Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 160

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 160

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“Aw …”

The speech is blocked.

There will be no more accurate representation.

The last man lost his word.

And I was sure.

The flame that I felt before I entered the gate was the living moving statue.

The magic flowing from the sculptures seemed to be twisted in the space around the georgia, so terrible.

I was just looking at this place where I was so distracted by the creeps.

Suddenly his gaze moved to Jinwu next to the statue. Jinwoo still has not come back.

‘Then, Sung Jin Hun Hunter was also hit by him?’

It is not strange.

If ‘such things’ were opponents, no one would have been able to withstand them.

Rather, he was amazed at his ability to fight such a thing and to destroy these many statues.


‘Now we must fight against such a man.’

The coarse perspiration swirled on the side of my face and flowed on my chin.

The strength of the enemy was uncertain whether it was Masumu or not, and it was more than a monster ant that I met in Jeju Island.

Breathing tension tightened my neck.

Looking back at the side, the reaction of Cha Hae and Woo Jinchul was not much different from himself. Both of them recognized the enemy’s strength and their complexion was growing blue.

The other Hunters, on the other hand, were surprised by the other side. The Hunters exchanged glances that they could not believe each other.

“that… Did you talk? ”

“I did not just hear it wrong, did I?”

“Mayu knows the words?”

It was impossible.

It is a well-known fact that Masuo with intelligence has his own language.

So in the early days when the gates had begun to be created, attempts to learn their language progressed quite well.

But all attempts went to failure.

The cause is the viciousness of the masters.

The more difficult it was to catch them, the longer they had contact with humans, the longer they could not resist.

Even if the whole body is restrained, it tries to attack human beings by tearing off the bones and suffering the pain of breaking the bones. In the end, it is not able to win the victory, and it breathed or was killed in the human hand.

– Masuo and human can never coexist and communication is impossible.

This was a common conclusion that scientists from all over the world who have been studying Masu have assured their mouths.

By the way.

Is not it that you are writing Korean very naturally as you did when you learn where to speak?

Manu can talk with humans.

It was the appearance of Masuo, which might be the discovery of the century.

But no one was pleased. The Hunters felt the fear of the English speaking monster.

It was a warning of instinct to be perceived as a first-class hunter.

As the statue went one step forward, the Hunters trembled and shook their heads.

The angelic pupils swayed to the left and right as if they were enjoying their fears and fearful faces.


He looked as if he had found a fruitful fruit.

“I do not think I’m going to go back to life, right?”

I laughed and laughed.

Can snakes smile so much?

In front of an awkward, alienated smile on the face of an angel, the hunters were stiff as a rat in front of a snake.

‘Let’s stay calm.’

The last person hurts this.

He cast a spell into it and sent the hunters an autograph to prepare for the attack.

While the Hunters were preparing to fight one or two, the Angels statue stood around and pulled out one arm of the stone statue beside them.


‘What are you doing?’


The Hunters’ wonderful gaze did not last long.

The angel held his torn arms under his right shoulder, which had been cut off. Then the joints began to clump up like living parts.


In the astonishment of the Hunters who watched, the angel prize moved the regenerated right arm.

That moment.

“_ä. An angelic figure disappeared from sight and appeared before the hunters.

There was no gap to react.

The angel wielded his right hand as hard as he could. The face of Hunter standing in front was crushed.

Fuck it!

Hunter flashed backward as his face was pushed in. The nearby hunters tried to fight back quickly, but he had already disappeared.



The spot.

The statue stood where it had been as if it had not moved from the beginning. Just like before the move, the new right fingers clenched.

Just as if I had tested my hand to see if it worked properly.


“Uh, ahh!”

The hunters’ screams came out late, confirming the victims.

It was an instant.

A class tanker of the highest guild in the Republic of Korea was killed in a blow.

An earthquake struck the pupil of the last man to watch the angel prize.

‘Sungjin Hunter alone fought against this guy …?’

He was ahead of the barrenness of how to overcome this situation rather than the pain of losing a co-worker.


Not everybody made such a cool judgment.

“This son of a bitch!”

Hunter, who was in a lover relationship with the dead Hunter, cried out. Both hands had a glowing flame.


The final man’s face became stiff.

At this time, there was not yet a concrete plan to deal with the angels, so I had to avoid stimulating those who were not moving.

Did not you just confirm the movements of the enemy with your eyes?

The team could have been annihilated because of a sudden attack.


But unlike the last man ‘s wind, Hunter’ s casting is over, and the red fireballs are about to leave her hands.

Someone who hurried quickly caught her wrist.

W Hunter looked sideways with an angry face. It was a car hail. W Hunter shook his arm and raised his voice.

“Let it go!”

“sister. I have to endure it now. ”

“Let this go!”

“You have to be patient.”

Car Hae – in gave his hand to his hand holding his wrist, making him unable to move, and then he opened his eyes.

“Because I see it …”

Hunter ‘s struggle stopped on the car’ s hiding face.

W Hunter also knew.

She was not stupid enough not to know that running away like this would not help her.

I just could not stand it. A loved one was killed horribly and can not do anything. Hunter, who gave up resistance, sobbed low.

“Black …”

When Hunter took the magic, Cha Hae looked down at Jinwoo, who was lying down, with her hand in her hand.

She bite her lower lip.

I wanted to run even now.

It was not only Hunter who was referring to him now.

Looking at the situation objectively, the most dangerous person at present was Jinwoo. There is a monster with strong power next to him who is unconscious.

A lantern in front of the wind.

If the monster only ate, I could turn off the lamp called Jinwoo anytime.


What happened was that Masu never seemed to attack Jinwoo at all.

And the state of Jinwoo did not seem to be worse than it had fallen. It was a calm look as if it was asleep.

It was a strange atmosphere when I woke up again.

So, for now, earning as much time as possible until Jinwoo wakes up. That was the best.


The angelic figure who was trying to move his body was suddenly laughing.


An empty interior echoed in an angelic voice.

After a short laugh.

The angelic eyes turned toward the hunters.

“No one can return.”


The noise of the back of the back of the back of the hunter’s head went back.

“The door!”

The hunters ran to the door and grabbed the handle and shook.


However, the firmly closed iron gate was not intimidated by the power of the higher Hunters. The fact that they were out of the way has further hindered the hunters’ neck.

It’s black.

The Hunters swallowed the dried spit in an angelic way. The angel opened his mouth with a laugh as if he had waited.

“Let’s start with the dolls.”

The angelic eyes that had finished speaking began to turn red.

“Lightly, lightly.”

Are they going to attack?

The Hunters were ready to fight and give power to the hands holding the weapon.

If you’re the one … If he was the only one, would not he be able to do it anyway? There are more than thirty of the best Hunters in the country in both S class Hunters.

When such a hopeful observation passed the hunter ‘s mind for a moment. Ddd.

A bizarre noise was heard and the inside shook.

“Ah… No.”

There was a shadow of despair on the Hunters’ face.

Sigh shed everywhere.

Broken stone statues.

The monsters, who thought they had been treated, began to raise one or two bodies like the animals that awaken from hibernation.

Those who had their throat cut off, those with holes in their chest, those who had their limbs fall off.

However, one of the worst things I can say is that it can only be expressed by saying it is huge.

The earth screamed as the image of one side of the face flashed on the ground and raised its enormous body.

“…Oh My God.”

The Hunters looked at the statue with a devastating face.

The statues and statues that raised their bodies stood up as if they had collapsed, facing the hunters.

Their faces without emotion produced a more bizarre atmosphere.

The Angels, standing at their center, told the Hunters.

“Those who have survived until all my dolls have fallen will give me a glorious opportunity to observe the birth of the king.”

Woo Jin Chul frowned.

‘What are you talking about?’

I could not understand any of the words he was talking about.

But only one thing was surely communicated. He’s trying to kill all of the hunters here. He bit him.

Four years in association.

There have been many crises, but they have survived. Today, too. I had no intention of dying to death.

‘If we can not survive …’

At least just the saint hunter.

It was a dungeon that I came in from the beginning.

How can I save him?

Woo Jin-chul, who had been gazing at Jinwoo for a moment, suddenly lifted his head to the horrifying aura felt on his head.

just as expected.

Red light was gathering in both eyes of the image.

Woo Jincheol turned around and threw his throat out.

“Everybody down!”

The Hunters hurried down.

Ji Ii Lee Ying -!

The creepy red rays on their heads grazed past.

Jing – The ray of light from the eyes of the gods has gradually diminished.

0 victims.

It was a miracle that Wujinchul’s information and Hunter’s actions produced.


The Angels stared at the hunters with an eye that was interesting. It seemed to be a pleasant entertainment until the king awoke.

“Huck, huck, huck.”

Woojin chilled his breath away.

I was sweating.

Could it have been avoided if the survivors of the double dungeon did not list the characteristics of the image? Suddenly, I was overwhelmed. Thanks to them, they managed to pass the first attack safely.

But this is not the end.

‘It’s a start.’

Woojin chul heard his head.

The stone statues were rushing.

It was hard to catch up with the speed of the Hunter ‘s response to the advanced battle series.

However, Woo Jin Chul is the highest class among the A class Hunter.

He woke up and pulled his fist wide. Specially manufactured gloves hit the face of the stone statue, which was ahead.


Woo Jin Chul’s eyes grew bigger.

‘…?’I thought it would be enough for one room.

The stone statue was fine.

One of the stones of the stone statue was completely destroyed by someone’s attack, so I mistook them for their durability.

If you thought who made the stone statue, you should not have done such a calculation. It was an obvious mistake.

‘Damn it.’

Wujinchul was unaware that the situation was irreversible.

As he expected, the statue, which seemed to be slightly backward, quickly recovered from the shock and hit a sword in his hand.

“ø¤. Woojin chilled his tongue inward.

There was no way to avoid the sword because it was attacked with power without thinking of counterattack. The speed of the stone statue is not so slow as to be freely avoided from the presence.

‘This is the end.’

The moment I tried to close my eyes with a tight heart.

Do not worry!

The stone statue, which was hit by a powerful explosion, flew to the side.

Wing – Woo Jin-cheol, who has been deafening for a while, shook his head with his hand in the palm of his hand. After a long time, I heard a voice from the side.

“Are you okay?”

The person who blew the statue was the final man. Thanks to him, Woo Jin-cheol, who barely escaped the crisis, nodded and glanced at his gratitude.

But there was no time to be quiet.

Because the statues were already approaching and wielding weapons.

“Mr. Choi! These guys do not have the skills to provoke! ”

Tankers in the front yelled out.


The final man’s face became stiff.

If the provocative skill does not work, they will start from the weakest hunters to their instincts.

If the healer dies, the deflector will soon collapse, and without such a defeat, it can not hold on to such a large number of enemies.


The statue, sitting at the back of the statues, was trying to take down the rocky fist at the stern height.

My breath is blocked.

‘Can we live here?’

The situation was desperate.

But only one thing.

There was a way to survive.

Before the Hunters arrived here, all the statues were destroyed.

I did not have to think about who it was.

If Steven Hunter, who had spent all his efforts to kill stone statues, was unfortunately defeated by the Angels, now the situation was different.

There have been dozens of top-notch hunters who can help St. Hunter here.


‘This is the only way.’

There was a fire in the hand of the last man.

He is not called the final weapon. As well as firepower, accuracy was also confident that it would not lag behind some advanced weapons.

Mo or do. The last man cast the casting magic on Jinwoo.

Although there may be some impact, there will be no serious injuries to the sexual hunter. If Sturn Hunter sets the spirit in the aftermath of the explosion, there is a real hope in this too.


The flame flew long toward the destination.

By the way.

The angelic figure that appeared instantly blocked the front of the flame.

I’m sorry!

The flame burst on the angelic abdomen.

‘…!’The final man looked up at the unexpected angelic intervention.

The angelic face was wrinkled so badly that it could no longer be done.


The one who was smiling all the time revealed this for the first time.

“Do you want to interrupt the king’s sleep?”

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