Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 157

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 157

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159 Hwa Hwa and the hunters arrived at the scene.

Seven senior Hunters. I have scratched all of the best elite of the association that can mobilize right now.


Woojin cheol knew.

Only this much power does not help St. Hunter.

‘But in the worst case …’

Surveillance and hunters earn time to escape.

I decided to go to the scene.

“Is that over there? Chief? ”

“I think so.”

Surveillance and hunters descended from the van and stepped into the school grounds.

After being reported, the vessel Guild Hunters who were on standby found surveillance and hunters and became a bright face.

“This is it. Watch people! ”

The guild master ran to meet the surveillance and hunters.

But Woo Jin-chul’s gaze was still at the gate.

Unbelievable aura.

Woojin chul turned down his staff and gave instructions.

“Let’s hurry.”


The surveillance and hunters stepped up. We crossed the playground and quickly reached the gate.

By the way.


Woojinchul’s step has stopped.



The steps of the subordinates who followed Woo Jin-cheol also stopped.

Woojinchul carefully took off his sunglasses. The house was shaking his fingertips with his sunglasses.

‘this… What the hell …?

A horrible magical storm.

It seemed that the space near the gate was distorting how vicious the magic leaking from the gate was.

Suddenly he staggered to the ground.

Is it an optical illusion?

At first glance, it seemed like a dark tent on the gate.

Someday I saw it, it was a shadow of death.

The back of the head stopped.

Woojinchul instinctively knew.

No matter what fight is going on in them, it’s not their place.

I was surprised to see Woo Jin-cheol’s face.

“Master, are you okay?”

“…”Woojincheol asked the question instead.

“near here… Do you have a large guild waiting for raids? ”

My subordinate, who was searching for a while, quickly answered.

“Yes, the Hunters Guild is waiting for raids.”

“Two S-class hunters?”

“The final man, Hunter, and the second man, Hunter, are both involved in the raid.”

The last person and the second person.

I do not know if they can do it anyway.

Woojinchul’s head turned toward the gate again. A small tremor started at the fingertips gradually spread throughout the body.

It’s black.

The dry spit fell over.

Woojin chewed up his trembling voice.

“The Hunters Guild … Put urgent cooperation request. ”

I asked.

Instead of asking who you are, I asked who I was.

That short moment.

Jin-woo, who chose to breathe his breath, immediately regained his original breath. It was a hard breath to believe that it was a violent battle until a little while ago.

The shoulders, which had been up and down, also calmed down.

[…]The angel ‘s answer seemed to be delayed, and Jin – woo pushed the dagger. The blade of the dagger penetrated the neck of the stone statue.

If you were a person, you already had skin, and you could bleed the blood.

There would be no blood on the stone statue, but there was no problem in cutting the neck like this.

Does the Angels know that?

I licked my lips too late.


It was a more bizarre voice when I heard it nearby.

[You asked the right question.]

Then I smiled.

Even though the arms were cut off and the knife fell under the chin, there was no sign of fear.

‘Is there a real body somewhere?’

However, Jinwoo ‘s exceptional passion did not have the energy to look around.

If you really have a separate body elsewhere, you can not even imagine how high-level the technology is now.

Still with a smile on his face, the angel said.

[The answer is in you.]

“In me?”

Jin-woo’s eyes were sharpened as he was wary of the Hutton.

For a long time as a low-grade hunter Jin-woo has been in conflict with his strong enemies who can kill him.

It was not easy for E-class Hunter, which is classified as the lowest class, and Jin-woo, which is the lowest class in E class, to survive for 4 years while dodging around.

It was possible that the sense of being wiped, wiped and wiped several times over the boundary of life and death made it possible to always choose the lane in the worst case.

The sharp sense of the unpredictable atmosphere of something.

just as expected.


I heard the voice of the system which was always heard with the suddenly protruding mechanical sound. It was a certain woman’s voice, unlike the voice on the angel.

[Loads data stored in memory.] [Do you want to accept?] (Y / N) voice as well as the message screen.

Yes or no.

Alphabet Y and N began to blink slowly in front of his eyes as if he was waiting for an answer.

‘This is …’

What else would you like to do?

Jinwoo’s gaze left the message screen and headed for the angel.

An angelic figure whose smile disappeared from his face suddenly said with a face not full of emotion.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Unlike before, the voices were separated from the system. A hard male voice like a machine touched the eardrum.

Jin-woo sucked his mouth.

‘Data stored in memory …’

Did you keep a save file like you usually do in the game?

And you can check that file now?

‘…’Over a long period of time, countless thoughts crossed my mind.

But the answer was fixed.

Maybe I got a chance to check out the truth for the first time and the last time, but can not I get out of here?

If this was a system trap, it would not have to go through this cumbersome process.

It is the system’s authority that can determine when Jin-woo’s heart will stop.

‘If all this process was a test, as the angel said … I am qualified to check the data. ‘

Before the fight started, the words of the angel prize ran past the mind.

– I will let you know if you can stand after the exam. That is the image I give.

Perhaps that reward means qualification.

The conclusion came.

The lips of Jin-woo, who made the decision of heart, slowly opened.


Then suddenly darkness came.


After the familiar machine sound hit the deaf, the voice of the system was heard.

[The data was successfully imported.]

* * * It felt like passing an endlessly long tunnel at infinity.

I quickly passed through a space filled with darkness and bumped into the light leaking far away.

After a moment of glare. In front of me, not in the unfolding scene, Jinwu moaned into the inside.

‘Oh My God…’

There were so many armies of masters that the numbers could not be counted, so that they could not be seen.

From this end to the other end.

The masters covered the ground without a break.

It was a terrible sight indeed.

If the gatherers here gathered out of the gate at once, there was no victory for mankind.

It was as if I was just looking at it.

‘wait… Where is this? ”

It was not the earth.

Above the rusty plain of the reddish brown that can not be found any vegetation, the long and thin rocks of strange appearance were puzzled toward the sky.

An alien landscape that I have never seen before.

The only things that were visible were the reddish brown land, the rocks, and the masters who covered the whole land.

Jinwoo turned his gaze to the masters.

From low-profile dungeons to high-orcs, giants, and powerful dungeons that can only be encountered in higher dungeons.

Regardless of the grade and class, the masqueraded crowd was looking up and waiting for something.

‘Where are you looking at?’

Jinwoo’s gaze also naturally turned upwards along those eyes.

And I found it.

‘…!’A black lake floating in the sky above.

No, it was not a lake.

The gate was looking down, so hard to guess the scale, as if mistaking it for a huge lake.

The black hole covered the purple sky.

‘Purple sky …’

I was more convinced that this is not the earth, because I can not see the color of the sky that can not exist.

Something is happening between the masters and the gate, not on the earth.

The saliva fell over.

The tension increased in proportion to time in the static.

– Oh, what’s going on out there?

As Jinwo stepped on the earth ‘s ground through the gate.

At the gate, I expected an army of human armies and humanity to come out.



It was soldiers of silver armor winged with black wings pouring from the entrance of the cracked gate.

The soldiers of the silver armor descended as if they were bees when they touched the beehive.

Just as soldiers were upset over the land, this time the soldiers covered the sky.

It was a minister.

Jinwoo was impressed with the extension.

But the masters’ thoughts were different, and when they saw the soldiers filling up the sky, they began to grow excited and scramble.

I could have expected without seeing what would happen.

It was war.

Shoot me!

The soldiers rushed down as silver light stems.

The gate was not one.

At some of the gates, the soldiers poured their tails into the tail.

The soldiers of the earth and the soldiers of heaven!

The two groups, which burned their enemies toward each other, eventually collided on the ground.

It was a huge scale fight.


The shouts of the masters shook the earth.

Bubo – The horns of the silver soldiers sounded magnificently.

The weapons and weapons hit and the armor crashed. The shout soon became screaming and groaning, and the ground began to stain red.

The predominance quickly gained.

The silver soldiers were strong.

They were the ones who were able to tear up the hunters of the higher classes and bend their necks without difficulty.

It’s no wonder that such a group of people have managed to get rid of them. The game was slanted.

Nevertheless, the gate was still constantly pouring silver soldiers.

The wave of the silver soldiers, which began to rise like a tsunami, erased the traces of the masques left in the plains in a moment.

Big ah!

Kie eek!

The first battle was war, but now it was only slaughtered.

There was no compassion in the swords and spears of the soldiers as Jinwoo himself did to the masters. Thanks to that, the number of the masters has decreased very steeply.

As he watched the horrible monsters washed away, Jinwu felt a complex feeling of unknownness.

‘It is sad that people who are sacrificed to these people are not happy,

However, it is also a bit of a chance.

This happened just after that.

When the destruction of the masters is not far away. The soldiers of heaven, who drove the enemy with a furor, began to stop moving one by one.


Did it come to my mind now?

No, I will not.

If he did, he would not be giving strength to his hand holding the weapon.

The hand holding the weapon trembled as it was giving strength.

Moreover, the feeling full of their faces was not a feeling of gratitude.

It was obviously terrified expressions.

Their gaze was headed for one place.

Behind this. Jinwoo felt intuition.

It was happening now that something was going to change the situation behind his back.

But Jinwoo’s gaze was not backward, but downward.


The shade was spreading on the ground of red skin.

The shadows spread quickly through the reddish blood of the earth and the piled bodies. Whenever the shadows pass under the carcass, a screaming voice is heard.

Screams that do not know where to hear.

Jinwoo knew one skill, very similar to this one.

‘The territory of the monarch …’

There was a creepy spine on the back.

Jin looked slowly and slowly backward.


There was a knight armed with a black armor from head to toe.

In the words of the knight and the knight, the aura-like black spirit came without rest.


There was only one word that came to mind when I saw him.

‘…Shadow monarch. ‘

Standing in front of him had to face heavy pressure that seemed to be breathless.

Obsessed soldiers of the sky and mind-bogey masters, as well as the invisible masters, stopped breathing and watched the shadow monarch.

All eyes of the battlefield gathered to the Shadow Monarch.

[…]The monarch, gazing at the soldiers in the sky, stepped forward with a hand that seemed to grab something.

I’m sorry.

The sight of the soldiers in the sky creeping back and retreating came into my eyes.

Static clutching the shoulders of all beings beneath the sky.


The solemn voice of the monarch broke the still.

[Rise up.]

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