Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 199

Read Solo Leveling novel, Chapter 199

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The 201 Elf was an ice elf with many stories.

Is not it the Ice Elves who have blown the arrows at the first Red Gate? I was saddened by the boss mob ‘Baruka’ who had just left a single dancer at that time.

As the memory came to mind, I came to feel the same when I failed to extract the shadow of the person.

‘I was just forgotten …’

Naturally, the hand holding the ice elf’s neck and wrist was more powerful.



By the way.

Why is there a higher rank in this dungeon?

In the 7th and 8th floors of the building, Jin-woo, who changed his position with the shadow soldier, kept in balance with the power of the ruler and asked the ice elf not to fall.

“What are you?”

The pointed ears, the pure white hair, and the silver eyes make it look like they are right, but somehow I can feel the traces of countless years.


[Big aar!]

Jinwoo’s two arms were scattered as hard as he could.

‘…!’Great power!

Without a moment of surprise, Masu succeeded in condensing in the mouth of Masu, sensing his breathing.

Suddenly, from the shape of a man, the “king of the devil” Baran, who threw lightning through his mouth, overlapped.

In a instinct.

Jinwu twisted his upper body.

Kwaa -!

The cold air that came out of Masu ‘s mouth poured into the air through Jin – woo.

Jinwoo, who confirmed the ghastly magical power he had poured out with his own eyes, quickly moved away to the distance he thought was appropriate.


Jinwoo shook off the pieces of ice clinging to his shoulders and watched the movement of the Ice Elves, the monstrous monarchs.

He is not usually.

A sharp sense warned me that he was stronger than any enemy I fought so far.

But Jinwoo was not the only one who was surprised.

[How do you …?

The monarch, who hurriedly looked down at the shadow of Jinu, could not hide his surprise as he saw the number of soldiers sleeping in him.

[Why did not you contact us even though we had gathered that number of troops?]

But when Jinwu had no answer, the monarch looked into Jinwoo’s eyes. Soon a painful groan came out of his mouth.

[is it… You were the variable that he said.

What are you talking about?

Jinwoo was curious about Masu’s words, but he could not afford to talk with him.

The enemy ‘s blade reaches the enemy.

And the blade was not so dull enough to just ignore it.

The frozen shoulder that I had frozen just before was still tingling.

Jin-woo peeked at his shoulder, and quietly called the “Dagger of the Demon King” in the warehouse.

One in each hand.

Jin-woo’s eyes narrowed.

‘…The magic series type. ‘

When you see your hands barely scattered, your muscle strength and armor are not so high compared to your horsepower.

I was glad.

Given the experience of fighting several types of battlefields, the enemies of the magic series, which can be quickly dealt with, were the easiest.

One shot.

If you have the same class of magic, you can decide the game by avoiding magic.

Even if the opponent knew Jinho’s enemy, he could not easily attack him.

In a short time, but deeply distressed, the monarch of the frigid decided.

[…Stop it. Today, I did not come to fight with my life.]


Jinwu frowned at this grim.

I do not plan on sending it from here, but what are you doing stopping it?

He has a tremendous horsepower.

I could not predict how much my experience would be if I succeeded in catching them. Maybe it will go up to 10th level just like when you take the king of the giants.

‘…Wait a minute.’

At that moment, Jinwoo was able to guess the identity of Masu.

‘Is not that guy?’

The monarch pointed to the broken window of the association building with one fingertip.

[Are not you here to save that person?]

It was precisely that ant soldiers who had been attached to the president had come to send out danger signals.

Jinu’s gaze moved along the fingertips of the monarch. There was a chairman of the Kokai Association.

‘…!’The president of the association, whose whole body was soaked with blood, seemed at risk even at a glance.


[Choose it.]

A big, sharp ice window was created in the left hand of the monarch who pointed to the president of the association.

[Whether to fight me or save him.]

At the same time as the horse fell, the monarch blew the spear to Kakai.

Jinwoo’s eyes grew bigger.

The concentration was extremely high and the surrounding time began to flow slowly. The window slowly, but precisely, went to the association head.

‘The power of the ruler!’

He tried to stop the window with his invisible hand, but the horsepower of the thrower resisted the force.

An angry sergeant looked around the monarch of the cold.

The monarch was waiting.

Jinwoo’s answer.

Jin Kwon, who was sick with his lower lip, shot himself against the place where the president of Kun-hee fell.

Woong -!

The atmosphere of the place where Jinwu floated was on the strength.

Just before the window reached, Jin-woo, who came to the president with great care, dragged the president out of the window of the window.


The frost from the window that broke through the floor froze around.

Kwadauldk, Kwadaeng.

Suddenly, all the land in the conference room froze to a cryogenic temperature.

The crowd hugged the chairman, and Jinwoo, who had escaped to the air for a while, stopped again after the cooling stopped.

When Jin Woo, who was angry at the mean work, lifted his head, he was running into the small gate.

As soon as it was urgent, Jinwoo fired the ‘Baruka’s Dagger’ from the warehouse.

‘Rush dagger!’


The straight dagger hit the monarch’s shoulders.


The monarch of the cold, who had looked at the shoulder dagger and the dagger that threw the dagger in turn, hid it and hid the trace through the gate.

Jinwoo, who was trying to see the gate slowly diminishing in size, gave up on the serious condition of the president.

Now, rather than chasing the fleeing enemy, Kokai Association President’s treatment was given priority.

“Uh …”

A painful groan.

Looking at the head of the association, Jin-hee, wandering around Sangyeong, Jinwoo was firmly in touch with his mouth.

‘It is not a step to do with a healing potion.’

If so, what is the best way to do it now?

Jinwoo’s neck rose in the throat.


Far away, I felt a familiar feeling of flying furiously from my apartment.

Kooang -!

He broke through a few walls and kneeled down to Berga Jinu, the president of the association.


There was no time to explain.

As soon as Bergha arrived, Jinwoo took the upper body of Kogei Association chairman, who had been taking care of him, carefully on the floor and stepped back.

Jin – hee ‘s hand was clothed just because he helped him to see how much blood flowed from the body of the president.

Bull. Bull. The shadow of Jinwoo, who gazes at the drop of blood falling from the tip of his fingertips, was shaded.

Beru, who is in a position where Jinwoo is out of the way, breathed his heel in full force with his master’s power as the owner’s wind.

Soon it was a warm aura and wrapped the body of Kun – hee president.

Woo-woong-woo-woo – However, even though the treatment is continuing, the complaint of the president of Kun-hee did not come back easily.

The embarrassed Berga opened his mouth.

“King …”

Bere turned his eyes in a frightened look and said.

“My treatment is … It does not work. I can not cure it. ”


As if proving that it was not a lie, the hands of the pouring heel were trembling.

Of course, I felt a tremendous amount of horsepower that was consumed by Bernhard.

This is the version that will fall to Berth. “I know.”

After stopping the treatment, Jinwoo sat next to the president and checked the status.

Despite Berth’s devoted efforts, the president’s position was even worse.

In particular, the hole in the chest of the Association did not show any sign of pangs even if it poured the best healing potions into the whole.

Jinwoo’s forehead was sweating.

‘I know it’s no use to cure injuries …’

Someone took the wrists of Jinwoo, even if he took out the “Shinryo of Life” with a feeling of grabbing the straw.

“stop… Please. ”

He was the president of the Kun-hee Association, who opened his eyes hard.

“The president of the association?”

Kogehei, with a breath of breath that seemed to be cut off at once, confirmed the face of Jinwoo and Vere by his side.

“…I gave it to you. Thank you. ”

There was a smile on his face.

“Please wait a moment. I will move you to the hospital. ”

Jin-hee shook his head in the urgent voice of Jin-woo.

“It’s no use … The power that attacked me is not what I can do with treatment. ”

“President of the Association!”

She was angry at the president of the association who was making a loud noise.

The trembling hand of the president grabbed his hand.

“Listen carefully!”

As if the last flame of life was going to be burned down, Koganeh President chirped his eyes.

“I was able to contact the will of the great being. And I saw. Their plans, the common enemies that remain with us, the things we must do … ”

The blood filled the mouth of Kun-hee’s mouth.

“How glad you are … I think you had that power … ”

I looked into Jin-wook’s eyes and tears came to Kun-hee’s eyes.

He held Jinwo ‘s hand with both hands and continued his trembling voice.

“The gates and the dungeons, Kulkrak, were not for themselves. It’s the last time they chose to defend us, Coolluck … ”

At that time, a sword of red blood came out with a rough coughing from the mouth of Kosei.

When Jinwu hastened to write the new water, Kunihi shook his head. I knew better about myself. When he became one with the consciousness of the ruler, his life had already ended.

The ruler brought Sungjin Hunter here in exchange for exhausting the vitality of the bowl.

However, the chairman of Koganeh President did not resent the judgment of the ruler at all.

Sung Jin Hun Hunter showed his real enemy who did his part.

The president of Koganeh President made himself understood.

“someday… There will come a moment when you have to make a choice. Then please … Please stay on the side of humanity. ”

In the voice of the president, who was suffering, Jin-hee became heartwarming.

But what he could do was to listen to his words so gently.

Unlike the dark-faced Jin-woo, the president of the Kok-hee association laughed and smiled as usual.

“Coolul, I always wanted to fight with young people like you. But… This body was impossible in the first place. ”

For the first time, Kanghee has revealed his heartfelt enthusiasm.

Someone pointed out that they had created an association to raise money, and someone else insulted him as an old man whose power was overturned.

But I was only angry because I could not use the strength even if I had strong power.

I sought to find a place to work. I made up my association with all of my assets and pledged that I would do my part nearest the Hunters through the association.

Years have passed.

After the hard fight with him, Jin-hee Kim finally met Jin-woo.

Although I knew that the terminal was near, the feelings that filled the hearts of the president were relief, not sadness or anger.

“But now I do not regret it. I can leave behind young people like you. ”

Took ……

Jin-hee’s hand fell to the floor when he was holding his hand. The chairman of Koganeh President looked at the ceiling of the chairman’s room, not Jinwoo.

Is it a tear?

The ceiling light, which always seemed dark, was overly brilliant today.

In order to avoid glare, Koguni closed his eyes for a moment.

“How glad … What a … ”

The voices of the president, Kogei Heo, who was getting smaller, were completely cut off. Jinwu silently wrapped his eyes, which were not rolled up.

His expression was more peaceful than ever.

Jinwu lifted his head.

I love you.

Over the broken window, raindrops were falling one by one in the cloudy sky from morning.

* * * The next day a lot of breaking news adorned the sides of the newspaper.

The news that Brazil’s Great Hunter ‘Jonas’ was found as a rodent on a nearby river and that the president of Korea’s Hunter Association was murdered horribly with his chest pierced.

It was news that Sung Jin Hun Hunter came back to Korea.

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