do not think that the process will be easy.”

* * * The Knights Templar who watched the fights of the monsters cast flags.



Can I call it Reid?

The ants easily suppressed the undead masters, then began to swallow the grapevine.


In a horror scene, the Hunters flashed their eyes.

“But if you eat it all, what’s left?”

“Yes, to the rocket …”

The Hunters rolled their feet as they watched superb marvels go into the waters of Masu, no pet.

The lesser Jeollanam jumped out.

“How much is it?”

When she tried to take the body of the vampire, the angry ant waved her arm.


She rolled over to the screaming of her antlers with her forearms on her nails.



As she rubs her butt up.

“Creech -!”

When I saw my mind, I saw an ant that was swinging his arm.

As if to bite her head, he opened a huge chin and a dirty agar in front of her.

Jung’s face was stiff.

“Ah… Ah…”


I turned around and turned Berga ants.

Berr opened his mouth in the face of the ant as the ant did.

And then.

“To the key to the on to the ex -!”

I poured out a roar.

The ants were not able to meet their eyes properly, but the waves fell off.

“Kick …”

He let his shoulder go, and he hurried away.

I was looking at him in a blank position, and he reached out to Jeong Jilim.


Jeong Jilim, with his hand in hand, suddenly got up with the help of Vern.

“And … Thank you. ”

Her lips stopped talking.

It was because of the soft blue light from the fingertips of Berr.

“Treatment magic?”

Jung’s eyes grew bigger.

The wounds of the arm were promptly touched by the blue light.

Verga turned around and confirmed to the ants that the wound was completely cured.


Then the ants stopped eating and started moving back into the dungeon.

Jeong Jilim, who was gazing at the back of his face, muttered his own message.

“how… Is the pet better healed than me? ”

* * * Hunters arrived at school.

The hunters stepped up the stairs in the direction of the magic compass.

A tremendous magic reaction was coming out of the 6th floor corridor.

The Hunter commander turned around and said.


The hunters nodded.

And finally when I arrived at the end of the six-story stairs, the Hunters were able to find out.


A piece of an orc that has been cut into pieces, a person who is standing in front of it holding a bloody dagger.

‘Is that …?’

The raid leader almost stopped breathing in the cold eyes as he met his eyes.

But I was barely aware and listened to the radio.

“Yes, Sungjin Hunter is here.”

I looked around once and he looked back.

“The situation is over.”

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