Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 148

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 148

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A man of 150 encroached into a large hospital.

One of the reasons he is looking around unusually.

It is because of the oil sump in your hand.

His eyes, which were hardly found to be motivated, seemed energetic.

‘Did you make fun of me?’

He was ready to die.

After a while, I finally found a suitable place.

Stopping in the corridor of the hospital, he began to carefully sprinkle the imported gasoline.

‘Do you think I’ll die alone?’

A week ago. He was stunned, and he walked on the passer – by for no reason.

The results are for the hospital.

After a while he regained consciousness and told the doctor who was treating him.

I do not have medical expenses, so treat me like this and just let me go.


He looked.

Looking at the doctor ‘s eyes looking down on himself.

That doctor. I can not remember my face right now, but after a few days I have not forgotten my eyes.

So he pledged.

I will revenge.

That was the reason why I had to go back to the hospital where I had carried it.

It was a life that I did not expect to live long anyway.

He sprayed gasoline in every corner of the hospital and he gurgled the last oil over his head.

“We’re going together.”

His voice was in bad spirits.

Of course, because it is a huge hospital, you will not be able to burn it all this much.

I can still take a few people.

It would be nice if some of them included a doctor or something.

Anyway, I did not want to disappear quietly like everyone else’s life that I had torn in with gambling debt.

He threw a hollow empty sump on the floor and pulled a lighter out of his pocket as he ran around.

If you turn the flint wheel that touches your thumb, this wretched life is over.

“…”He gave his thumb a strong expression on his face.

But then.

The cool wind passed for a while.


The man who felt strange looked at the left and right.

How does the wind blow in a corridor without windows?


I looked around and looked down at him for feeling uncomfortable.

The lighter that was holding had disappeared.

‘…!’A ghost is a song.

I wanted to see if I fell off without knowing it, but I looked at the floor, but it was in vain.

‘Where the hell is this …’

In front of his wondering eyes, a big black thing stood on his feet.

It was a worm with hands and feet.

Immediately before the surprised man screamed with eyes that seemed to pop out, the bug spread his hand and closed his mouth.



The worm lifted the index finger of the opposite hand and put it on his mouth.

“Shh -” I can not make a fuss.

A human woman who was told by the king to stay in a nearby room was asleep.

The man struggled but could not move his fingertips.

“Eup, Eup!”

The mouth of the worm, Aniber, growing in his eyes, grew bigger and bigger.

* * * Why was it 101 level?

In the car returning home, Jinwu recalled the sudden ups and downs of his skills today.

The hand holding the handle moved smoothly while I was thinking.

‘It’s not 100th level.’

I was expecting it to be at level 100 if something changed because of the level.

But the forecast was missed.

All job-specific skills were upgraded one level up from 101 level.

Several speculations have passed, but there are two possibilities as of now.

The first is because of the meaning of the number 1.

1 means start.

So, when the whole level goes to 101, is not the skill level unlimited and the upgrade possible?

‘If not …’

Jin-woo’s expression settled.

Personally, I hope this is not the case.

‘Because I had a job at level 51 …’

There was a possibility that the skill level was raised just after 50 levels.

The next step is to make it possible to take 151 levels.


Considering the recent level-up speed, I was hoping that this was a hypothesis.

Soon the guild office building came into view.

Jinwoo drove into the underground parking lot.

Jin-woo alone is the only person aboard the Ajye Guild’s robe ‘Bongo’.

Yoo Jin-ho left the scene saying that he would come to the finish.

The raid is over, but it was necessary to hand over the loot obtained from the dungeon to the broker.

It seemed that he wanted to take responsibility for the brokers until he was brought up.

– Leave it to me, brother!

The voice of Yu Jin-ho, who was full of confidence, was still in my ear.

‘Do you want to be good?’

The vice president is motivated, but I think we should hire professional staff.

Jinwoo came out of the parking lot, thinking that he should recruit additional staff.

By the way.


I saw a familiar face approaching the guild building from afar.

The familiar face soon found Jinwoo.


She is standing still.

Cha Haein slowly turned back to his surprised face and turned around and began to run away.


Jinwoo was terrified.

The reason I run away as soon as I see a person is that even if it is a second hit.

‘Do you think you can run away?’

Who does she think I am?

Jinwoo suddenly came out, using the ‘fast’ skill, he jumped out of power.

In a slow time, only the background passed quickly backward.

The distance from the car Haein is shortened.

‘Catching or touching the back can injure you.’

Jinwoo jumped lightly and turned in the air and landed in the direction of Car Hae.

‘…!’The car Hae’s eyes grew bigger.

The car Haein, who was blocked by the escape route, caught up with Jin-woo on both sides.


Thus, the chase of two S-class Hunters ended singly.

I was caught by Jin-woo, and I could not meet his gaze.

Jinwoo looked at her with strange eyes and asked carefully.

“Why do you see people and run away?”

“…”No, you can make a pair and run away.

“If so, why are you coming to our office?”

If you wanted to avoid it, you would not want to be around at all.

When Jinwoo asked me that, Cha Haein said with a voice of mosquito.

“car… In the parking lot … ”

Ah. The car I had never seen before was standing for a few days.

that day.

When she came to the guild. After moving directly from the guild office to the association’s gym, it was like he had to keep it in the parking lot without going to the car.

‘Today, we heard that the guild raids, and they tried to sneak away.’

However, she could not have expected that the A-level gates would be completed in just two hours or less.

As a result, the two met, and tried to escape but were caught.

‘…’When Jinwoo looked at him silently, Cha Hae-in bowed his head.

Jinwoo gave her a sigh of relief.

“You do not have to run away.”

Jinwoo said with a smile.

“I think it might change.”

Is it not a person’s interest that interest may or may not exist?

I even feel uncomfortable avoiding each other.

“…”But Cha Hae – in did not lift his head without a word of reply.

‘Is not it a feeling to talk?’

Maybe I do not even know if I feel bad because I hold on to something.


Jinwoo sent a snowman and turned around.

No, I tried to turn around.

However, just before the direction, the car hurriedly caught the end of the sleeve.


“…?”When Jin-woo’s face appeared about four or five question marks, she hesitated and licked her lips hard.

“Can you give me a minute?”

When are you going to run away?

I was in a hurry to hear that the embarrassment of Jinwoo was felt.

“Actually, there was a story that Min Bong-Hun Hunter asked me to deliver.”

When the name came up, Jin-woo’s expression changed.

“To me?”

Nod nod.

Car Hae moved his head up and down.

“I have something to say about the power of St. Hunter …”

No way.

Jinwoo had no contact with Min Bong Hunter.

It was when the first and last contact made him a shadow soldier to revive him who was dead.

He accomplished the task with great care, and thanks to his help, he saved his life.

It was all thanks to them that they could talk to each other.

But when did you have a bird to leave?

I had never seen strength before then, but when I was working, it was after he died.

It was impossible.

Jin-woo sent his eyes that it was hard to believe, and Cha Hae-in was slowly speaking.

“The power of St. Hunter …”

When she said so, Jinwoo cut off the words.


Whether the story was true or false, it did not seem like a story to stand on the street.

Said Jinwoo, who was looking around.

“Let’s go to a quiet place and talk.”

* * * The famous chairman handed over the materials that Kim secretary delivered.


“This is the data we have been investigating at Seoul Ilh Shin Hospital.”

If Ilshin Hospital is the hospital where St. Hunter’s mother was hospitalized.

The eyes of famous eyes changed sharply.

He read the document silently.

‘The nurse came to the hospital in the morning and was awake? By the way, there was a Sungjin Hunter beside him?

There was another strange point.

At the hospital, she asked for a close examination by considering the patient’s condition, but Sung Hunter said she strongly demanded discharge.

The famous chairman shook his head unintentionally.

‘It’s not like …’

He was a man who was so devoted to his life that he came to Reid to cover his mother’s medical expenses.


I did not know exactly what my mother was doing, so I demanded unilateral discharge.

‘That’s the opposite.’

Sung Jin Hunter means that she was confident of her mother ‘s condition at this time.

But how?

The wrinkles have increased in popularity among famous people who read materials sent from hospitals.

All of Sung Jin Hunter was a mystery.

‘Double dungeon accident, sudden reawakening, mother’s recovery. In addition, untold ability to make countless pokemon … ‘

If coincidence continues, it is inevitable.

There is something.


His sharp sense was saying so.

The famous firmly decided.

“I’ll have to meet him.”

“I will send someone today.”

“You do not have to.”

Kim secretary asked in amazement.

“Are you saying that the president is going directly?”

“Who do you think I am about to meet?”

“…”Kim asked the secretary about his mouth.


Kim Ji-woo’s cell phone shook her body.

The famous president turned to the materials again and said.

“It’s all right.”

The Kim secretary, who bowed briefly, quickly checked his cell phone. It was a letter containing breaking news.


The famous president heard his eyes.

‘A breaking news has flown in Japan, can you see it?’

Kim’s secretary is not a fussy person.

If he were asking if he would see something, it would have to be seen.


The famous moved his head, and Kim secretary turned on a large TV hanging on the wall as if waiting.

-Yes. Park Sung-woo is a correspondent. Now you see …

Then, on the screen, the appearance of the best downtown area in Japan began to flow into the live stream.

* * * Japan, Tokyo and Shinjuku.

In the heart of Japan, dark shadows were placed in the most vibrant streets in Tokyo.

It is not a simple analogy.

Cars, bikes, people on the road, everyone, you or anyone else, stopped moving in the shadows.

widely. One or two people came down from the stopped car.

Even though the road was blocked out of control, none of the people pressed or shouted at the horn.

Just like holly.

Their gaze was all on one side.

“Oh My God…”

“Oh God.”

A huge gate to make the shade to cover the sky.

People were amazed to see gates of the same size as skyscrapers.

“…””…”The streets crowded with overflowing people were slowly sinking into the uneasy stillness that seemed to be nauseated.

* * * The atmosphere of the waterfront residence was not that bad either.


The prime minister, who failed to win the minute, threw the remote control and broke the TV that was broadcasting the breaking news.

“Second, Prime Minister!”

The aides stood up and sat down again, unable to speak to the prime minister’s sharp eyes.

“Why is the Hunter Association saying nothing?”

Shigeo Matsumoto, the president of Japan’s Hunter Society, who had become so slippery after he went to Korea.

The prime minister’s face stiffened.

“Damn …”

There is something like that in the center of Tokyo, but the association to be responsible is silent!

“S-class gates appeared in the center of Tokyo, but even in the association there is no countermeasure.

The scream of the prime minister.

But all the people inside were just as clumsy as they were in unity.

The prime minister who frowned and wrote evil, seemed to be carrying all the anguish of the world alone.

“Speak frankly, president.”

His fingers pointed to the cracked TV screen.

“What happens if that explodes?”

“…It will end. ”

I knew it.

The Prime Minister wrapped his head and muttered.

“is it… At the very least, Tokyo is over at the gate. ”

“That’s not it, Prime Minister.”

“…?”When the prime minister lifted his head, Matsumoto President said in a lukewarm voice.

“I told you that the whole of Japan is over.”

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