Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 145

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 145

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Episode 147 “Do you think you should recognize the pet as a raid?”

Nam Jun Wook yelled out.

He is a member of parliament from the inspection office.

There was no one to follow in Korea to bite someone ‘s fault.

Sitting opposite, the president of Kun-hee kept silent all the time.

Looking at him, Nam smiled into him.

‘I do not have a word to say even ten.’

I already have a fight.

It was obvious that the president of Kun-hee’s president was irresponsible, and the president of the association seemed to have no intention of countering him.


I did not want to stop here.

When the enemy is flocked to Suesse, pushing to the edge of the cliff as it is without stopping the pressure. That was Nam Jun-wook’s style.

He was not keen on shutting his mouth, but rather set his veins on the necks of journalists and reporters filling up the third floor.

“As soon as Sung Jin Hun Hunter made the guild, this ridiculous rule came into being. If this is not a preference, what is preferential? ”

The Fair Hunter Association is looking after Sung Jin Hunter.

It is a controversial thing because it is this appearance that the regulation which the association newly newly puts on the rumored tea of the car accidentally is this appearance.

Today ‘s hearing was a place for clarification, but Koganeh President of the Association was firmly shut up.


Nam Jun-wook had a victory.

Jeju Island raid was a great success, and the sky soared to the sky, Kang Hee was able to feed the second dungeon with the dungeon break case and the Sungjin Hunter preference controversy.

Politics will eventually fight rice bowls.

If you break down the election on your political rivalry, you will eventually return that much to yourself.

I imagined myself to be able to decorate one side of a newspaper tomorrow, and Nam Jun watched his gaze with his arrogant eyes.

“Please say something, Mr. Kun-hee President!”

Huh. For the first time today, Koganei’s microphone turned on.

Took, Took. He hit the end of the microphone and confirmed that the sound was coming out properly.

“What do you want to hear?”

Nam Jun-wook’s eyes were tapered.

‘That shameless inspiration …’

Of course I knew I could do it from an apology. But you still have something to say?

Nam Jun Wook raised his voice.

“This new regulation! Is it a preference for Sungjin Hunter? ”

Now, how do you avoid it?

Nam Jun-wook was expecting a cowardly excuse.

“Preference is right.”

Short answer.

But the wavelength was enormous.

Male breeding.

Not only the audience, but also the reporters and the members of parliament exchanged their eyes with the people next door and added a fuss.

Of course, the most surprised person was Nam Jun-wook.

‘Is that inspiration dated?’

If you do not get up until the end, or if you do not know, the person who is supposed to ask you to take a break will admit the mistake.

However, he was so calm that Kogehee ‘

The calmness and shamelessness of the man caused a strange sense of tension to Nam Jun Wook.

It’s black.

A dry spit ran through the throat.

just as expected.

The mouth of Kun-hee was opened again.

“I would like to ask only one of those who are gathered here.”

An overwhelming presence.

He opened his mouth and looked at him as though he had promised.

“Raider raids of 20 A-class hunters and one raid of Sungjin Hunter.”

Slowly, I got out of my seat, and Kun-hee continued to look around people’s faces.

“If you have to be with a team in a place where the dungeon breaks, where would you choose?”

No one answered.

I did not have to answer, but the answer was the same.

“…””…”While everyone was trying to avoid the gaze of Kogi, Kogehee’s head stopped from Nam Jun-wook.

“…”Nam Jun-wook also kept his mouth shut.

Kanghee smiled, thinking that he had received a satisfactory response.

“Do you think the privilege given to Sung Jin Hunter is unfair?”

A hunter who can do more than one elite raid on a large guild.

I was asking if I should catch the ankle of Hunter with such a futile thing.

Nam Jin-wook was trying to say something.

But before he was able to open his mouth, Ko Kun-hee quickly spoke.

“A total of 21 countries, including the United States, Japan, and China, have asked for information on sex hunters.”

Kanghee grabbed hold of the thick official documents she had brought and waved.

“All of them are staring to take St. Hunter home.”

Looking at the reporters, Kun-hee’s gaze moved back to Nam Jun-wook.

“Do you want to have sex Hunter leave Korea without that much preference in this situation?”

“…”Nam Jun-wook’s complexion began to become uncomfortable.

I felt like I had a reversed charter.

But Gonhee asked me again to look at Nam Jun-wook as if I had no intention of releasing it easily.

“I asked you if you want to repeat the example of the brass that has gone to America.”

Uhh. Nam wooked his lower lip.

There was a lot of room left behind in the face of Kogehee who put down the documents.

Nam Jun-wook knew.

Meaning of that expression.

It was usually the face of the last person in this situation, the look of the winner.

Nam Joon-wook dismissed this as a nuisance.

“But it is equitable …”

“That’s what I’m offering …”

Ko Kun-hee cut out Nam Jun-wook’s words.

“Are you not new to the Hunters Guild?”

Nam Jung-wook’s face was reddened enough to recognize at a glance.

“Why did you move to a place where the price of the house is more expensive than the surrounding area?”

“…”If the opponent was not only a S-class Hunter, then Nam Jun-wook’s face ran like a punch.


He was also a man who knew how to deal with his opponent.

“Please think again about who can protect your life when a Class S gate is created on this ground again.”

Kanghee concluded this statement.

“If you pay hundreds or thousands of times the money you paid for your home, you will not be able to buy your life.”

Yoo Jin – ho, standing in front of the A – class gate for the first time, opened his eyes and looked up at the top of the gate.


The height I have to look up for a while.

Looking at Yu Jin-ho, who has not been able to close his mouth for 20 minutes already, Jin-woo thought that he was the man when he saw the first grade gate.

“I’ll fall down, Jean Ho.”

“Yes? Oh, yes. Sorry. brother. This is the first big gate. ”

What kind of reaction did you see if you showed me the Gwangalli Gate?

Jinwoo laughed with a smile.

Yoo Jin-ho scratched his head and asked if he was afraid to surprise him too much.

“Brother, do you mind if I call a real collection team or a mining team?”


Jinwoo summoned 30 elite Shadow soldiers who have been with him for the longest time.

“They’ll do the job.”

Yu Jin-ho, who jumped a little while watching the shadow soldiers suddenly appearing behind Jin-woo, nodded his head.


Black armor and black eyes.

It was pet poured overflowing even when I looked at it.

The members of the association came to Jinwoo.

Among them, there was a familiar face.

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter.”

“Woojin Chul.”

Supervisor Chief Woojin Chul was given a portable horsepower gauge, which looked like a speed gun, from his subordinates.

“Can I check it first?”


As Jin-woo was out of the way, the Shadow soldiers stepped forward one by one.

Woojinchul measured the soldiers’ horsepower one by one.

‘Oh My God…’

Wujinchul ‘s eyes checking the soldiers were stunned by surprise.

I’m glad if I’m glad I’m covering my eyes with sunglasses so others can not see.

‘All of the servants are in grade A and above.

It has exceeded the approval standard of the grade A gate.

However, Sung Jin Hun Hunter’s pet is not all of them. If you have a similar level of magic to the rest of your pet …

Woojinchul ‘s one mouth came up.

‘Until now, everyone who fought for preference, no’ is all stupid. ‘

She smiled and looked at me. She looked at Jinwoo.

“Checked. There is no problem. ”


Jinwoo laughed and nodded.

Now I have no choice but to start raiding … I thought it was.

“Sungjin Hunter, please take a look at this side!”

“Ah, the guild’s first raid ahead of me, I have to say a little!”

“Is there a special reason for you to name the guild Azin?”

“How do you relate to the founding member, Yoo Soo-hyun?”

Beyond the Police Line, journalists’ questions were pouring out.

The first raid of the guild guild made.

The journalists waiting for the morning to gather the historic moment into the camera were gathered around the gate.

Unlike other guilds, it is not the guild staff but the association itself who controls them. Jin pointed to reporters with a bite.

“Is not my information protected?”

“I can protect St. Hunter’s information, but I can not protect the gate location.”

Woo Jin-chul smiled and answered.

“Reporters will block us and ignore it and devote ourselves to Reid.”

“…”I watched the members of the association fighting hard with reporters.

“Please say thank you to the president.”

“Yes, I will.”

I’m sorry.

Woojinchul, who bowed his head turned.

The people who left are leaving, and the only ones left in front of the gate are Jinwoo and Jinho.

Jinwoo asked Yu Jin-ho.

“Are you really sure?”

“Yes, brother.”

Yoo Jin-ho responded to this question.

“If you go, I will follow you to the end of hell.”

Yoo Jin-ho’s voice was too shabby, and Jin-woo laughed.


Yu Jin-ho is a D-class Hunter.

It was no different that a D-class Hunter was going to commit suicide in a Class A dungeon.

Yoo Jin-ho has been a porcupineer, although he has been repeated several times.

After all, Jinwoo gave up.

‘Well, I can keep one of these guys enough.’

Once I had experienced the A-level dungeon, I wondered if it would not fall, and I was not sure if it would be okay if I did not even talk to the dungeon.

“Let’s go, then?”

“Yes, brother.”

“Let’s go.”

Jin-woo and Yu-Jin Ho’s head went back at the same time.

There was Woo Jin Chul wearing a pair of gear instead of a black suit.

“Was not it a trail?”

Jin asked.

“The president of the association had told me to watch Sade Hunter’s Reid is really safe.”

In the future, when Jinwoo’s solo raid problem was highlighted again, it was the plan of Kun-hee’s president to establish Woo Jin-cheol as a witness.

“So he goes with you?”

Whether the armor is unfamiliar or whether the situation is embarrassing, Woo Jin-chul blushes.

“…May I come with you? ”

It is something to eat and to live.

“You do not need to drink.”

“Would it be different from our surveillance? I’ll just keep watching. ”


When Jinwoo accepts it, Woo Jincheol bowed his head.

“Thank you, Mr. Hunter.”

“then… let’s go.”

In a word of Jinwoo, Yu Jin-ho and Woo Jin-cheol entered the gate.

Jinwoo also followed them.

Then, the system message that came up with the familiar machine sounds welcomed the voice.


[I entered the dungeon.]

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