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Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 185

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187 The place where Jinhua pointed was a pillar.

The pillars rising up to the carcass body.

It was evidence that he was building a building to hold the body.

When I saw it, my eyes flashed.

He died eight years ago.

The higher the value of a mage from a higher dungeon, the higher the value.

So there was no expectation that the carcass would remain.

Perhaps the country, the corporation, the research institute, etc.

By the way.

The remains of the camisheque remained in the photographs were completely intact.

Only the traces of the fierce battle can be found, but there is no artificial destruction, and the body is relatively complete.

Maybe the moment comes when I think that the body of Kamish may remain.

Jin-woo’s heart swung.

“Did not the United States have kept the body of Kamish?”

“He, yes, but …”

Adam could not understand Jinwoo’s reaction.

Every Hunter in the world was talking about the crumbling halstones, but there was not much interest in the crumbs, but suddenly it was the corpse.

But Jinwoo’s attitude was too serious to correct the topic of conversation.

Jinwu once again took a picture.

“Where is this? Let’s go first. ”


“I was delighted to give my time to the Hunter Bureau. You can ask for this enough? ”


Adam could not hide his embarrassment because he did not know what would happen.


To be clear, it was never a bad thing.

Of course, Sung Jin Hun Hunter and his US Hunter Administration are desperately in need of the latter.

Hunter Bureau wants to attract the attention of Sung Jin Hun Hunter.

So at first I tried to use Mrs. Selner ‘s abilities, and now that it’ s impossible, I was trying to draw attention with the runes of Kamish.

But there was an unexpected flame.

It was both a crisis and an opportunity for Adam.

‘Did you say you can use any method?’

Adam recalled what the director and deputy chief had gathered the agents of the Hunter Administration.

Whatever you write, get the favor of Sungjin Hunter.

So that he might get a little bit more likely to come to the United States.

If Jin was in need of the Hunter Administration, I was willing to provide for the relationship between them.

Living his crush. Above all, he reminded of an important purpose, and Adam opened his throat and opened his mouth.

“In fact, I do not even know where the body of Kamish is. All I know is the information that has been forgotten at the top. ”

Jinwoo nodded his head.


Adam White is too young to know all the information hidden in his organization.

But Adam was speaking in a confident manner, differently from what he had just said.

“But if the request of Sung Jin Hun Hunter, I think it will fall easily at the top. Could you wait for me to contact you once I have a report? ”

Jin-woo’s expression brightened.

Shadow extraction skill increases the probability of failure in proportion to time as the object has been dead for a long time.

Kamish is dead eight years after he died.

There is a high possibility of not doing so.

It can cause many people to become tired and get sick.

But do not you know without trying?

No matter how slim it may be, if you succeed in extracting with the possibility of one to ten thousandths of something, you will have the shadow soldier who was the strongest in history.

My heart ran out of thought.

Even if it fails, it takes a little time to lose.

Compared to when it was successful, it was a good bet.

I do not know if the US will allow it.

Jin asked.

“Are you going to the Hunter Bureau now?”


“Then I’ll wait for you anyway.”

“Huh …”

In Jinwe’s intense interest, Adam became a face that he should be happy or sad.

* * * A similar look was made by the director of the US Hunter Administration.

I looked around and saw that the side deputy chief had a mirror, too.

“So now you’re here with St. Hunter?”

The director once again confirmed the fact, and Adam nodded silently.

“What is Rune Seok? Is there anything about runestone? ”

I decided that it would be okay to hand over the runes of Kamish if I could bring Sungjin to America.

America ‘s Hunter is stronger because America is stronger.

By the way.

“Yes, there was hardly any mention of Runestone all the time.”

“Huh … This is true. ”

In the answer of Adam, the chief swept his mouth.

Thomas and Sungjin. It was hard to predict the behavior of the hunters at the top.

At this point, I thought that even though I think that the way of thinking with the public changes with the top-level hunter.

“So what he really wants is to see the body?”


Adam nodded with a confident face.

The mood was not bad.

In the first place, Adam’s purpose is to bring Jinwoo to the negotiation table. In the end, Jinwoo came to the Hunter Administration on his own initiative, so the task required at the top was already completed.

Now the remainder is the upper portion of the negotiating card. The director with the right to decide was worried and said to Adam.

“I need to talk to the deputy director separately. I want you to go out. ”


When he got out of his seat, Adam went out of the office, and the director turned to the deputy director with his embarrassed face.

“Well, what makes you think he wants to see the body of Kamish?”

“I do not know… But one thing is clear: he is not a tourist. Perhaps for him, the corpse’s carcass looks more valuable than the camel’s runestone. ”

The value of the skill is endless.

High-end hunters do not spare money to buy runes stones they need.

Tens, hundreds, sometimes hundreds of billions.

It is not sprinkled everywhere because I can not control the money I can not overflow.

The skill is Hunter’s power, and strength is directly connected with life.

‘But once you see a body, you can gain more than gain skill …’?

The deputy chief expressed the idea that the director thought.

“It seems to have something to do with St. Hunter’s ability.”

“…”The US Hunter Bureau is also balking with any organization in the world in obtaining information from Hunters.

Of course, information about Jinwoo also gathered a lot.

That is why she was able to bet on Kunishi’s runestone to Mrs Sner’s ability.

“Is not his ability limited to those who have fallen on him?”

When ants were killed, ants appeared, and giant soldiers appeared when they caught giants.

As the battle continues, Sungjin Hunter becomes stronger.

So the Hunter Bureau wanted to make Jinwoo a hunter of his own, no matter what the number.

By the way.

What if he could make a pet as long as he was dead and not dead?

“Oh My God…”

The deputy director ‘s eyes grew bigger.

“He’s going to make Camissh his own pet!”

His voice trembled.

Thinking of making the worst catastrophe of mankind into his pet.

It certainly did not come into sight.

The director shook his head steadily.

“Absolutely not. A person’s strength should not be so strong. ”

“But if you refuse his request, it will be difficult to maintain a friendly relationship with him.”

I was waiting for an answer to the headquarters.

It’s simple.

If you refuse your opponent’s request because you can not trust your opponent, your trust will collapse.


The director was troubled because he had a lot of mistakes.

If the Sungjin Hunter can really make Kamish as a pet as his speculation, his power becomes impossible to control in any country or group.

If his pet was destroyed, would not it soon regenerate?

If there is an infinite resilience, and the camishe appears again as an enemy?

It was simply too risky for the burden to bear to maintain a friendly relationship with someone who was simply Hunter.

The director asked before making his final decision.

“We still have Thomas Andrew, a state power officer, and nearly fifty S-class hunters from around the world. Is it worth it for us to hang on like this? ”


The Deputy Secretary, who hesitated for a while, took out the story that had been delayed because the verification was not over.

“It is possible that Sung Jin Hunter is a newly emerging state power class hunter.”


The director stood up.

“There was a White Agent report a week ago. Sung Jin Hunter was able to use the force of the wisdom. ”

“…!”State power hunters were able to apply force without touching the object, except for one healer.

There were many strongers before and after that, but there were only four in history.

The Hunter Administration, which knew only about their commonalities, was such a force that they regarded it as a condition of a state power hunter.

But that power was also found in Sungjin Hunter?

Maybe Sung Jin Hunter thought that it was a gift from God to the US who lost a powerful weapon called Christopher Reed.

God Bless America.

The blessing of God has always been with this country.

The face of the director changed.

“Do you think you can trust him?”

The evaluation of ability is objective, but the criterion of whether or not it can be trusted depends on subjective judgment.

The deputy director talked about Jin-woo, whom he had been observing.

“What if someone pointed his gun at Ryuzukan or Thomas Andr̩ of China?”

“It’s horrible to imagine.”

Both Thomas and Ryuzukan had no mercy on the enemy.

Somebody lost their lives, or even if they were lucky, their arms would have flew off.

“But Sung Jin Hunter did not. It was a conversation partner even in an urgent situation. ”

The director chuckled his gaze down his head.

The deputy director explained a little more.

“And so is Japan. Have you solved the Japanese dungeon brakes that nobody wanted to do without much demand? ”

As opposed to the Russian hunter Yuri Orlov demanding the Japanese government 10 billion dollars a day.

“…”The director’s worries were not long.

The director, who had been hanging out for a while, woke up from his seat.

“I will guide him. Maybe it’s a good chance to see his power. ”

The deputy director, whose face has been lightened, stood up.

“But where is the corpse’s body, chief?”

Then the director laughed.

“Have you ever wondered why our building’s basement is 20 stories deep?”

* * * Jinwoo got on the elevator with guidance from the director.

“I’d like to talk more calmly … Would Hunter want more of this, too? ”

Adam changed the words of the director to Korean in real time.

Jinwoo nodded his head.

The elevator with the director, deputy director, and Adam descended quickly underground.

‘I built up a Hunter Administration building in the same place where I defeated Kamish.’

If it is America, is it American?

In order not to forget the lives of the Hunters and their noble sacrifice, which were the victims of the worst disasters of humankind, Kamish’s body will be kept under the Hunter Bureau forever.

Ting. The elevator door was opened on the 24th floor.

The managers who were on standby welcomed me and four people.



The director, who nodded his head to the staff who greeted the staff in the military, politely guided Jinwoo.

“Come over here.”

She swallowed her spit.

When the door, which was kept in a few layers of security, was opened, a cool chill ran past the cheek.

‘No, it’s not cold.’

There was a mixture of horsepower in the air.

I did not have to think about who’s power.

Throbbing, throbbing, throbbing.

I was excited by the idea that there might not be a possibility at all.

If the magic power remains after eight years, how strong will it be when the body becomes a shadow soldier?

Jinwoo followed the director, calming the beating heart.

“I think.”

The director stopped in a colossal size cavity with a bright light.

There was a kamish.

Killing all of the hundreds of the best hunters and preserving them as they were killed by the last five national power class hunters.

Red dragon!

In an overwhelming form, Jinu stopped breathing.

“In fact, all the power used by the Hunter Administration building comes from the Kammies’ marble.”

The commissioner proudly explained where the energy came from to keep the carcass in a circular shape.

But it was not heard in the ear of Jinwoo already.

The gaze was fixed on the dead body.

Looking at his eyes, the director finally realized that the time had come.

“…Hunter. Are you satisfied now? ”

“Please step back.”

When Jin-woo talked about the people, the managers started to grow up.

“Chief, what are you going to do now?”

“The corpse of Kamish is our treasure!”

But the chief loudly cried out to them.

“I gave you permission!”

All the noise disappeared in a moment.

Every story was over before I came down here.

Jinwoo promised the director.

I will not let anything happen to the body. As the deputy director did, the director also decided to believe in Jinwoo.

“Everybody will watch. What’s happening. ”

As Jin-woo said, people quietly stepped back to the back of the hut.

Jinwu reached out to Kamish.

And he said quietly.

“Get up.”

The message appeared with the sound of ‘Ting’ as if it waited.

[Shadow extraction failed.] [Two more chances remain.]

Jinwoo made the next attempt slowly without any change of expression.

“Get up.”

I want to get the strongest hand.

The voice of the aspiration echoed and shook the inside.

Rise up – then the light on the ceiling was blinking, and a cold wind blew somewhere.

Aaa aa great!

Everyone stopped their ears at the scream of the dragon where the origin could not be measured.

In the midst of confusion, the only one who was not dismissed was a man of genius.

Jinwu found a shadow of a camishee spreading on the floor.

‘success… Is it successful? ”


Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Something in the shadows was slowly coming up.

It is surrounded by black steam … It was a dragon look at how it looked.

“Uh, huh!”

“That’s … What is that!”

The managers were terrified and stepped back. Even the director and deputy director who assumed the power of Jinwoo stopped breathing for a moment.

Aaa aa great!

The dragon, who roared, found the human at the foot and stopped crying.

Is it you who called me? King of the Dead, Lord of the Shadows.]

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