Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 186

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 186

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There is only a shadow monarch that can pull out a soul that has fallen into the abyss of the abyss.

The dragon recognized the identity of Jinwoo at a glance.

The king of the dead, who borrowed human form, looked upon himself with his majestic eyes.

The power of his sovereign power stirred the whole body.

But that also for a while.

The dragon’s gaze moved a little further back.

Then I saw the stupid face of a human being who looked at me with my mouth wide open.

‘human… human?’

The dragon remembers the endless malice towards the humans, which he had until his breath was stopped.

Then the pain of the moment when the breath of the human hand was cut off came up.

‘Human beings … kill.’

Bull. There, the reason was cut off.

The red eyes glowed in the eyes of the dragon causing the body.

[all… I’ll kill everyone.]

The air inside the storage room began to boil.

“Oh My God…”

The director threw a groan.

It was designed to fit the size of a sleeping dragon.

But as soon as the dragon that caused the body began to hit his head, this wide cavity seemed to be infinitely small.


The dragon ‘s head hit the ceiling and broke the concrete.

“What, what?”


A red light was seen in the mouth of the opened dragon.

Red light clump.

The director and deputy chief had seen the red light mass several times over what he had done in the record video.

Adam was shouted to his shoulders and shouted.

“Chief. You should avoid … ”

“That is the breath of Camisch! Where can I run away! ”

It is obvious that when the red flash flares up, the whole Hunter Administration headquarters will collapse as well as the vault. There was no place to avoid the dragon’s attack.


One of the managers whose face was turned white fell out of his leg.

The other two hurriedly pressed the password for the doorlock to get out of the custody.

However, the director and deputy chief, who knew that it was useless, took turns looking at Jinwoo and revived Kamish in an emotional face.

Quaaaa – The red light created by magic has finally turned into a glazed sphere.

Immediately before the dragon, who is ready to erase all the ‘human’ standing in front of him, spits out the breath of ultra-high temperature.


Jinwoo’s neck streaked with tendons.


The director, who shook his arms with his reflection in the glare, closed his eyes and slowly dropped his hand.

When the light covered the inside, I thought everything was over.

But it was a conclusion.

“how… How could this be? ”

At the mouth of the angry Kamish, the flame was falling.

The dragon who had melted more than one hundred of the most prime hunters of the breath suddenly stopped the attack immediately by the word of Sung Jin Hunter’s words?


The director looked at Jin-woo with his eyes still calmed down.

And it was almost snowing in the more amazing sight.

Jinwu would have told Kamish.

“The marble stone embedded in your head has long been removed. You do not have to follow the orders of the rulers. ”

The deputy chief who stuck to the side of the director was shocked and asked.

“Now, are you doing Sanshin Hunter Masu?

“…I do not know how to interpret what I’m seeing. ”

While everyone was in a state of surprise, Jinwu took a sigh of relief.


What should I do? I was deeply distressed for a short time and was glad of the results.


When I sensed that the dragon had a strong anger coming up, Jinwoo was frankly frightened.

‘What kind of shadow soldier’s self is so strong?’

As the king of the giants said, it seemed to be true that the higher the presence, the stronger the self.

The dragon himself surprised himself to obey the command of the new monarch.

[Did this feel like submitting to the Shadow Monarch …]

The dragon, who was standing up, lowered his posture and paid tribute to Jinwoo.

When the dragon moved, the people who jarred gave a sigh of relief.

The dragon, who put his nose into the ground, said naively.

[The greasy paper that gave you the solvent will greet the new monarch.]

The monotypically distinctive vocabulary melted in politeness.

Jinwoo slowly approached the dragon. And I put my hand on his nose.

The dragon closed his eyes when he sprayed and enjoyed his hand.

I could not believe how I felt.

I could feel the feeling that the dragon’s feeling improved. The chest that I barely calmed has thrashed again and again.


‘Camisch … The dragon camish is really my soldier … ‘

The smile naturally came to the face of Jinwoo.

Adam, who had been unable to keep his mouth open in an unbelievable scene, found something and told the deputy director.

“Deputy Commissioner, are not you shaking that tail now?”

No, the worst disaster of mankind is no puppy, what a wasteful sound.

The deputy chief, who assumed that it was ridiculous and looked at the tail side of Kamish, was excited.

“The diggers …”

Jin pulled out his hand and stopped the shaking of the tail.

The dragon lifted his head again.

“Kamishi” is a name that the human side has attached to the dragon for convenience.

Jinwoo was worried about naming a new shadow soldier, but he recalled what he said as he greeted him.

“You got the solvent?”

[Yes, King.]

The dragon was still speaking polite.

[I gathered the King of the Dragon, the Lord of Destruction.]

‘King of the Dead, Shadow Lord …’

And the king of the giants, the lord of the beginning.

Jinwoo realized that the dragon’s master was one of the nine monarchs he heard from the system at that time.

But now that was not important.

What I want to know now was the real name of the dragon.

That way, I can give you the name.

“Then what was your name …”

Jinwoo could not speak.

The eyes of Jin-wook looking up at him were greatly shaken.

The dragon ‘s body slowly descended as if sandstorms were blowing in the wind.

[But the king. I have to say hello to you.]


Jinwoo sensation stats were in touch with the dragon’s feelings.

It was the feelings of sadness that did not mix up a lie.

The dragon was really sorry.

[It seems that it was too late to give it up.]

The power of the Shadow Monarch has not surpassed the eight-year period.

For too long, he was trapped at the end of the abyss, and the magic of the weakened dragon was scattered in the air.

“system! System! ”

It was a shame to shout the system out of sadness, but the system did not respond as usual.

Just as Jinwoo could feel the dragon’s feelings, the dragon could see Jinwoo’s feelings.

[I envy the soldiers of the king who can hold the lord forever.]

It was true.

The dragon gave his last advice to the king, who did not want to lose his soldier.

[King, please. There were four humans who borrowed the power of the rulers. Please be careful of them.]

At the same time as the form became faint, the voice of the dragon disappeared.

[It was an honor to see a new king for a while …]

Static has come.

Like a lie, the shadow of the dragon has disappeared, and until then it blinked and returned to its original state.

The director who watched from one end to the other, hurriedly looked at the dead body of the dragon.

However, nothing happened to the dragon’s body.

The director felt dizzy with a feeling of having a dream.


If all of this was a dream, then Sung Jin Hun Hunter would not have been standing on his own.

“…”Jinwoo could not keep an eye on the dragon’s shadow for a long time.


System messages came up with familiar ‘string’ sounds.

[Shadow extraction failed.] [The elapsed time of death of the target is too long, and further extraction is meaningless.] [The shadow of the object has returned to the world of nothing.]

The successive machine sounds.

It was the first time I ever heard a tingling or tingling sound.

Jinwoo ‘s fist tightened shiverily.


The angry Jinwu slammed down the floor, but the building shook for a while.

* * * Jin-woo has returned to his accommodation.

Because Jinwoo had been a low pressure all day, Adam, who took his guide, could not say a single word during the coming period.

I had a chance to open my mouth just after checking in at the hotel instead of Jinwoo.

“While you are in the United States, I am in charge of St. Hunter, so if you need anything, I will contact you any time.”

Adam spoke with a bright face, but his answer was chilly.


Adam ‘s facial muscles were smiley.

‘radish… I’m scared.’

He knew for the first time today that it was such a horrible thing to be in front of the top-notch Hunter in his mood.

Because of Jinwoo’s atmosphere, of course, the negotiating position was delayed.

The director and deputy chief had already left the soul, and there was no sign that they were sorry.

I thought that I should go to sleep. Jin-woo is going to the room.


Finally, Woojin Chul who came to the entrance of the hotel found Jinwoo and approached.

“St. Hunter’s. Why did not you contact me? ”

“Ah… I was in a place where I could not contact you for a while. ”

Outsiders in the Hunter Administration can not use the telephone.

There were no exceptions, and it was necessary to keep it confidential.

If the face of a big person such as Mrs. Sner is also photographed, the whole Hunter Administration will be overturned.

Woo Jin-chul, who scratched his forehead with his index finger, asked.

“Then Yujin Hunter, did you meet?”


Then came the embarrassment of his face.

“Yoo Hunter contacted me and got in touch with St. Hunter? Hunter is waiting for you at the Hunter Bureau. ”

“I’m just coming from there, what are you talking about?”

After hearing the conversation, Adam immediately confirmed the fact.

“There was no Yujin Hunter in the visitor list.”

“Yes? Is that so? Two hours ago, the S-class Hunter came and brought him directly. ”

Jinwoo interrupted.

“S-class Hunter, who do you mean?”

“Hwang, Soo Hunter. He came here to the hotel. ”


Unlike the two people who did not know how it was written, Jinwoo felt an ominous energy as soon as he heard the name of Hwang Dongsu.

‘Is this also the power of feeling stat?’

When Jin-wook’s eyes were unbelievable, Adam took out his cell phone again.

“I’ll get in touch with the guild of Hwang-soo Hunter.”

A few beeps rang, and Laura, a senior Hunter manager at the Scavenger Guild with a brass ring, received a call from Adam.

Adam briefly introduced himself and explained the situation.

But unlike the expectation that I would be embarrassed, too, the voice over the receiver calmed down.

– Do you know Sung Jin Hunter?

Hwang, Sung-soo Hunter explained that he had taken Yu-Jin-ho Hunter, but the name of Sung-jun Hunter came out.

Adam glanced over his head and glanced over at Jinwoo.

Jinwu shook his head.

Adam, who nodded his head, quickly spoke.

“Sungjin Hunter does not know yet. While Sung Jin Hun Hunter was in the Hunter Administration Bureau, Yu Jin Ho Hunter’s people have been in contact with us. “- Then we will find out as soon as we can.

The phone was disconnected.

Jinwoo, who was quietly listening, turned to the entrance as soon as the phone was disconnected.

“St. Hunter! I told you that I learned it from the Scavenger Guild so I can contact you soon …! ”

Adam was hurried out of the hotel entrance along Jinwoo, but Jinwoo had already disappeared.

“What…? Where did you go? ”

Adam looked at the road with his embarrassed face.

* * * Jin-woo, who moved to a back alley that avoided people’s bustling streets, solved the secret.

S-class Hunter, who pretended to be himself, took Yoo Jin-ho.

However, in the guild where the S-class Hunter belonged, he said only that he would look at the work without asking about it.

‘There’s something …’

It will not be irrelevant that a guild official immediately took out his name.

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

If this is a fight, he got me wrong.

Jinwoo gave orders.

‘Find out.’

If more than a thousand soldiers are scattered around and pursue Yu Jin-ho’s horsepower, they will be able to find it sooner. Thousands of shadows that fell from the feet of Jin – woo began to move quickly in all directions.

* * * Thomas looked inside the apartment with his firm face.

The hunters, who had instructed him to watch him in a luxury apartment where brass was supposed to have been, had fallen down in bubbles.


Thomas with his tongue took off his trademark sunglasses.

“…”As his face was revealed, the face of his men who found the apartment with him became pale.

Thomas went on his way and gave instructions in a low voice.

“The brass … Find it before Seung Jin-woo finds the brass. Whatever number you write, you must first find it. “

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