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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 173

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175 Jinhua doubts his ear.

Who helped anyone?

Are you a human being?

The words of the mind that had not been so out of the blue sprang out by itself.

“Tell me to believe it now?”

The man had a spooky face.

“I’ll make you believe.”

The lips of the company moved as fast as moving videos to dozens or even hundreds of times and memorized orders.

That moment.

Jinwoo sensed that the magic inside the joint began to coalesce around the inside of the company, and in the twinkling of an eye, he dug his dagger.

If there was any enemy on the horsepower, the dagger would have pierced the brow of the man immediately.

But Jinwoo was patient.

Moving horsepower was extremely small compared to the amount of magic power Jinwoo had, and I could not feel any enemy or malice in magic.

‘…’Jinwoo waited while waiting for the final form of the ‘dagger throwing’ skill ‘dagger rush’.

A sharp tension like a needle came poking through the skin.


The strange language that came out of the mouth of the company stopped, and a system message appeared with ‘string’.

[The king of the giants, the earliest monarch ‘Legia’ casts the skill ‘oath of faithfulness’.’

[If you accept the ‘oath of faithfulness’ (transaction), both the caster and the acceptor can not lie to each other.] [Do you accept the ‘oath of faithfulness’? (Y / N) It was the job title that pointed out Jinwoo’s attention before the content of the transaction proposed by the company.

‘The king of the giants …’

I have come to the hunting dolls that came up to me.

Perhaps the reason Masu ‘s face, which was guarding the gate outside, is the face of the man.

While Jinwoo was silent, the man waited quietly.

‘how will we do it?’

Looking at the blinking Y / N, he looked at it for a moment.

If the system notifies you with a message, it will probably work. I had to judge who can not lie and who is more damaging.


The conclusion was already there without a scrutiny.

‘Of course he will lose.’

This is on the edge.

Even if it seems a little scary, if you have a question that you should never answer, just do it.

Anyway, that’s the deal I suggested.

Jinwoo was not naive enough to feel guilty even to Masu.



The system messages that appeared simultaneously with the machine sound quickly informed of the transaction.

[‘The oath of faithfulness (trade)’ was made.] [The caster and the acceptor can not lie to each other until the contract is canceled with mutual consent.]

As soon as Jinwu accepted his oath, the king of the giants repeated his words as if he had waited.

“Release my seal. I will help you. ”

“town… town…”

Jinwoo flashed his eyes.

His voice did not come out of his mouth like it was blocked in his throat.

The king of the giants laughed at it.

“Yes, it is an oath of faithfulness.”


The effect was certain.

Half is curiosity, half is a test, ‘I fully trust you. I’ll release the chain right away. ‘Jin-woo, who was trying to answer, could not really say anything.

‘This is the oath of faithfulness …’

The chest of Jin-woo leaping confirmed the effect of skill.

This makes it possible for some of the words of the king of the giants to be trusted to some extent.

The reason not 100 percent was simple.

If we had to tell the truth to each other, it was obvious that we would hide information that was unfavorable to us.

Jinwoo’s eyes were sharper than when there was no oath.

“Why are you able to talk freely, unlike other masters?”

“May you?”

“Monsters from the gate.”

“Alas – I mean the residents of Hyeonseo.”

The king of the giants scoffed.

“On the contrary, I want to ask. How can we put the residents of the high seas and the monarchs who control them in the same line? ”

He looked so gracefully that the word king was not colorless.

“The residents of the gates at the gate are all fangs. The armies of the rulers are defeated and captured by them. It is natural that the ego is damaged because they have kept the years of gratification in their hands. But I am the king. They are different. I have waited a long time for the day when I am out of their hands. ”

The king laughed lightly.

“And so I met you.”

“…”Jinwoo tried to accept his words as objectively as possible without being disturbed by emotions.

‘If he is really a superior figure than other masters …’

This may be a clue.

It’s black.

The spit ran over the neck.

There are many things I want to ask.

But there was something I wanted to check before that.

“Maybe the armies of the rulers are wearing silver armor and the wings on the back …?”

“Yes. Those are the soldiers of the rulers. ”

I knew it.

The puzzle felt right.

At that time, the image that the angel prize showed was not decorated, but I suddenly thought that it might be someone ‘s real memory.

What is going on in this land?

Jin asked.

“What are those rulers who keep sending monsters to us for what?”

The reason for the gate.

If I knew the reason, would not it be possible to prevent the gate from occurring?

Jinu’s greatest concern was right there.

“Did not you say?”

The king of the giant gave me strength.

“They are preparing for war.”


“They are turning this world into a battlefield and fighting again with the monarchs.”

“I do not understand … Will the earth become a battleground when you send a monster? ”

No, sometimes things are worse than war.

Jinwoo recalled what happened at Jin-a’s school.

It was a human work, but it was hard to see it as a prep work for the battle of things that are not human.

“To infuse your world with magic.”

thud. It seemed that Jinwoo was beaten to the back of his head.

If Masu was a disaster from the gate, magic was a blessing from the gate. Not only the hunters, but also many ordinary people thought so.

Manastone and marjorite.

Magical items are now the best source of energy.

Are they actually a stepping stone for war?

The king of the giants went on to explain.

“There is no better way to plant non-existent forces than the blood of those who have power. The rulers decided to use their captives. ”

Needless to say, the concentration of horsepower is getting thicker.

It was not a natural phenomenon, but the fruit of a tree that sprouted from the fields that were built with the blood of masseurs.

“Magic powers the world. It was their plan to strengthen your world so that the world would not be lost by the impact of war. ”

“Then the war …?”

“The remarriage of monarchs and rulers. Before long, the tax that you live in turns into hell. ”

The armies and masters of the rulers, or the fighting of monsters before they become masters.

Jinwu saw their fighting in the data one by one.

If the earth was chosen as a place for such a battle, it could not be said that the king would be hell.

The king ‘s face became dark.

“There is no time.”

“…?””If it is known that you are in contact with me, both the monarchs and the rulers will not be watching. Maybe the envoys of the rulers may already be moving. ”

“From now on, they are saying that they keep looking for me … Why? ”

“You do not really know anything.”

The king was sorry to say that the explanation was.

“The power you have is not yours.”


Jinwoo agreed.

Shadow monarch’s ability is given to the system. I could not deny that it was not yours.

“That power came to you means that the original master betrayed the monarchs.”

Then I saw a similar sound.

Perhaps it was one of the inhabitants of the modern age who followed the monarchs.

The king of the giants said, while doubtful tails and tails.

“You became enemies to both monarchs and rulers. But I swear by standing on your side. So why do not you help me? ”

At this point, the king of the giants judged to be persuaded looked spirited.


Jinwoo slowly restored.

“If I was just standing on my side, would it be better to be a shadow soldier?”

The king of the giants was amazed.

It was at the moment, but the face of the real monarch overlapped in the human face.

It is not wrong.

For man, the merit of the loyal loader is greater than the new alliance.

The king said, admiring the fact that he did not miss that point.

“The monarchs and rulers are both spiritual. A spirit can not be a shadow if it dies when it dies. I can not be your soldier. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.

‘So it was.’

That is why the king thought he would help himself by leaving the easy way to make a shadow soldier.

The oath of sincerity is maintained, so there is no need to check for authenticity.

Jin-woo, who was in a state of contemplation, raised his head.

The king of the giants asked.

“Is there enough reason to help me now?”

Jin looked at him.

The king of the giants was full of conviction that the bondage that binds them will soon be resolved.

There was no twisted mind that a person was sick when a person was pleased.

There was also no reason to put down a person who said he would be a fellow himself.


But why do I feel so uncomfortable?

‘Something… There is something we missed. ‘

I have to remember what it is.

Jinwoo ‘s forehead was swollen with cold sweat.

The king of the giants once again begged.

“Break the chain.”

Jin took a deep breath.

No matter how worried, there was no reason to reject the request of the giants’ king.

The more I wondered what I had missed.

‘Was it just an old man …’

Jinwoo took the dagger of the devil king and approached the king of the giants.

To Jinwo who walked to his nose, the king of the giants nodded his head.

Jin also nodded his head.

When I wielded a dagger carrying a magic power, the chain was broken without power.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

My heart was strangely pulsed.

Why does the vague ominousness catch the ankle at this moment of decision?


The second chain was cut off.

The kings of the giants waited only for the rejoicing, not the sadness, but the bondage that binds them with a godly expression.



Jinwu leaned toward his back to cut off the chain, which was rooted on the king ‘s back.



My heart ran big.

I felt my chest sank down.

I missed what I was missing, why I felt like this, and the flow of thought came through roughly as if coming in through narrow cracks in rocks.

Jin stopped his hand trying to cut the chain and looked around the king.

“You said you would stand by me?”

“Of course. If you help me, I will help you. This is a trade between just and perfect monarchs. ”

This answer has already been heard a number of times.

This was not the answer Jinwoo wanted to check.

So Jin-woo asked the real question.

“So you are on the human side?”

“…”The king was silent.

Oath of faithfulness.

The king of the giants could not give him any answer.

Jin saw the back of his neck again.

The black marble stuck in the back of his neck was shining cold.

As long as this thing exists, he must listen to the rulers’ voices.

Like the others.

‘Kill the humans’. It’s cool.

Life has passed.

The king of the giants pursued the temple of Jinwoo with his free right hand.

But it was not enough to reach Jinwoo. He pounded his head, attacked him, and put a dagger in his chest.

Hook. The dagger penetrated deep into his heart.


The king of the giants spewed blood.

But this is not enough.

It is too dangerous to keep this guy alive.

It may be a disaster.

Jin-woo, who judged so, avoided by the movement of the upper body of the fingertip of the king who repeatedly attacked, and put a dagger in the chest of the ward.

Clutching, clutching, clutching, clutching. sixth.

After the dagger entered the chest six times, the giants ‘kings’ fingers stopped.


Jinwoo pulled out his dagger.

The king of the giants laughed as he faced Jinwoo and his gaze straight.

“Sadly, that’s it.”

“…”Jinwoo stepped back and silently whispered the blood on the dagger.

The king was a horse.

“The more violent the fights of the inhabitants of your world and the inhabitants of prisoners held captive, the more the world will become a battlefield.”

Finally, the king smiled again.

“Please… Everything you want to keep is burned to the top of the battlefield … ”

“It will not be what you want.”

Jinwoo cut off his horse with a dagger and dropped his head.


[We have killed the master of the dungeon.]

As he took his breath away, magical powers like the sea that had fallen asleep in him burst out.

The world began to change.

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