Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 184

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 184

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186 “What are the reporters so many?”

Germany’s most powerful Hunter, Renatnier, arrived at the airport.

It was the first time to see reporters of this number, although he was participating in the International Guild Conference every year as a master of the German “Richter” guild.

The Nola of the Richter Guild said to Nola Renat.

“Why, a Korean hunter with a lot of fortresses coming here today.”

“Ah -” Renat understood at once.

Even S-class hunters can not solve S-class dungeon brakes by themselves.

What if the guys who popped out of the S-class dungeon were a giant doll?

Hunter, who was all alone blocking the dungeon brakes that he was reluctant to take, stepped on the US soil for the first time.

Whether the reporters’ interest has shifted or not, Renat was interested, too.

‘He’s warm?’

At the time, passengers pulled from the airplane from Korea poured into the airport.

The submaster pointed to one side.

“Ah! There he is, him. ”

The sub-master is also a S-class Hunter.

Though not comparable to the master Renat, there was a sense of being able to see at a glance the face of Jin-woo mixed with many people.

Renat shined his eyes.

“Would you like to say hello for a minute?”


“I do not have a bad habit of learning a strong hunter and face.”

“Yes, I do.”

The deputy master also agreed.

When you need international cooperation or the help of other guilds, the network you build up is surely a powerful force.

It was not against the intention of the International Guild Conference to bring together the Hunters from around the world, which are difficult to meet, to promote exchanges.

Renat, who was dressed up, approached Jinwoo.

No, I was about to approach.

But Renat stopped without taking a few steps. His complexion became increasingly pale.

As he stopped, VuMaster stepped forward and looked back.

“Are you going?”

Renat said with a firm face.

“that… Do not you see that? ”


Anyhow, the vice master was invisible at all. But Renat, one of the world’s greatest hunters, could feel it.

Renat murmured as if he could not believe it.

“Is not the pet from a different place to be called, was it all at the same time?”


What do you mean?

Renat’s reaction to the surprised boo master, but I looked around the direction of Jinwoo, but the pet could not find the head of the pet, as well.

“Do you have a pet?”

“Yes! whopping!”

Renat sensed the shadow soldiers hiding in the shadow of Jinwoo.

Hundred, two hundred, three hundred.

No, can I count everything?

Renat swallowed his saliva.

‘Even if you have come to war against the United States, it is a reliable figure.’

Thinking that he would never bring “something like that” into his own country if he was the person in charge, Renat trembled.

It was one of two things.

The US Hunter Bureau is either not sure of the strength of the Korean Hunter, or is convinced that his power will not turn to his country.

The closer he got, the greater the pressure to push his body down.

This sense of pressure was felt by a state power hunter like Thomas Andre and Christopher Reed.

‘…’In the end, when Jinwoo passed in front of him, Renat lay down his gaze without knowing himself.

There was no courage to confront him.

Instincts did so.

After all the Jinwoo party passed, Bu-Ma master asked Renat, who was suddenly acting strange, wondering.

“Master, where are you sick? The complexion … ”

“no… It’s not like that. ”

Renat stole the cold sweat.

It is a part of the ability of being able to grasp the gap with the opponent as well as seeing as well as knowing.

But at this moment, I was jealous of Vu Masters and other reporters who were not at all nervous even before the horrible Hunter.

* * * When Jin-woo glanced at his head, Yoo Jin-ho looked back and asked.

“Do you have any faces, brother?”

“no. Some foreigners will keep looking. ”

Yoo Jin-ho laughed as if it were nothing.

“Brother News is so out there, where do you have a fan or two? I think you wanted to have a sign, too, brother. ”

Well, it was a pretty good hunter for waiting for a sign.

Jinwoo also laughed and laughed.

In addition to Jinwoo and Yu Jin-ho, there were two more people in the party.

Woo Jin-cheol, assistant director, and female translator.

“uh! there!”

“Sung Jin-woo!”

The reporters found Jinwoo.

“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ -!

The flash broke out from the reporters’ cameras at once.

Then Woojin-cheol, who was wearing sunglasses out of his arms, warned everywhere with sharp eyes.

Yu Jin-cheol, who was nervous, asked Yoo Jin-ho.

“So why did you come to Mr. Bonnie?”

If you are the head of the Korean Hunter Association Seoul headquarters, it is not your high position.

It means that he is in charge of a department.

I was grateful to have given the interpreter in charge of the association, but I was wondering why Yoo Jin-cheol came along with his executive, Woo Jin-cheol.

Wu Jinchul looked at Jinwoo for a moment and said, his face blushing.

“Sung Hunter’s … I took the guard. ”

Only the answer you took out of your courage.

Unfortunately, it was buried in the noise of the airport and could not reach Yujinho’s ear.

Yoo Jin-ho put his hand on his ear and asked again.

“I beg your pardon?”

“…of… Guard … ”

“Who are you protecting?”

Looking at the face of Woo Jin-chul, which was reddened to the auricle, Jin-woo interrupted the conversation by hanging his arms on Yu-Jin Ho’s shoulders.


Jin pointed to the face familiar with the gaggle.

“Looks like people who came to meet us, are not we?”

Adam White was a brightly smiling young man who neatly dressed in a neat suit near the entrance and blonde.

Jin came straight to Jinwoo whether he guessed.

Adam ‘s two masses were the same.

Jinwoo and two big boys, who faced each other, bowed their heads with no hesitation.

Perhaps I remembered that he was trying to protect Adam from the plane the other day without thinking about his difference.

Jinwoo swallowed the laughing into the expression that I would really ask for a sign.

He replied simply to the two masses with snowballs, and caught his hands.

Adam said in a bright voice.

“I’ve been waiting, Sir Hunter.”

“I think I heard you were an Asian agent before, Mr. White?”


Adam was scratching his back.

“It was not until recently, but now it is also the charge of St. Hunter.”

Adam, who has given greetings with a good smile, has guided Jinwoo party.

“Let’s go. I put the car on standby. ”

There were two cars ready.

Two people belonging to the association rushed to the rear, and Yujin naturally headed toward the front car. But Adam blocked the front of Yoo Jin-ho.

“…?”Both Jinwoo and Yu Jin-ho puzzled and Adam said politely.

“All but three of you will be taken to your accommodation.”

Adam’s gaze turned to Jinwoo.

“And can you go with us, Sung Jin Hunter?”

Is it your father’s job?

The moment the eyes of Jinwoo were cold.

Adam hurried his hand to see if he felt the chilled air.

“Absolutely not a story that Hunter will lose. Did not the US Hunter Bureau tell you how you feel about St. Hunter? ”

I want to keep a good relationship to the end.

The other day he said.

I was actually trying to help, and I still did not feel bad.

If a little bit of malice was mixed, I would not have missed the sharpened sense stats.

Because of the loopholes of the alliance that the king of the giants presented.

Jinwoo slowly restored.

“What is going on is a secret?”

Adam smiled awkwardly, gazing at Yu Jin-ho, listening to the conversation while sneaking at the side.

“Some things are top secret.”

After listening to Adam’s explanation, Yoo Jin-ho stepped back.

“brother. I’ll see you at the hostel later. ”


Jinwoo confirmed that Yu Jin-ho rides on the rear car and got on the same car as Adam.

The car immediately departed as soon as Jinwoo arrived without any further instructions.

It was separated from the beginning to see if the destination was different from the rear car.

I asked Jinu who thought it was time.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the Hunter Bureau headquarters building.”

Hunter Bureau?

International guild conferences are known to borrow from buildings near the hostel. So the reason this car is running is not because of the conference.

Jin asked again.

“Can not you tell me now?”

Adam manipulated the button in the car as if he had waited.

Beep. OK.

A transparent window came up behind the driver’s seat and completely separated the front and back seats.

On the transparent window, the word ‘soundproof’ written in hologram was blinking.

Letters in the air.

When Jinwoo did not respond to the hologram message, he asked.

“This is the latest technology … Are you surprised? ”

“I see something every day.”

“…”Adam, who was expecting a little grimace, soon regained his original smile.

“Then for a moment.”


After checking the performance by tapping the window, Adam continued the conversation that was disconnected.

“Actually, we are now in a state of dim lighting.”

Christopher Reed.

One of two national power class hunters of American nationality went to scream.

The US Hunter Bureau felt that the loss was far more painful than what Jinu was thinking.

“Christopher Hunter was one of the greatest powers in America. So now the Hunter Administration is in desperate need of power boost. The news that Christopher was murdered is still private, but we will do our best to keep Hunter who can replace him. ”

“Is that one of those targets?”

Adam nodded his head.

Be honest.

However, it did not respond to pushing the rejected proposal again.

Jinwoo reacted to the reaction.

“The story is already over.”

“Yes, of course.”

However, he did not seem to have finished, and he showed me some pictures of Adam who took his cell phone out of his arms.

“This is a completely new offer.”

The worst disaster of mankind.

A raid that I do not want to remember the most in history.

The dragon ‘kamish’.

It was the pictures of the process of hunting the first and last dragon that appeared.

The world’s greatest hunters gathered and struggled, leaving only five people now called “state power class”.

The hand of Adam stopped by the picture.

It was a scene in which the leading magic hunters extracted runstones from the body of Kamish.

“As you know, the value of Runestone is proportional to the strength of Masuo, who had the runestone.”

Touch the screen and the next picture came out.

It was a kind of runes stuck in a tightly enclosed case surrounded by layers of security.

Runestone of Kamish.

Not to mention the value of money, of course, but at a price that can not be obtained.

The best skill!

“We are looking for the owner of this runes.”

Magic, skill, magic.

Even Adam, who had nothing to do with these things, was heartbroken just to see the runstones.

How do you feel about Sungjin Hunter, a magical series?

Adam glanced at the notice of Jinu.

just as expected.

There was a nervous feeling in the face of the Sung Jin Hunter who was not blinking at the high technology of the US Hunter Administration.


Adam went into his hands with force.

By the way.

The demand of Jinwoo was different from the expectation of Adam.

“Picture… Let’s take the picture forward. ”


“I want to see the photo in front of him.”

Adam glanced at his head, but at the request of Jinwoo, he turned the picture forward.


The picture I passed over stopped.

Jinu pointed to one side of the photo with his fingertips and said Naji.

“Where is this now?”

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