Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 188

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 188

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News about the recent dungeon – related accidents was coming out on TV in living room.

It was noticed that the number of Hunters who were sacrificed during the raid was increasing.

“Is your son all right?”

The mother who watched the news recalled Jinwoo and voiced an uneasy voice.

How can a son be able to help his parents worry about how good Hunter is?

According to Jinwoo’s name, Berga, who kept his house in the shadows, listened to him.

‘The mother of the king. No one will survive if the lord can not be saved. ”

Bare swallowed the words to come up on his throat.

I can not surprise my mother in vain. Thanks to that, it was his own responsibility.

Although the mother of the lord, who compared the lieutenant to the low-ranking monsters on the screen, was vile, Berth persevered in patience and suppressed the desire to preach about the might of the Lieutenant.

[The following is currently hosted by the US Hunter Bureau …]

The screen changed, the US airports flowed, and news about the International Guild Conference came up.

Jinwoo in the picture entered the airport.

My mother smiled at me when I was baptized in a flash, and I wondered when she was worried.

“Jin Aya, brother came out.”


Jinnah dropped his study and ran out of the room.

I have not seen it once or twice, but my brother, whom I met on the screen, was still wonderful and pleasant.


Jina and her mother did not know at all.

Now that you are watching someone on the screen more enthusiastically than two people, there is someone nearby who is cheering.


Berr fixed his gaze on the screen with a throbbing eye.

By the way.

Suddenly I started to get cold all over my body.

My body trembled without any predictions.

This feeling.

I once had a similar feeling.

When was that?

Berga, who had followed the memory, finally recalled the situation at that time.


It was the very moment that the king’s gaze, full of flesh, was looking down upon himself.

Inevitable death.

A warning that instinct that senses the smell of death tells.

After being a shadow soldier, the fear of the king’s anger that he experienced for the first time caused the accident to be paralyzed.

But you are the king’s soldier!

The spirit flashed.

‘…The king is angry. ‘

When I find out what happened to the king, I can not be so frightened and trembling. Bere immediately sent a signal to Jinwoo and tried to converse.

‘O king, fix it. I will go there immediately. ”

The answer came back quickly.

[you are… Do not move.]

The voice of the king, as if anger had condensed, was felt, and Jar trembled like a sapling.

‘I will follow your name.’

I just said I was going to obey.

And at the same time.

I wondered what the idiot who bought the king’s wrath was.

‘No matter how foolish you are …’

As he fell in fear, Beres hid in a deep shadow to forget his fear.

* * * Busan.

The Knights Guild was in the middle of preparing for the raid.

Guild master, Park Jong – su, finally checked the status of the attackers and burned his will for the success of the raid.

“These days, there are many accidents in the dungeon, let’s keep everyone straight. We are not hurt by one person. ”


After playing the raid with Jinwoo’s pet, the humiliated guild members seemed to be entertaining.

By the way.

The vice president Jung Yoon-tae, who nodded the elongation head from the back of Park Jong-su and was doing the reaction, found something and winked his eyes.


Park Jong-su rushed backwards.

“Why? What’s up?”

Jung Yoon-tae pointed to the floor and saw the shadow and Park Jong-soo alternately.

“Do it, sir! Shadow, sunshine, shadows just barely … ”

Jung Yoon-tae stopped his eyes when he saw the thin eyes of Park Jong-soo.

“Yoon-tae, how many times have I told you not to put your mouth before the raid?”

“No, sir, I did not drink a drop today. The real shadows just shivered as if they were alive! ”

Park Jong-su, who was looking at Jung Yoon-tae with a pathetic look, sighed deeply.

“I will not. You rest today. ”

“You! It’s real! ”

“Come on, let’s all go. Today we knightly fighting! ”

“Ah, the line -!”

Jung Yoon – tae ‘s unjust voice is ringing in the air.

There was an unbelievable report that Jinwoo saw shaking shadows everywhere he sprayed the soldiers.

I do not care about the eyes of the witnesses.

Shadow soldiers were forced to shudder with the feelings of the Lord’s angry master.

* * * – Exchange High Oak soldier disappeared and Jinwu appeared.

‘…!’Hwang Dong – soo was frozen like a rat facing a snake in the appearance of an unexpected guest.

In particular, he learned about Jinwoo, the breathing of the brass was almost instantaneous.

Jinwoo seemed to have no hesitation and walked to Yoo Jin-ho.

Even though they did not open their mouths, the two men standing beside Yoo Jin-ho stood at the same time as they did beforehand.

Jinwoo poured a little healing potion out of the warehouse into Yujin’s mouth.


[When the remaining health is less than 10%, healing potions can not be restored.]

I heard a message saying that I could not cure it with the sound of ‘tingling’.


A healing potion bottle broke in the hand of Jinwoo.

‘New life of life’ is an item to fix the disease. It does not help injuries other than illness.

Like healing magic does not help to heal a disease.

‘I need a healing magic.’

But he was the only shadow soldier he could have been in Korea.

How long will it take you to come in now …

At that time, the brass spoke to Jinwu.

“you… What are you? Just an oak … How did you do that? ”

Jinwu did not listen to the other two people asked.

“Do you have any healers?”

A healer, a healer, nodded at the word healer.

Jinwoo pointed to Yu Jin-ho.

“Treat it.”

The eyes of the healer moved to Hwang Dong-soo.

Hwangsu shook his head.

Jinwoo carefully upped the upper body of Yu Jin-ho and stood up.

“Finally. Treat it. ”

Again, the eyes of the healer turned to Hwang.

The answer of the brass was the same, and the healer nodded up his mouth, gazing at Jinwoo.

“I have to persuade my boss first rather than me -” he could not say.


Jinwu put the head of the healer on the floor as the brass had done to Yujin.

It was so quick that no one could see Jinwoo’s movements.

S-class brass water tank Jin-woo was not even aware of the attack, he found a fallen healer.

Jinwoo turned to the rest of the man.

“Are you a healer?”

The man shook his chin, checking the face of Jinwoo, coming to him.

“Seo, Sung Jin Woo? Sung Jin Hunter? ”

Backward, he shouted as he stared at the brass.

“Mr. Hwang! I did not say this was related to Sung Jin-woo! What is this? What is this! ”

“I asked if it was possible to cure the magic.”

“Oh, no. I am…”

The answer of the man was also broken there.


The head of the man who was struck by the invisible hand was caught on the floor.

Suddenly two senior Hunters lost consciousness.

The heart of Hwang ‘s heart, which confirmed Jinwoo’ s power directly, crashed roughly.

It was then.

“Tongue, brother.”

Was it because the floor sounded twice loud?

Yoo Jin-ho’s ceremony came back.

“brother… sir.”

Jin-woo leaned down and listened to Yu Jin-ho’s voice.

“Jin ho.”

Yu Jin-ho, who was swollen with the swollen eyes, moved his face, which was bloody, and opened his mouth hard.

“The brass … Chalcopyrite … Brother… Look out…”

Jin-woo, who looked down at Yu Jin-ho with a sad look, blocked Yu-Jin-ho’s words.

“Shh. Do not tell me more.”


Yoo Jin-ho took a hand out of Jin-woo and tears.

Jin asked.

“Can you stand a little bit?”

Nod nod.

Yu Jin-ho, who was hard to say, moved his head instead.

Jinwoo stood up slowly, leaving his brother’s hand.

Jinwoo’s eyes turned to Hwang Dong-soo.

I watched the brass capital Jinwoo.

My legs trembled in the sight of Jinwoo, who was living, but there was no hobby in running away.

The bright light of the flashing Jinwoo came closer and closer.

Hwang-soo pretended to be careless and gave strength to his neck.

“Are you? My brother, I killed chalcopyrite. right?”

The frightened face of Brass.

Someone’s face, which was strong to the weak and weak to the strong, automatically overlapped.

Jinwoo’s eyes were as cold as ever.

The brass shouted.

“Answer me! Sung-jin, did you kill your brother and brother’s team members? ”

Said Jinwoo, who came to the front of the brass.

“Go ask your brother.”


The brass wielded a fist, surrounded by light. It is Jinwoo’s face.

But Jin-woo, who avoided bowing his head, immediately inserted his fist into the abdomen of the brass.


In a single blow, the brass number poured out a wallet.

* * * “Stop the car!”


“Build a car!”

When Thomas shouted, the knight quickly stopped the car.

The car of the master who went ahead stopped suddenly without notice, and all the vehicles of the guild that followed were suddenly stopped.

The noise, the noise, and the noise.

Do it or not.


Thomas’ s head turned away from the car door.

His face was badly distorted.


In the stopping cars, the elite Hunters of the world’s top scavenger guild ran out.

“Master, what is it?”

“What happen?”

Thomas answered briefly to questions of urgent guild members.

“It has already begun. I’ll go first and follow it straight away. ”


What started it?

But before he asked for an explanation, Thomas bent his knees.

As his leg muscles swelled and the asphalt on the floor began to melt, the hunters naturally retreated two or three steps from Thomas.

Kuwoong -!

Thomas, who jumped from the floor, suddenly got far away.

* * * ‘Something… come.’

Something powerful.

Just as Thomas felt the power of Jinwoo, Jin felt the presence of Thomas.

Jin stopped his hand.

On the other hand, the neck of Hwangsu-soo, who was seriously injured as well as Yu-Jin Ho, was held.


One of the roofs of the factory collapsed and Thomas Andrew, one of the state-class hunters, came down.

Jinwoo, who knew Thomas’ approach, looked at his eyes without a blink of an eye.

Thomas raised his body and confirmed the surroundings.

Yu Jin-ho, Jin-woo, and Jin-woo’s fingertips. The line of sight, which was moving in turn, was fixed to Hwang.

Thomas’ s legs were wrinkled.

Jinwoo’s strong horsepower shrouded Hwangsu’s heart.

Asked Thomas, who threw away his sunglasses.

“The brass … Is it still alive? ”

“Not yet.”

For those who are not accustomed to English, Thomas spoke out with simple words.

“Release him. If I let him go, I will make this work happen. I ask you this. ”

Jin-woo asked Hwang-soo with more force in his hand holding the neck.

“If not?”

“It will not be a favor to ask.”

One of the world’s greatest hunters revealed this.

If you are a normal hunter, you are in a situation where you need to play.

However, Jinwoo ‘s momentum was not pushed a little.

“However much.”

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