Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 152

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 152

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World news reporters came to Japan.

Unusual was the fact that the majority of them were battalions covering battlefields.

It was evidence that this was as dangerous as kicking the battlefield.

The cost around the gate was heavy.

The reporters listened to the camera.

The vastness that surrounds the gigantic gate as much as the building, and the army that surrounds it.

There was a sense of tension around the war.

A prominent British correspondent, William Bell ‘s assistant, swallowed the strain and asked.

“I do not have modern firearms for the soldiers, why is the army?”

Williams replied with a camera in the face of each of the soldiers.

“To draw time.”


“By attracting attention, the front line hunters make time to prepare for the attack. We also serve as a bait while we are evacuating people who are looking at us from there. ”


His next face on the camera was Matsumoto Japan Hunter Association President, who was near the vice.

He was having a serious conversation with the stakeholders.

‘You can not laugh in this situation.’



The assistant, who has not had much experience in the field, said with tense eyes.

“Bullet Receiver … It’s called. ”

“Hey, it’s hard to talk like someone else’s.”


“If you think something is going to happen to me, you have to stop me.”


As the young assistant turned around, Williams poked his sideways slightly out of his elbow.

“If you are so stiff, you will die without fleeing. It means to relax. ”

When he saw that he was frowning on one eye, a second assistant, who realized he was joking, swept his chest.

‘Bell … Even in this situation, jokes are coming out. ‘

The tension of the assistant article was relaxed a little in the margin that the dominance of the grand prize was buried.

But the assistant article knew.

When Williams Bell is laughing, it ‘s time to be the most nervous. The assistant ‘s gaze turned to the sky – high gate.

“What will you get out there?”

He paused for a while, and Williams looked at the same place.


The size is overwhelmed enough.

After the gate began to appear on Earth, the second battleground of the reporters became a gate.

That was the only gate I have ever seen.

I even covered the scene of the dungeon break …

The gate in front of me was really different in dimension. Just looking up, the cold sweat descended.

‘It would not have been dispatched even to the scout.’

I will look inside the dungeon and there will be no higher hunters, and I do not even know what’s inside.

Williams’ lips fell off the date.

“I do not know what’s out there …”

Then he laughed bitterly.

“Whatever it is, I hope that Yuri Orlov’s tie is strong.”

The last place his camera was heading was a glass ore rope to check the vignette.

The glass was smiling.

“Perfect. very good.”

Yuri was confident in the outcome.

His bondage was wonderful.

Where is it?

Matsumoto, the president of the association, was worried about the opposition of the people, and he gave a lot of donations to the Japanese who knew that he came to volunteer.

Thanks to it, a lot of money was collected.

Look there, too.

Many reporters who are driving to this dangerous place are taking pictures of themselves.

Money and fame.

Everything that the glass revolves rolled into a single effort at the same time.

He stressed once again.


Today he would be the first man in the world to play the S-class gate alone.

‘I’d like to hear that you are the man who handled the S-level gate alone …’

Unfortunately, the Hunter, which is much more suited to its expression, comes first, and it can not be greedy.

But what about it?

He is a combat series, and he is an assistant adjunct.

It is best to name them in their respective locations.

‘Cancer, cancer.’

The glass, which was drunk, pulled out a handful of cans from his inner pocket and opened the lid.

The smell of vodka inside came up.

“Yoo, Yuri! Drink …! ”

The staff of the association, who was in charge of him, tried to fret and dry, but Yuri was rather snowing.

“I’m having a toast. Toast. I relax. I’ll show you the best show. ”

“That… still.”

“Do you want to have a sip? The tension is loosened. ”

The president of Matsumoto, who was looking at the glass from the far end, recommending alcohol to the staff, frowned.

‘The future of our country depends on that man.’

As he touched his tongue, he asked his attendant.

“How many S-class hunters are waiting?”

“All three.”

“Three people …”

Only three out of ten S-class hunters responded to the association’s call.

Matsumoto’s wrinkles became deeper.

His influence has been on the bottom since the Reid of Jeju Island brought disaster to the Japanese hunter system.

Some say that Matsumoto was blinded by greed and drove the S-class hunters into their limbs.

Already the majority of S-class hunters have turned their backs on him.

As long as he was the president of the association, he came up with a hard-line policy of not following the instructions of the association.

‘If only you were near Goto …’

His hand holding his fist trembled.

Goto’s death was a painful loss to Matsumoto who used him as his right arm.

‘Because it is one.’

Today was more important.

If the Hunter Association’s efforts were to prevent the S-level gate, it would have been possible to look again at the emergency.

‘And … And Sung Jin Woo. ‘

Then there will be a chance to return the disgrace to those who have ruined their way.


It must be.

The president of Matsumoto stared at the gate with a solemn expression.

The attendant who checked the watch told me whisper.

“Dungeon break three minutes ago.”

“I know.”

Matsumoto nodded.

His gaze toward the gate contained many thoughts.

2 minutes, 1 minute, 59 seconds, 58 seconds …

Nervous time went by.

Then the black film that was blocking the gate began to fade.

The journalists shouted.

“Oh, huh?”

“The gate is open!”

“I… Come out! ”

* * * “son.”

Jinwoo tried to get up and sat down again.


The mother watching TV looked back at Jinwoo.

In the news, breaking news about the S-class gates of Japan continued to flow from before.

It was such stories that a few minutes left until the dungeon break.

“Are not you going somewhere else?”

Mother’s senses are sometimes sharper than the senses of the higher Hunters.

Jinwu replied pretending to be naive but casual.

“I have an appointment.”

“Appointment? On this day? ”

“I have a promise I made before. Anyway, that gate opened in Japan, so it did not seem to be affected and I did not cancel it. ”

My mother was still in doubt.

But it was not a lie.

‘This is also an appointment with the system.’

My mother, who was looking at the silence, asked again.

“Do not you worry about your mother?”

Jinwoo confidently replied.


It is the power that I tried to get for that.

The mother who confronted Jinwoo ‘s confident eyes, then smiled.

“Please be careful.”

Jinwoo also grinned.

“I’ll be back.”

Jinwoo came out of the house.

Jinwoo’s house is on the 9th floor.

I knew for the first time today that the elevator going down is so slow.

I was expecting a dungeon where the black key would open, and I was nervous.

Ting. The door opens on the first floor.

The uncle who was watching for the first time raised his head unconsciously and encountered his eyes.

S-class Hunter was someone who did not know he lived in this apartment, he looked up at Jin-woo and opened his eyes.


Jin-woo went past him and pressed the hood on his top.

My mind was in a hurry, and the pace was also fast.

Just outside the apartment complex, Jinwoo came out into the street and looked around.

‘Is it because of the gate in Japan?’

The whole street was empty.

Thanks to that, he could watch the black keys slowly without worrying about the surroundings.

[Item: Key to the Temple of Carteron] Difficulty obtaining: ??

Type: Key ‘Requirements met.’

It is the key to enter the shrine of Carnon. Can be used at the specified gate.

The location of the specified gate will be released after a certain period of time.

Remaining time: 0 hours 01 minutes 02 seconds Remaining time is 1 minute.


The heart that was sitting cold under the surface of the water began to shake quietly.


Jinwoo quietly listened to the heartbeat and waited for the remaining one minute.

I did not even need to check my watch.

The physiological clock of the body which was extensively trained was more accurate than any clock in the world.

‘… 3, 2, 1. ‘

Exactly one minute later, Jin woke his eyes closed.

Tick. [Remaining time: 0 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds] [The position of the gate where the key can be used is revealed.]

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

“Here …?”

The position of the gate that emerged in the system message was not far from here.

A familiar place.

Jinwoo went to the association’s site using one of Hunter’s functions and retrieved the gate information.

just as expected.

It was the place where the association had noticed that the gate was created some time ago.

But I do not think this was the place to use the keys.

As I was beaten, my back ache got tingle.

“It was mistaken.”

Certainly the key was not wrong.

The system said that the information of the gate was released at this time, but did not say that the gate was created at this time.

I was hit.

Jin-woo’s hand got busy.

When I looked up the gate information, there was a guild already attacking the dungeon.

The grade of the gate is C. ‘The grade is not high …’

The problem is that you do not know what is hidden inside.

‘I’m glad it’s not far.’

It is 10 minutes by car.

If you run by power, you can arrive within 60 seconds.

I started running as hard as I could with Jin-woo, who was hiding in hiding.

Skill ‘speed’ has added momentum.

The destination is a high school playground where Jin-a went.

After the Orc incident, the closure of the school has not been solved yet.

‘It is dangerous for the raid to attack the dungeon.’

Jinwoo remembered the first time he visited the underground shrine.

Stupid moments.

I remembered how many times the crisis of death had passed.

But why?

It must have been an awkward and horrible memory.

At the temple, Jinwoo felt that she was alive for the first time.

At the time, he was not an incompetent class E Hunter, but a challenger against the impossible.

I was able to see a familiar school by turning a few alleys in an instant.

Really arrived at school in a second.

I walked in the front gate and saw a gate on the side of the playground.

Around the gate, a few members of the association staff and guilds stood guard.

It was a quiet atmosphere as they had not heard that the big day had yet come.

The tranquility was broken by the appearance of Jinwoo.

Jinwoo solved the stealth in the neighborhood.

“Oh, huh?”

I found the coming Jinwo late, guild officials stood in front.

“You can not come here.”

Jin took off his hood and exposed his face.

Then a hoot came out from the side.


An employee of the association who recognized Jinwoo raised the sound.

It was a glasses-wearing female worker who had encountered when I handled a B-class gate on the road before.

Jinu seems to have a better sense of guilt than this guild staff, and ignored the staff and immediately told her.

“I have to stop raid right now.”


She said with embarrassment.

“But the measurement result is only C grade …”

Jinwu said with his head again.

“If you stop now, everything will die.”

“…!”Jin-woo lifted his head and looked at the gate.

Do not they feel it?

Inside the gate, there was an ominous aura flowing so smoothly that it creeps in.

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