Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 189

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 189

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In 191, Thomas’s eyebrows wriggled.

If nothing else, Hunter, would have just ripped it off.

The United States can not punish itself as a “state power class” hunter equal to a nation.

In return for saving 300 million US citizens from the worst catastrophe of the past, Thomas took power of infinite power.

I had the power to commit whatever I wanted to do.


Nevertheless Thomas did not move easily.

Because the opponent in front of me was ‘Sung Jin-woo’.

Thomas, who had been flinching for a moment without concealing his temper, glared at him as he stared at the brass.

‘I told you not to touch me like that …’

Sung Jin-woo, he was not an easy opponent as expected.

I can see better by myself.

To be honest.

A dark and ominous magic sprang from his entire body, which would not be able to escape easily if his feet were erroneous.

However, this could not be done.

Skebbin’s ace Hunter was held in his hands, and above all, it was also a matter of pride of the state-power Hunter.

Thomas asked again with his distorted face.

“…you. Do not you know who I am? ”

Jinwu said cut it off.

“Does not matter. Whoever you are. ”


The brass, whose consciousness returned, found Thomas and exclaimed.

“Master, kill this motherfucker! hurry!”


Hwang Dong-su, who was hit by the fist of Jin-woo, lost consciousness and fell back.

Thomas’s forehead rose in the forehead.


Do you know who I am and do this in front of me?

His face was distorted and wrecked like a devil.

He was learning how to deal with subjects that do not obey him.

White trash.

Downstream white man.

Thomas grew up in a poor immigrant family.

Schools filled with blacks, located in the slums, were never a friendly place for this one-man white boy to know.

Everywhere was enemy.

It was often the case that the eyes were confronted only by the confrontation, and there was also a case where the weapon was heard in the hand of the opponent.

There were many situations in which we had to deal with several rather than one.


There is only one heaven for the white boy who looked nothing. I gave her a talent that I can only say is the best.

Overwhelming violence (violence).

The power to trample others!

Paradoxically, the boy’s background was an optimal environment for identifying the boy’s talent.

In the endless struggle, the boy repeatedly proved his innate qualities.

I have seen how his power can change those who were hostile to him.

He reigned like a king.

power. Power, wealth, violence.

He realized early that many of the forces in the world could make a man king or slave.

And when there is a different form of ‘power’ in the world. He took the opportunity to reign as a true king.

If you do not let your opponent speak by force, that’s all.

The one who blocks the front breaks it.

He who overlooks himself makes him bow his knees.

Definition of violence!

Thomas faithfully followed what he had learned and learned.

Time stops.

The evil Thomas jumped forward.

The gap between the two became zero in an instant.

The distance between the nose and the face of Thomas and Jinwoo encountered the distance.

‘Blame your ignorance!’

Thomas reached out his hand.

It was to hold the head of Jinwoo with one hand.

The grip strength is his organs.

It was not hard to break the bones of your head no matter how superb your hunter was.

The moment he entered the gap, his game was almost over.

Thomas’ mouthpiece went up.



The light gleamed in front of me suddenly.

* * * The hunters of the Scavenger who arrived at the scene were watching.

Something that breaks through the walls of a pulmonary factory and bounces quickly.

Kuwoong -!

Something slipped on the ground for a long time after it fell on the floor after breaking down the wall.

Hurry up – and when it stops in front of you. Then the hunters who knew the identity of it were all astonished, no matter who was first.


“Master, are you okay?”

Who can blow Goliath like this?

It was unbelievable.

Kim was shocked to see how great the shock was.

Do it.

If it were a normal human being, it would be wiped out to the ground and peeled off. No, before that I had already hit the wall and my whole body had to be broken.

But Thomas was fine.

Do you think it’s a tanker who took the breath of dragon camishe with his bare body?

But his face, which is causing the body, was not well maintained.

He looked at the hunters as he stood like a stone with a hardened face.

The hunters, who are part of the bloody glance of the state-class hunter, are pale.

“…”Thomas walked silently toward his lung factory. Life was strong enough to survive.

Low, low.

Bumaster, who stares at him ahead of him, urged the Hunters.

“What are you doing? Everybody move! ”

More than a hundred of the finest hunters came into the factory at once.

* * * Jin-woo, who blew Thomas away, grabbed his fist tightly.

Yoo Jin-ho’s life was almost at stake even if it was a little late.

When I saw the brass figure shooting the head of Yu Jin-ho through the eyes of Hi-ook’s soldier, the momentary blood rose upside down.

But now what?

If you release the brass, will not you?

Sounds funny.

In order not to be overwhelmed by the strong power, I have grown myself to the limit to the limit until now.

His request was not worth thinking about.

By the way.

This was Thomas Andres’ response to him.

The attack just had a flesh.

The fight was not over.

Thomas who had fallen far away had a stronger flesh and was approaching here.

Jinwoo has thrown the brass ring, which has not returned yet, into the corner.

And they called out the gypsy and chisel.

The black dragon and black knight appeared.

Jinwoo hugged Yu Jin-ho and handed it over to Grit.

“Take Jinho to the nearest hospital. Make it possible to get treatment somehow. ”

The grit slithered in the ditch and slipped out to the rear.

Cry -!

Thomas did not care about flying drones. His gaze was fixed only to Jinwoo.

The gaze of Jinwoo also turned to that.

Along with the crumpled face of Thomas, the top class hunters who came over his shoulder came into my eyes.

The number is a hundred. It seemed to have brought all of the elite of the world, best known as the Scavenger.


‘If you have a troop, this is enough.’

Jinu hid in his shadow and called out the shadow soldiers who were waiting for the order.

As the darkness slowly spread through Jinwoo ‘s feet, the shadow soldiers rose up one above the other.

Thomas, who discovered the soldiers, stood there.

That number is just a thousand.

After filling up the waste plant, the procession of soldiers continued for a long time in the back.

Thomas’ s eyes narrowed.

‘Not just numbers.’

There were a few prairies that were equivalent to the S class.

A giant shield, a shaman with a black robe, and the giants at the back.

Their horsepower is never far behind the best hunters.

It was an excellent monster that could not guarantee a fight even if the Scavenger guild were to deal with power immediately.


Thomas was thrilled at the pummeling of Jinwoo, who was out of common sense.

And at the same time I was glad.


Would not it be tasteless to do so at least this much?

Thomas smiled and shook his lips at the tip of his tongue.

Now it does not matter.

There is only one way to recover the cracked pride.

‘I kill that time-honored guy …’

But before that.

Thomas suggested Jinwoo last mercy.

“If I accept the mistake now and retreat, I will save my life.”

Jinwoo lifted the middle finger instead of the answer.

“…”Thick blood vessels flashed around Thomas’ forehead.

“You, to the end …”


Thomas tore his coat.

The finest shirts made from the materials from the masters were torn like paper.


Wood-gain – his whole body muscles began to swell and became hardened as if they were wearing armor all over.

A gruesome magical power came out of his feet.

Whether the horsepower was so strong, the golden steam from his shoulders seemed to be rising steadily.

The strongest tanker on the ground revealed his power.

Jinwoo who watched the change of Thomas silently freed his magic power.

Schaak – The elite hunters of Skebbin’s have succumbed to the powers of the two monsters that are moving in the bin.


‘Who did Goliath?’

The hunters’ eyes gathered in one place.

Sung Jin Woo.

Certainly it would have been possible for Sungjin who had killed those giants.

Looking at Jinwoo, the Hunters of Scavenger swallowed their saliva.

Unlike those nervous, Jinwoo was calm.

It was a great chance to see the growth in the meantime.

The opponent who does not lack enough power.

Suddenly, Jinwoo recalled the words he had heard from Kamiish.

‘Did you say there were four people who borrowed the power of the ruler?’


Does it mean four of the five “nation-class” hunters who survived in Kamishiraid?

If so, Thomas Andrew is likely to be a person borrowing the power of the ruler.

Jinwoo moved first.


The soldiers ran out of fear as the command of the main army fell.

The throat of Thomas stood firm.


One man and one guild.

Nearly a thousand pet summons and close to the hundred elite Hunters clash.


Thomas, who had blown the iron at the forefront, searched for Jinwoo with a glow.

Someone was riding at a scary speed from one side.

That’s it!

Thomas turned but Jinwu was quick.

In a moment, Jinwoo digs into the arms of Thomas and puts a “dagger of the devil king” in his side.

But he could not penetrate the hardened Thomas’ skin.

‘…!’Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

Fuck it!

Thomas, who had blown Jinwoo with his elbow, lifted his mouth.

This is the power of state power. Although it has excellent speed, it can not exceed its own defense.

Feel the power and despair!

Thomas decided that the victory was over and he reached out his hand without stopping there.

Woo-woong – Then a strong force was generated at the fingertips, and Jin-woo, which was thrown out, was dragged away.

Invisible hand. It was his ability to bring Kamish, floating in the air, to the ground.

Jin, who came close to Thomas with a terrifying speed, shook his eyes.

‘The power of the ruler!’

Kuwoong -!

Thomas’ s shoulder shook in a strong shock that had hit on.


Thomas was amazed at the power he had only possessed by state-powered hunters.

Without missing the gaps.

Jinwoo’s fist stuck to Thomas’s face for the second time.

Toukou -!

And for the first time since becoming Hunter.

Red blood bloomed from the face of a man called Goliath.


* * * The Hunter Bureau did not suck fingers either.

Tens of vehicles belonging to the bureau ran to the destination for the scavengers with the hunters.

However, at the point where the destination was short, the leading vehicle stopped.

Looking at him out of control, Adam suddenly shook his head.

“What is it?”

The driver turned around.

He was the only S-class Hunter in the Hunter Administration.

“Mr. White, I need you to explain what happened at this point.”

“Now is the time to explain it all …”

Adam could not speak.

The S-class Hunter’s face was getting tired. It was the first expression I found in him who had come through many difficulties and became strong.

Adam, who sensed an unusual airflow, asked.

“what happened… Did it happen? ”

The S class said with a hard face.

“If we go over this, we will all have to take our lives.”

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