Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 155

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 155

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Jin-woo flew to the eye level of the personal image at a glance.

Peak just before the fall.

Jinwoo felt slow as if everything around him had stopped.

When I jumped, I could see the twinkle of sweat that was thrown out.

The sweat was a little bit, but it was getting far from here.

Ultra-concentrated state.

The danger that he could lose his life even if he made a mistake once made it to the extreme of all his stats.

‘This is the true power of dynamite stats …’

Now I think I might be looking at the end of the dynamite stats.


There was no room to enjoy the achievements of the past.

The glance’s gaze was moving slowly, but obviously to himself.

I was so close to the red light that was formed in the eyes of the boy, that my body was creepy.

It ends with just a scratch. At the same time, I felt a sense of dizziness and my mind became clear.

‘Stay calm …’

I stretched out my long left hand not holding a dagger.

‘The power of the ruler!’

A step up from the ‘ruler’s hand’ pulled the shoulder of the priest.

Of course, the statue of massive weight can not easily move, it was in the calculation that he would pull himself.


By the way, the upper body of the image broke up a little, but moved forward.

‘…!’Huge attraction (gravity).

As the ‘ruler’s hand’ changed to ‘ruler’s power’, the performance of the skill seemed to be better than before.

Thanks to that, Jin-woo, who rested on the shoulder of the statue more easily, lifted his head.

Jing -!

The red rays that burst out fiercely passed through the space where he was.

‘That was great.’

Now a few seconds are safe from the ray attack of the person.

Jinwoo rushed to the shoulders of the statue without any burden, and arrived by his neck.

Jin-woo’s right hand grabbed the handle of the “Devil King’s Dagger” tightly.


Several silver flashes poured like shotguns.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

Dozens of blows to the neck.

But there was no blow.

I could not give any one of them a fatal wound and I was only stopping to make a scratch on the surface of the skin.

‘Do not you have a dagger?’

It was the moment when I felt like a dagger of the Devil King, which was made of a scabbard of steel of the boss grade Naga.


Jinwoo has found a huge hand that is flooding itself.

Before hand grabbing herself, Jin-woo ran on the back of the image and crossed over to the opposite shoulder.

I looked down at the bottom for a while, and the height was staggering.

Jinwoo’s head turned to the side of his face again.

I do not know if it is my first time, I have already dealt with a lot of opponents who do not have cutlery.

‘If you can not break it, break it!’

I did not invest a lot of points in my stats.

The power of Jinwoo’s eyes came in.

Jinwoo jumped lightly and left his left hand on the image’s temple.


Five left fingers dig into the table.


Jinwu grabbed his left hand tightly.

Then Jinwoo was firmly fixed on the face of the figure as a rock climbing expert clung to the cliff with one hand.

This is the preparation process.

From now on it was real.

Jinwoo’s right back, shoulders, arms began to expand abnormally.

The terrible magic power was the result of wrapping his right arm.

One room at a time. Toukou -!

The dagger’s head shook with the dagger.

‘…!’I watched the scene and was amazed at the angel.

The whole of the temple was shaking with strong magical power spreading from above. The angel prize, looking up at the stomach, could not hide the excitement.

That way.

I can deal with my own assent in that way.

There was a bigger expectation in the eyes of angels.

Toukou -!

Jinwu’s punch again struck his face.


For a while, however, the image lost its balance.

The attack was eaten.

But the statue was still stuck.


The priest hit his face with his huge palm as if he hit the mosquito on his face.


Jin-woo laughed and laughed as he fell on his shoulders to avoid the palm of his hand.

This was the only time he had left his cheek.

The palm fell off, and Jinwoo hung on the face again.


bang! Thug! bang! bang! Thug!

A terrible roar was heard in the common room.

Quizzical, quazic.

The gold on the face of the gods gradually spread out like a web in every direction.

Singing, who was staggering and trying to maintain its center, soon began running toward the pupil’s wall.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

The huge leg of the man stepped on the floor broadly.

He was rushing against the wall and trying to crush Jinwoo, who was clinging to himself.

‘But before that …’

Let’s finish before that.

Jinwoo ‘s punches began to swoop faster and more strongly in the faces of the godless ones.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

thud! thud! thud!

The speed of the identity was accelerated, and the distance from the wall rapidly decreased.


Jin-woo, who watched the remaining streets in snow, put the whole body’s strength on his right arm for the final blow.

Muscles of the swollen tendons rise to terrible magical power.


103 levels of power. Jinwoo poured all that into one place.

Just before it hit the wall.

Touquan -!


With the sound of ripe watermelon cracking, the image of a half – headed figure fell on his knees.


The whole pupil shook.

The huge body of the statue leaned toward the floor without power.

Koo Woong -!

A massive stone crashed into the ground, causing a fog of dust to bloom.

Like fog, Jinwu walked through the dust covered in the inside.


Jinwoo took a breath.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

Still, the sound of the heartbeat was hitting the eardrum.

When I first saw it, it was just in front of my face.

No one else did it.

It was the result that I made myself.

‘…can do.’

Whatever it is.

The faces of the hunters who lost their lives here came up.

However, the remaining statues seemed to move quickly as if they were not going to give time for their appreciation.

Jin-woo is surrounded by a circle and the people who have narrowed the siege are trying to jump in.

Looking down at his two hands, Jinwu lifted his head.

“The power of the ruler.”


All of the stone statues with their heads on the floor stopped moving all at once.

Invisible hand, the power of the ruler ‘s power was the power.

Jin looked down at his hands again.

‘I am stronger today because of the fight.’

I stretch my gripped fist and hold my other hand again.

A mighty power was overflowing in these two hands, or whole body whole body.

The flow of power was felt.

The chest trembling did not stop.

I felt like something in me was waking up through the battle of life on the stern.

It was then.

Pair, Pair, Pair, Pair, Pair. Slow clapping.

Jinwoo lifted his head toward the sound.

The angel prize was giving an exaggerated applause by moving his two hands with his grim smile of courtesy.


However, unlike the horse that came out of the mouth, the angelic eyes were pouring out a hell of a breath.

Said Jinwoo.

“First thing I promised you?”

He said he would answer the question if he could stand by the end of the last test or something.

Jinwoo wanted to hear the answer.

However, he laughed hard as a machine as if he had no intention of telling it easily.


Then I came a step closer.

“The test is not over.”

And one more step.


Another step.

The angel prize, which had narrowed the distance to the end, eventually stood in front of Jinwoo.

“Do not I?”

Death, Death, Death!

The elongated wings on the angel ‘s back were twisted and tangled, and all turned into arms.

Two arms outstretched from the shoulder, and six arms extended from the back. All eight arms grabbed the fist.

“I am the last test.”

Jinwoo frowned.

But before the mouth of Jinwoo was opened, the Angels prize cut off first.

“You do not have to worry about my life.”

I’m sorry.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

He knew exactly what he would say.

If I kill you, I can not hear the answer, but Jinwoo tried to ask for it with his irritation.


The angel moved a hand and pointed to his head.

“Everything about you is here.”


Jinwoo’s forehead had a cold sweat.

“People are also quick to notice.”


The angelic figure again laughed like a machine.

Then he continued.

“But if you adjust your strength to not kill me, it will be difficult to get your skills right.”

At that moment the lips on the angel moved quickly.

But the voice flowed out of the mouth of the angel.

[‘Urgent quest’ occurred.] [If you can not knock an enemy within a given time, your heart will stop.] [Remaining time: 10 minutes 00 seconds] At the same time as reading the quest message, one second has disappeared.

Tick. [Remaining time: 9 minutes 59 seconds] Jinwoo’s eyes, looking at the Angels Prize, shook.



Every time the angel said, the voice of the system was coming in.

The heart that had found calm for a moment, began to rush like crazy again. My breath accelerated, and my fingers shook.

Watching Jinwoo’s reaction, the angel prize told the first question Jinwoo asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the designer of the system.”

[I am the designer of the system.]

* * * “Now that Japan is a dungeon brakes, can Kim be here?”

Woo Jincheol said it was annoying.

Kim was scratching near the side of the whisker yawning.

“It’s already a reporter. What difference does it make if I go one more? It’s better to ask for a scoop while waiting in the oversight department. ”

“…”Whether yawn or scratching his head, Woo Jin-cheol, who was trying to tell him to do one of them, sighed inside.

It is because of the private life of the association’s Virinian hunters that they were the only ones to deal with the association in a benevolent manner in the yard where they were tempted to write exciting articles.

‘You do not have to make your friend alive …’

So, Woo Jin-cheol was dealing with Kim Geon-ja who was in the surveillance department.

Kim finished the yawning sagging, and asked Kim.

“Can you sit here because the whole country is lively?”

Woojinchul answered quietly as if to give a sigh over the documents he had written.

“Someone has to keep his place.”

Five. Kim, who opened his eyes in a circle, pulled out his palm-sized notebook and pen.

“That sounds great. I want to write down the correct one and I am sorry, but once again. ”

“Reporter Kim. You really … ”

Woojinchul ‘s cell phone, which was trying to get hot, was ringing at once.


It was contact of report center.

If it comes to your cell phone instead of the phone that comes to the surveillance department, it usually means that it is not normal.

Woo Jin Chul hastily received a call.

“It is supervisor Woo Jin-cheol.” – Sir, we’ve got a report here. Maybe you should visit once.

Woojinchul’s eyes were sharp.

“what happened?” – Is there a school where the orcs came out before?

“What else is there …?” – It is not the atmosphere yet, but a double dungeon was found at the gate created at the school grounds.

‘Double Dungeon?’

Woo Jin Chul’s eyes grew bigger.

-By the way…

The receptionist staff seemed to have something to say.

The voice of Woo Jin Chul was urged.

“Well?” – Sung Jin Hunter entered there.

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