Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 146

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 146

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148 ‘It must have started raid by now.’

Looking down at the clock on his wrist, a smile came up at the mouth of the president Kun-hee.

Sungjin Hunter’s Reid.

I wanted to go and see if I could … I sent the most trustworthy staff on behalf of the situation because it was impossible.

I have already begun to expect what Woojin Chung will see.

‘Yes, it is not the time for me to do this.’

Kogehei shook his head and shook his head.

There was a pile of documents on his desk that had never been seen before.

The top of the so-called paperwork. Since the dungeon brakes at school, no matter how much you focus on your work, the height of the tower did not decrease, but rather it was blowing.

In the meantime, the interest in sex hunter did not diminish in the midst of her busy schedule.

Would not it have been the days of dungeons and sex hunters if they were only bodyguards?

‘I am a tremendous book.’

He once again shook his head and started to work with laughter.

How much did you focus on?


I knelt at the sound of knocking, and it took me 3 hours to pass.

“Woo Jin-cheol, president of the association.”

News I was waiting for.

Ko Kun-hee had a face with a bright face without exhaustion.

“Come in.”


Watching the face of Woo Jin-cheol carefully, Kwon-hee flashed his eyes.


Woojinchul, who knew he would go without any other reason, was an elaborate shit.

‘No other person, I was with Sung Jin Hun Hunter, but why is the face like this?’?

For a while I doubt.

“Excuse me, can I sit down for a while, President?”

To Woo Jin-cheol, who asked her briefly, Ko Kun-hee recommended a sofa.

“Of course it is. Please sit down. ”

Then he got up from the association fountain and put his butt on the sofa opposite to Woojin Chul.


Woojinchul sat down hesitantly.

His face was swept away with both hands.

What happened in the alternative?

Before Woo Jin-cheol opened his mouth, Kun-hee asked me not to bear any wonder.

“What happened? Why is your face …? ”

“Yes? Did you get anything on my face? ”

“I’m looking tired now. Like a person who has been sleeping for a few days. ”


Nod nod.

Wujinchul seemed to have convinced himself a few times without talking alone.

“Maybe I am so surprised, President.”

“Are you surprised … Tell me more about it. Did not you go to watch Sadejin Hunter’s raid? ”

Woojinchul slid his head down slowly and slowly shook his head.

“Not that raid …”


There was still a mixture of fear and surprise in his eyes.

“It was a scene of the massacre.”

The charisma of surveillance.

Woojin’s voice, which is said to be a natural strength, shook a little.


Kanghui swallowed her saliva.

As if he did not intend to deny his expression, Woo Jin-cheol answered it decisively.


What else could it be?

I can only say that it is genocide.

Woo Jin-cheol said that he did not miss out on what he reported as requested by the president.

“That dungeon was a lair of Naga.”

As I walked through my memories of Masu, the eyes of Kun-hee became thinner.

“If I go out …”

It is like mixing humans and sea serpents, loves humid places, and is capable of both battle and magic.

It was known to be a mage who was not easy to deal with because he was always a herd, even though he was a senior.


‘Sung Jin Hun Hunter, I would not have had a problem with a bunch of people go out together?’

Woo Jin-cheol replied, thinking that he had read the thought of Kun-hee.

“…It was about to feel sorry for me. ”

“…!”Woojincheol recalled the time.

When more than thirty horses came out of the flock, they forgot about who was next to them and were nervous for a moment.

It was such a terrible battle to go out.


“The surroundings were dark.”

What exactly should be said that black shadows spread out from the foot of Sungjin Hunter.

At that moment, when the hair began to feel like something was starting to happen, the black soldiers who had exposed their heads in the shadows came up on the ground.

It was the beginning of battle, no massacre.

– Chiaki!

-Key Kang!

– Chi Aaa! -!

The protruding Sungjin Hunter’s pokers started to tear me out without any recognition.

“I did not have a monster with human armor or a high-oak face. But…”

The bear-like pet and the ant-shaped pet were literally animals themselves.

“Some of the ants even eat the body of the marsh,” said the angry Castle Hunter.

Wu Jinchul tried to swallow the head of the body in one mouth and gave it to Sung Hunter, and he remembered the ant pet that had been stuck in the wall and trembled.

I still did not know if it was the terrible pet that made my body tremble, and that it was a genius that would blow the pet without hesitation.

I looked at the woojin’s eyes, nervous and nervous until I got to Kun-hee.

“Are the petals strong?”

“It was strong.”

Needless to say.

Humanoid Soldier, Orc Soldier, Bear and Ant Soldier.

None of them had any weak pet.

But among them, the best part is.

“It was a pet that had a long and thin mane in a helmet.”

Wu Jinchul held his head for a while and faced his eyes.

“Whenever a pet wields a sword, can you believe it if a lightning strike on the sword?”

“Oh My God…”

Gohan was surprised.

Lightning magic has both the destructive power of the fire attribute magic and the magic of the light attribute magic at the same time. Because of that, only pretty high quality magic hunters were available skills.

Even then, it was difficult to use continuously.

But that magic sprang out every time a pet wields a sword?

Ko Kun-hee shook his head.

It was hard to believe if it had not been from the lips of a man he loved.

But there was one more unbelievable sound.

“In my eyes the pet seemed to be above grade A.”

“Is it really that?”

The voices of Kanghee have grown.

How can a pet be able to have an S-class ability?

But soon, Woo Jinchul, the top performer in the A class hunters, promised.

“Whether I can beat the pet on a one-on-one basis … Honestly, I was not confident. ”


If you have such an evaluation in the mouth of Woo Jin Chul, who has a strong sense of pride, you can say that it is S grade.

“Huh …”

Ko Kun-hee leaned back on the sofa.

It was the greatness of Sung Jin Hunter, but I knew he would have had enough talent for the pet.

I was disappointed in the fact that I could not go and see it myself.

It is amazing to sit down and listen to the story and listen to it. How about the feeling of Woo Jin-cheol who was there all the time?

I also understand the appearance of Woo Jin Chul.

It was a series of shocks.

However, as if it was not the end, Woo Jin-cheol said that there were more amazing scenes.

“The ants are starting to work.”

Woojin chilled his eyes.

The ants, who have shared the pickaxe of the luggage bag that the vice president of the Ajin guild has worn, began to pick up the magmatons that sprang up on the wall of the cave.

It was also the ants’ responsibility to move the carnivals and carpets.

Woojin chul could not take his eyes off of the speed of the ants moving at the same time.

The incarnations of ‘work’.

Woojin chul had admired the admiration.

“It was not a one-man raid.”

One person who can do dungeon alone, collect dead bodies, ore mining all by himself.

Woo Jin Chul was convinced.

Calling Steven Hunter a one-man raid is a blasphemy against him.

“He was the guild itself.”

One guild, not a one-man raid.

Strictly speaking, there was also a vice-president who was not helpful, but it was not wrong because it seemed that there was no difference.

‘My eyes were not wrong either.’

The president of Koguryo Association shook his knees.

The smile did not leave the face.

As I had hoped for the first time, I noticed that Sung Jin Hun Hunter played a new role as a balancer of the Korean Hunter world, and I thought that maybe the map of world Hunter might change.

“So we arrived in the boss room.”

Was not the story over yet?

Kanghee focused again.

Originally, the size of the people is two or three times as large as that of a human, and the size of the outings in the boss room is four times that of ordinary ones, and the feeling of pressure was great.

“The boss-wrestler was also using the pet, and it would have killed him quickly?”

Woojin chilled his head.

“Rather than working ants, but all the pet would be released.”

“No, why the hell?”

I was surprised and answered to Kun – hee.

“I was curious to ask. Why do you send the pet back in front of the boss? ”

After concentrating too much on the story, Kun-hee leaned forward without even knowing it.

“Did you?”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter said this.”

Woojin-cheol slowly opened his mouth with a bit of excitement for memorizing.

“If you depend too much on pet owners …”

* * * “I feel less.”

Jin-woo stepped forward and called out the “Dagger King’s Dagger” in both hands.

There was no need to use soldiers.

In front of you is a boss-class wrestler and all the Nagetsu who escort him.

Jinwoo rushed off the ground.


The gap between the gigantic Nagawa has disappeared in a flash without any time for the escort to react.


Hundreds of silver flashes poured into the lower body of the boss.

Doo Doo Doo -!


While the boss screamed and struggled, the escorts ran to Jinwoo.

Jinwoo jumped vertically, stepping on one escort head.

As soon as the boss, who was on the other side, met the gaze, Jinwu dropped a dagger.


The head of the boss was cut vertically and a message appeared.


[We have killed the master of the dungeon.] [Level up!]

Jinwoo’s expression brightened in a nice system message.


Jinwoo, who descended on the ground, circled one round and surrounded the four escorting squads that surrounded him on all sides.

But the system messages did not end there.

Tingling, Tingling, Tingling …!

The sound of the machine was endlessly connected.


Surprise for a while.

[We have achieved 101 levels.] [Skill ‘shadow extraction’ level has been increased.] [Skill ‘Shadow Saving’ level has been increased.] [Level of skill ‘monarch’s area’ has increased.] [Skill ‘Shadow Exchange’ level has increased.]

Jinwoo has been throbbing in a message that goes up enough to catch up with his fuselage eyesight.

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