Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 153

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 153

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“How long have you been inside?”

Jinwu asked urgently.

The longer the time goes, the deeper into the inside, the less likely the hunters will return safely.

A lady of the association answered an emergency.

“About two hours.”

2 hours.

It was an ambiguous time to say it, but to say it soon.


“What are you? Are you an association person? ”

The guild staff grabbed Jinwoo ‘s shoulder and tried to turn it around.

It seemed that I did not like to sound unfortunate because I did not have enough to ignore myself.

The power to grip the shoulder was not very good, but Jinwoo turned around.

Now, in the same situation, it may be more effective to show your face once than to say a word.

“If a person asked, answer …”

So I stopped talking to the guild staff face to face with Jinwoo.

‘Wait a minute, this is where I saw many people face …’

Where was it?

I stuttered as if I could not believe the staff who remembered the name harder to memorize the memory.

“Stand up, Sungjin Hunter?”

I’m going to face a S-Class Hunter in front of a Class C gate.

But did you have to grab hold of his shoulder like that?

Surprised, he lifted his hand without knowing himself and stepped back a few steps back.

“Sin, I’m sorry.”

“…”At this moment, time goes by.

Guild staff could not afford to waste time. Jinwoo looked at the woman again.

“I will bring them out.”

The female employee was embarrassed.

Even when the B-class gate turned into Red Gate, it was the man who laughed inside.

But now I was talking about dangerous people in the eyes of ordinary C-class gates.

“What the hell is going on? Please explain something to me. ”

“There is no time for that.”

Jinwu said cut it off.

In fact, he could steal and go right in.

There were countless ways to get into the gate by breaking their eyes.

But the reason I did not do it was because I did not know what was going to happen in it, so I had to do a minimal procedure to avoid being overwhelmed by unnecessary fertility.

The lips of the woman’s staff shudder and stop a few times.

She was worried.

Is it okay for one guild to get another Hunter to board without any evidence on the gate that is officially licensed?

It was something that could not have happened originally.

But when I saw Jinwoo ‘s eyes, I could not stop him.


“See you later.”

Jin nods a short nod and jumps in the gate.

[I entered the dungeon.]

Inside the dungeon, marbles were removed all over the place.

Unlike the higher dungeons where the corpse itself becomes money, there is no worthwhile by-product in the lower dungeon, and only Myeongseok is the only money.

It was familiar sight.

Jinwoo closed his eyes and concentrated.

I could not find the position of the raid.

‘Is it already?’

Jinwu shook his head.

Even if it is late already, magic flows out from a dead body.

But I could not even sense the horsepower.

Jinwoo looked at the inside of the room quietly and felt a sudden passion.

I feel familiar.

It was a dungeon that I have seen somewhere.


If the memory was correct, it was similar in form to the dungeon that was first acquired.

‘if so…’

Jinwu then went to the place where I found the entrance to the double dungeon.

I knew it.

There was another entrance in the dungeon.

‘It is like that.’

It was then felt why the raid hunters could not feel their presence.

‘This dungeon … It was ridiculously wide. ‘

That was also the case.

It is a step of the lesser hunters, but I walked for almost an hour and was able to reach the strange door.

If this dungeon is the same structure as that, it is no wonder that the distance from the hunters is quite wide. It is almost impossible to find the positions of the lesser hunters, who have few horsepower.

Jinwoo looked inside the cave.

One way.

At that time, the passage was as dark as it was then.

But there was no need to worry.

The sense stat pulled up to the limit opened the way hidden in the darkness.

The eyes of Jinwoo gleamed like the beasts of the night.


The eyes that adapted to the darkness put things one by one.

Fuu – Shortly after quitting his breath, Jin-woo went out like a bullet.

The backgrounds were quickly pushed back and pushed again.

It was a long distance.

It was still so fast that it did not take long.

‘You walked here for an hour …’

It was a breakthrough when I first remembered when I walked the road.

It started to feel a moment.

These are raid hunters.

Everyone was standing in one place.

At first I thought I was in combat or dead, but it was not.

As I approached, I heard a voice.

“Then why do not you come here and just go?”

fault. When I stopped at the place, I could hear the words that I had heard somewhere.

I was glad.

It seemed that they were not able to get in their feet yet.

If I did, I would not have had time to chat like this.

This time it was a woman ‘s voice.

“What then? It’s a door that can not be poured out with magic. ”

“Would not it be better to go out and see the big guild and shogun?”

“I think that’s a good idea, too.”

They were arguing with the door not opening.

Understanding goes.

I found a double dungeon and it would have been swollen in the dream of a good one.

But here, there was a witness who survived there.

Jinwoo could confidently say.

“That’s a trap.”

Hunter, who had not noticed until Jinwoo was approaching, suddenly jumped out of his voice.

“Aw, surprise!”

“What, what is your name?”

Jin pointed to the giant iron gate I had seen once before, pointing it at a glance.

“Double dungeon survives.”

Double Dungeon Survivor?

The Hunters were dismayed as they exchanged their eyes.

Because the inside was dark, they needed some time to recognize Jinwoo’s face.



“Is not he the Sung Jin Hunter?”


Everyone’s eyes turned to Hunter, who said that.

Of course, Jinwoo’s face was where their gaze went next.

“He, I see …”

“Are you sure?”

“No, what’s up with the S-class Hunter?”

Jinwoo walked toward the door to the fullest.

The hunters around the door naturally led the way.

Jinwu said gently touching the door.

“I know what’s beyond it.”

After a long time in front of the gate again, Jinwoo was a new experience. But there was no time to be impressed.

This is where the system invited you.

For the Hunters, and for myself, I could not leave the uninvited.

Turning back, Jinwu looked around at the Hunters and said in a heavy voice.

“This place is horribly dangerous. From here I will take care of you, please go back. ”

Male breeding.

The surroundings became disturbed.

Jin-woo was a S-class hunter whose face was so well known, and it was such a face that the complaint would explode at once.

One of them. The man who could not come back here empty-handed, stepped forward.

“Hey, Sir Hunter.”

It was the master of the small and medium guild who pursued this capture.

“This dungeon is where our bold guild raid fairly got permission to raid. Hunter does not have the right to ask us to leave. ”

“Right! S-class hunter is it? ”

In the protests of the Hunters, Jin asked his mouth on a date.

‘…’It was an act of good will to help them.

However, I did not intend to persuade people to explain each other one by one.

‘There is no obligation to do so.’

I did enough to do it.

So Jin – woo decided to give them a choice.

In the past, I did not want to do this because I know what the end hunters of the association, including Jinwoo, had to pay for their choices in the same place.

Jin turned back toward the door and grabbed the handle.


Jin-woo gave his hand strength, but Jin-woo’s strength did not move the door.

‘Is the magic hanging?’

Otherwise, at best, the iron could not move.


‘Tingling’ and a system message popped up.

[The doors of the Temple of Carnen are now locked.] [Use the key.]

‘This is why I needed the key.’

Jinwu called out the black key.

As soon as I put the key in the keyhole, the door opened automatically.

A ruckus.

The vessel guild raid that had just finished checking how hard the door was locked opened its eyes.


‘what? How did it open? ‘

Jinu ignored their whisper and said coldly.

“I will not let it dry. If there is anyone who wants to enter, let’s go. ”

Of course I did not forget the warning.

“But those who have entered will be hard to come alive.”

The word made the Hunters freeze.

S-grade Hunter’s advice.

Who can make fun of it?

However, the master of the courageous guild has come forward whether the guild is trying to name it.

“I’ll go.”

“…”Jin did not say anything.

The choice is theirs. The results were also left to them.

Guildmen walked toward the gate and looked at the attackers, but they all noticed but no one came along.

The guild chest seemed to be scandalous and stood in front of the door as they watched their colleagues.

Jinwoo gently opened the door he was holding so that he could not get into it easily.

Kuwoong -!

A massive door moved.

It was a little spleen on the face of the guild that encountered the eye with Jinwoo for a moment.

I hesitated for a while.

With courage, he stepped inside.


The message came out in front of Jinwoo’s eyes.

Tipping, Titting, Tingling!

[The person who did not have the key went into the temple.] [Do not allow access.] [If you do not follow the instructions, the gatekeeper will attempt to attack you.]

It was a very dangerous and important message, but not in the eyes and ears of Hunter, not in the player, nor in the hearing.

Only Jinwoo heard the warning of the system.

The guild master, who knows nothing, eventually took one step further.


A hammer fell off his head.


The hammered hammer crashed the slab on the floor.

“Shut up!”

If Jin-woo hurriedly grabbed the back of the guild and pulled it out, his head would have been so.

“Uh, oh!”

Jinwoo, who threw out a wandering guild in the hands of the gatekeepers, quickly closed the door.

“What’s in it is all that stuff.”

Jin turned to the Hunters.

“Do you really have to come in?”

The guild churning on the floor shook his head like crazy.

The guild members urgently dragged him out.

After confirming that the Hunters were all leaving, Jin-woo went inside.


[The owner of the key has arrived.]

thud. The door was closed.

The size of a huge room, stone statues filling the walls. And the innermost size of the innermost figure.

Everything was the same as memory.

‘again… I’m back.’

My heart ran wildly.

But there was clearly a difference.

Just yourself.

Their reality began to show up in the eyes of the changed Jin-woo.

‘These stone statues are neither masters nor life forms.’

It’s just puppets that lead to someone. There was only one presence in this room that could emit magic.

It also hid the magic as much as possible, so it was impossible to directly detect, only the feeling of ominous was passed.

Jinwoo slowly walked to the boy.

“You were the real one.”

Even though Jinwu spoke, he did not respond.

“Will you come out that way?”

Jinwoo raised his mouth.

In a flash of speed, Jin-hee inserted a dagger into his chest.



The attack was blocked by the slab the man was holding.

The dagger was stoned.

The only stone statue was the one holding the slab.


A stone statue with six wings grinned over the slab looking down at Jinwoo.

“You’ve come this far.”

* * * Tokyo, Shinjuku.

As the skyscrapers rise, the masters begin to walk out of the gate one by one.

thud. thud. “Ugh…”

“Well, what is that?”

It was giants.

The bosses of the top-level A-class gates were often pouring out.


“They are giants!”

All of those who watched were frightened and receding, and Glass only calmed down the wine bottle.

‘This is no problem.’

Although it was merely a thrilling marquee, Yuri was confident in his work.


His prediction was right.



The giants beat the invisible wall round the gate, but the wall did not touch it.

bang! bang!

I pushed my shoulders, I threw my whole body down and I bumped into it, but the magic of glass was perfect.

“Uh ha ha ha!”

Glass laughed at the giants and laughed.

About half an hour.

The giants who were struggling to break the veil were exhausted and started to go back into the gate.

The people watching the scene flattered.

“Oh My God!”

“The dungeon brakes are coming back into the gate?”

It was impossible.

If you can not hear.

Even a lot of reporters pressured the shutter as if it was a premonition to the first sight.

When one of the last remaining giants entered the road to the gate, Matsumoto President Kim got up and applauded.

Pair, Pair, Pair, Pair!

Soon the applause sounded from one to several, became elastic, and the elasticity soon became a shout.


Yuri received enthusiastic support from officials and turned to journalists.

“This is something I can not do. I blocked the S-class gate. ”

His tendon stood on his neck.

“I pushed a couple of ants and those giants into the gate! I do not need to explain why anyone is even better, right? ”

Without hiding his face, he laughed at his reporters.

But then.


The ground rang.


The tank that I had put up was shaking.

‘…?’Then Yuri realized that the reporters were not looking at him.

Their gaze was toward the gate.

Glass also looked back slowly.

And… I dropped the bottle I was carrying.

Took. ‘Oh My God…’

The eyes of the glass grew.

A giant giant who had just come out of the gate and made a dwarf giant appeared at the gate.

Raise the body.

Glass glared at me several times to see if what I was seeing was true.

‘how… How can you be so big that you can pass through that size gate if you have to bow down? ”

Everyone was intuitive even if there was no explanation person.

The fact that he is a boss.

The monster giant, who set up his head, looked around and began to hit the body in the ring.

Kuwoong -!

Another heavy noise rumbled and the ground shook unexpectedly.

Kuwoong -! Kuwoong -! Kuwoong -!

It was clearly visible in the eyes of the glass.

There is a scene where gold is going like a spider web in the vest of magic that only you can see.


My legs began to shudder.

The monster giant pushing the shoulder on the wall thought that it was all right.

And I ran to power and threw myself into the ring.

That moment!

Do not worry!

With the roar of something exploding, the light that illuminated the circle disappeared.

“Uh, uh ah!”

It was about the time that the glass screamed.

As soon as the monster giant smashed the crystal, grabbed and lifted the glass that was inflicting the magic power on the crystal.

The glass caught in the hands of the giant struggled to cry for pain.

“Ah, ah! Ah ah ah! ”

It’s hot.

But when the giant opened his mouth again, he could no longer hear his scream.


Behind the monster giant who swallowed the glass, the giants who had entered the gate began to pour out.

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