Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 143

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 143

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Park Jong-soo’s mouth opened wide.

He was so surprised that he needed some time to understand what he had just witnessed with his own eyes.

‘How do you get Acriche in one shot?’

Among the many boss-wrestlers, Acriche became particularly famous.

Hwangryong guild extinction case.

One guild was wiped out by Acriche.

It is also known in China that the force is quite a bit of a guild.

Maybe it was a natural result.

Acriche summons Death Knight from time to time.

The Death Knight is an undead type of athlete who can barely defeat any A-class hunter.

I can not escape the annihilation that the boss class martial arts have seen ridiculously that there is no escort alone.

Eventually, the gate failed to close the Huanglong guild, causing a dungeon brake.

Ryu Zukang, a Chinese state-class hunter, arrived on time and did not become a disaster, but as a result, many Hunters became aware of the horror of Acriche.

‘By the way…’

That monster ant pet killed Acriche in one room.

It was a horrible thing.

It was not only Park Jong-soo who thought so, but also Jung Yoon-tae, who was next to him, could not close his mouth.

“Oh my gosh…”

He asked Park Jong – su to pretend he could not believe his eyes.

“Actually, is not that Acriche?”

“right. Hwangryong guild events that came out of the gate when the gnome. ”

“Grays just got that Acriche …”

Jung Yoon-tae had a terrible face.

Other hunters were surprised to hear the story of Park Jong-su and Jung Yoon-tae.


“Is that Acriche?”

“In one room?”


When all of the Templar raids are admiring the boss of Class A dungeon and the pokers of Jinwoo who took it in a blink of an eye. The talented healer, Jung Jae-rim, who was struggling to stop the undead masters coming in alone, became wondering about what happens behind the scenes.

“what? What’s going on? ”


Her curiosity did not last long.

Amazing things began to happen in front of me.


As soon as you penetrate the skill ‘sacred wall’, the undead masters who fell asleep fell as hard as the broken dolls.



Then he could not stand up again.

“Yes, boss?”

Jung Jilim, surprised at the sudden surprise, looked back.

Park nodded his head.

‘Was the power of the Acriche that the undead masters who had been treated resurrected?’

When I saw the masters who were flushing in black, I could not see what really happened.

I felt like I was barely breathing.

“Huh -” I saw the faces of the Hunters who can not hide the back of Park Jong-soo, who gives a sigh of relief.

Everyone was excited to be able to leave the dungeon safely.

“Good morning, thank you.”

“What are you doing … They did their best. ”

Park Jong-soo’s chin was followed by Jung Yoon-tae.

The servants said, “Where are you going now?”I stood there and looked at this.

‘It seems like a little cute because it stands still …’

But the moment when one of the ants bored and roared up without any reason.

“To the key to the eek -!”

Jung Yoon – tae ‘s gaze, which changed favorably for a while, disappeared.

Poof. Jung Yoon – tae, who turned his head, said.

“Good morning. But this dungeon is not the same as the one you just cleared by Sungjin Hunter? ”

“That’s it.”

Park Jong Soo agreed.

Inside the dungeon with the most difficulty, the Knightside raid was merely following the ants.

The ants are the pet of the Sungjin Hunter individual.

In the end, as Jung Yoon-tae said Jin-woo alone was a dungeon attack.

‘Scary power …’

I was able to see in Jeju Island Reid, but it was a great ability.

It was all surprising that both the petrol demonstrating the combat power beyond what we imagined, and the castle hunter, who was able to praise the pet, were free.

“Grapple Sungjin Hunter does not go into the gate, but even if you send the marts, you can clear it?”

The words of Jung Yoon-tae who unwittingly spit. However, Park Jong – su, who was listening, thought about the meaning of the words, and then he was appalled.

‘Wait a minute…’

No fewer than two hundred pets were recalled by St. Hunter on Jeju Island.

It’s also the number of guys caught in the camera, so it’s hard to figure out how many more pokies you can actually call.

What if I do not move and send them to start dungeons?

‘I will not be able to use all the petals that will be consumed to summon and move the pet, but …’

The class. No, even if I could operate half the board, it was a tremendous efficiency to steal and eat large guilds.


If the guild of Sung Hunter was a corporation, I would like to invest even if I had all my fortune.

“Actually, let’s not just be us, but let’s promote a real merger with the sex Hunter’s guild.”

“This child is real …”

Park Jong-soo, who opened his eyes and opened his eyes to Jung Yoon-tae, said with a serious face suddenly.

“M & A, M & A. New Hunter made by the best Hunter and one of the five guilds, the Knights Guild, promotes M & A. How much do you want to hear? ”

Jung Yoon-tae jumped.

“Do you really want to do it?”

“Think about it. If Hunter’s skills and know-how in our guilds, would Hunters be scared?”

Will the Cha Sean vice president leave the Hunters guild and try to get in touch with St. Hunter?

Jung Yoon-tae nodded his face with a face full of flowers and touched his chin with his head.

“But, sir, honestly, do you think we need you?”


Park Jongsu explained his tongue.

“Sungjin Hunter, you can break the law and do the guild activities?”


“Even if it is possible to clear the dungeon with only a pet, the minimum number of players should fill all the members.”

Five. Jung Yoon-tae’s face brightened again in a tale.

“Yes, sir.”

“Sung Hunter is good to meet the minimum number of people, and we can see the virtue of St. Hunter.”

It’s a win-win.

A number of spleens that can maximize efficiency while minimizing raid preparation time. If a S-class Hunter can not be brought to the guild, the guild goes under the S-class Hunter.

In the rosy future that Park Jong Soo draws, Jung Yoon Tae smiled.

“Actually, that’s nice, but … Is not it going to be over to Sungjin Hunter too? ”

“Huh, are you going back?”

Park Jong-soo, who gave a notice, said with a smile.

“Let’s say you’re in line.”

“You are so beautiful.”

The feet of the two people who smiled happily while facing each other shook a little.

Duddine – “I do not know.”

Park was in a hurry.

The boss was killed and the gate was closing.

“I’ll go out and talk.”

“Yes, sir.”

Park Jong-soo shouted to the raids waiting for instructions.

“Let’s get out of here before the gate closes!”

* * * “Do you offer all the convenience?”

“Yes, it is.”

Jin-hee’s president confirmed the question of Jin-woo.

The S-class Hunter officially registered in the Korean Hunter Association records 10 people, including Jin Woo.

I lost three of them.

Two people died in the hands of the masters, and one left for the temptation of America.

The Hunter Association is no longer able to stand by. I will do everything I can.

This was the idea of the Gohui Association President and the whole association.

‘I do not know if it’s another S-class hunter …’

You should never give up as much as Sungjin Hunter.

The eyes of Kun-hee were firm.

I have met many hunters who have been called the president of the Hunter Association. There were many strong ones among them.

But Hunter was the first to make his heart so run.

I wanted to leave Jinwoo in Korea not only as the president of Hunter but also as a citizen of one person.

– We will provide you with every convenience as much as possible.

This word was expressed in a strong will to hold him, which was abbreviated evaluation of the president of Jinhee.


Jin-woo, who had been thinking for a moment, opened his mouth.

“Would you please take care of me in the future to enter the senior gate alone?”


When the unexpected demand popped up, Kanghee circled his eyes.

“Do you want to get rid of the minimum number of people?”

Turn it off.

Jinwoo moved his head.

“Huh …”

Restrictions on the number of people are the minimum safeguards for hunters.

It was a policy to prevent hunters from blindly losing their lives after entering the dungeon.


Do you really need that kind of safety device for Sung Hunter, who has slaughtered S classmans with a large number of petals?

A scene from the ants cave came up, and Kun-hee asked with tense eyes.

“Perhaps… From now on Hunter’s guild gained permission to get all the gates, Hunter’s going to go alone? ”


In the answer of Jin-woo, who does not even see the charm of his anxiety, Ko-hee has lost his word.

‘I never made a guild …’

Was it alone to clear the higher dungeons?

There were a lot of strong hunters all over the world, but nobody imagined this type of raid.

The appearance of Jinwoo who continues conversation now and the serenity that pushing the ant herd pushing the pet swarming at the ant at the ant at the Anglican cave seemed to shudder.

‘One raid …’

It was a very attractive word to Ko Kun-hee, who had been concerned about the excessive growth of large guilds.

Pounding, pounding.

The heart also began to run.

Goh Kun-hee laughed bitterly about his appearance against Jin-woo, who looked strong and raised one hand on his sore chest.

“Is it difficult?”

At the end of Jinwoo, Kanghee shook his head.

“It’s not impossible.”

It is difficult but not impossible.

That was the thought of Kun-hee.

Who are you?

Hunter’s president, S-class hunter, and a member of parliament.

If there is no other person but the request of Sung Jin Hunter, it is difficult to hear it.

If that’s enough to make you stay in South Korea.

“Just give it to me.”

Jinwoo laughed at the confident President’s voice.

‘That was great.’

One thing that seemed annoying was solved.

“Thank you.”

Jin-woo laughed and greeted him with a smile.

“Every time I say, I have to thank Hunter.”


The car stopped at a distance from the hospital entrance.

“I’ll see you again next time, Sir Hunter.”


Jinwoo, who briefly exchanged greetings, fell down.

Many reporters were gathered in front of the hospital to inform them that the victims were transferred.

It was Woo Jin-chul’s consideration that he drove away from the entrance purposefully.

Because the president’s car stopped at the hospital, and there was a clear disturbance as soon as Jinwoo came down.

‘It is also annoying that the name is known at this time.’

Jin-woo hides his head and hides himself.

President of Eugene Construction.

The famous chairman who fell asleep on the wide and wide desk raised his upper body.

The sunlight leaking into the window at an angle.

I wanted to be heavy eyelids, and I was asleep.

In front of the sofa, Kim’s secretary, who was a famous right-handed man, sat straight down.

The famous said, sweeping his face as if to pursue sleep.

“You must have been sleepy for a while. How long have I been asleep? ”

Kim secretary looked down at the clock on his wrist and lifted his head.

“You slept for 23 hours and 46 minutes.”

‘…’The famous hand sweeping his face was pausing.

“If you do not wake up after 24 hours as instructed by the president, I was waiting for you to take me to the hospital.”

Is that a disease?

The face of the famous who fell hand was stiff.

I gradually fall asleep without trying, and once I fall asleep I can not easily wake up.


The illness slowly but surely led the patient to death.

Tumbao Tukbuk, the secretary of Kim came to the front of the famous.

“There are two things I need to tell you.”


The famous nickname ‘poker face’ was quickly removed from the face and returned to the original look.

Kim picked up the newspaper at the end of the desk and politely put it in front of the famous.

‘…?’The famous writer read the newspaper with a strange look.

The article on the front page of the newspaper said that the gate opened at the school in Seoul, killing hundreds of students.


Famous in the contents of a horrible knight frowned.

“It’s a sad accident. Make donations to schools and students at the enterprise level. ”

“Yes, sir. But.”

Kim secretary, who bowed his head, gave up the next page by handing over the famous newspaper.


There was a big picture there.

“What I wanted to say is this picture.”

As long as Kim’s secretary’s fingertips were in the picture, she stopped.

“Two minutes … Do you remember? ”

A photograph of a hospital where survivors of a terrible accident were hospitalized.

Kim secretary pointed out to one of the elderly women rushing into the hospital.


The woman remained in the memory of the famous president.

“No, how …?”

Famous people who have never seen one never forgot. He had seen his photo before.

She was the mother of Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

“Sungjin Hunter’s mother would have been on the rise of the obvious?”

The profile of Sung Jin Hunter was meticulously reviewed several times.

Famous people know that people who depend on life support devices and who should not be stuck are walking in a healthy state.

What Kim secretary wanted to say. The famous president knew what it was then just noticed.

The hand holding the newspaper trembled.

“Will you find out more about what happened?”


“…Thank you. ”

Kim secretary listened to the head that had fallen for a while in response to the praise of the famous.

On the newspaper, the famous was quietly speaking.

“I told you I had two things to know.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then what is next?”

The famous person looked up and looked at Kim secretary.

Kim secretary ‘s eyes were not good.

His old habits.

He always had the habit of telling good news first, bad news later.

The Kim secretary, who had been hesitating for a while, seemed to have given up.

“Your lady was back yesterday.”

Just as I waited for that.


The door of the bathroom opened wide, and the daughter of the famous president, Yoo Jin-hee, was tearfully tearing in.

“Dad, since when did you do that?”

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