Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 192

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 192

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Next day on 194. Almost every broadcast in the United States. While the newspapers were discussing the entry of the Hunters who attended the International Guild Conference, only one newspaper in the East published a headline with a slightly unusual title.

[Thomas Andres is fainting!]

None of the Americans knew the name of Thomas Andrew.

However, such a state-class Hunter fainted?

Did you get sick?

People have been willing to pay for this simple, yet eye-catching article title, reaching out to you in the newspaper without you.

And those who opened the newspaper with curiosity stopped at one place.

Contrary to a bit of a dull title, the content of the article was truly shocking.

I do not know what happened, but the Hunter and Thomas Andrew’s Scavenger Guild all collided.

And the result was a lot of pictures.

Thomas Andre, who fell victim to being bloody, and the injured people heard.

If a person who does not know their identity has seen it, the situation was serious enough to be written even if the article was written as a terrorist victim.

But are not they all top-notch hunters?

In particular, Thomas was a national power class hunter who survived the ‘Kamish’ Reid, the worst disaster in history.

Those who read the article were astonished. When I first got to the picture, my breathing became more like an editor.

And as soon as the identity of the person who made the Hunters of Scavenger came out, everyone who was concentrating burst into amazement.

“Oh my gosh…”


Not long ago, is not there a picture of Sung Jin Hun Hunter, which was praised in the media of the world for blocking the catastrophe that occurred in Japan?

It was a bigger shock than the contrast of Thomas, who had been stretched out loud, and Jinwoo, who was turning into an unfriendly face.

As much of the media focus was on international guild conferences, the repercussions of the articles were greater.

In Korea, articles spread to SNS before breaking news.

[‹É܋É܋ÉÜ ‹É܋É܋ÉÜ Thomas Andrew was hit by Sung-jin real? [Link to the article] And the real nephew Thomas Andrew dragged all the guilds, and they were taken away?

[Greetings. It turns out to be a horse? You hacked a national power hunter + top-notch guild by yourself?

‰ÓÓ [Report the article. It’s real.]

‰ÓÓ [Why did you fight?]

‰ÓÓ [I do not know. The reason has not yet come out.] [Blah blah] Yankee Brother Rumorous nationality? Is this really a dog or something?] [Thomas is not a big deal, but he is great.] [Sung Jin Hun Hunter is also proud of Korea.]

‰ÓÓ [Kya, Lord! Take it! Here’s a bowl!

In Korea, most of the surprising comments were in Japan, and the comments with pride were in line.

[If Sung Jin Hun Hunter, Thomas Andrew should not be the opponent.] [Maybe the US did not help us because we were afraid that the power of state power hunters would be revealed] [Thanks to Hunter for coming to help us.] [It is someone who wanted to send a thank you gift to Sungjin Hunter from before. Where can I send a gift to Sungjin Hunter?

[Send it here. The address is …]

‰ÓÓ [Why do you write your home address?]

‰ÓÓ [wwwwwwwww crazy bastard] Jinwoo is a Japanese hero already.

The fact that Jinwoo, who rescued Japan from the crisis, knocked out the heroes of the United States, gave them their impassioned confidence.

In the United States where the incident happened, as well as the attention of the countries that had been quiet for a while after the end of the giant was again focused on Jinwoo.


Why would Sung Jin Hunter be beaten Thomas Andre and his guilds?

What happened between the two of them?

The media and public opinion got hot, and the people who encountered the incident waited for the fact of the matter to be revealed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Where did you come from?”

I did not know why reporters came here.

But I was a bit surprised because I did not think it would spread so quickly. still.

I had no intention of avoiding it.

Is not it a chance to let people know what happens if I touched my self?

In the United States it is not illegal to shoot a gun at him.

The Hunters have made the law even stronger these days.

It may be a problem if you continue to attack Thomas, who has lost his consciousness, but he stops punching as soon as he loses his opponent.

The same was true of Bhang Dong-soo. If he knows what he has done to Jinho, he will not have enough to blame.

Jinwoo slowly awaited Agent Adam ‘s contact.

just as expected.


When I opened the door to knock, Adam stood with two Hunter officials.

Jinwu asked without feeling nervous.

“Are you here to arrest me?”


He hung his head and said quickly.

“I was expecting a hustle and bustle today, so I came to pick up Hunter at the International Guild Conference. And.”

Suddenly, in front of Jeon, he clutched his clothes, and he bowed his arms to the waist with care.

‘…?’Even in front of his wondering gaze, Adam still said his head without lifting his head.

“I want to say thank you.”

Jin-woo looked back at the memories for a while, but he did not come up with a memorandum of appreciation for the Hunter Bureau.

Yesterday I lost all the shadow of Kamish, and I was looking for Yujin who was kidnapped.

‘…’I remembered yesterday ‘s memories and I was feeling down.

I do not think it would be a thank you for showing shadow extraction process.

Adam’s mouth was opened again at the right time before Jinwoo’s question became bigger.

“If Hunter had not stopped there, America would have lost both national power hunters.”

Oh, is that story?

Jin nodded as he recalled his last night screaming out of him.

Certainly, if Adam did not show up and Thomas had been bored to the end, the outcome would have been different.

The United States has already lost a state power class hunter.

I also wanted to prevent any number from losing a state-class hunter. Jinwoo was able to understand Adam’s feelings of bowing his head in front of himself.

Adam was speaking.

“The US Hunter Authority will do its best to prevent this from happening to St. Hunter.”

It was not until Adam had finished speaking.

He was tired eyes.

The Hunter Bureau held a meeting all night over the treatment of this work. Of course, Adam, who was assigned to Jinwoo’s personal charge, could not get into the meeting.

The conclusion of the meeting is one.

– Do not touch him.

It was upwards line decision to look at convenience of Jinwoo as much as possible.

In the Hunter Bureau, Jin-woo’s evaluation went up even further as he beat Thomas Andre.

The Hunter Administration did not want to make a difference between themselves and Jinwoo because of Skebindor’s fault.

First of all, is Thomas Andrew not dead?

Adam was on a mission to get all the schedule to go on schedule and found Jinwoo.

Adam, facing Jinwoo for a moment, swallowed the dry saliva.

It’s black.

‘This guy is a scavenger guild …’

The usual Sungjin Hunter was an image of a strong man through common sense.

But Adam witnessed the scene with his own eyes, seeing what his anger could bring about.


In the sense that the anger was to protect his own people, Adam was enviously envied by a man named Yujin.

“Oh, already time.”

After checking his watch, he smiled at his head.

“then… Will you go? ”

“let’s go.”

Jin, who came from a hotel guided by Adam, broke through the walls of reporters and climbed into Adam’s car.

“«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_“«_ “«_ -!

Reporters pressed the shutters until the two cars vanished from sight.

While traveling to the conference site, Adam explained the situation.

“We have secured the testimonies of Hwang, Soo-Hun, and others. Soon the Hunter Bureau will reveal the whole story. ”

Adam would not bother Hunter, he stressed again.

It was good news for Jinwoo.

The decision to go to the United States this time was due to his father ‘s appearance.

I wanted to gather information through the International Guild Conference.

I asked Hwang Dong-soo, who was a shadow soldier, but he did not know much about his father either.

That bastard came out alone in the dungeon, and the horsepower wavelength was the same as that of the masters. And when I took out the story of my son, I was fighting hotly. That was all.

‘What is the identity of the substitute …’

He may not be a father.

If he was a real father, he should have come first.

The more I learned, the more I wondered.


There are a few things I want to know about him.

A word left before Kamish was gone.

[King, please. There were four humans who borrowed the power of the rulers. Please be careful of them.]

Hunters who survived Kamisheid all five. In other words, it was highly probable that five to four of the nation-class hunters borrowed the power of rulers.

‘By the way… One of those state-class hunters was recently killed by someone. ”

Christopher Reed.

Who would have to fight so hard that Hunter burned the house and forest?


Did the monarchs of the giants say that they began to move?

If not, are they related to the sudden change of dungeons?

The moment I crossed my mind, I saw a conference building.

* * * As Jinwoo entered the building, conversations greeting him suddenly broke down.

I spent a lot of fun and curiosity here and there.

Hunter, an oriental man who made Thomas Andre, a king like a king among the hunters.

Navy Navy.

There were a lot of hunters pouring out stories about Jinwoo, but no one could reach Jinwoo.

The reason for smashing the scavenger has not been announced yet.

If the reason is because Thomas and his eyes have been in contact for a long time, is it possible that he will be stamped on him only by greeting?

Even though they were hunters hunting monsters, the Hunters could not easily meet with their eyes.

After lunch at the Hunter Administration, the Hunters filled the seats of one and two pulleys.

The presentation of various topics came and went.

But there was nothing that could be of interest. The contents close to the report of the current situation were mainly out.

‘…Jinho would have been a little less bored. ”

Jinwoo showed patience until his interest came out.

Some time has passed.

It was not the information I wanted to know, but I was interested in the story.

“Everyone knows that there have been a lot of gates in recent years, and strong players are starting to emerge.”

It was a tiring story at first.

As many of the doctors were ahead of the subject, the seated people were all in a quirky atmosphere.

“But there are not many people who know that a different movement is being caught in the sky.”

When Dr. Bellger emphasized ‘heaven’, the hunters finally showed interest.

Of course, those hunters also included Jinwoo.

“The fact that the concentration of magic in the atmosphere is getting thicker is already widely known.”

As the Hunters’ interest glanced at him, he continued to tell the story.

“I would like to express the magic in the atmosphere in other terms. Until the next more appropriate term appears, what is the expression “maggie”? ”

When the doctor shook hands, a map appeared on the screen behind the doctor.

It was a world evangelism that included all continents, all nations.

Dr. pointed to several places on the map with laser pointers.

“But do you know that the maggots are now united in the heavens of some countries?”

Male breeding.

The hunters have gone crazy.

The doctor who asked me to quietly listen to the Hunters for a while was speechless.

“There are nine places where Maggie is united, and I want to announce all nine locations here.”

Dr. Bellger quietly continued the list of nine countries.

“…Alberta, Canada. And here is the place where the most maggies are united. Seoul, South Korea. ”

The moment I heard the voice of Dr. translated from Jinwoo ‘s ear in the translator.

Why did all Hunters sitting on the pulpit look at Jinwoo at once?

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