Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 162

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 162

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164 a moment.

Jinwoo became a shadow ruler in the data that he brought.

I was then awakened.

The heart of magic was beating in his own heart. In the heart there was a steady stream of power.

Is this a mistake?

The confirmation method was easy.

‘Status window.’

Jinwoo has pulled out the status window without taking his hand off the angelic neck.

Of all the numbers listed, Jinwoo would like to check out the amount of horsepower specified by the system as mana points.

[MP: 109,433] Jinwoo’s eyes have grown.

’10 million? ‘

I could not believe it even if I checked it with my own eyes.

The final amount of mana when confirmed was definitely 9,000. I checked it right before departing here, so there will be no error. It was now more than ten times what it was.

By the way.

It was not only the surprise.


The title box blinked as if there were any changes. It was not specified, but title was changed.

The changed title is ‘Devil Hunter.’

It was a title that had been neglected since the information was not open. Jinwoo confirmed the title information.

[Title: Devil Hunter] ‘The requirements have been met.’

I have recovered the memories of killing the King of the Demons, Baran of the White Flame. The mighty power recognized the player as the master.

Effect ‘Black Heart’: Mana +100,000 ‘Black Heart!’

This was the reason why the amount of mana climbed to the point where it was unreasonable.

Additional mana amount 100,000.

It was the power to regenerate Shadow soldiers close to infinity.


Jinwoo recalled the shadow monarch he had seen in the data.

Those who stood by the silver soldiers who were over the sky were the corps of immortality that he led.

They constantly resurrected and overwhelmed their enemies.

Even the silver soldiers who had easily overtaken the same number of soldiers could not withstand the regenerative power of the Shadow soldiers and eventually had to be pushed back.

If the armed forces did not arrive on time, the silver soldiers would have been wiped out.

It was a massive force of power with all the monarchs in the data.

‘if so…’

If I had this ‘black heart’ effect, my shadow soldiers could become a corps of immortality – the moment I thought up there, my whole body was shivering.

“how… you?”

Jinwu lifted his head.

The trembling voice was coming out of the mouth of the angel.

For the first time.

For the first time, Jinwoo saw the faces of the angels other than smiles and anger. The emotion expressed by the expression was fear.

The angel prize looked at Jin-woo and said, terribly as if he could not believe it.

“Why can you keep your self with a black heart?”


When he heard the answer, he quickly noticed two things.

The ‘black heart’ shown to him is not the result of the angel prize. And to the fact that the result was not good for you.

Quad gain.

Jinwoo gave strength to her hands, and the angelic neck began to crack.


The angelic face was distorted by the pain.

“What is a player? What were you going to do to me? ”

To be able to break his neck at any time, he asked without letting his guard down.

But the Angels seemed to have no answer.

“surely…? He, the shadow lord, you are us …! Do you think other monarchs will see you? ”

The angel prize looked up at Jinwoo and spoke the bullshit.


Jin-woo’s finger stuck into the neck on the angel. Now my fingers were breaking my throat.

The pain was passed on.


The angel screamed a painful scream toward the sky.

Jinwoo had a lot to ask.

“Answer the question.”

So I got the right to ask as a result of the test. It was right to demand the price of promise.


There was a red light on the angel.



Jinwoo turned his head back to the horror of the Hunters.

“Well, those things!”


There was a red light in the eyes of the statues and statues that had been moved to one corner of the joint.

They started to move.


The angel prize laughed greatly.

“Now if you kill me, no one can stop my dolls.”

Can you kill me now?

The angel looked at Jinwoo with such a gaze.

Sub-existence has many weaknesses.

If the guy is human, this can be a weak point enough. Certainly there were those who called this man a friend.

By the way.

Unlike the anticipation of the angel, Jinwu showed a smile.


Jin asked.

“When I kill you and I process the dolls?”

The embarrassed angel asked hastily.

“Killing me, the designer of the system …”

“I thought about that too.”

The eyes of Jin-woo, who broke the words on the angels, were similar to the angels of the Hunters.

“If a system designer disappears, there is no way to break down a system that has already been created.”

I was stabbed.

This man knew where he had not specifically mentioned.

It was an insult.

I had forgotten what criteria I chose this human.

He has been good at discovering the rules for a long time.

‘If this happens to you!’

The angel prize invoked his last card.


[System blocks access by system administrator.] [System blocks access by system administrator.] [System blocks access by system administrator.]

Tingling! Tingling!

After that, the machine sounded several times continuously. But the same message was repeated.

[System blocks access by system administrator.]

The angelic face stiffened.

The angel tried to do something with the system, but the system did not seem angelic.

When Jinwu shrugged, the angel prize struggled.

“Ahh, you!”

If you do not want to answer.

‘You do not have to keep alive.’

Jinwu placed his angelic neck and flew his left hand with magic power.

Kooang -!

The impact that broke through the angel statue left a huge hole in the wall.

Oh-oh – there was a static around the moment.

Eyes on the eyes. This, Jinwoo gave a proper punishment to the angel who tried to use herself.

The angelic body, of course the head and half of the upper body disappeared, slid down the wall.

‘I’m sorry I did not hear the answer.’

Anyway, he was the one who tried to deceive himself from the beginning.

Could you believe the word that came from that mouth?

‘It’s done.’

Jinwoo seemed to regret his regret, but he shook off the dust on his left hand.


A voice calling for Jinwoo burst out.

“Sung Hunter!”

Ah. Jinwoo turned around.

I had been too focused on the Angels Prize and I forgot the rest of the statues.

The statues entered the Hunters without recourse as they had instructed before the Angels died.

“St. Hunter!”

The final man checked the stone statues with magic and found a tantrum.

At that moment, the stone statues were flourishing.


Woojin was struck by a jaw on the stone statue. Trying to keep balance with his shaking legs, he squinted from side to side.

The sight of the bloodshed and sweat of the Hunters fighting with fierce fighting monsters scattered all over the place came into view.

My head turned white.


What was I doing now?


When I was in the mood, a stone statue was in front of me.

Identify what hit your chin.

It was a thick book that seemed to overlap a few encyclopedias. The shape of the book, even though the material is stone, the head shook.

‘no… Originally a thick book was considered a weapon? ”

It was a short moment, but I saw the previous criminal justice on TV.

There was no force to avoid or force to avoid anyway.

There was no power to fight back.

So I laughed and laughed.


The stone statue, split into two halves, was thrown into the explosion.


My mind was tight.

I shook my head with a blink of an eye, and I saw a familiar man next to me.

“It’s okay?”


It was only sighing.

The man was Sung Jin Woo.

Woojin-cheol, who had been surprised to see him, barely asked.

“Have you just bare …?”

“Let’s talk about it later.”

Jinwoo ran off with Woo Jinchul behind. Then, in his gaze around him, something shining in the light came in.

It was ‘the dagger of the devil king’.


Jinwu reached for the dagger.

The ‘invisible hand’ acted, and the dagger was sucked into his hand.

chuck. The grip felt in the hand was always a gem.


Jin-woo, who kicked a stone statue that was blocking the front, kicked off the stone statues clinging to the hunters.


Then he took a deep breath.

I was alone in the slow time. Jinwoo’s appearance disappeared, and even the hunters of the upper classes did not see the stone statues destroyed.



Four stone statues collapsed at the same time.

The Hunters, who were helped by Jinwoo and escaped from the crisis, opened their mouths.


Woojinchul, who came up near them, silently talked.

“I can only say that?”


The hunters nodded.

“I was like that.”

I’ve seen it a few times, but it’s only elastic. Woojin cheated and smoked and asked for a cigarette. A watchdog and a hunter stood by.

“Sir, can you do this?”


“Now, with St. Hunter’s monsters …”

The oversight and hunter turned his head toward Jin.


Woo Jin-chul handed over a cigarette to the monitor and Hunter’s mouth, which had been opened.

“Do you see our place?”

“within… It looks. ”

“So quietly or bloody.”


The Hunters gathered at Woo Jin-chul while gazing at Jinwoo with awe.

The cigarette of Woojin Chul was soon to come.

For some reason, my nose was stingy.

‘I do not know how many times I thought I was dead here.’

I was watching Jinwo, who wiped out the monsters that seemed like walls that could never be surpassed.

“Master, are you in the mood?”

“No, man. The cigarette is so hot. ”

“I also map.”

“Me too.”

“me too.”

The Hunters all tears of cigarette spicy today.


Son Ki-hoon, who shielded his fist with a shield, spat out his flagship.


My knees tremble.

Because there is no healer, I have to endure the shock alone, and this ideal was unreasonable.

“fistula… Someone! ”

As he turned his head hard, the hunters seemed to be gathering quietly.


Now you are lonely, and you are attacking the image of yourself, and you are not sure why no one wants to help you?

Soh – gyun hurried and screamed.

“What are you doing, everyone?”

Then the Hunters pointed up at the same time. Sohn Kee – hoon was surprised to hear that it was coming from above.

But the attack did not come.

‘…?’I was surprised to see that the surroundings were quiet.


I looked around gently under the shield, and all of the nearby statues were collapsed.


Surprised, he removed the shield.

Then the stomach was visible.

I was able to see the figure of a statue rising as high as a building and the appearance of a queen on the shoulder.


Before Son Ki-hoon was surprised.


The remaining half of the face of the statue flew to Jinwoo’s fist. The statue, which lost its head, started to wobble.

“uh? uh?”

Sohn Ki-hoon, who felt an unbelievable aura, bounced off. As he felt, the statue came to the spot where he was.

Kuwoong -!

Peeled dust covered the entire interior.

Callok Callok!

The last man who coughed out went through the dust and approached the car Haein.

“Tea Hunter.”


“OK? Can you stand up? ”

She groaned as she lay down and shook her head. There was no place where the whole body was made.

The final man frowned at his sadness.

“I will help you. Watch carefully. ”

Jin-woo stood beside the final man who was trying to support her and handled all the statues.

“Can I help you with your tea hunter?”


The final man lifted his head toward the sound. At that moment, it was a bit of a hiccup, but the car Haein felt like pushing his hand.

The last man replied in an instant.

“Oh, yes, of course.”

Jinwoo hugged the car hunter quickly. The car Haen’s face was reminiscent of red.

“Be patient.”

Jinwoo rushed to the entrance and kicked the door.


A locked door was enough to kick. The higher Hunters shook the door, which they could not help but shake.

Outside the door, Jin – woo, who carefully laid Hae – in, called out the shop.

Her condition was not good.

Jin-woo, who purchased the advanced healing potion, poured the potion into the tea hain’s mouth.

Black, black.

The wound healed it amazingly quickly.



Jinu heard the index finger.

It’s time for you to explain something like that.

The hunters came out of one and two. It is fortunate to be unhappy. Everyone did not say anything, but I did not see anyone who needed first aid.

Jinwoo closed the shop.

Hunters who do not know the existence of potion, the car Haein stood up, and his eyes fluttered.

“uh? Mr. Tea Hunter, just before … ”


When she tried to answer the question, she glanced at Jinwoo’s eyes and turned away.

“Now is not the time to explain it, let’s go out and talk.”

The hunters all agreed.

“Are there more survivors?”

She asked the best cheerful Jin. She looked into the inside and shook her head.

All who stand here are seventeen.

More than half of the Hunters who were inside died. The joy of living for a while, the atmosphere suddenly became outdated.


Turning with a firm face, Jin took the wrist of the car.

Cha Haen looked at Jinwoo.

The second reason the Hunters raid found this place. Jinwoo had one more question than that.

“there… What happened to Japan? ”

Just before the dungeon brakes of the S-class gate came in, Jinwoo was curious about the news in Japan.

Cha Haeun hesitates to answer.


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