Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 187

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 187

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In 189, Jinwoo stood on a building overlooking the city at a glance.

The sight, maximized with a high sense of stats, ranged from the road beneath the building to the residential area far away.

At the same time, the ears focused on the sound of the shadow soldiers.

[smith! How are you doing these days?] [Guest, in our store, refund by simple remorse is in principle …]

Why did not you come to the party yesterday?

I can not talk.

In addition, the noise of the car, the sound of TV, the sound of cat crying, the sound of water coming out of the bathroom, and so on, all the noise of the city came to the ear of Jinwoo.

From sense of magic to basic five senses. Sweat fell on the forehead of Jin-woo, who had all the intuition.

‘If the shadow soldiers planted by Jinho were the same, it would not have been necessary to suffer such trouble …’

But who did it?

When I regret it was already late.

The ant soldiers who had been planted by Jinho in preparation for the incident were used to move to the well-known chairman’s room.

After that, I was busy and I was going to be with them in America.

The result is this suffering.

‘The shadow of Kamish is gone, and Jinho is stuck in the whereabouts …’

Jinwoo’s forehead began to rise with one or two tendons.

It was cloudy in the feeling that it was too low.

A sharp eye that seemed to spill even a lightning strikes everywhere as if not to miss any movement.


It was hard to find a young Asian who looked like him.

‘surely… Did you get out of town? ‘

Jin-woo is a cute little sister, but Yoo Jin-ho is also a D-class battle series hunter.

Even if the crowd is crowded with ordinary people, Yujin can not be attacked.

If the car that was going to the Hunter Bureau was going to get out of the city, Yu Jin-ho would surely have a sense, and would have tried to resist.

the problem is.

‘The kid who took Jinho is a S-class Hunter.’

Jinwoo further enlarged the radius of movement of the shadows.

I said, ‘I have a brass.’

I did not know what he was thinking of himself and taking Yoo Jin-ho.

But Gib and Take.

I vowed that I would have to accept as much as the price that made me nervous.

And if anything happens to Jinho …

In Jinwoo ‘s eyes, a dangerous light glows.

soon. From Shadow Soldiers who started a more active search, a lot of information about the whole city was pouring in.

* * * In the end, the brass hit the accident.

The scavenger guild, who learned this, took an emergency.

My opponent is Sung Jin Woo.

If one thing is wrong, Hwang’s life can not be guaranteed.

The brass is an ace of a scavenger guild.

It was a huge axis of power.

Thomas Andre, unable to lose him, sat in the guild office and waited anxiously for contacts.

“Is the news yet?”

The staff member nodded with a dark look.

“That’s right.”

The wrinkles engraved on Thomas’s forehead became deeper.

It was impossible to trace the position of Hwangsoo because the cell phone was turned off. I heard his frequent audiences all over the staff, but unfortunately he did not have enough success.

Mr. Hwang had seemed to be shrinking today.

‘Is not it a waste of life?’


Mr. Yellow is a S-class Hunter. The gap between Sung Jin-woo and his own self might be recognized.

Nevertheless, it is because there is a corner to believe in doing such a reckless act.

‘I know I can not help but leave.’

His speculation was not wrong.

Even if he caused some accidents, he was the property of the Scavenger guild until the end of the contract period.

The scavenger guild has invested a lot of money to see the brilliance and potential of the brass.

I knew that Thomas Andrew was not the one to give up his property, so I did not think about the future.

‘…Did I treat the hunters too gentlemanly? ”

Once the work has been settled, Thomas repeatedly tries to crack down so that it will not cause trouble again in the future.

The staff was careful even to breathe in the sinking atmosphere of Thomas.


The phone rang.

Thomas, who was waiting to hear from any news, quickly picked up the receiver.

– I think I can find Mr. Huang’s position.

It was Laura’s voice.


Thomas got up and got up.


Just as he knew what he was feeling, Laura’s explanation did not stop, but it continued quickly.

– I have sought cooperation with the Hunter Bureau. I’ve analyzed all of Mr Huang’s route for the past month. Three times, there was a trail that moved beyond the usual range of motion to a place not on schedule.


Thomas nodded his head. I caught the tail faster than I thought.

“Send all of our children to you. I will start with that. “- Yes, sir.

Thomas, who was about to hang up, paused and picked up the receiver again.

“By the way… How did the Hunter administration bribe persuade you, Laura? ”

The Hunter Bureau records the current location and route of all hunters through the location tracker built into the Hunter phone.

But they were not easy to give out their information.

Even if there was a request from a scavenger, it would take at least a few hours for the examination only to get the records of the brass.

It was impossible.

Thomas wondered how Laura was moving them.

But Laura’s answer was simpler than I thought.

– If I can not find Hwang, Soo-Hun, I would say that Mr. Sung Jin-woo and Master might hit.

* * * “The guild members have just started moving!”

Adam ‘s urgent voice, which was watching the trends of Scavenger, hit his cell phone.

The Deputy Director asked.

All -100 people?

“We just canceled to the raid that was scheduled. All Hunters are moving somewhere. “- This is … What is happening now?

“…”Adam could not open his mouth easily.

The S-level Hunter of the Scavenger Guild has taken the group of Sungjin Hunter as a pretext, and the Sungjin Hunter and the Scavenger Guild have begun to move.

It was not a normal thing.

The whole of the Scavenger Guild is said to be the back of the Scavenger master Thomas Andre.

In the ominous aura, Adam’s forehead got wet with a cold sweat.

just as expected.

When he saw Thomas coming out of the guild building entrance, Adam froze.


Thomas, who looked around once, climbed into a waiting car and started somewhere busy.

The scavenger hunters seemed to have disappeared.

Adam trimmed his trembling voice and told his deputy what he saw.

“The deputy director … Goliath… Thomas Andr̩ moves. ”

* * * “Is this really okay?”

The man lost consciousness and looked down at Yu Jin-ho, who fell on the floor, and asked with anxious voice.

Hwangsong nodded his head.

“I do not mean to do it. I only need to know one thing. ”

Master Thomas warned.

Do not touch Sungjin.

However, Hwang had no intention of touching Sung Jin-woo from the beginning.

There was one more person who could answer his question even if it was not Sungjin.

that day.

What happened at the dungeon where his brother, Sang Jin-woo, Sung Jin-woo, and Yu-Jin-ho entered.

I told him only if I told him the truth.

However, Yoo Jin-ho did not even open his mouth until he became a man.

When Yoo Jin-ho hit his mouth, the heartache deepened.

One answer I want to hear.

– Sung-jin killed your brother.

If only I could hear the word, there was nothing to Yujinho.

By the way.

What kind of a guy looks like a small body and looks pretty, and he keeps his mouth shut in front of the S-class Hunter.

Only the courage gave me praise.

‘But recklessness can not be an indulgence.’

Chung Dong-sucked the side of Yoo Jin-ho, who had no one where his whole body was well-groomed.

“Hey. wake up.”

This guy fainted. Was he awake for the fourth time?

Suffering from succumbing to Yu Jin – ho, Sang – suk ‘s kicking was more intense.

“Get up!”



I watched Yoo Jin-ho, shaking his body in the mouth, and giggling with the other guy.

“It still looks like a tanker pretty well. It would have already died if it was like a regular person. ”

Hwang-soo grabbed the back of his head with his expressionless face and lifted his head.

“sweetly. I have no intention of killing you. The guy who is laughing here is a well-mannered healer. This guy will save you every time you die. ”

When Yu Jin – ho ‘s blurred gaze turned to the giggling man, he smiled and fingered his fingers as if to say hello.

The hand of Hwangsu-soo moved roughly.


The head of Yu Jin-ho, who was caught in his hand, also moved greatly.

The inside of the building filled with dust came into my eyes.

The brass number was a horse.

“This is a factory that has been in operation for five years. No one can scream and no one will come. ”

Yu Jin-ho’s head firmly fixed, the brass pushed his face.

The two people ‘s gaze is getting closer.

“So you say you have to suffer here forever until you tell me what you want to know.”

The brass number was exposed at the nose.

“What do you think? Do you now have a willingness to shake it off? ”

“…”Yoo Jin-ho’s lips sounded short, but it sounded too small, and he could not hear it in Hwang’s voice.


“…”The number of brass strangled near his ear.

Yoo Jin-ho whispered in the ear of Hwang-soo, who was right before his lips.

“…Fuck you. ”

Hwang’s face was distorted.


Yu Jin-ho’s side of the brass head still on the bottom of the head, but breathlessly put out.

“Hey! Did you kill it? ”

His eyes were clinging to the swirling healer and looked at his pulse.

“Wow -” Yoo Jin-ho’s heart is still running, he sighed relievedly.

But I’m sure he had just given me a little more power, but I was sure that this little and weak Hunter’s breath was broken.

“Mr. Huang, please be careful. I do not want to go to murder for money. ”

“…Do not be careful. ”

The brass could admit his mistake.

Is it because of a breathtaking situation?

The man who could not hide his anxiety from the beginning caught up with Hwang.

“Stop and go. Is not it enough for you to know enough? ”

“What are you talking about. It’s the start. ”

Hwangsu raised his mouth and smiled a smile.

The cruelty was like his brother.

The man, failing to persuade Hwang, continued to look around in uneasiness.


The man found something on the other side of the factory.


The eyes of the man were tapered.

That moment.

“uh? What? ”

When the man was surprised and pointed at it, the brass and the healer also lifted his head.

There was a high oak in black armor.


The brass water caused the body.

The healer who looked at the condition of Yu Jin-ho also raised his body.

“Did you break the dungeon brake around?”

Hwangsu shook his head.

If it did, the surrounding area would have become a mess.

I do not know, but I extended my passion to explore the neighborhood, but I did not feel the traces of other masu.

High orc was alone.

“It’s a miracle.”

But the miraculous thing did not stop there.

High orc was shaking.

With fearful faces, he barely endured the tears that would fall even at once, and was trembling with fear.

“Mr. Huang, he looks terrified of you, is not he?”

“…There is no time to play. ”

Hwangsu – soo ‘s fist began to grow white.

I do not know where the orcs came from, but I could not save more than I found.

The moment when the brass as close as possible ascends the fist to blow the head of the orc.

The voice of a heavy man somewhere has been heard.


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