Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 149

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 149

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“It’s a quiet place … Yo?”

The expression of the car Haen as he looked around went into embarrassment.

Jinwoo’s face also set.

‘How about the buildings around …’

Are only the wrong places for men and women to enter.

Before the awkward time lengthened, Jinwu turned away.

“Do you want to go to the office once you have to find a car?”

“Ah yes.”

Nod nod.

I think she is cute because she nods her head slowly with a twisted face.

Jinwoo turned to the office.

“Let’s go.”


Jin-woo turned back the street she had just ran with her, and immediately realized that she was a S-class Hunter.

‘It’s too far away.’

I was running for a while, but I had to walk for more than 10 minutes with the steps of the public.

The guild office is on the third floor.

Jin-woo arrives at the entrance and opens the door with his thumb on the sensor.

Jinwoo went straight to the conference room and looked around at the car Haen at the entrance.

“…?”Jin-woo, who asked me if I would not come in, looked at him.

“Is not it too dark?”

Ah. Then Jinwoo realized that the inside was dark.

Sometimes it happens because there is no obstacle in sight because it is quite dark.

The car hunter was not yet resistant to darkness.

Tick. The switch turned on and the room was very bright.

The car Haen, who looked around the inside of the splashes, carefully asked.

“Is there nobody in the office?”

“The vice president is going to stay on the scene.”

“I just do not have two employees in the guild …”

Looking at the expression of Jin-woo, saying that there was a problem, Cha Haein quickly shook his head.


It was the car hunter who is learning the fact that common sense is not common to the man in front of the eyes relatively soon than others.


The steps of the car hunting to the meeting room along Jinwoo stopped.

‘So now the person in the guild building is Mr. Sung Jin-woo and me both?’

I was tense in the eyes of the car Haen.

And at the same time, I realized that this tension was really long ago.

‘Perhaps for the first time …’

S-class Hunter, among those of the S-class, who is a high-level who can make her nervous, how many men in the world?

From now on, the word “quiet place” strangely remained in the mind and became conscious.

My heart began to pound a little.

She was laughing because she seemed to be a normal girl from a S-class Hunter.

I’m so sick.

Watching the car hired to smile, Jin woke to his head.

‘Is it so funny that two guild employees?’

Do it.

She can not help but see her, who is in charge of vice president at Hunters, the best guild in Korea.

Jin-woo went into the meeting room, thinking that it was nothing special.

Jin-woo sat down at the nearby seat and sat down on the other side of the chair.

“What happened?”

That said, the air in the conference room has changed.

“How could Min-Bong Hunter be able to leave a story about me to Cha Hunter?”

Jinwoo’s eyes became serious.

Jin-woo did not know Cha Hae-in well, but she did not seem to be the one who would let her lie about it.

“…”Whether it takes time to remember, or where to start.

It took some time for Car Hae to release his lips.

“that day…”

The eyes of the car with his head hitting me.

The good-looking eyes were damp and moist.

Looking at it, Jinwoo seemed to know where the story would start.

Cha Hae continued quietly.

“I heard a voice.”

* * * It was the hand of Min Bung-koo that came from the upper side that held the car which was sucked into the abyss.

“… Hunter? ”

Bong Bong slowly nodded his head.

His outfit surrounding his entire body in black armor was strange, and Cha Haein checked his appearance several times.

If it were not for the exposed face, I would never have known it.

The car Haen asked.

“This is … Where are we here? ”

“I do not know, but I know what happens when I release this hand.”

Cha Hae – in tried to look down on him unintentionally, but Min – bok suddenly dried up.



It is a cold-blooded person who is amazed and raised his head again.

Min bong explained with serious face.

“If you look down, you may not be able to come up again.”

In the eyes of Min – bok ‘s saying so, Cha Hae – in had some feelings similar to longing.


She recalled her memory shortly before she lost consciousness.

Jeju Island Reid.

The queen ant.

And one terrible monster ant that suddenly appeared.

The darkness fell down after I realized something scary was coming.

“I… Are you dead? ”

Min Bong shook his head.

“Not yet.”

“So Min-bong hunter?”

The answer did not come back.

Min Bong cut off the words of Cha Haein there.

“I do not have time now, so I’ll just say what I need.”

Perhaps this is your last chance.

If you miss this opportunity, you will not be able to tell. Min Bong said with a desperate expression.

“Please tell Sungjin Hunter.”

‘Sung Jin Woo …?’

Suddenly, the name of the protruding person is suddenly embarrassed.

Bong was a horse.

“You have to be careful of your strength.”

“What do you mean, that?”

“You may have noticed, but I died once. I fell down there. But someone pulled me back. From the endless darkness. ”

“Is not he …?”

“Yes, it was Sung Jin Hunter.”

The car ‘s pupils shook.

How strong is Sungjin Hunter, but revive the dead?

But Min Byung-guk told me what he was going through.

“But I did not revive me. I am conscious of myself and I can do anything for him … It was a blind slave who only lives for him. ”

I did not have to ask who he was.

Cha Haein swallowed the saliva.

“I was so afraid because it was so happy.”

Min Bong was a bitter look.

“Tell Sungjin Hunter, please.”

His face hardened firmly.

“The power is so powerful and scary. He must know that. ”

But the more terrible thing is.

Min Bong-gook, with a horrible face, just remembered his memory.

When Sir Hunter was ordered to stand up as a shadow soldier, he saw the welcome of the black soldiers, who were endlessly enlightened behind Jin Woo.

That number is tens or millions.

As many countless troops as they waited for the monarch’s orders, they quietly breathed in from behind Jin.

And when the eyes of the captain of the army meet the leader. The consciousness disappeared and there was a car hail in front of me.

Min Bong knew what he had to do.

And the fact that there is something else that you can do in addition to that.

Just to let Sung Jin Hunter know how terrible he is. He briefly saw the reality of that power and his real army, mentally connected with Jinwu.

Bong Bong-koo cried out that there was no time.

“Remember! The real army of St. Hunter … ”


The light poured down from above shrouded the car Ha.

Min Bong-koo’s face was stiff.

“His real army is …!”

But his voice was buried in a hollow echo and flickered down and down.

* * *”…”Car Hae’s memory was there.

It was a memory that finally barely came back like it had dreamed.

Jin, who heard all the stories, became a heavy face.

‘I met the consciousness of Min-soon Hunter, who died and became a shadow, just before she died?’

It was hard to believe.

Perhaps she was shocked by the crisis of death, but did not she create the wrong memories based on stories she heard around her?

That’s what Jin-woo said.

“I thought I could.”

Why did not you think it was a car hail?

So, after a few days of worry, I had to say it now.

She nodded as if she knew.

And he extended his cell phone.

“I’ll give you a contact and if you have any other memories, will you contact me right away?”

Cha Hae nods his head.

“Yes, I will contact you again soon.”

Jinwoo felt like her face was getting a little brighter.

* * * Japan immediately called for help from the international community.

It was an unchallenged choice for Japan, which lost more than half of its S-class power.

But the eyes of the international community were cold.

I pretend I do not know the crisis in neighboring Korea. Is it not Japan that has only just begun to evolve after the fire has fallen on its feet?

The international community has not forgotten this.

Japan has been devastated by the fact that the US, which does not let S-class hunters out of the country, and even the most powerful Hunter of Asia in China.

[Hands from America and Japan.] [China will watch the fall of Japan?] [Tokyo Gate, two days already. The time remaining is …] [What is Korea’s choice?]

The eyes of the world began to move to Japan, and exciting articles came out every day.


There was the only hunter in Japan who came to grips with despair and fear in order to reach the hand of salvation.

Glass Orlov.

A S-class hunter of Russian nationality, he invited interested parties to try to negotiate with the Japanese government.

Shigeo Matsumoto, president of the Japan Hunter Association, immediately embarked on a flight to Russia.

Glass welcomed the guests in their own living room, like a palace, without even meeting Japanese people.

“It is Shigeo Matsumoto.”

“Glass orloop. As you may well know, Hunter of the secondary school is called the best body. ”

After a brief introduction, the two sat down against each other.

Yuri took the materials related to the gate, which had been requested by the Japanese side in advance, and began to contemplate the examination.

How long has it been?

He opened his mouth when he nodded the elongation and calculated it.

“Ten billion a day. If you put the money properly, I will keep the gate closed until the desired time. ”

10 billion a day?

Japanese officials were tantalizing at an unreasonable price, but Matsumoto was the exception.

When he stretched out his hands, the Japanese hunters, who were flinching, sat down again.

“You seem to be able to communicate.”

The glass laughed revealing the gold – plated.

“Three trillion billion a year. That money can save the country. It’s not 36 trillion. What do you think? Do you want to buy a country for 10 billion won a day, or will you give up on your country because of the money? ”

The world’s best-known code, officially known, is just over 100 trillion won.

The amount of 3.6 trillion won a year is never too much. ‘But when compared to Japan, it is a trivial money.’

Matsumoto decided to open his mouth.

“I can pay you money.”

“Good. Then contract right away and once from the down payment. ”

“But before that …”

Yuri asked Matsumoto to bring the contract back to the employee.

“…?”Before his outspoken gaze, Matsumoto said politely.

“Can you show me your skills once?”

The glass he heard from the interpreter caught his belly and laughed.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

He laughed as if his breath had passed.

“Now you guys are going to cover up the hot rice? I lick my shoes and lick my hat? ”

It was then.

Two Japanese S-class hunters, who stepped on the Russian soil for Matsumoto’s escort, stood up and could not bear any further insults.

“Hey, guys!”

Matsumoto shouted in a hurry, but in the eyes of S-classers, the flame sprang.

By the way.



S-class hunters who were trying to move were not able to move around like they were blocked by something invisible walls.

Two people exchanging their eyes for a rat caught in a glass bottle.

Glass giggled again when he saw them.

“If you can come out, look at me. I will not be able to move from there without my permission.”

Alliance with the Enchantment.

S-class Hunter of his strength, of course, and Matsumoto was astonished by both.

Yuri put up his mouth and suggested again.

“I will put a S-class gate in the 10 billion won a day, and I’ll put the lives of those who are under the bonfire. What do you think? Is not that a satisfactory deal for you too? ”

His teeth reflected in the interior lighting and glowed golden.

S-class Hunter The power of an alliance that can tie both of them together without hesitation.

‘Then the S-class gate …’

Matsumoto laughs for the first time since arriving in Russia.

“Can I use the phone for a while?”

“Of course.”

next day. The news of the world was filled with grapevine in the name of the glass Orloff.

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