Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 154

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 154

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The stone statue moved with a bizarre sound in the joints.

Jinwoo looked at him.

There were many differences between him and other statues, but among them, the wings were the greatest.


He was the only statue of angels.

It also has six wings behind the back. The sitting angel stood up straight and bent the back, and it reached a length of 3 meters.


Jinwoo quickly retreated and held his dagger in the other hand and lowered his posture.

Once I decided to fight, my nerves were getting better and I was optimistic for the battle, from the mind to the body.

‘…’But apparently the angel prize did not erase the smile that popped into his mouth even though he might be feeling the prejudice of Jinwoo.

It was a gruesome and unnatural smile that was horrifying.

The angel prize, which looked down on the slab with the knife edge, threw the slab backwards without hesitation.



The slab that hit the floor broke into several pieces.

The angel, who saw the slabs, laughed hard.


Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

‘From the beginning …’

I knew from the beginning that there was no meaning.

The slabs, the disciplines that were written on the slabs.

‘If not, I will not treat you like that.’

So what was this place for? And what did he want?


Quest, level up, key dungeons and more. What do they mean when they leave here?

There is a chance to find answers to all these questions.

That moment of thought.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing!

My heart beat my chest.

The heart that always jogs slowly has become rougher than any other engine at this moment.

‘He knows.’

Jinwu did not slow down the border, and asked with a low voice.

“Are you calling me?”

I do not know what the system has to do with you.


The angel prize moved his fingertip and looked at the horse.

“You’ve come to this place too.”

Then the neck. He turned his neck round and round.

De Suder.

I do not.

He was unpacking.

It was not difficult to anticipate what to do for the body.

Usually in this case, Jinwu did not miss the line.

But this time is an exception.

There were so many things I wanted to ask the angels to blow up conversation with a fight.

Jin asked again.

“Are you a beast?”

The wave of magic on the angels was clearly different from that of the masters.

However, the definition of the word “masu” is nothing more than what humans have created for convenience.

If it meant a monster, he was a real master.

A stone statue that speaks and moves.

Where in the world can there be more monsters like this?

Just what Jinwoo wants to know is that he is the same with those monsters called Mashu.

Do not hesitate.

De Suder.

The angel figurine, which loosened his waist and pulled his body, caused his upper body.

“The question is wrong.”

“…””You should not ask who I am, but who you are.”


It was a momentary stiffness, but the embarrassment did not last long.


The sound of the angel ‘s hand touches the thought.

“Well, this is the last test.”

The smile had already disappeared in the face of the angel who had finished the body unfolding.

“I will tell you everything after the test and if you are alive. this.”

The angelic statue carries a red light on the eyes of the stone statues that cross the fingers.

“I am the prize I give.”

That moment.

The head of all the stone statues, which are built up tightly inside, turned to Jinwu at once.

thud. All the statues came down the pedestal.

. All the statues lifted their weapons.

Jinwoo looked around the stone statues of the temple.

They were puppies but they looked powerful. I actually had to die a few times before.

Jinwoo calmly summoned Shadow soldiers.

‘Come out.’

By the way.


[Skill-only skills are limited for the final exam.] [Use of potions and stores is also prohibited, and status recovery using level-up and quest-completion rewards is also not possible.] [You can not leave until the final exam is over]


Tingling, Tingling The sound of the voice of Jinwoo is worn for a while in the sound of the sound of the ear.

The statues began to cover the Jinwu.

Quiet but fast movement.

It was a totally different feeling from the hundreds of articles that ran towards him in the ex-exam before.

‘Is this coming out?’

The cards of the spleen that I have prepared, such as various potions and quest rewards, have become a sudden flood.

As long as we have been together for a while, the system knows Jinwoo so well.

‘Then I will break through my strength!’

The determined Jin-woo gripped the handle of the dagger firmly.

The easiest way to escape the crisis was to remove entities that move the statues.


But if you kill him, you do not get what you want.

It is the last resort.

For one thing, he responds to what he is talking about.

‘To do that…’

Growth did not stop.

It was a level that was polished without hesitation to take the desired bar under any circumstances.

Hookuk -!

Jinwoo’s nose and mouth came out of the hot breath.

When I first walked in here, things I did not see, things I could not see at all, began to be seen.

In the past, it was possible to follow the movements of the statues, which seemed like a momentary movement.



The dagger blocked the window of the stone statue that flies from the left.

‘Left again.’

The stone statue that jumped on the shoulder of the stone statue holding the window struck the ax.

Since it is inefficient to block the attack from the top downward, Jinwu pushed the attack halfway through the body.


The skeleton bounced off the floor, which was smashed by an ax.


The head of the stone statue with the ax was kicked hard, and the head was shattered.


“ä_ -!

Jinwo bowed his upper body back, and an arrow fled toward the opposite wall.

A full-scale attack began without the time to be pleased with the killing of a man.


‘Right side.’

This time sword. Jinwoo pushes the shield of the stone statue, which is blocked, with the force, and at the same time draws the dagger of the opposite hand with a diagonal line.


The stones, with their arms cut off, fell out and fell as though they felt pain.

Left, Right, Right, Left, Front, Front, Right, Left.


The more you concentrate on the fight, the slower the movement of the stone statues becomes, and on the contrary, your movement becomes faster and faster.

A feeling of eerie feeling in the back.


Jin-woo jumped over the head of the stone statue that came from behind and cut off his head.


Areas that can not be seen with eyes cover with the power of sensation stats.


Breathing out. The body that was tempered to the limit, each cell of the body was responding to the movement of the statues.

Jinwoo’s Aunggwang shone.

It strikes, blocks, and sheds the attacks of persistent stone statues and rapidly reduces the number of stone statues.

‘For this moment …’

The daggers of the devil king lightly cut the bodies of the stones of the enemy, just as they were held for the present.

The body, the mind, the cell, the dagger felt the sense of becoming one, and Jinwoo moved and moved with no mind.

Watching the movement of Jinwoo carefully, the angel prize trembled.

‘The human body is so well there …’

The smile that had disappeared from the face of the angel came back again.

The choice was right.


It is still a long time to finish the exam.

The angels looked back.

Then a red light came in the eyes of the gods who were sitting in a huge chair waiting for the time.

The guy who grabbed the ends of both armrests of the chair with his hands strongly raised his colossal body.

Kugugugugugugu Kuguugu Ward -!

It was a scene where the talk was cool just by looking at it because it was so.

thud. When the priest took his first steps, the whole wide cavity sounded.

Boom, Boom, Boom. The statue was so wide that it was possible to reach the top of Jinwoo without walking a few steps.

The wreckage of stone statues was already forming around the mountain around Jinwoo.

‘…’The person standing before him listened to his right arm.

It was the same thing that Jinwoo who had been fighting with the stone statues sensed this situation.

Suddenly watching the darkening surroundings, he lifted his head.

‘…?’A huge palm was covering the field of vision.

The priest struck the floor as if it did not care about the comfort of the statues surrounding Jinwoo.

Kuwoong -!

Suddenly the body was blown out of the range of the palm of his hand, causing the body to roll up the floor.

The face of Jinwoo, who looks at the image, has settled.

“Yeah, he was there.”

It ‘s a mountain over the mountains.

Jin-woo’s gaze came down again.

The statues, which seemed to be well-backed, did not lose their lives, had been riding towards themselves.

The statues arrived just before the nose.

He slid his fingertips at a terrible speed, touching the tip of his dagger, changing his orbit, slicing it forward, and cutting the head of a stone statue.

Took. The stone statues that came along behind them were clasped as if the stone’s neck was falling down.

But what is really dangerous is not stone statues.

The sensation that the hair of the whole body is bristled.

Jin-woo surprised me and hurried his head.

‘…!’just as expected.

An eerie red light was gathering in both eyes of the image.

‘Avoiding … Are you late? ”

He moved erroneously to the stone statues, and the possibility that the exit might be blocked and melted into the rays had passed through the brain.

‘if so.’

Jinwoo laid a dagger of his left hand and extended his left hand toward the stone statues that confronted him.

‘The hand of the ruler!’

Five stone statues tied to the ruler’s hand were superimposed in the air.


[The skill of the ‘ruler’ is upgraded to the power of the ruler].


But there was not enough room to enjoy joy.

Jinwoo moved the shield made of stone statues to the path of the gods’ gaze.

Guy Ying -!

As expected, a red beam poured out of both eyes of the statue.

Tooth -!

It took only a second to melt the shields made of the stone statues, but Jinwoo was able to safely escape the beam’s attack range.

When they picked up ‘the hand of the ruler’, the remnants of the statues fell to the floor.

I’m a bitch.

Jinwoo confirmed the power of the statue that evaporated the stone statues without any trace, and modified the strategy.

‘It is also the first thing to deal with personalities.’

The goal was set.

Just before the second beam was poured from the eyes of the gods, Jinwoo ‘s legs buried the floor.


Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Even if it is not, the speed of the rapid movement changed to the speed beyond the recognizable range of the image.

Jinwoo reached the foot of the stone statue instantly and gave strength to both legs.

A tremendous leap in the lowered position was condensed.

Chances are once.

In the air, where free movement becomes impossible, it becomes more difficult to avoid the red rays flying at a terrifying speed.

But did not you learn already?

Opportunities do not come unless you take some risk.


Jin-woo, who tightly fixed his mouth on the floor, was pushed as hard as he could with the floor.

Jinwoo’s new model was shot like a rocket.

‘Just break up!’

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