Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 195

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 195

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197 was lost.

A word I thought would never come out of my mouth again.

Thomas repeated his thoughts in his head and opened his eyes.

It was a hospital.

‘How long have I been to the hospital last time?’

Unlike Jinwoo, who lived in and out of the hospital while living a life as a Hunter, Thomas had no memory beyond the threshold of the hospital after being a Hunter.

Who would have guessed that Hunter, who was at the bottom of the E class, and Hunter, who had been at the top since the beginning, would have this effect?

Of course, regardless of Jinwoo’s past, the most embarrassing person to this result was Thomas Andre himself.

‘really… You lost. ‘

Thomas raised his body with a blank face as if he was missing.

Tadak, Tadak.

The sound of the keyboard knocking stopped. Thomas’ s gaze turned toward you.

Laura, the main manager of the Scavenger Guild, was sitting in a place not too far away.

Her fingertips were on the keyboard of the notebook, if it was working.

“Do you mind?”


Thomas avoided his gaze and swept his chin down.

I can predict how much time has flowed with the length of my growing beard.

Should I be glad?

The beard did not grow as long as I was concerned.

“One day… Is it enough? ”


Laura was a short answerer.

“The doctor who checked her condition told me she should be ready for a few weeks.”

It was the story that Thomas was not in good condition at that time.

By the way.

Whether it should be said that it was Thomas’ s thing that happened well in a day after such a diagnosis, and whether such a person did not get out of mind for one day is not Thomas.

Laura felt confused and stood beside Thomas’ bed.

“Shall I call a doctor?”

“No, not yet.”

Thomas rubbed his head as he rubbed the bloody temple.

The shock when he hit his head with his head was still vivid.

It was a terrible pain that I did not want to think of at the time.

There is no point in calling a doctor.


Do not you have something to check first?

Thomas asked.

“What happened to Mr. Huang?”

Laura, who was licking her lips, could not answer and just shook her head.

“…is it.”

Thinking about something for a while, Thomas soon changed his question with the intuition that it was not easy.

“What other damage?”

“There have been a lot of casualties, but the Hunter Bureau’s quick response has now recovered everything.”

Thomas’ s voice, which tried to keep calm, rose.

“There was no death?”

“Yes, it is.”

“…”The surprise soon changed to astonishment.

Thomas swallowed his groaning.

The fact that there was no deceased even though a fierce battle took place means that the opponent looked at this side. It was an overwhelming defeat.

So unilaterally, it does not even make me angry.

Thomas was right now.


I was afraid of myself, of course, and of the elite hunters I had gathered, Jinwoo, who was a complete man alone. No, it was going to happen beyond that.

The impact was bigger because it was Thomas who always thought power was justice.


But why?

I was terribly defeated, but I was not in a bad mood.

I do not know if there is any difference because I checked the gap with the opponent.

I did not even feel angry about my opponent who defeated me, nor would I want to defeat him.

‘No, rather …’

Thomas began to cross the minds and Laura extended a small, elongated box.

It was a glasses case.

‘…?’When Thomas picked up the case and wondered, Laura replied.

“The master’s sunglasses that I picked up on the spot were so bad that I could not fix it.”


Inside the case was a new sunglass product that Thomas loved.

Figuring out.

Thomas, who laughed and laughed, wrote sunglasses with gifts.

“This is always exciting.”

I wonder if Thomas, who regains his consciousness, is upset.

Laura, who was worried, gave a sigh of light smile to the calm response of Thomas.

“That’s my job.”

Thomas, quietly staring at the distant place, said quietly.

“Mr Huang … Funeral is best. But it was our staff. ”




Laura, who was writing down Thomas’ note in her notebook, lifted her head.

“Sungjin Hunter is a scavenger guild … No, I tell you Thomas Andre is officially apologizing. ”

* * * Please keep Hunters.

Why did Mrs. Selner say that?

Jinwoo was a strange face.

“…Why? ”

His wife, who seemed to be worried about where to start, slowly opened his mouth.

“In a recurrent dream, I tried to remember the faces of those who hunted the Hunters. But it was in vain. ”

When she wakes up, she explains that she does not come out of her blackened face.

“So I decided to use another method. Let’s check their reality with my power in my dreams. ”

“And then you looked into my eyes?”


Mrs. Selner admitted her ability.


Jinwoo ran his heart.


What did Mrs. Selner find in her and shiver in fear?

But her story is not over yet.

Jin-woo, who suppressed her curiosity, listened to her words.

“Endless power in them, I was forced to wake up in the face of ‘It’ and my eyes.”

Jinwoo’s eyes turned downward.

His hand was shaking thinly.

“When I met my eyes, I still remember voices heard from ‘It’.”

Jinu swiftly lifted his head.

The director who heard the story, and Adam who interpreted her words were also nervous faces.

Jin asked.

“What did it say?”

“home… Be patient waiting for the war. ”

She remembered the memories of the time, and she slapped on the creeping spirits.

The voice of dreams was more vivid than any sound heard in reality.

However, unlike her frightened wife, Jinwoo knew that the word ‘war’ was a clue.

‘It is like the one heard by the king of the giants.’

Fights of rulers and monarchs.

The king of the giants said.

They’re preparing for the war.

Perhaps the rulers will not be preparing for war.

if so.

Which one are hunting Hunters now?

But I have not heard the answer of the first question yet.

Jin asked again.

“But what does that have to do with asking you to keep Hunter?”

“…I found the same power in Hunter’s. ”

In a word from his wife who came out carefully, Jinwoo gleamed.

The power of shadow monarchs. Mrs. Selner saw the power of the Shadow Monarch on me that day.

And seeing the same power in dreamy hunters is their identity.

‘…Monarchs. ‘

Jinwoo’s face got hardened.

She was quick to explain when Jin-woo’s expression was not so obvious.

“They are more than hunters. I need Hunter with equal strength to prevent them. ”

The director who was listening quietly interrupted the conversation.

“Actually, we have been dubious about the story that we can not keep other Hunters except Sung Jin Hunter …”

But suddenly the place was set up like this. “The battle that took place between me and Thomas yesterday changed the Hunter Administration’s thinking.”

The director who pushed the song was a gentle replied.

“You are correct.”

Yesterday, the Hunter Bureau learned of the difference between Jinwoo and other hunters.

It was a great accident and a discovery of hope.

Those who can kill the state-class Hunter and the only Hunter with the power equal to them.

The Hunter Bureau needed Jeu’s help more than ever.

For the United States, which had already lost a state power rating to them, Thomas was the object to protect whatever it may be.

“Of course, we, too, like Sung Jin Hunter, do not want to help us without any cost.”

Whatever you want.

There was also the best treasure left by Kamish, including runstones.

The Hunter Administration’s new proposal was not an acquisition of Jinwoo.

Rather than bother to turn out the rejected proposal, let him help protect the strongest power the United States has.

That was the conclusion of the Hunter Bureau for this job after Chris’s death.

“…”Jin-wook tightly closed his mouth and was distressed.

She confided in what she saw to help Jinwoo decide.

“There are hunters in this world who have received strong blessings. They have sustained the world with their own strength. When they disappear, the world will not survive. ”

After worrying, Jinwoo replied.


The director ‘s eyes flickered in the clear rejection of the inventory.

“I have personal feelings for Thomas Andre Hunter …”

Jinwoo shook his head before the outbreak.


One reason for making the decision.

“I do not know the enemy I have yet to fight.”

No matter what their identity, Jinwu had never met them.

It is no wonder that you can not promise to protect the enemy from the enemy because you do not know the enemy’s capabilities. He was not a lightweight enough to be able to keep his promise, whether he could or could not.

‘I watch the situation once.’

And I solve it from the line that I can do.

Unique calmness did not change at all as it first appeared in the double dungeon.

Fortunately, there were a lot of shadow soldiers to deliver accurate information to Jinwoo.

If you put shadows on the Hunters who are watching at the Hunter Bureau, you will be able to cope with their movements without delay.


Jinwoo stood up in his head, drawing his future actions in his head.

* * * Chairman of the Korean Hunter Association.

The president of Koganeh had a more busy day than anyone else.

It is.

Is not it a big fight between St. Hunter and Thomas Andrew the day before the International Guild Conference?

After I had read through the book that the matter was not wrong, the answer of the Hunter Administration came back.

The investigation revealed that it was a scavenger mistake, and it was the news that Jinwu would not be disadvantaged.

“Huh-” Then, the chairman of the Koganei Association, who was just a shame, sat down on his chair.

I do not know how much I have fallen in love with the idea that St. Hunter might be trapped in the United States.

By the way.


And then, who is going to lock up the sexual hunter?

In the yard I was already fainted by Thomas Andrew.

It was not until after the work was solved that there was a crazy idea that Kanghee burst into laughter.

‘perhaps… Maybe it was useless worry. ‘


I laughed for a while and Kun-hee suddenly felt thirst and found water. The water bottle was on the tabletop slightly away from the desk.

‘…’He was looking at the water bottle and Kanghee reached out to it.

Then the water bottle flew into his hand.

TUB. He grabbed the water bottle skillfully and opened the lid, making a pale smile.

‘When Woo Jin-chul comes in, there’s one more story to sit and listen to.’


There was a reward that I had forcibly accompanied Woo Jincheol’s manager.

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