Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 144

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 144

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There was a flash of camera flash while a thin black straight female posed around.

“All right, good.”

The smile did not leave all over the director’s mouth.


The last flash popped and the director lifted his head.

“Yes. It’s very nice. ”

Yoo Jin-ho’s cousin sister and her best friend Yoo-hyun smiled brightly and bowed her head.

“Thank you.”

“Suhyeon also worked hard.”

Thanks to the character of Yoo Soo-hyun, she was constantly laughing.

The director, who was reluctant to shoot because of the image of a chaebol ‘s girl, was always looking for her after working together.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

She greeted not only the director but also the staffs with a bright face and ran to the woman who was the coordinator and manager.

“My sister, did you contact Jin-hee?”

Cody shook his head with an anxious face.

I already have your phone all four.

Yoo Soo-hyun pierced his lips in the news that there was no report yet.

‘Why did not I get a call from a girl who arrived yesterday in Korea?’

It was yesterday that I heard that my cousin who was studying abroad came to Korea for a while.

It is such an unfortunate thing that I missed a phone call when I had finished shooting at night and fell down.

After that, it was no news what happened.

‘What’s wrong?’

No, I will not.

Yoo Hyun shook his head.

She is the owner of the biggest corporation in Korea, famous elder daughter Yu Jin Hee.

The possibility of something happening to her was matched by the probability that the S-class Hunter entered the dungeon and screamed.

“My sister, my phone.”

Yoo Hyun, who was handing over his cellphone again to try to make a phone call again, was pleased with the vibration of his voice.


However, the lips of Yoo Hyun, who confirmed the sender, came out puzzled.

_ The bastard ‘…’

Yoo said he was annoyed by pressing the call button.

“Hello.” -sister!

It was Yu Jin-ho.

When he calls himself a sister, Yoo Hyun, who is well aware that it is only when there is something to ask, sighs and asks.

“Do you know where Jin-hee is?” -sister? Why is my sister? Are you from Korea?

“…”Then he said that he was kicked out of the house that day because he refused his father’s instructions to take the guild?

It was still a cousin that did not help.

“No, thanks. But what happened? ”

I do not think you should call me to drink again this time.


Yoo Jin-ho’s excited voice was heard.

– Sister, will not you come inside our guild?

What do you mean by all of a sudden?

Yoo Soo-hyun’s fine hair was wrinkled for a moment.


I did not even know it.

– Is not it better for your sister to have your name and liberty in our guild than to be caught by your father’s guild and act as a public relations ambassador? …A wonderful answer came back.

Yoo-hyun’s voice was lowered in doubt.

“Why do you need my name?” – There is not a single founding member.

“Now I am coming to a guild that has not yet been created?” -Huh. Yu Jinho who answers sun clear.

“ÐÏ What is believing that this is useless and positive Yoo Soo-hyun has been sick and tired of the head.

‘No, it’s more … Who is the other one? ”

The other member’s intention was to win the founding member’s name, such as ‘the nasty guy’ rather than ‘the nasty guy’ to raise the name.

“You’re just being deceived by a strange person, are not you?”

Do you think there is another class D Hunter with a little experience and a guy who wants to make a guild, except the cheaters?

However, Yoo Jin-ho’s reaction was different from what we expected.

– Huh. Beyond the handset, a relaxed voice flowed out with a laughing sound of a face raising one of its mouths.

– You’ll be surprised to hear who the strangest person is.

“who?” – Huh. “Let me hang up.” – Oh, hold on, hold on!

Yoo Soo-hyun’s hand, which climbed to the end of the call with a loud voice, stopped.

Yoo-hyun smiled and laughed at me again.

“Give three seconds. 3, 2. “- Sung Jin Woo!

‘Sung Jin Woo?’

Yoo Soo – hyun ‘s eyes fluttered when his name, which could not be known, popped up.

“I know that Sung Jin Hunter?” – Huh. “S-class Hunter, who has just vanished from his immigration press conference and disappeared?” -…Is not the point to be surprised a little wrong?

“Is he really that person?”

Yoo Jin-ho’s reaction Anyway, Yoo Soo-hyun was a S-class Hunter who gave a sneaky giggle of immigration to Sung Jin-woo.

How cool it was then.

– Fuhu!

If Yoo Jin-ho’s words were true, I could understand the endless confidence.

‘Jinho is not a type of lie, even though it’s cheating.’

Yoo-hyun, who was worried for a moment, said again.

“Can I talk to you?” -then! Will you come to our office? My brother decided to come with me.

“Where can I go?”

Yoo Soo-hyun, who wrote a hard-earned note on a post-it from nearby, responded with calm excitement.

“I’ll leave now.” – See you later, sister!

Bull. So the phone was disconnected.

Cody, who heard the conversation from the side without a word, asked me.

“Where are you going? You’re missing a party? ”

Nod nod.

As if there was no time to explain, Yoo had changed clothes and packed his bags.

“I have someone to meet.”


“I’ll explain later.”

As soon as Yoo Soo-hyun, who was around him, took a seat, Cody rushed up.

“Who is it? I need to know who I am and I will report to the president! ”

Yoo Soo-hyun’s father is also chairman of the parent pharmaceutical company.

The condition that the father gave to the daughter who wanted to do the entertainment business accompanied the monitor.

Cody is the man of his father.

She was a manager and supervisor of Yoo Soo Hyun.

Yoo Soo-hyun came back with a delay when she left without saying anything, and she laughed and laughed.

“Sung Jin-woo!”

Cody, who looked at Yoo Hyun ‘s back after a quick answer, got a grieved face.

“If you knew that he went out to meet a man without permission, he would have a big shot.”

Cody pulled his tongue and looked back at what he had just said.

‘By the way… Who said you were going to meet?

I’ve heard it a lot.

Cody’s eyes, looking at the memories as he pondered, grew like a bull, and looked around the door of Yoo Hyun-hyun.

“Who is it ?!”

* * * ‘none… no.’

Yujin looked at the monitor and looked at the end of his nails and looked at it.

‘Here too … There too … none.’

At some point, comments that scolded his brother have disappeared.

Do it.

It is not something I do not understand.

It’s my brother who saved S-class hunters from Jeju Island, closed the B-class gate and eliminated the road congestion, and raised my students’ lives yesterday.

No, it was strange that there was a man who was scolding his brother.

The anti-tangled sticks seemed to have disappeared almost by virtue of his efforts and his work.

In the article about your brother, the evil that sometimes seems to be beaten in the drought was quickly erased without enduring the crosshairs of the people who saw the article.

It is a good thing.

It was a good thing.

‘But why …’

Is my heart empty?

It was feeling that one thing which one can do somehow is decreasing one by one.

Click, click.

I was moving the mouse with a sad expression, and the door of the office opened quietly.

It was Jinwoo.

Yoo Jin-ho, who confirmed his face, jumped up with a bright face and bowed his back.

“Are you here, brother?”


Jinwoo was tired.

He has to.

I keep the side of JINA from the night until this morning.

In order to be able to cope even if the A class gate is opened in one hospital in one bay, a shade of the younger brother has left hibernation.

Yujin asked anxiously.

“Brother, is your brother a little okay?”


I try to make it seem like I’m okay, but I am worried about it.

My doctor also said that I had to watch carefully for a while because of the psychological shock.

‘Let’s get up early and get up …’

Because it is a bright kid.

It was all that Jinwoo could do to cheer him in.


“Excuse me, really?”

A surprised woman’s voice came from the side.

Jin-woo turned around and saw Yoo-hyun coming out of the conference room with his eyes round and gazing at Jin-woo.

Jinwoo asked Yu Jin-ho with his eyes.

‘Two minutes?’

Yujin returned his nervous eyes.

“Yes, brother.”

Before he came, he had kept the matter.

– There is someone who fits the conditions you want! Would you like to meet me once?

A person with a Hunter certificate, who is not interested in guild activity at all, but still trustworthy.

‘And a class A Hunter …’

I do not really care about grades.

Anyway, first impressions were not bad because of clear eyes and bright smile.

Simply say hello after. “there.”

Before we talked about the contract, Jinwoo first asked her questions.

“Is this okay if I can get worse with my grandfather?”

“Eugene is better than being connected with.”


Jin-woo looked back and Yu Jin-ho was scratching the back of his head.

“My brother, brother.”

Oh, that personality is bad.

‘If it is not Yoo Jin-ho, Yujin was going to give the Yujin guild.’

Jinwoo nodded his head.

It would not have happened if Jinho had been in charge of the Yujin Guild. Yoo Soo-hyun was a victim of Jinho’s choice.

‘I do not like this guy so many people are avoiding.’

Jin-woo’s eyes turned to him, and Yu Jin-ho smiled not knowing his English.

‘…’Yoo Soo-hyun came closer to Jin-woo, who sighs.



A slightly reminiscent face.

The shaking pupil was trying to tell something important.

Jinwoo also turned into a serious look.

“What do you say …?”

Yoo Soo – hyun hesitated and shook his eyes with courage.

“Can I take a picture so I can upload it to SNS?”

* * * Chairman’s Office of the parent company.

The face of the famous brother, Yoo Seok-ho, was solemn and serious than ever.

“Is that really true?”


Cody nodded with a frightened face.

“My daughter meets Sung Jin Hunter?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Maybe it’s the same name?”

“I was a long-term citizen …”

She wondered how she was dressed in jubilee, and carefully put her cellphone out.

Yoo Soo-hyun’s SNS was floating in the mobile phone LCD.

Yoo Seok-ho’s eyes staring at the photo just uploaded.

Is not that face that is really seen in the news often?


Yoo Seok-ho, who was staring at the photo, stared at her forehead and gave a sigh of relief.


“Are you all right, sir?”

“…You look out. ”


“Enough. I’ll get out. ”

Yoo Seok-ho returned his cellphone and kicked out Cody from the presidential office.

And as soon as she realized she was back, she turned on the computer and searched for an article about JinWoo.

[Sungjin Hunter, how much is his ransom?] [Lovecall from around the world, Sungjin Hunter’s choice?] [Sung Jin Hun Hunter, President of Park Chongsoo of the Knights Guild, says, “His ability can not be measured.”] [Sung Jin Hunter, secret contact in the US?] [Experts already expressed as a large company walking around Sungjin-Hunter …]

Many articles appeared as if they represent the interest that is increasing after the raid in Jeju Island.

The light of admiration was small in the face of Chairman Yu Seok – ho who read articles one by one.

“Huh, huh …!”

It is time to do that.

As the snow broke, he leaned back on his chair. I was sweating over how much I focused on my forehead.

I sweat with a handkerchief, and then I put a cigarette in my mouth and put it on fire.


He dropped the cigarette and picked up his cell phone instead.

A tourer, a tourer.



Beyond the receiver, the voice of a middle – aged woman came out.

– What are you doing at this time?

“Huh, my wife. Do you know who my daughter is meeting these days? “- Yes?

“I grew up my daughter well.” – What was that suddenly?

President Yu Suk Ho was convinced.

Who is Suhyun Lee?

If face is face, background is background, and even education.

Is not it a daughter who is not missing anything?

It is a matter of time before two people are deeply supposed to know only the face now.

– Look at this guy. The voice in the receiver was puzzled.

– When I do not want boys to sit beside Suhyeon, I went to school every school year, and until Suhyeon graduated, he was the only girl who got the girls together.

“Huh, did I do that?” – What is your response to meeting someone? Please stop and tell me.

Yoo Seok-ho laughed as the president’s office departed.

“If you know who you are, you’ll be surprised Oh, huh huh hut!”

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