Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 181

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 181

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What is the probability that a face that happens to be sitting next to an airplane that is aboard will sit on it?

Jinwoo went to the first class according to the crew ‘s guidance and looked up at the side passenger’ s face.

“Do you think this is a coincidence?”

“I wish I could have seen it … I do not think so. ”

Blue eyes The Korean language, which flows smoothly from foreigners’ mouths, always felt a sense of incongruity.

Jinwoo did not take his eyes off him and sat down.

“I see you again, Mr. Adam White.”

“It is an honor to meet you again, Mr. Sung Jin Hunter.”

Adam White, a senior agent in the US Hunter Administration, smiled and bowed his head, just as he had seen it the first time.

Jin looked around.

‘no wonder…’

There were two high class Hunters in First Class, and they both seemed to belong to the Hunter Administration.

The two black suits facing the sight of Jinwoo sent a congratulations.

And so are the agents wearing black suits as uniforms?

Do you want Tyr?

When Jinwoo is staring at two men with such unnecessary curiosity. Adam White was amazed.

“I only met once and still remember my name.”

“The first meeting should have been so intense.”

“At that time, I am really sorry. I do not think it would be that Hunter, who does not have the influence of Mrs.

Jin waved his hand.

On that day, the apology was boring to the deputy director. I had no idea to come and see it now.

One thing I was wondering was, why did the agents of the Hunter Bureau, who had slipped back then, appeared again?

It was not a nuisance yet, but it would have been tiring if it had been repeated.

“Was not the negotiation broken?”

Jin-u’s voice was lowered.

Then the smile disappeared from Adam ‘s face.

“I know that it is an excuse to see you this way, but I have a situation that I have to say very much.”

Jinwoo suddenly recalled the news of the S – level gate that was on the east coast of the United States.

“Surely America can not block the S-class gate …?”

“Ah! no. That worked well. ”

What’s wrong with the S-class gates?

Could it be a problem related to killing the giants’ kings?

When he reported his interest, Jin picked up his notebook.

In the video that appeared on his laptop screen, black smoke was soaring as if a large-scale forest fire had occurred.

Adam turned his notebook over to Jinwoo.

Jin watched the video.

Firefighters were struggling to evolve because they could not survive the increasingly flame.

It was a flame with magic power.

– What is this fire? I can not do it!

– It’s not usually a fire!

– Hey, there! Back off! If you touch the flame, it becomes a charcoal!

The firemen were panicked.

No matter how you do it, the flame does not show any sign of weakening.

Rather, they widened their strength and covered them little by little.

The blackened tree fell, and as it collapsed, a fire broke out on another tree that had been bumped and gave birth to another fire.

The fire came as an angry wave.

– God, Jesus!

– What about support?

– When is the support coming?


As soon as the helicopter arrived, the magic hunters came down. They poured the magic of water attribute as it is.

When the magic spray hit the forest dozens of times, the flames were slowly caught.

Jin looked closely at the scene.

‘These people … These are the best hunters. ‘

The magical powers were obviously top-level hunters.

A firework that was able to barely hold out until it was able to cling to the best of several superheroes.

The guy who caused this was not an ordinary Hunter.

– Oh, hunters!

– Sa, I lived …

– Thank you, Hunters!

The firefighters exorcised the stretch and handled the decimated bombs.

It was the moment when the hunters were just a little late and had a huge loss of life.

– More inside!

– The fire is gone!

-it’s over. The fire was crushed.

The video was over.

In front of the video, which was not much time to play, Jinwu wondered.

“Why are you showing me this?”

It was certainly an interesting video, but it did not make sense to come back because of the fire in America.

Adam stretched his hand and turned the video over to the final part.

“here… Look at the back. ”

As the fire escapes, the fire escapes into the forest where it has changed.

There was a tremendous explosion, and all the surrounding things were swept away from the inside to the outside.

At its center.

There was a body that fell down.

I did not have to check if I was alive.

The hole in the chest was a place where the heart would have been.

“1,800 firefighters and 14 magic hunters were mobilized to fire the fire he raised.”

It’s only top-end hunters.

After the caster died, 14 top-level hunters had to do all they could to get rid of the remaining fire.

Jinwoo seemed to be able to grasp the dim light of who was lying.

“I do not know this guy …”

To Jin, who turns to himself, Adam responded gloomily.

“You see, too. Yes. He is Christopher Reid Hunter. ”

Jinwoo ‘s eyes were bigger than ever.

Nonsense. One of the world’s best hunters, the state power class, was murdered by someone?

“We do not believe that, but he was murdered.”

At the end of the video, a fireman turned Chris’ s carcass upside down. I could see Chris’ condition more clearly.

There were terrible wounds in the body as well as holes in the chest.

It was obviously a trail of battle.

“And this.”

Adam took a few pictures from his bracelet and spoke.

“It’s a picture of what I think is the most likely suspect in the Hunter Bureau.”


Jin-woo’s gaze, which sent a strange look at Adam’s voice as if he was pointing at a man, a woman, or a man, descended toward the picture he was passing.

I did not have to take a picture and take a look. Jin came up from his seat and his fingers clutched and Adam came up with him.

“Oh, huh?”

Adam ‘s eyes fluttered.

Jinwoo grabbed Adam’s neck pulled by the power of the ruler.


With the nose and nose close enough to touch, Jinwu said his voice was extremely low.

“If this is such a joke … You can not walk away from here with two feet. ”

It is not a simple threat.

The eyes of Jin-woo, whose heartfelt sincerity was reflected, shone like cold beasts.

Adam, holding his neck firmly, set his veins on his neck.

“Do not! Do not!”

Of course, it was not a shout to Jinwoo.

Thanks to his desperate grudge, the two senior hunters who were about to attack Jinwoo, barely stopped moving.

Adam, who stopped the pouring of oil in the poorest area, appealed earnestly.

“The people in the picture came out of the dungeon! You may not be the one you think! ”


Jin’s hand holding Adam’s neck slightly loosened. Adam, who was a little sick, said hurriedly.

“His horsepower wave was the same as the wrestlers, and we attacked the S-class Hunter on our side.”

Jin ‘s gaze fell off Adam’ s hand and turned to photographs on the floor.

The person on the surveillance camera …

It was Jinwoo’s father.

‘The father from the dungeon attacked the Hunters?’

To the confused Jin-woo, Adam added a little explanation.

“Do you remember the explosion of the Hunter Bureau a few months ago?”

How can I forget it.

The world was so loud.

As a result of the secret experiment, the superhero Hunter’s bustle, the S-class battle, and so on.

“Is it because of the father?”

Adam nodded his head.

“He knocked our side Hunter down. After that, the Hunter Bureau chased after him in secret, but there was no evidence of evaporation. ”

“…”Jinu silently heard Adam’s explanation.

“I understand Hunter’s heart. But surely, he has all the requirements to be considered a suspect. ”

There is a precedent that has already attacked Hunter, strong enough to surpass the S-class Hunter, and where he is yet to be found.

It was not unusual for the Hunter Administration to consider “something that he claims to be a sinner” as one of the criminals.

But if Adam’s words are all 100 percent true.

Jinwoo’s eyes were tapered.

“Then why did you show me this picture?”

“International Guild Conference.”

“…?””I will distribute his number endorsement at the International Guild Conference, where representatives of world-renowned guilds from all over the world will meet at the top of the Hunter Administration.”

I will not proceed with the investigation any more secretly.

In this case, an angry American government, losing valuable resources as a state power class hunter, was trying to get the criminals to mobilize means and methods.

In that sense, there was no opportunity for the guild conference.

The death of the state-class Hunter.

Of course, the guild’s attention will be concentrated, and the Hunter Bureau’s announcement will focus attention.

“Our Hunter Administration wanted to maintain a good relationship with Sung Jin Hunter.”

“So I came to let you know before I get public?”

Adam nodded his head with an unnatural neck.

“If you are invited to the meeting and suddenly come out of your face, Hunter will be embarrassed.”

Whether it is the father who came back from the real dungeon, or the fake that mimics the father.

From the death of the state power class Hunter, to the existence of the Sung Il Hwan and to the announcement of desire.

Leaking confidential information was still a consideration of the Hunter Bureau, who did not want to make Jeon ‘s abilities stronger.

‘…’Jinwoo’s silence continued.

I felt genuine in Adam’s appeal and voice.

It was a feeling of benevolence.

If a bit of malice was felt, Jinwoo had no idea.


It was evidence that the ‘It’, which depicted the father, is now pushing the neck of the Korean national Hunter, Hwang, Soo-soo, with his feet.

I could not dispute the Hunter Bureau’s claim that it was hard to think of him as a human being.

“Please help us understand the circumstances of this unavoidable situation.”

Then, Jinwoo put his thumb in his neck.

Adam, whose face was blurred, eager to cough out.

Jin picked up the picture again.

In any case, it was the pictures of my father. Throughout the picture, my chest jumped.

At that time, the airline announcement flowed out.

[Plane is coming soon.]

The airliner arrived at Incheon airport safely while the first bump was in full swing.

Jinwoo escaped from the reporters who filled the area around the airport and called Yu Jin-ho.

-brother! Did you arrive in Korea?

Because my father was recovering, Yu Jin-ho was welcomed with a brighter voice than before.

But Jinwoo was not smiling.

“I have to go to the States next week.” -Yes? Are you talking about that international guild conference? Did not you say that you will not go, brother?

“Things have changed.”

I had to get information.

I had to know more.

I needed conviction that it was either father or not.

To do that, you have to join the International Guild Conference.

“Could you book a flight ticket?”

Soon there was a hesitant reply over the receiver.

– Then I will make two advance tickets, Brother!

* * * Adam could not get up from his place for a long while Jinwoo went out.

The Hunters asked him when he woke up and saw him.

“Are you okay?”

“OK. I just got a little lost. ”

Adam, who answered himself in a stern manner, got up and got up hard.

I have been questioning a lot of horrible criminals because of my major in crime psychology, but it was the first time I’ve ever been scared by people.

The eyes of Sungjin Hunter, who keeps calm but cold.

Even though he knew that he was not going to come back to defeat him again, the only thing that came to mind when he thought of his eyes.

Before and after showing the picture, Sung Jin Hunter was like everyone else.

‘People can be so different.’


More surprising was the fact.

Adam asked the hunters.

“I am confirming that it happened in an instant. Did not Sung Jin Hunter just move my hand without touching it?”

Two senior Hunters nodded at Adam ‘s question as they did not lose sight of one another.


Adam was astonished.

I did not see myself wrong. He was able to use force.

Until now, I thought that the brinkmanship was the exclusive property of national power class hunters.

However, Sung Hunter did not hesitate.

Adam was thrilled.

He was the first person to acquire the skill of the brute force besides five of the nation-class hunters.

‘This is not the time.’

He listened to the phone with trembling hands.

After several beeps, the Deputy Secretary received the call.

He said, holding back his trembling voice.

“The deputy director … I think I just found the sixth. “

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