Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 156

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 156

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158 No surprises.

An angelic attack began. A big fist clutching like a glare flew tightly.

It is too close to avoid and the attack speed is also fast. In the battle, the skilled brain quickly concluded.

Jinwu hurriedly stopped his arm.

It was not wrong, but it was not the right answer.

Toukou -!

So when the strongest force was struck by a fist, a pair of legged Jinwoo flew to the wall.

Quiz -!

The wreckage of the broken wall fell down the pit.


Jinwoo swallowed the moaning.

I was shocked by the unexpected blow over expectations.

However, the angel prize seemed not to give time for maintenance, and was approaching the nose of JinWo immediately.


The angelic fist that Jin-woo hung his head sideways made a big hole in the wall.

It started.

On the back of the wall, the angel priest, who blocked the exit from Jin, gave up eight fists mercilessly.

Even a single strike has prompted a blow to the death of a senior Hunter.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The eyes on the angel grew bigger.

‘Attack … Are you blocking? ‘

In eight of his arms, he bombed, twisted, and shedding attacks with only two arms.

The movement was so fast that it felt like afterimages.

I admired the angel.

From the start this fight was scheduled for the end.

It was only a process.

The process of checking Jinwoo last regardless of his will. Originally, it was natural to feel bored.

By the way.

‘It’s interesting.’

I’m going to be interested in fighting with humans.

I have never thought for a long time that a human being could be his opponent.

The moment I thought so, the light flashed.

No, it is not light.

It was a fist that humans made.


The angel prize that was jumped to the jumping face was ridiculously rolling down the floor and stood up.

Little gold was carved on the face that kept smiling.


What a pleasure this is.

The angel prize was so excited that the time was short, and the anguish was inevitable.

“Huu -” Jinwu, who fed a room with a good view to the angel prize, took a deep breath without showing any pleasure.


It was stronger than any enemy I have ever played against.

The designer of the system.

He introduced himself.

Why I designed the system, why I chose myself as a player, and what is happening to the world right now.

The things I wanted to ask were piled up like a mountain.

‘To do that …’

The first thing was to knock that thing out.

Jinwu grabbed his fist tightly.

But then.


I felt something sticky and warm in my face.

It was blood.

The blood was flowing down the forehead.

‘Did not you avoid it?’

I thought it was completely avoided, but there seemed to be a missed attack. At one point, the blood seeped into one eye and interfered with vision.

On the contrary, the state is small.

It was hard to express it because it was a good situation even with blank words.

‘The melee is disadvantageous.’

Obviously a conclusion.

The smaller one was several times larger and the other six more.

It is practically impossible to avoid or prevent all quick attacks coming in various routes.

As the scratch on the forehead proves.

‘if so.’

Let’s change a little bit of the battle.

The moment Jinwoo thought so, the angelic figure that flew like a fleet greatly wielded a fist.


A fist clenched in the air hit the wall. The collapsed wall collapsed.

The head of the angel moved to the side.

Jinwoo had already retreated before the angel prize was recognized.

‘Speed does not stop.’

So if you hurt while keeping the distance …

Jinwoo used the power of the ruler to turn the angel.


Strong blow pressing from top to bottom!

The technique used to beat the Ants Wang Bere over the head of the angel.

By the way.

‘…?’Jinwoo suspected his eyes.

The skill, which made the upper body of the gigantic body lean, stopped at a level that made the angelic neck a little bit bigger.

I do not know what he is, but he has defended his skill with something that is not visible. I could not think of anything like that.


The question did not last long.

[Funny, it’s fun.]

From day one the angelic low voice and the feminine voice of the system have been heard overlapping.

The unnatural combination continues to hurt your ears.

[Good luck.]

As he stretched out his eight arms in all directions, the weapons that the statues held had begun to shake.

‘That …?’

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Soon, the weapons of the stone statues came to mind and flew to the angels. The Angels grabbed eight weapons at once, one in each hand.

‘The hand of the ruler.’

Angels also used the skill of the ‘ruler’s hand’.

Jin-woo seems to have a lower level than his own, but I knew how he blocked this skill anyway.

It was not usually an opponent either.

Tick. Suddenly the gaze of Jinwoo went up.

[Remaining time: 6 minutes 19 seconds] Now the remaining time is approximately 6 minutes.

‘I have to finish fast.’

I knew that ranged attacks did not work.

Jinwoo changed the operation and called out the ‘Dagger King’s Dagger’. I did not see where the one I had threw up before went.

‘Dagger against eight weapons.’

Pounding, pounding.

The more the battle got to the edge, the more the heart beat.

fault. The angel prize jumped up to the ceiling and stood in front of Jinwoo.


The stone slab on the bottom that failed to withstand the impact of the fall crumbled and the stone bounced.

Jinwu felt the minute stone bumps on his ankle and pushed forward his dagger.

‘can do.’

I can do it.

Jinwoo confronted the angelic gaze and calmly calmed his breath.

A creepy chill ran past the backbone.

just as expected.

Eight weapons, including swords, windows, roads, axes, and hammers, have been flooded as if they had life.

Afterward – Jin-wook, who spit out his hot breath, shook his eyes.

Under the light of neither the light nor the darkness, Along with the movement of Jinwoo, he painted a long tail.

Kwa Kwak Kwak Kwa Kwak Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Will it sound like this if you block the bullets that are flying so many at the same time?

The rumbling bumps endlessly, and the workshops of Jinwoo and the angels have led to myriads of hours.

In a slowed world, only two of them struggled as if they were against the flow of time.

There is not even under the latitude, the close-up of the top of the block.


‘I feel it.’

Jinwoo’s shoulder moved slightly.

The angelic sword rubbed over the slightest difference that could not be expected by the eyes.

I did not care about the one eye that I could not write.

I read the trajectories of the weapons as if I had not seen the senses beyond the limit and emerged into a new horizon.

Hit the opponent one by one while avoiding the attack on the angel.

The wound of the body was increasing.

While the speed of the angels remained the same, the speed of Jinwoo was getting faster.

The angel was astonished.

“…!”I did not have to do this for the test. This man was pulling out his power.

Power literally.

Are you a man who can stand up to his equal doing himself?

The angel looked into Jinwo with suspicious eyes.

And I came to know the reason.

‘It’s a bit … Mixed. ”

I’m sorry.

The angel shook his shoulder.

So, is it possible to deal with this power freely?

But that is also what he wanted. When the cheerful joy of the angelic face floated, a neatly cut arm rose up into the air.

The head of the angel headed up.

The arm that missed the weapon is … It was his right hand.


The pain is transmitted even if it is fake body.

In an instant, an angel who lost an arm stumbled back.

[A human being!]

The eyes on the angel blushed.

The sleeping nature made me forget my dignity.


When he shouted, the statues that collapsed at the same time.


He raised his body to the ground with his hair until he was half finished.

Jinwoo sensed the enemies who were starting to move, but they did not panic and started to attack the angel.


Four angelic hands were used to block one dagger.

Still, my toes were pushed backward.

Agility, sense, strength, physical strength.

All the stats were exceeding the anticipation of the angels.


The stone statues climbed on the angelic beast cry.

All the enemies of the shrine and the fight of Jinwo began.

Tick. [3 minutes 02 seconds] In the meantime, time was getting smaller.

Jinwoo ‘s dagger cut off the angel’ s arm again. It was one of the arms that made six wings deformed.

[Aaaah big!]

But the resurgence of the stone statues was not easy.

The number of stone statues surrounding it was so high that they were all trying to avoid the attack. I focus on attacking the angel prize while avoiding the fatal attacks and ignoring the rest.

My physical strength was sharply cut down.


A left shoulder was shot on a shield taken down by a stone statue.


Jin looked back at him.

The stone statue with the shield was preparing to shoot down again. Jinwoo’s face was wrinkled. I do not know the other guys, but I could not forgive him.

Then Jin-woo, who fell on the angel, took his head with his left elbow.


His horse’s head broke down when magic fell down.

The statues of them suddenly flew around Jinwoo. However, Jinwoo pushes them with the skill.

‘The power of the ruler!’


A group of statues bounced back as if they were pushed out of the center of the explosion.


But before Jinwoo could sigh, the priest crashed his fist on Jinwoo ‘s head.

Jinwu jumped lightly to the side, avoiding the attack of the gods.


A huge fist swept away dozens of stone statues near Jinwoo.

Jinwoo ran in a big circle to get rid of the statues that were covering him and approached the angel prize.

The angelic figure greeted Jinwoo with a grimacing face.

The expression was anger.

Once again, Jinwoo, Angels, and stone statues were tangled.

Jinwoo’s sweat and blood bloomed in every direction.

But that also for a while.

Soon sweat and blood evaporated in the heat and red water vapor began to bloom on the shoulder of Jinwoo.

The statues were pushed out, the statue pushed down, and the hands of the angels moved rapidly.

At the center was Jinwoo.

[Aaaah big!]

When another arm flew. The dagger of Jinu finally reached the neck on the angel.

On top of both of them, the gods were clutching their huge hands clasped.

Jinwoo calmly gave strength to the dagger that was pushing on the neck of the angel.

At that moment the Angels declared surrender.


At the same time, the movement of statues and statues ceased.

[Testing is over.]

Tick. With the angelic remarks of religion, the timer, which constantly turned, stopped like a lie.

[Remaining time: 2m11s] The steam of the whole body of Jin-eu rose up in the darkness.

Confirming the stop timer, Jinwoo dropped his head. The gaze was fixed to the angel prize.

“There is something I want to ask.”

[anything. I’ll answer whatever I know.]

The angelic face of the expressionless face unexpectedly accepted the demand.

‘…’Jinwu thought quietly.

When I first asked the angel, ‘Who are you?’, The angel laughed that the question was wrong.

As he listened to his name, more questions arose, rather than the question being answered.

So Jin-woo asked the right questions as his advice.

“Who am I?”

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