Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 175

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 175

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177 Episode [Level: 122] ‘Huck!’

Jinwoo, who confirmed the changed level with his eyes, swallowed the moans.

After reaching the 100th level by holding the ants, the level was stagnated in the 100s due to the level difference with the masters.

Levels that have reached the end of the dungeons that have been swept away by other guild concessions.

By the way.

Now I skip 120.

It was thanks to the masters who had boss grade experience for each individual, and to the king of the giants who gave them a tremendous experience level of 8th level.


Jinwoo nodded his head.

We must kill the king.

The choice was right.

It was not a coincidence that the level rose to eight at a stroke.

It is the one who exerted a feeling of pressure that the breath was blocked even though the force was sealed in a special chain.

If a completely liberated man could walk outside without permission …

Jinwoo’s head moved to the left and right.

It was fortunate to have found the true color of the man before it happened.


The king ‘s body broke like a dry floor in a drought, and soon it turned into sand – like flour and crumbled.

Suddenly, the words he had rubbed past his mind.

– The spirit body is destroyed when it dies and disappears, and it can not become a shadow. In other words, I can not be your soldier.

The death of the spirit body.

Jinwoo first witnessed the death of the spirit body.

The king was right.

In the corpse of the king who returned to the sand, neither the black smoke nor the extractable message appeared.

Jinwoo pulled out a black marble stone buried in the sand and whipped out the surface.

‘I’m afraid I did not get a shadow soldier … I should be satisfied with this. ”

Jin looked at Majungseok.

Jinwoo’s face was reflected on a mirror-like surface. As I continued to look into it, my hand was shaken by the strong force in the marble stone.

‘It is the rulers who send this …’


There was a scene that was automatically reproduced in my head when I heard the word “ruler”.

Four angels who came down from heaven.

I knew that it was not real, but as soon as I found them, the conversation was cool.


I felt the chest down.

‘Maybe they are not rulers?’

If such a group of people come in, it would not be enough for now.

The hand holding the marble was tight.

‘You have to be stronger.’

In that sense, it was fortunate that he gained the power of Shadow Monarchy.

I had the power that I could not imagine, and it was possible to go further.

What would happen if I did not receive a system selection due to lack of score during my exams?

Jin woke quietly toward the window that had not yet closed.

“Hey… Try saying something. ”

But the system still had no answer.

“…”If you can not make a bucket list, you have to be sure to have a conversation with the system.

But turning around, something came to Jinwoo’s feet.

Took. ‘Well?’

Looking down, it was the black chain that had tied the king of the giants.

I was curious about Jinwoo’s eyes at the moment.

Curiosity has usually turned into interest.

‘Maybe this is … Is not it useless? ”

The gripping hand held the chain connected to the wall.

just as expected.

It was felt that the power was sucked in.


The chain was absorbing magic.

One is fine, but you can not simply get out of a chain of strangers, no matter how strong you are.

Jinwoo laughed while watching the amount of mana decreasing the metallurgy metallurgy.

‘It’s an unexpected income?’

With a delightful heart, Jinwoo, who called out the “Dagger of the Demon King,” cut off the chain one by one. However, there was no magical effect on the cut chain.


It was not all but one.


Jinwoo’s head turned to the wall.

Jinwoo once again caught the chain attached to the wall. Then, like before, the effect of the seal appeared. However, it was not effective in the cut-off chain.

It seemed to know the principle of dim.

‘…It was. ”

The chain was not an artifact. Everything was the power of the dungeon.

It means that when you take out the chain, it turns into garbage.

‘I can not do this.’

Jinwoo put the chains on the floor that had changed.

I could not say I did not feel sorry, but I still earned more income than I thought.

Through this expedition, the shadows of the giants who joined the Shadow Legion, and the level of soaring to 122, holding the giants and their kings.

Up to this point, it was a result that already surpassed expectations.

He gave up his chain and smiled and turned his head to Jinu.

Soon as he lifted his head, he pointed to the entrance with his fingertips, and the soldiers in front of Jinwu stepped in unison and made a huge road.

Jinwoo touched the shoulder of BER, which had been dirt-cleaned, and turned to the entrance.

Verde, who was deeply moved by the hand of the Lieutenant, followed Jinwoo.

Behind such Jin-woo, one-thousand shadow soldiers who contributed greatly to fighting the giants walked in line.

Chuck, chuck, chuck, chuck. The inside of the dungeon was filled with the heavy footsteps of shadow soldiers.

Far away, the entrance of the dungeon was visible.

Jin looked at the sunlight leaking into the entrance and laughed. It was the moment when the long giant hunting was over.

* * * Japan Hunter Association Chamber of Commerce.

Inside the room, the rat died calmly without any small noise. It was not an exaggeration to say that all the employees forgot to breathe.

All of their nerves were on a large screen in front of them.

It’s black.

It’s black.

Only the sound of passing the dry spit over and over was pouring out.

Video floating on screen.

There appeared to be a scene of Shinjuku overlooking it with the magical power detection camera of the satellite.

The horsepower detection camera lights horsepower.

The strong horsepower is a great light.

Weak horsepower is a little light.

There is no one in the control room here who knows what the massive mass of light that stands in the center of Tokyo means.

In front of the chunk of light, thousands of small dots of light gathered.

Association officials were stunned by the huge number.

“Well, is that the pets of Sungjin Hunter?”

“Oh My God…”

“If you count at first glance, maybe over 500?”

Matsumoto’s president quietly turned his head to the analyst team sitting next to him.

“How much is his pet?”

“There are a lot of overlapping points, so it’s not accurate, but I guess it’s over eight hundred.”

Eight hundred. If the analysts pulled out the word “ideal,” the figure would have been right at the minimum.

Even so, it was more than twice as big as the pet that I saw on Jeju Island.

Matsumoto was astonished.

‘When is the time when the pet is doubled?’

No, it’s not normal since you can increase the number of pet members.

He shook his mouth with his trembling hands.

If I thought I was enemy, I would have darkened my eyes.

How glad it is that Sung Jin Hunter gave mercy to Japan.

The head of the Matsumoto Association President, who was just out of shock, turned to the screen again.

The dots of light rushed to the mass of light.

It was just before the battle of the giant guarding the gates of Sungjin Hunter and the gate.

Everyone held sweat in their hands and watched that the points of light were constantly entangled.

And finally – the pillar of light that was blinking disappeared.

“Wow, aaah!”

As if waiting, the cheers shaking the whole situation room burst out.

The employees cheered, laughed and laughed and enjoyed the joy. Finally, it was the moment when the Japanese archipelago was liberated from the horror of giant dolls.

All that was done by one Korean hunter.

“…”The Matsumoto President, who was staring at the screen silently, closed his mouth and nodded his head alone.

When his plan was changed due to Jinwoo, he blamed the reason why Hunter was born in Korea, not in Japan.

But now he thanked heaven for his appearance in Korea.

‘If he was not, by now, Japan is …’

Matsumoto, the president of the Association, who was struggling with terrible imagination, listened to the receiver for the final task.

The phone was connected quickly.

– What happened?

Beyond the receiver, the Japanese Prime Minister’s tense voices flowed out.

The Matsumoto president said the result was a bit like a mains voice.

“Japan… Japan’s crisis has been lifted. ”

Beyond the receiver, I heard a lot of ghosts filled with joy.

But the prime minister was gentle, hiding his joy as much as possible.

– Thank you, Matsumoto. But that does not mean the responsibility of the president of the association will be relieved.

“of course.”

The sea that was ready.

A loner who has failed to hit the rope should let go of his own neck. What if the embarrassment saved the country?

In front of a complete defeat, Matsumoto could not hold any excuses.

He said quietly.

“I will accept any disposition. That is… It’s my last job. ”

* * * The news that all the giants were killed was immediately known around the world.

It is close to South America Brazil, which is located at the opposite side of Japan and far away from South Korea.

The world heard the action of Jinwoo.

– One Hunter saves a whole country!

The SNS has been lively about the emergence of a new state-class hunter.

What was different from the time of Jeju Island was that Koreans were not the only ones to say so.

Eastern Maryland. The American hunters, who had safely completed the raid of the S-class gates, were ahead of the government-sponsored festival.

The Hunters, however, could not enter the party room and were standing in front of the TV in the hotel lounge where the news of Japan flowed.


“no… This is common sense. ”


Yuri Orlov, the most famous S-class assistant hunter in the world, could not do anything and was killed in a blink of an eye.

The movement of the huge giant that was caught in the camera then.

At that speed, it was not enough to express him with the word monster.

But the S-class Hunter just busted the goddamn bastard by himself?

[…Jinwoo Sung Hunter with Jinhyo Yoo Hunter of Class D who arrived in Japan on the same day …]

No, I’d rather be alone.

Do you mean that you took all of those monsters to the D-Hunter?

I did not believe it.

But what I can not help but believe was that the camera was showing the Japanese people who were pleased with their tears.

It’s a pole.

On the converted screen, a super-huge giant puppet figure appeared in the floor with power.

“Shut up!”

S-class Hunter Three people groaned, no matter who they were first.

The fact that the monster died is just beginning to feel real.


“You guys were here.”

Three people turned their heads at once in the voice heard from the side.

The eyes of the three hunters grew.


Thomas Andr̩ laughed and showed a piece of paper.

“What is this?”

“A memorandum about accepting the result of betting in earnest.”

“Yes -?”

Not interested in the reaction of the three hunters, Thomas wrote down the items they had bet on their hands, one by one.

“You are a yacht, you are home, and you are …”

Thomas, who was staring at the third Hunter, scratched his side head with the tip of a ballpoint pen.

“What have you done?”

The identified man swallowed the gulp and said hurriedly.

“I did not do anything.”

“Are you wearing a nice tie?”

“I have nothing.”


“No, I …”

Thomas looked down at the sunglasses a bit and looked up and the man could not say anything.

I have seen the power of ‘Goliath’, who tries to squeeze S-class athletes with their bare hands.

He did not want to be touched by him, who walked the S class dungeon like a lower dungeon.


The man shouted and untied his tie.

After a while, Thomas, who was humming and moving to the restaurant, found a familiar face and stopped.

Laura was the manager, who is in charge of the management of top-notch hunters in the Scavenger Guild.

When she approached, Thomas stared at her tie.

“How about my tie?”

“It looks expensive, but it does not suit Hawaiian shirts.”


Thomas untied his necktie and squeezed it into the trash can next door.

“I thought so too.”

Laura, who had been watching Thomas’ s travels for a long time, told her things without much inspiration.

“I have a problem.”


Thomas lifted his head.

Thomas had a long history of knowing that it was not trivial if she was not talking about the phone, but talking about it.

“What problem?”

Laura said in an irritated voice.

“At this International Guild Conference, a list of guilds invited by the Hunter Bureau came out, and there was a Korean Azin Guild.”

“Ah … Guild?”

I do not feel well.

Thomas’ voice became heavy.

Laura nodded.

“Yes, it is a guild made by Sung Jin Hunter.”

I knew it.

How could this sinful feeling never go away.

Thomas frowned and said.

“He’ll come to America.”

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