Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 174

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 174

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A few days before the kings of the giants die. One helicopter belonging to the Hunter Bureau was downed in one of the luxurious mansions.

The owner of the mansion, who enjoyed a late lunch at the table, stopped at the steak while watching the helicopter over the window.

“I did not hear you say who’s coming today?”

“I’ll check it out.”

The employee bowed his head and often stepped out.

And the owner of the mansion who found two people when he got out of the helicopter was suddenly hardened.

“…I’m in trouble. ”

The housekeeper who was carrying the empty dish accidentally listened to it and glared at her head.

A decent gentleman at the table.

The master of this mansion was one of the best hunters in the world, with only five in existence.

Christopher Reed.

Who dares to make him more known, better known as the “state power hunter” than his real name?

With the curiosity of the housekeeper behind, the employee rushed into the halle.


“I know.”

Chris, who stopped the employee, quietly rose and greeted a smiling middle – aged man who came one step later than his employer.

“It’s been a long time, Deputy Director. And…”

Chris’ gaze shifted to a black woman who was standing behind her assistant.

“Mrs. Selner.”

It is not uncommon for a big man, the deputy director of the Hunter Administration, to visit, but the fact that she moves is a matter of different dimensions.

just as expected.

The deputy chief, who was looking around with his nervous face, said sweeping his chin.

“Can you send out all the people because you have a word to offer?”

I knew it.

I had the feeling that I would be in trouble.

If the guest was the deputy director, he could have left him for a few hours in exchange for interruption of a peaceful afternoon without notice.


I can not disrespect such a disrespect for Mrs.

Chris, who was rubbing his mouth with wine, was worried for a moment and called his employee with his fingers. He whispered to the employee who was close enough to touch the forehead.

“Do not let anyone get around my room until they’re gone.”


The employee bowed his head and sent out the housekeeper and everyone outside the door. Then he went out and grabbed the door with both hands and bowed his head again.

Chris nodded and the door closed silently.

As a result, there are three people in the large room: Chris, Deputy Director Michael Corner and Mrs.

Chris glanced at the two and laughed. He is, too, the place where the ranks of the best government agencies of the United States are the lowest in the ransom.

He is the national power class hunter himself.

It was hard to even imagine how much the value of Mrs. Selner could permanently raise the Hunters’ abilities.

‘Look at my mind.’

You can not make your precious people stand.

Chris said, pulling back two tables on the table.

“Once you sit down.”

When the Deputy Director and his wife sat down, Chris put his butt on the other side.


Chris, who looked at the other person, smiled.

“What did you two go so far?”

Mrs. Selner looked at the deputy director ‘s notice. The deputy chief nodded. And the moment Mrs.

Chris raised his hand.

“Before that.”

There was a slight displeasure on his face.

“If it’s because of the S-class gate that was created somewhere in the East, I will definitely say. I will not go. ”


I nailed it firmly so there was no room for persuasion.

“As you know, the US government has promised me a status as a whole nation. I have the right to refuse the US government’s request, and as I contacted you in advance, I decided to fall out of this raid. ”

Another country in the country.

It was meaningless to the nation’s power-class hunters to be treated equally with other nations as a living nation, not as a nation of the nation.

Of course, you can do the degree of cooperation.

But one reason I refused.

It was his conclusion that he would not feel the necessity of participating in the raid that S-class hunters all over the United States gather.

If the deputy director tried to persuade him with his wife, he did not intend to withdraw the decision.

But as Chris was adamant, Mrs.

“I did not come because of the gate, Chris, but I have a much more serious problem.”

Now, Japan is one of the S-class gates and it has been driven to the point of destruction.

But there is a much more serious problem than the S-class gates created on the mainland?

Chris’ upper body leaned toward his wife.

“What is that serious problem?”

The hesitant wife licked her lips hard.

“Chris … You may be killed by someone in the near future. ”

There was silence in the crowd.

no wonder.

The deputy general wants to be restless. He was now putting his sweat on his forehead in his handkerchief.

“Mrs. Selner.”

Chris’ voice calling his wife was lowered.

“I do not forget the grace you gave me.”

Her power has become much stronger because of her ability. I crossed the limit that felt like a wall that could not be overcome.


That does not mean that she can ignore herself.

“Who is being murdered, now?”

Who can dare to touch a state-class hunter?

A cat can not hit a lion.

It is only the same lion that can ask and kill a lion.

But he was confident that he could not compete with the same messengers.

Reason for falling out of the raid was no different. Would a lion come in where the cats gather? I do not know if it is a shrewd lion like Thomas Andre.

Mrs. Selena did not stop explaining, reading Chris’ s wrath.

“Not long ago, I dreamed about you.”



She nodded.

Chris was terrified, but his wife explained.

“In your dreams, you are the men around you.”

“Hey, madam!”

Chris could not bear anymore and raised the sound.

“Is it because of the dream that your wife has been flying away from the long distance and doing this bullshit?”

“It is not bullshit, I am.”

“I know what you were doing before you became a wake-up.”

There were many reasons why she had a unique power to distinguish her from other awakeners after her awakening, because she was a spiritual man in the first place.

But her former job could not be an excuse for such a ridiculous voice.

Chris’s face was distorted.

“I am a national power class hunter. No one can kill me. ”

“Obviously in a dream.”

“It’s a dream, a dream.”

Chris sighed deeply and nodded his head.

“Yes, good. Let ‘s say I believe your words. There are enemies that can kill me. Then, if that’s true, who am I supposed to ask for help? ”

Should I call the police? Or are you applying to the Hunter Bureau for protection?

Against the enemy who can kill the state power class Hunter?

Sounds unimportant.

Chris croaked and said.

“Is there anything that can be done in the end?”

“…”His wife, who was still sleeping, said at last.

“Maybe there are people who can help you.”

“Who is it?”

“Sung Jin Hun Hunter. He may be able to defend you. ”

Sung Jin Woo?

Chris, who had been listening without expectation, thought for a moment. It was a strange name, but it was not for the first time.

Where was it?

It was relatively recent.

I heard the name ‘Sung Jin Woo’.


Chris’ face was wrinkled.

“Are you referring to the Asian Hunter who has left to solve the Japanese dungeon brakes?”

“Right. He is Sung Jin Hunter. ”

Mrs. Selner saw it.

A force close to infinity that was sleeping inside of the Sung Jin Hunter. It may surpass the state power hunters.

Mrs. Sner said she was really worried about Chris. However, it was insulting to him who had a strong self – esteem.


The table fell down in a fist that fell down unintentionally.

“Get out now, ma’am. Right Now!”

Chris’ index finger pointed at the door.

“Now, just for a second.”

The deputy chief tried to get Chris out of frenzy.

“I will go …”

I could not say anything in a glance, such as the life of a state-class hunter.

The deputy director hastily left the mansion with a wife who hesitated to leave. An outside employee was rushing to see the broken table.

“What are you doing, Chris?”


Chris shook his head.

If she had said the same thing, not Mrs. Stern, who helped her improve her abilities, she would not have just finished. He swallowed the madness that he had not been able to solve, and breathed a great deal.

‘Why do not you ask for help from the Hunter of Asia?’

Even if this Chris is funny, oil resin.

He looked around at the employee.

The employee shook his shoulder, but returned to his normal face within a short time.

“Do you have anything to say?”

“That… When did Hunter named Sung Jin-woo say he started raid? ”

The news in Japan was a hot topic for the world.

The United States was no exception.

Of course, Jinwoo’s name has become as famous as the dungeon breaks that occurred in Japan and the giants that popped out there.

The employee, who was calculating the time difference with his wrist watch, replied to Chris.

“I know I will arrive in Japan in an hour.”

“One hour later …”

You will not be bored for a while.

Chris comforted him and looked at the helicopter that had begun flying with the deputy chief and Mrs.

* * * [We have killed the master of the dungeon.]

Took. The king of the giants lost their heads.

Jinwoo quickly retreated to avoid the blood coming out of his neck.



The machine sounded.

At first I thought it was just a normal system sound.

By the way.

The message was not mediocre.

[We have defeated Legia, one of the nine monarchs].

[Experience is being calculated.] [It may take time for a lot of experience to come in.]


This is the first time in such cases, even Jinwu was forced to panic instantaneously.


Tingling! Tingling! Tingling! Tingling!

The sound of the machine was endlessly connected.

At the same time.

Jinwoo was able to observe the feast of system messages filling his eyes.

[Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]. .

[Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]

‘…!’Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

After six messages came up and two more machine sounds, the level-up notification stopped.

Jinwu hurriedly brought up the status window.

‘Status window!’

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